Trump’s approval rating drops 6 points

President-elect Donald Trump‘s approval rating is down to 40 percent, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

Trump’s approval rating has dropped 6 points since Election Day, making it lower than that of the last three presidents just days before the inauguration.

More than half of respondents in the new poll, 52 percent, disapprove of how Trump is handling the transition, compared to 45 percent just after the election.

More than half of respondents also say they are less confident in Trump’s ability to do the job due to his statements since becoming president-elect.The poll notes that Trump’s approval rating is nearly 30 points higher with rural Americans when compared to urban Americans.

The survey, which was carried out by phone from Jan. 12 to 15, polled 1,000 adults. It has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.


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    1. rex ames

      Well of course they do, they don’t sample states that are conservative. Besides, they are in ca hoots with the dems anyway, and they are proven liers time and time again. That’s why Trump is running these assholes out of the Whitehouse news room..
      If the news organizations important cheap labor and replaced all the high dollar News Anchors, they would be screaming bloody murder.
      Remember when they said Trump id gonna lose and he is behind in the polls, its was obvious they did not sample middle America voters.

  1. John Centonze

    Well gee! Look who did the poll.
    Just remember if the polls were accurate we’d be watching a Madame President elect…perish the thought. Yikes!

  2. James Elsea

    What a surprise!!, CNN the scum bag, slime and low life, spokes person for the new world order,!!,, says this trash,!!. To CNN,,, Fu*k You,!!, we are not buying your commie crap. Hope you rot and burn in hell.

    1. apzzyk

      You seem to have been out of the loop for about 50 years, when we had to start borrowing money for our national debt from your feared ‘new world order’ if china, Japan and the NATO countries do not loan us more money, we will become totally irrelevant, to the rest of the world. Israel will not even be our friend unless we give it more money. We could not even make a Ford without parts made over seas.

      1. scott

        your a kweer as-hole,go hang yourself you low life piece of sh-t.your to stupid to own animals also kweer boy.

        1. apzzyk

          First, I have a 19 yo female cat; a 3 yo tabby; a 7 yo big dog, and my vet, and fellow Marine too, gives me free vet care because I am a disabled vet, and while we were in the USMC knew some homophobes whose true sexual preference showed up later on, and they got the less than desirable discharges. With your posted ‘scorecard’: if Trump does either build the wall or deport all illegals, the debt will double; When Obama took office there were 1,000,000 applications or appeals pending, so he issued EO’s to eliminate much of the backlog as possible, and congress did the senible thing – cut the VA budget. My disability pendion is now an ‘entitlement’ not an earned benefit; I lost the sight in one eye because of just diagnosis delays, and have not had any teeth for almost 2 years where if would have had the expanded Mecicaid, I would have had them in 4 months. i provide really affordable housing for the working poor who are only eligible for food stames, etc. because the minimum wage has not been raised in 20 years. Go to the bath ouse and bend over and you may meet former USMC Cpl. Ray Valdez when you turn arougn to lick your shit off of his penis.

      2. rex ames

        You seem to be out of the loop !! I work all over the world as a tooling engineer. Used to work for Lear Seating division, but now I free lance for Die Engineering trouble shooting design and poor running tools. Lear has companies all over the world. China, Brazil, Germany, India, Hondurous, 16 plants in Mexico and more everywhere else to. They have many divisions, automotive seating, leather, electronics, mold, aircraft. In Brazil they support a Ford plant there because Brazil does not allow stuff to be made outside the country. In China Lear support G.M. there to build and sell cars in China.
        As far as the world order go’s, the U.S. economy is still twice as big as China’s today. Even with all our debt, it certainly is dangerous and hopefully we can get it under control.This is why Trump wants to cut government 20% and spending 10%. But we are the largest consumer of goods nation in the world and if we go down economically they cannot afford to let us go down.

    2. rex ames

      Did’nt M. Kelly leave for CNN? Geeze,I’m sure she will fit right in there. I hope there is an 1 hole out house on the grounds for her White House news office.

  3. Arcturus6

    A CNN poll? Please! CNN is nothing more than a reprehensible propaganda outlet for the political Left of this nation. It is totally incapable of any objectivity whatsoever. Any poll results, in my opinion, taken by CNN would be highly questionable for accuracy.

  4. jong

    So in essence the polls called liberal areas and not Conservative areas. Gallup polls show that most of America is Conservative or leaning that way. Not liberal. Once again Liars are say “facts” but, the “facts” are actually lies. After all according to them he could not possibly have won. 🙂

  5. Sharon Windus

    lol down eh? I’m more encouraged every day. as well as thankfully counting the hours until obama is off the grounds. It can’t come soon enough

  6. Bob USAF(ret)

    CNN = the Clinton News Net and do whatever the democratic party wants, so who believes the King of fake/lying news?

