Chili’s CANCELS Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

In a story that blew up in pro-life media yesterday, including here at RedState, it was reported that Chili’s was planning to donate portions of its profits to Planned Parenthood in Indiana and Kentucky.

However, there was major, critical backlash that led the Chili’s corporate office to step in. received an official statement from the restaurant chain.

“At Chili’s, we have a longstanding history and take pride in giving back to unite our local communities together. We recognize every community is unique, and encourage our restaurant managers and franchise partners to support causes that help bring communities together and leave a positive impact on our valued Guests, neighbors, friends and families we serve,” Chili’s Grill & Bar told LifeNews.

“Yesterday, we learned that an independent franchise partner of Chili’s in Indiana and Kentucky made the decision to host a Chili’s Give Back Event on behalf of Planned Parenthood Indiana and Kentucky. While our franchise partner had the best intentions; we have received growing feedback and concern from community members regarding the Give Back Event,” the restaurant chain continued. “This feedback does not reflect Chili’s focus on bringing communities together and the event was never intended to be viewed as a partisan event or political statement, therefore we, along with our franchise partner, have decided to cancel the event. ”

“We will more clearly communicate the focus of Chili’s charitable giving efforts, so that our restaurant managers and franchise partners can feel empowered to support local organizations that bring communities together,” Chili’s added.

That is particularly good news on two levels. The first, that this was not a corporate decision, but the decision of some franchise owners. As such, the corporate folks realized that it’s probably not wise to alienate a huge chunk of your customer base with political hot potatoes. The second is that I can go to my local Chili’s again (their Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers are phenomenal).


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  1. jobird

    These restaurants need to stay out of politics.I for one would not spend another dime at a Chili’s if they are for murdering unborn children.That is exactly what P.P.H does.They provide abortions and claiming these “clinics” do other female exams is pure folly. Seems some one wised up at corporate.I have not shopped in a Target since the “Toilet Issue”
    last year.

    1. WVF

      Target has been off my list since then, and Chili’s was about to go on it, but thankfully a responsible corporate response has not made that necessary. How stupid is the owner of this Chili’s? Can you imagine trying to maintain an appetite for an item on the menu with baby parts dancing in your head? Yipes!

    1. hardhead49

      Naw, their profits are more important! It’s like saying “I’m sorry” after killing someone. chili’s on my “DON’T EAT HERE” list!!

  2. Wcharnock

    I’m done with Target as well…will not support organizations that push ultra left wing agenda of the phony Transgender community or the LGBT political arm that wants to force everyone to accept their immoral life style…we have a right to a different view…and t o spend our money inside organizations that promote Biblical Principles…

    1. Kstar

      Hopefully not for long if they give so willingly to the murder of innocent babies.
      People had better wake up because a day of reckoning is soon to come

  3. M.A.Rue

    If these restaurants’ owners want to contribute to a worthy cause, why not St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital or Shriner’s Children’s Hospital….you know, for children who desparately need help & are alive!

  4. WVF

    Thank God Chili’s Corporate has some common sense. They understand that visions of baby parts dancing in one’s head does not comport well with items on their menu. Good grief!

  5. Randall

    A very wise move on Chiles corporate side.
    Businesses need to quit getting political.
    We quit using Target ever since their radical insane transgender bathroom issue.

  6. Kstar

    Give back to the community by donating to Planned Parenthood—the one who rips and tears apart innocent babies in their mothers wombs???
    Wow, that’s really giving back to the community to murder the innocent who have no say so in what their mothers and fathers have done to them. But, God sure has a say so in these murders and HIS justice will prevail.
    I will say a thank you to corporate Chili’s for their stand on this agenda, but in my personal thoughts, I think they were all for giving donations to this group. Like I said, in my personal thoughts and mine alone.

  7. Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    I won’t divulge who I am or what group I’m with, but I can tell you that is as a non-profit 501c3 org,, places like Applebees wouldn’t even consider us, and we are at the forefront of saving people from certain death from addictive drugs! All because we were connected to a religious group! But Planned Parenthood, is no problem until somebody complains too loudly! And all Planned Parenthood does is KILL people!! Ridiculous!

  8. BJWA

    The franchise owners didn’t quite think this through and it was divisive. Many people are quiet about their stance on abortion. Even if they are against it, they know making it illegal won’t stop it but very few, no matter which side you’re on, willingly supports abortions. It crosses a moral line to more people than are willing to admit. I doubt a lot of pro-choicers would give money to actually HELP kill the unborn. I’m glad the corporate owners stepped in. Well handled and so non-offensive but I got the message loud and clear. By the way, I’m Brenda, not David. Can’t figure out how to change the profile.

  9. generalJed

    Target thinks that it can “outwait” all of us conservatives, as we will forget about their bathroom decision. I have boycotted Gillette for over forty years, because they supported giving a percentage of their razor sales to anti-gun organizations. They never recanted.Neither have I! We have very long memories!

  10. Paula

    Never going to Chili’s again and will tell everyone about them being in support for murdering babies. Let the truth be known.

  11. Andrew Molina

    Can’t wait until they get to the bottom of planned parenthood and determine that the Clintons, including Chelsea have made millions in selling fetuses, stem cells and other resources reaped by Planned parenthood

  12. glenn

    Someone at Chilli’s must have some economic brains about them, unlike Target who apparently doesn’t need money to prosper!
    I would still boycott those Chilli’s franchises that wanted to do this awful thing as they have shown their true values, or more accurately their disregard for human life!

  13. sox83cubs84

    Good for Chili’s corporate bosses. It’s nice to see the folks on top taking a stand for America, not the PC Police.

  14. phil62

    Man, if the DAMNED business’ and Hollywood would stay the hell out of politics we would all be happy campers. What in the HELL would make a family restaurant owner think that his/her patrons would be in favor of planned parenthood – IDIOTS