Trump’s meeting with British leader

It’s President Donald Trump’s diplomatic debut. And the world is holding its breath.

Trump’s meeting on Friday with British Prime Minister Theresa May — his first sit-down with a foreign leader as president — comes with high stakes for the normally cozy “special relationship” of the two allies. It also represents a major test for an erratic and untested politician on the global stage, a day after he inflamed relations with Mexico’s president on Twitter.

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  1. ernst

    As usual, Donald Trump comes through. Theresa May and Britain will remain in close association with the US.

    I think part of the reason for the positive vote on Brexit was the Obama trip around Britain in support of Britain remaining in the EU. Ugly audacity from an arrogant ass.

  2. helensatmary

    Truth is Trump will be remembered as a Great President. He is not Obama who let ISIS in and demanded the release of ISIS from Gitmo so they can return to the battlefield. Never did the first thing in the interest of America plus squandering our monies and NOT one bad word from his loyal anti American demo-rats