Conway: The Left Is Trying to ‘Discredit, Delegitimize’ Trump

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said, “It is very clear the political left is fomenting an opposition trying to discredit, delegitimize what is obviously the election.”

Conway said, “David Plouffe went out and started Organizing for America, that then became Organizing for Action for President Obama trying to push through Obamacare and some of the things he wanted. If you read the New York Times article this morning by Jonathan Martin where I am quoted, it is very clear the political left is already fomenting this permanent opposition trying to discredit, delegitimize what is obviously the election, solidified yesterday by the electors.”

“They are trying to stop him at every turn, deny his cabinet picks, deny his legislation,” she continued. “So we need to be on offense and defense. And need to look at 2018 ultimately where President Trump could get up to 60 —61 Senate seats, you have the Democrats defending 25 seats, 10 of which are held by Democratic senators in state president Trump just won and a handful of others that he almost won. And to make sure they know where we are all the time. President Bush pushed through his tax plan in June of 2001 with the Democratic Senate because many of those senators in 2001 who were up for reelection the following year voted for the Bush tax relief plan. They know what their constituents want”


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  1. Howleyesque

    Yep, as the anti American leftists do their best to try to continue their oppression of all who REFUSE to bow and pay homage to their community organizer and their corrupt old pig in a pants suit.

  2. mpdMD1965

    What more can the boobs do? They are mentally incapable of anything more. Think Whoopee Goldberg. That is their spokesperson. I rest my case.

    1. Howleyesque

      A GOOD choice, as she ALSO epitomizes their “integrity and credibility”… after all she IS STILL HERE!

  3. epauls

    Why are they doing this? Have they digested so much racial and sexual hatred bias that they are unbalanced? It appears that they do not wish to solve problems; their wish is to permanently attach themselves to a fallacious issue. “Where’s the Beef”