Texas rep under protection after death threats by libs

Republican Texas state Rep. Tony Tinderholt and his family are under protection from the Texas Department of Public Safety after abortion advocates issued multiple death threats against them. Tinderholt’s offense? He filed a bill to abolish abortions in the state of Texas.

On January 11, Tinderholt filed House Bill 948, also known as the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act. Currently, the Texas Penal Code provides that those responsible for the death of an unborn child are guilty of murder, except in cases of abortion. Tinderholt’s bill seeks to remove the exception for abortion, which means women and abortion providers would face potential felony charges for procuring or performing an abortion.

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source: http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/01/31/texas-rep-under-police-protection-after-numerous-death-threats-from-liberals-over-pro-life-bill/

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  1. DonRS

    Protection isn’t enough. This kind of thing must be pursued until the perpetrators are tracked down and prosecuted.

    This kind of thing MUST STOP!

    1. scoop

      You are right. My understanding of the Law I am not an attorney, is that those doing the threatning are in a conspiracy and can be sued under RICO . That is where as I understand it, CAN Be Very Painful dollarwise.

  2. wtelvis

    I guess these folks think that if it is okay to kill a human being before birth, it is okay to kill anyone after they are born! Ah, the tolerance of the left!

    1. squeeze127

      Strange how they use the phrase: “If it saves one life.” I use to think how much of an oxymoron that that was, then just decided to drop that oxy part!

      1. wtelvis

        Ah. . . when you can’t say something that makes sense, just use vile language! And, by the way, are you equating the killing of animals with babies? What a moron you must be!

        1. yatesracing


        2. Earline Jackson

          Actually, it is similar,both are helpless living creatures with a soul. And if someone would kill an infant, they would not hesitate to kill animals or older children and adults.

      2. M Walden

        Your reply sounds like you forgot to take your meds! Improve your thought process and join in a discussion in a polite manner. You can express your opinion in an educated manner.

    1. mark

      Hell yes! Tell them to bring it own!! You have every right to protect yourself from a bunch of MORONS like this! You don’t have to take that kind of harassment ! I bet when you tell them that they will stop it in there tracks

  3. WJ

    Its you republicans are the ones that think everything you do is correct. How do you think that you can tell a woman what to do with her body its up to her and face her father above not you.

  4. Shirley

    I cannot wait until the RULE OF LAW gets established again. Start by arresting, fining and giving these reprobates prison time. We had lots of reasons during the last 8 years to go after many politicians, including Barry for what they have done to us.

  5. highiq

    Why hasn’t the Justice Dept stepped in?? They are Johnny on the spot when some one makes a threat against a death clinic??

    1. mcqueens2002

      The will as soon and the new Attorney General gets sworn into office. No one but liberals in that position right now

    2. M Walden

      The Justice Dept. is still corrupted with many appointees from the Obama administration, who are not supportive of conservative causes. Many of them were celebrating when the Fed. Judge in Seattle ruled against Pres. Trumps’ temporary halt on refugees. It is felt the this judge’s ruling will NOT stand as President Trump was well within his legal rights to issue this order.

  6. tom

    The liberals/socialists/Statists/”progressives” show their true colors. They are not interested in participating the marketplace of ideas. Like they want to destroy the free market of goods and services in favor of a command and control economy they want to destroy their competition. These Statists (the religion of the worship of governor) deal in hate, intolerance, intimidation and bullying.

  7. Vincent Marcantelli

    It’s so strange…….those that want to keep Abortion legal, why didn’t their mother abort there stupid azz, maybe because their Mother had a MORAL compass, where these azz holes are lacking such graces. Just an observation!!!!!!!!. As, Obama in his JERK off way said to Sen. John McCain….”John, remember, you guys lost”

  8. disqus_yU5rfSFNc3

    i guess you ladies feel its ok as long as its inside of you to kill a child growing inside of you. you say its your right??? i would ask what about the child’s rights????
    well i can’t stop you from doing this, but i would ask you?? when you stand before God in judgment and he asks you why you killed the child growing inside you…… what will your answer be????

  9. Steves704

    All the left care about is convenience, convenience to have loose sex,convenience to dispose of a ba y afteer, so they wont be bothered, and that is why women of hollywood are getting women to riot. IT IS NOT ABOUT CHOICE, IT IS ABOUT A WOMAN’S CONVENIENCE.

  10. yatesracing


    1. wmg

      I agree, but if they are that ignorant, they should be given contraception or a tubal ligation. All Roe vs Wade did was annihilate the white race.

  11. raymond

    Let’s see how intolerant these fool liberals are when they stand before God in judgement for killing life he created. What a bunch of fools liberals have become.

  12. Mikial

    Yes, those wonderful “Progressive” Liberals. If they are the future of mankind, then I hope the comet hits soon.

    1. M Walden

      You are absolutely correct in your observation. You didn’t see conservatives rioting, protesting, threating people & destroying property during the 8 miserable years with Obama in charge. Liberals seem to have no respect for their country, property of others, their fellow Americans and many times even themselves.

