Trump keeping 50 Obama officials

President-elect Donald Trump has asked roughly 50 senior Obama administration officials to remain in their roles in order to “ensure the continuity of government,” spokesman Sean Spicer said Thursday.

The decision comes as Trump is reportedly struggling to fill important posts in his new administration.

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    1. NRApatriot

      The article said some were holdovers from Bush”s administration. If the Don doesn’t have someone lined up to fill the spot immediately in critical positions he can’t just leave a position critical to security vacant! Hell fill those spots soon enough!

      1. rex ames

        This is true, I have friend that works in the Pentagon in G4 which is some kind of critical postion, and some were released, and some stayed.
        My friend is X military and now is working for a third president.

          1. rex ames

            He’s some kind of a intelligence annalist and started working for Bush, then Obumer, and Trump. He seemed pretty happy about the outcome.

    2. Pastor W. C.

      There you go again. Why are you so against this move. The last say so will be the President.

    1. rex ames

      In WW2 General Patton caught allot of flac for retaining some Germans to run critical area’s like electrical plants, large Railroad stations.
      They did the same in Iraq. It was needed.

  1. jobird

    50 people are a lot of folks that are not friends to President Trump and his presidency.
    Just so all the muslims that obama had on his staff are GONE!.

  2. James Lowder

    Yeah thanks to liberal democrats dragging their feet . Anything to give Trump a hard time. But that was all in Obamas plans wasn’t it?

    1. rick meek

      Yeah – but trump can use “Actings” and circumvent the senate until they approve and confirm the regulars —– Don’t wait trump – get people in there ASAP. In order to get the immigration job done – REACTIVATE RETIREES TO ASSIST – THEY CAN ASSIST AGENTS IN EVRYTHING FROM AIDING PD’S TO PROCESSING – TRANSPORT – PROSECUTIONS – INVESTIGATIONS . until ya get the manpower to do it right….

  3. Debra

    Big mistake as I would not trust any of the Obama people as they will be nothing but snitches especially since Obama is remaining in the area. Why else would he do that. Just tell them “YOUR FIRED” and get it over with.

  4. WVF

    As soon as is practicable everyone of them should be sent packing, because they will be subversives to The People’s agenda.

  5. rick meek

    The dems have openly told you that they intend to battle you every step of the way……Fight back — Use “Actings” to get the depts. moving until your choses are approved – Make Illegals a “National Security Violation” bypassing the courts……and activate recent retirees to volunteer to assist active duty agents and LEO’s…..Use the “fence Act” of 2006 to build the fence….Destroy the nine (9) border terrorist training camps on the southern border and the same on the northern by any means. Mexico and Canada have agreed to obozo’s requests to take refugees to be supported by US taxpayers and ultimately end up in the US. DON’T TAKE CHIT FROM THESE IMBECILES….