  7. Kmat

    Which means they sampled more Democrats than before. Urban Americans are afraid their Government Tit is going to dry up and they will need to support themselves.

  8. Sawblade Stainless

    More fucking lies!!! It has gone up a great deal!! CNN your nothing but vomit eating snakes. Not only that you were born without any sort of brain material if you think any one but leftists and other pond scum would believe anything you would have to say. Best thing you all could do for the better is crawl into your snake holes and fucking DIE!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dick

    The results of any poll can be controlled by the wording of the questions asked, the people doing the polling and the group of people being polled. Any poll done by the main stream media, especially the Communist News Network should be discarded as pure horse puckey.

  10. Debra

    Who cares! I love that CNN stands for the Clinton News Net! Too funny! Always one sided from CNN. I frankly don’t pay any attention to this shit!

  11. apzzyk

    This poll may give him a break and an over estimated popularity or approval rating. As you will note, because of the Electoral College he won while loosing the popular vote by about 3,000,000 which would make the overall polls before the election come out about tight Hillary 52%, Trump 48%, but do not tell him that, because the other polls show him 6% lower than this one. Virtually all the Democrats do not approve, and so do 50% of the registered Republicans. The rural states and places usually vote against their own interests, and now hole a disproportionate number of seats in the House due to Gerrymandering, so its approval rate by the general population have not been out of the single didgets for years. The problem is that if the Blue states just do not pay into the treasury and succeed the Red States could not survive. The West could form their own country, as could the east, including DC, and could take their electoral college portion of the National Debt, get back their AAA+ ratings and go on, but the Trump states could not even support them selves Would you buy a used car from him?

    1. Don

      AaaHahahaha….the red states couldn’t survive. They would not only survive but thrive as your little blue country would fall into third world despotism. Where would you get your currency? You’re certainly not going to work for any. You going to rely on government? Good luck with that. We’ve already seen that 8 year old movie.

      You do realize why there is an electoral college, right. You’d be willing to be told what to do, when to do it, what to eat, what to say and can’t say by a chosen few? And who chooses those few? You’re all of the same mold, so anyone could pull it off, right? Wrong….eventually all you little blue bastards would end up protesting your own and that’s why there is an electoral college. To protect you from that. Checks and balances my friend. I respect you and the pure form of liberalism that you grew up with but this isn’t that. This is about taking orders from the UN and global governance. Thats not happening here. We dropped that turd over 240 years ago. If that’s what you want, deltas ready when you are. Take you wherever you want to go. Be careful though. Out there? They don’t put up with your kind as gently as we do. You may end up regretting what you wish for.

      What I find truly disheartening is that our founding fathers were liberals and your kind just spits on their Graves like it was nothing. I miss the days when we could agree to disagree and laugh at each other over a cold beer.

      Hillary. Really? You would seriously prefer a crime lord, queenpin with her reputation for murder and child molestation and call trump a tyrant. That there, speaks volumes as to why your side won’t ever work. You choose people poorly because you refuse to take off your rose colored glasses.

  12. Margie

    I do not believe any of those polls. Sooooo ludicrous!
    Their polls also said Hillary would win in a land slide!


    You can bet the farm the selection of the random 1000 people was one liberal democrat and the other 999 the dead people who voted for Hillary–wonder who pays the 999 participants phone bills?

  14. rosewood11

    Yeah, right!!! LIke I believe any polls in the MSM. These people are such proven liars that it just strains all credulity!!! Hey, people, do you remember Lyndon Johnson’s “credibility gap”? I think y’all must own homes and offices there!!!

    1. rosewood11

      PS: We took DirecTV out of our home yesterday, and we are not replacing it. I can ignore liars for free!!!

  15. scott

    and you still keep the fake news going.come on,wake up you imbeciles.

      1. calhar

        You my dear sir are the fake with your marbles mixdup that thinks like a woman that a crow s*** on a fence post

  16. UwasaWahya

    Enough with the bogus approval ratings. Just more fake news. The man hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

  17. VirgoVince

    BULLSHIT, Trump has NEVER been lower than ovomit, NEVER!!
    Just like he was NEVER lower than shitliary, before the election!!

  18. Donna Morken

    What a joke the same people that said he was losing the election. DO YOU BELIEVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. concerned

    Question? How do you rate someone on the job when the person hasn’t even started the job? What? Oh the honest news media did the polling. Say no more.

  20. ernst

    Let me try to remember… Did CNN not predict a Hillary Clinton victory in the election? This poll is probably just as accurate as those.

    1. GayEGO

      Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million as she did not cheat, it was Trump’s sneaky actions to influence the electoral vote in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Too bad Hillary took those states for granted because Trump will cost us dearly with his same plans that broke us before Obama took office.

      1. ernst

        The way Trump ran his campaign just proves that he is much smarter that Hillary Clinton. Hillary won the tabulated popular vote, but certainly not the legal popular vote. And anyway, the “popular vote” only matters when you lose the election. Hillary Clinton is stupid, arrogant, and deserved to lose. This statement comes from a registered Democrat.

