Israel begins punishing countries who support U.N.

Israel is suspending diplomatic ties with nations that supported the controversial United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, condemning Israeli settlements on land claimed by Palestine.

Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, defended the response with Jake Tapper on CNN:

Dermer interjected, “Israel’s enemies are celebrating this resolution, that’s all you need to know.”

Israel has cut off diplomatic relations with: Britain, France, Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay, Spain, Senegal and New Zealand, Malaysia in retaliation for the vote. 

Dermer also explained how, in his view, Obama has worsened relations between the United States and Israel on the settlements:

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  1. Jerry Branson

    We should immediately shut down finances to the UN. We should impeach Obama for his current legislation concerning free speech. That is absolutely unconstitutional and Anti-American!

  2. WVF

    I stand with Israel. They should punish every nation which has tried to destroy them in the phony UN. We need to stop funding the UN and immediately withdraw from that NWO outfit. We are America, and we don’t need them, they need us. We are wasting up to eight $billion a year on an organization which despises America and for all which She stands.

      1. WVF

        I would have included the U.S. in my list of countries which need punishment, but it is not We the People who have a problem with Israel, it is the faux anti-American President Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama.

          1. WVF

            Tillerson is really going to have his hands full! I hope his second in command will be John Bolton, because he know the ins and outs of that corrupted department.

        1. Kinneret

          Absolutely, I made sure to correct some one who blamed America, The  Antisemitism started in the Oval Office 8 years ago from the man who calls himself BHO, and it went like a wild fire around the world,many times I argued with a Dem’s Jews that defended his lies, finally now they have seen his true colors, it took them too long as they were blind and deaf.

          1. WVF

            Barack Hussein Barry soetoro Obama has done more damage internationally to America than any past President. The truth about this man is: he is an Islamist Muslim extremist who cares only about the furtherance of the goals of Islam. He does not care one whit about Jews, blacks, Hispanics, or definitely white people. His job is to help the savages in the Middle East and to hell with everyone else! Thanks be to God he will be gone in 20 days!

  3. rick meek

    CUT OFF THE UN – It’s become nothing but a tool for obummer and the NWO’s plan for globalization….Has anyone heard of the “Georgia Guide Stones”… The attack within the US is to bankrupt it – indoctrinate morons – and destroy patriotism……How blind and stupid have we become is the question…..

  4. jcadla

    Most here have the right idea about the UN and what we should do but the US is a nation of cowards. Obama should have been impeached the second month he was in office the first time…and a dozen times since then but they won’t do it. I stopped voting for Jeff Denham of California after we got the majority in both houses and he refused to look for a special prosecutor for an Obama impeachment. Let’s hope Trump has more gumption than the RINOs in DC now.

  5. BearFlagNative

    The UN of today is nothing like the UN which was created just after WWII.
    What we do see is the pre-world war I “League of Nations”. A toothless, feckless, self-serving, can not do anything, body of strictly politics and politicians who were looking out for themselves and cared less about others; that was one of the bodies politics that got the world into WWII.
    I think Trump called it correctly, a “country club of good old boys” and NOT a true body of what it was designed to do.
    The UN as we know it today, would collapse overnight if the US refused to fund the majority of the programs and issues dealt with daily.
    THIS is the power the US has over it and other countries that use it for their own self-serving means.
    Since 1948 with the creation of the modern State of Israel; the middle eastern countries with their “friends”, simply other nations who HATE Jews for any reason; have repeated and constantly put in resolutions AIMED SPECIFICALLY at Israel and those resolutions were designed to DESTROY Israel and its peoples.
    Strangely, the UN leadership DID NOTHING to stop this, even when the actions were BLATANT and SEEN as such by everyone else.
    As 90% of the worlds countries DO NOT like the US, except for our foreign aid to them;
    it is way past time for the entire UN to move OUT of the US and maybe set up shop in Geneva, Switzerland where other portions of it are already located. Then ALL the countries can contribute what they should be and the US can actually SAVE money both in contributing to the UN itself and definitely SAVING on the costs of security for the UN buildings and security/police/ and other costs for other countries politicians who come to the UN.
    Looks like a WIN-WIN to me, except for the other countries, and why would we care?

  6. florida1

    SHUT DOWN OUR DAMN TAXPAYER MONEY FOR THE U.N….enough is enough!!! SHUT IT DOWN $$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Stash Holly

    We should END ALL support for the U.N. and withdraw their right to the property in New York. Using the U.N. for the Homeless would be a far better use of the property. The U.N. has never helped MANKIND in all of it’s history. The U.S.A. does the hard work and then the HUGE inefficient Body known as the U.N., They steal money and pretend they are impartial but they are ANTISEMITIC and the reason their is no peace to this day. And the U.S. is getting as bad under the POS Obama and his pals The Muslim Brotherhood at the WH.

  8. Mhed Charles

    You said the word land: Al Israelis will be tormented. The world is big enough so everyone can live Peacefully.

  9. James Prim

    We need to evict the UN and all ambassadors that are anti-US/Israel from US soil. We need to defund all support financial and material support to those nations that are anti-US/Israel. We need to block any further executive orders or power from president obama, secretary of state kerry and the un ambassador until the new administration takes control. We need to bring charges of treason to obama, kerry and hillary for all previous acts that they have committed against the US and its allies.

  10. ves

    I just read that Rogers submitted a bill in 2015 that would get the US out of the UN and cut-off ALL US Funding and kick the creeps OUT of the US!!
    We need to also Stop all Foreign AID Funding to ALL Countries, ALL Loans and Funding to the World Bank….. it’s time to only spend US TAXPAYER Dollars on US TAXPAYERS in the US!!
    No more Foreign Students paid for by US Taxpayers Dollars ( which cheats US Citizens out of a Place in US Schools and US Education Funding )….No more Work Visas ( which put US Taxpayers OUT of WORK ) !!
    Cut ALL Immigration by 80% and NO ONE from Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Radical Muslim Countries!!
    Time to take OUR Country BACK!!
    Time to do what is in the Best Interest of US Citizens and ONLY US Citizens!

  11. Paula

    Starting in Genesis 12 and continuing all throughout the Scriptures, God promises to bless those that bless Israel and to curse those that curse Israel.

  12. ReaperHD

    OK Israel and it’s time we shut down the UN in America and cut off all money that is sent to support UN actions, the UN is nothing more than a COMMIE Resort for the oppressed to get away from their countries.

  13. John Carollo

    I think removing the religious twaddle behind the West Bank issue and really examing what is and has always been behind their wanting to lay claim to it is WATER RIGHTS. The only watershed in that region is on the West Bank … that’s why it was occupied in the first place. What a simple and modern solution to that reality would be because nobody’s religion has anything to do with any of it at all. Go back to your ignorant corners and think about this.