Boehner: Trump is like Teddy Roosevelt

Former House Speaker John Boehner said President-elect Trump reminds him of Teddy Roosevelt for his titanic personality, who put that quality to use when he entered the White House in 1901 to push reforms.

“I think Donald Trump sees himself larger than life,” Boehner told WCPO in a pre-taped interview that aired Wednesday. “He kind of reminds me, if you look back through history, he kind of reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt, another guy who saw himself larger than life.”

“You look at what Teddy Roosevelt did, he came in to do big things,” Boehner continued. “Donald Trump isn’t there to kind of trim around the edges and occupy the White House.”

The 12-term Ohio Republican admitted he was surprised when the billionaire businessman won the Republican nomination for president and again in November when Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the general election. Trump has been a friend to Boehner long before this election. The two have publicly discussed their golf outings, but Boehner shared a more personal story about Trump.

“When I was speaker, if I was having a tough week, I’d always get a call from Donald, patting me on the back, cheering me up. He’s a good guy,” Boehner said.

The retired lawmaker may be rooting for Republicans and Trump from the sidelines, but he expressed no interest in getting back into politics and has “no regrets” about how he left just over a year ago.

“Oh my God, no, really,” Boehner said, laughing. “Every day I’d watch it [the campaign] and was like ‘Oh, thank God I’m not in the middle of this.'”


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