          1. ernst

            We disagree. Donald Trump is one of the smartest, most hardworking men in the world. He earned his success. Yes, he had a head start; and then he continued to grow his businesses. The only business Hillary Clinton has ever had is extortion based on her political connections and her ability to sell US influence. Hillary and Bill Clinton will be seen from the future as some of the worst crooks in the history of the US.

  21. william russell

    hey this is the same network that had hillary up 12 point over trump and we know what happen. I can tell you talking with my friends and some democrats that really believe trump is going to be a great president and anyone can make the poll results come out to support their story. I would not watch or trust cnn with anything, they lie, make up stories, edit stories to support their agenda and we know from Wikileaks how corrupt they are. It is interesting the company that owns cnn is going to cut the organization loose and let be on their own. They see with less viewers and advertisers they are a loosing situation.

  22. Louie Venditti

    That’s another lie! Don’t believe it for a minute. We are a united group that are looking for great things from Mr. trump. We believe that he is Gods man for America for this time. A warrior leader that will make America feared and respected in the world. One that will bring God back in our government. A fair and just government for all its people. But don’t expect the liberals on the other side of the issues to give him credit for anything that he makes right in this country. We must not be silent any longer. We must speak up and defend what is righteous and not be discouraged. We must Pray for our leaders and our great country. …

  23. WVF

    Are there people in this country who actually believe polls? What did all the polls say right up to the election? Remember, Donald Trump didn’t even have the slightest chance! Ha, ha, ha, ha! The Communist News Network should never be believed about anything.

  24. dogtrainer1

    Great, so they poll 1000 adults and that many (questionable) people are supposed to be a valid read of the Country as a whole. Not to mention the simple fact that, how can he have any favorable or unfavorable rating BEFORE he even takes the Oath of Office and STARTS DOING SOMETHING! Much like rating a football team’s play in the Super Bowl, a week before the game even starts. Talk about a bunch of morons and imbeciles!

  25. Kathe Camp

    The Democrats are sure paying a lot of money to create pandemonium at Trumps inauguration. They can’t get over that they LOST. Obama is spending money by the millions till Fri. just to cause trouble for Donald Trump. I hope he gets what he deserves (prison with the Muslims he seems to really love. When they find out he lives with Michael it will be over for him.

  26. Rich Kenny

    OK! but just wait til he actually takes office!!!! and every one notices the difference between and the previous (Illegal) white house resident!!! then watch the ratings go way back up!!

  27. Rich Kenny

    I know you will recognize I left out a word..”him” but those who have nothing to do but criticize, will have a hissy fit, so go ahead, I would hate to not give you something to put your drawers in a bind.

  28. Marion E McKenzie

    These are the same people that said Hillary would WIN BY a LANDSLIDE,and gave Obama a 60% favorable Poll.Of course they forgot to tell you They took these Polls AT THE DNC Headquarters…

  29. Front Sight

    The latest CNN poll had less than 25% Trump guaranteed supporters. The results should have been 75-25 against Trump…

  30. Sid sees her

    Who in their right mind would believe anything the clinton news network reports. They fabricate their own fake news. Journalism and CNN have nothing in common.

  31. Vangie Martinez

    Fake News of course CNN and whoever is #NeverTrump would say that. I don’t believe it not from what People REAL People are saying on Social Media.

  32. Grim Reaper

    Of course Trump’s approval rating is down, he is about to give all the brain dead Dems a huge taste of reality, and is going to shit can the pixie dust they have been engulfed in since Obama came to power.

  33. [email protected]

    The poll on “popularity” is as phony as the predictions on the election. How in the hell can an approval rating of a man drop so drastically before he even makes an official move? Complete BS! If the news media doesn’t grow up pretty quick they will cease to exist.

  34. Jim B

    Unbelievable, poles are fake news, haven’t we seen enough of this. All poles, surveys, can be written to achieve the results desired, the pulse of the nation they are not. How many times do we need to prove this out. Just look what the false narratives did to so many liberal progressives, they were devastated and completely bamboozled and yet they still believe. They are foolish, and have been left wanting for what the poles promised them, but like most progressive propaganda, it just a lie.

  35. pcabal

    Bull-shit polls again boys; I thought you would have learned by now.. Wait until tomorrow and you are going to see a crowd.

  36. Luke

    I favored and voted for Trump, that’s all that matters to me, the liars of the msm can go to hell..

  37. GayEGO

    Yesterday I heard on the news that it was down to 32%. Trump has his oath of office all set up for tomorrow. He will say – “I and I alone accept my office of the Trumpident of the Business States of America which is now led by PUtin!”

  38. EnjoyzCoffee

    Maybe the same dead people and the same illegal aliens who voted for Hillary voted in this poll.