      1. ernst

        If you cut off your finger, these are still living cells, yet no one will argue that this constitutes an entity deserving of being kept alive. While I understand that an unborn fetus is different, I would argue that the same rule of law (and conscience) applies. Do you consider a conceptual person to deserve the rights of a person, as does the Catholic Church in denying contraception? Or do you accept birth control as reasonable? Contraception does preclude an eventual person. There are different views as to when a “person” becomes a distinct legal entity with incorporated rights. So, my answer is that a fetus is living tissue that has not yet gained the rights of personhood, either legally or socially.

        1. wmg

          even crying and screaming as it exits the womb at a partial birth abortion? May as well eat it then, nobody can call you a cannibal then either.

          I wholeheartedly support contraception.

          harvesting late term partial birth abortion baby parts is cruel and unusual punishment. There are videos of this practice that curl my skin.

          I love women, but to violate an entity exiting a womb like that is Not a woman. It’s not a turd.

          As for a finger entity issue, I know people that lost digits, eyes, legs that may disagree with you.

          In 1972, I was all for Roe vs. Wade. Kids and grand kids later now has changed my opinion.

          1. ernst

            I would also not eat a person’s cut finger. You are being obscene. As to the beginning point of personhood, that is something on which reasonable people disagree. I am very pragmatic, and I find disadvantages to unwanted births. A very convincing argument for me is the decrease in crime rates about 15-18 years after each different city permitted abortions. While there are certainly individual different situations, the crime statistics speak to an aggregate, long-term result.

    1. M Walden

      The Bible teaches us that God knew each of us “while we were still in our mother’s womb.” I am sure God drew no such distinctions.

        1. M Walden

          Nor do I speak for God, I only state what His word teaches. Also remember one of the 10 commandments – Thou shalt not kill.
          Life is sacred to God, man cannot legislate or try to explain that fact away.

          1. ernst

            Is the life in an excised finger sacred? Does life begin at intellectual conception, physical conception, or birth? You should understand that your opinion is not the only opinion in the world.

            And each of these opinions is deemed supported by the Word of God by its adherents.

  13. kassa1

    Well I think it’s time for the right to quit being intimidated by the left is the left ear is no words so I guess it’s about the time to start putting them to sleep. We are not aggressors but we will stand and take no aggression, are you sure you anyone who makes an act of aggression against me will die ! I will say that I couldn’t stand Bill Clinton but one thing Bill Clinton said when I asked if someone is trying to hurt you what should you do and Bill Clinton his reply was killed them.

  14. American Patriot

    Anarchists are running a muck in the nation. The government needs to get a handle on these anti-Americans and soon.

  15. Timothy-Allen Albertson

    The baby-killers dont have a President the cant count on, they dont have a majority in either house they count on on funding bills, and they soon wont have a Supreme Court they count on. They can start threatening people with death but they didnt get our guns eiyther. Dumb ass liberals want to get violent. Go right ahead as I am, one of many, who has more firearms than I have shirts.

  16. Ron C

    The headline should have read….” Legal to now make death threats in Texas” Why aren’t anyone one in the fascist democrat party ever arrested…??? It seems as though the so-called authorities refuse to arrest democrat’s for any crimes at all….You can damn sure bet they use would use deadly force on patriots… LaVoy is a case in point!

  17. Kacy Stroud

    Know this Texas Rep. Tony Tinderholt when ever you Oppose Evil, You can expect
    opposition from those that are bent on being Sinners and Wrong thinking .. They follow
    the ways of the WORLD because of a Secular Human Attitude, ” If It Feels Good Do It ” ..
    or ” Just Do It ” the model that NIKE put out there for all to follow and they are …

    It is the RIGHT thing to do Tony because in reality GOD honors your Stance on this issue, he knows its Murder, and also for those that are Worldly minded its ” Recreational Sex ” so when most abortions happen it stems from this ‘ Activity ‘ without a second thought of it …

    You think this NATION cares about ” CHRISTIANITY ” not in the least … Even though our roots (Founding Fathers) was established upon following a GOD that would Protect US, Provide for US, Bless US, Guide US, Give US his Supreme WISDOM which is the most precious thing to have when Ruling over a Nation of people that need a LEADER ..

    Today were living in a WORLD, a NATION filled with those that want to Manipulate the thoughts and opinions of others by design of causing Mayhem, Chaos, and Destruction to the point of utter mass confusion, once this nation falls they will have a leader step in and POINT out the way to a False Peace, False Religion,False Teachings, everything that will tickle the Ears while behind closed doors they will quietly be setting up the Most Darkest Demonic government ever to be Realized and all who oppose (People & Governments) will immediately be ” TERMINATED ” in Death Camps that are already established and waiting all across the WORLD ….

    WE Tony are the ” LAST DAYS GENERATION ” the END of All Wisdom, Common Sense, Holiness and Righteousness is Dwindling as a ” SPARK ” that is about to be snuffed out from the UNHOLY ONES (ANTI-CHRIST, FALSE PROPHET & SATAN) . . .

    That is in the ” MIDST ” of this NATION / GOVERNMENT and the people protesting are the opposing minions that are as BLIND as a MAN in a Fallen Mine Shaft . . . Put your
    Trust and Faith in GOD because the Road to Heaven is Narrow and few find it as where the Road to HELL is wide and many are on its PATH …………

  18. JIMBO

    This is just the beginning of how far the liberals will go to implement there sick agenda. Killing or threatening to kill to further there sick causes is nothing new. Think about the Clinton’s?