Lessons for the anti-Trump Libs from history

As progressives search for the next step in a world where Republicans will control the White House, both chambers of Congress and the majority of statehouses and governor’s mansions, the nascent anti-Trump resistance movement has been doing civil disobedience outside Trump Tower, pushing for bipartisan congressional investigations into Russian election meddling and itching to expose his Cabinet nominees’ conflicts of interest with the hope of sinking one — or perhaps even two or three — of them. Green Party-led recount pushes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin drew national attention but in the end had little impact, other than to recertify Trump’s win, and Democratic efforts to urge Republican electors to vote their conscience, not their party, similarly sputtered.

Still, the liberal resistance to Trumpism has only started to gear up for what will probably be a series of epic battles around touchstone issues of race, immigration, health care and authoritarianism itself. Trump is weighted down by a 43 percent approval rating, making him the least popular newly elected president in the past half century. As the liberal-left works to organize in this environment, it confronts a set of opportunities, as well as tough questions about the path forward: Who should be the leaders of this resistance? Which strategies and tactics should they employ? What organizations and institutions could prove to be the savviest and most influential in curbing Trump’s authoritarian tendencies?

The answers will have implications not just for politics but also for the entire country during the coming Trump era. And the paths forward are in part illustrated by America’s rich history of political resistance on the left and the right — a legacy that’s both fraught and inspiring, filled with blinking yellow lights and solid-green guideposts. The resistance leaders will have at least four modes of viable dissent as they seek to launch a robust movement that can block some of the most feared aspects of Trump’s agenda.

Direct action. Though conservatives typically decry antiwar and other street demonstrations as emblems of a time defined by left-wing excesses that contravened political norms and moral behavior, the nonviolent mass protests of the 1960s, 1970s and even 1980s offer clues to potent models of political and cultural dissent. Nonviolent marches helped pressure elected leaders to overturn segregation in the South and expand legal rights and social protections for women. Anti-Vietnam War demonstrations made it harder for policymakers to prosecute the war with the free hand they sought. President Ronald Reagan’s refusal to recognize the threat of HIV/AIDS as a public health crisis provoked mass protests, which pricked the country’s conscience and ultimately led to more funding for research and better treatments.

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source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/lessons-for-the-anti-trump-resistance-from-american-history-190430927.html

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  1. joefromlovespark

    No matter what these communist “progressives” think, no matter what they, no matter what they try and do THEY WILL FAIL! They will be beaten at every turn even if it means PHYSICALLY!

  2. ReaperHD

    When TRUMP starts DEPORTING all these ILLEGAL ALIENS his ratings will go to 100%, and he’ll hit 200% when he starts building THE WALL. We’ll be playing Pink Floyd CD everyday The Wall.

    1. Onnik Hovanessi

      That will Equal 300% +>> This Sorry Asses need to learn the Lessons Properly from what Trump is going to Build,, and Not be Indoctrinated by the Crap, they have been Brainwashed in the Schools, Collages and Universities, by the Left Liberal Trash-talking Dogs,..Irrupt America for the Justice we have been missing for the Last 8 years, and Crush the Trash,..Young and Old and everything in between.

  3. Prospector 1950

    Look at al, the Liberals out there protesting. Evidently every one of them were wrong about what they said about Barack Obama creating jobs, and lowering unemployment. That had to be a Falicy – He couldn’t have – otherwise, they would be working instead of being out there protesting, and creating violence, while living off welfare checks. Once again Obama and the Liberals Lied.

  4. Hotnike

    Sore liberal losers, shut up. Now you do what we conservatives did. We sucked it up for eight years. We are not longer going to suck it up!!!!

  5. used_to_be_a_liberal

    Well left-wits, you have 19 days to go, you have only 19 days left to do all the pouting, whining, screaming, yelling, and even rioting, and that goes for the left-wit media too, and their political left-wit goonies, 19 days to get away with whatever your little harts desire, 19 days in which no-one will stop you. Come day 20 and it ends, you are in for a rude awakening, you will no longer be tolerated, pampered coddled, and catered to. To the teachers and their union[s] the days of indoctrinating our kids to left-wit ideology, and Islam will begin to start coming to an end. You will be their to teach, and you will keep your ideology to yourselves. If you wish to fight it, then please be our guest, we will be more then happy to accommodate you. To the left-wit politicians you are done!!!
    HAPPY “Fn” NEW YEAR!!!!

  6. ernst

    After 8 years in power, the liberals are not taking defeat gracefully. Expect them to make the transition of power as difficult as possible. Government buildings, records, and equipment will be trashed as the Left leaves. This will be ugly.

  7. suzeeqbl

    I would like to know who has polled people as to his popularity. It would seem that 43% are against him. Where are they getting their data? I really do not believe this.