Trump Promises to “Solve” Dakota Pipeline Access Issue if Necessary

President-elect Donald Trump commented on the Dakota Access Pipeline on Sunday, indicating that he would take care of things swiftly.

During an interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” Trump said, “I will tell you, when I get to office, if it’s not solved, I’ll have it solved very quickly.”

On Dec. 5, the Obama administration decided to conduct another environmental review and explore alternate routes for the project after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers refused to grant the company building the pipeline the easement it needed to cross the Missouri River.

The Standing Rock Sioux, whose reservation sits on either side of the North Dakota-South Dakota border, oppose the pipeline for environmental reasons and have challenged decisions to grant permits at more than 200 water crossings, reported WNEM. In September, a federal judge denied the tribe’s request to block construction.

Supporters of the pipeline say it will be safeguarded against leaks, and insist a pipeline is a safer way to transport oil than trucks and trains.

While Trump didn’t say specifically what he would do about the controversial pipeline, he did indicate that things would be solved in a timely manner. In the interview, Trump criticized the Environmental Protection Agency and said some companies were waiting in line for 15 years before the agency gave approval or disapproval of projects.


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