Voters to Trump: Concentrate On Jobs

Voters want President-elect Donald Trump to focus on bringing back manufacturing jobs from overseas and preventing more jobs from leaving the country when he takes office later this month.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult survey reveals less enthusiasm for some other major Trump proposals during last year’s presidential campaign, including building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border or restricting Muslims from entering the country.

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    First Mr.Trump must deport all non American people and then that would create job openings for all of obama’s lazy food stamp collecting bums. Put these lazy people in these jobs or cut them off from further assistance.

    1. PatrickHenry

      You are exactly right, Millions of Illegals, cost Americans many jobs, plus the Millions of Criminal Illegals burdening us. JOBS, Trade & Illegal aliens, plus TOO many Legal Immigrants are the top focus. As well as National Security. All related.

  2. WVF

    Mr. Trump has been doing a remarkable job of concentrating on jobs. That’s what he’s been doing for weeks, and he is not even President, yet; however, regardless of what the lying media states, he MUST build the wall and immediately get a handle on illegal immigration and the flow of drugs which pour over the southern border.