Muslim Council of Britain: It’s Up to White British to Integrate, Not Muslims

A senior representative of the Muslim Council of Britain has said that white British people have a responsibility to integrate more to prevent communities becoming ghettoised.

His comments come in response to an official report warning that many of Britain’s towns and cities have been transformed “out of all recognition” by mass immigration.

The report, by the government’s community cohesion tsar Dame Louise Casey, warned that parts of British towns had been turned into ghettoes which successive governments have ignored “for fear of being branded racist or Islamophobic”, and which are creating “escalating divisions and tensions”.

But Miqdaad Versi, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, has struck back, writing for The Guardian that Casey is wrong to blame Muslim communities. Instead, he said white flight and economic inequality were greater problems – and that white people ought to do more to tackle them.

“Her focus is primarily on Muslims: she does not provide any solutions for African Caribbean, Roma or Traveller communities, with no acknowledgement of Scotland and Northern Ireland’s history of integration challenges – from which we must learn,” he said of Casey’s report.

He added: “Worryingly, Casey often conflates Muslim with Asian communities, giving the false impression that all regressive cultural practices are based on the Islamic faith despite clear evidence to the contrary. While the report does recognise the huge levels of socio-economic deprivation, low educational attainment and discrimination some Muslims face, none of her recommendations tackle structural inequality.”

He asks: “Why does Casey say so little on how to tackle the fact that white British and Irish ethnic groups ‘are least likely to have ethnically mixed social networks’ – one of the key signs of integration.


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    1. Jeronimo Dan

      Yes, after all Islam is not a religion, it’s just a governmental faction put together by a child molester.

    2. TruePatriotInTX

      Yes, all civilized societies have limited their immigration over the last 300 yrs or so to Muslims. It wasn’t until progressive idiots across the world decided that diversity included all races & religions and that it was good for them. They didn’t bother to actually research and discover what Islam is. Those that did have been either killed or ostracized by their own political leaders. This nonsense has to stop if we are to put a stop to the Jihad Migration tact being followed by Islam today.

  1. Michael

    These so called polite socialists are now seeing the folly of their actions to accept huge numbers of these so called deprived individuals from these countries. For next you hear they will be telling all those white people to give up or die! And this half breed Muslim imposter president wants that for us here in America! I don’t own a gun, but I’ll be damned if I let a screaming Muslim dictate to me here in my country!

    1. Brady Harness

      Muslims are a PERVERTED thinking where every one that does not accept their way must be Removed/Eliminated/Killed Off !!!

    2. markenpet

      Never owned a firearm until ostupid took office, now I have a very small arsenal! That’s right, I’m extremely proud to be an American and cling to my Bible and guns!

      1. Michael

        AMEN! I got rid of my guns as I get to mad and would more than likely shoot an idiot trying to do something stupid to me! Now, I know that I can break a stupid man’s neck in about 2.5 seconds and I don’t waste ammo!

        1. markenpet

          I’m too damn old to fight any more but my aim is still true. I just don’t care any more and it doesn’t bother me to shoot someone who is threatening my family, friends or myself.

        2. Howleyesque

          I can gut them with my combat knife too… IF the situation permits… BUT I’d REALLY PREFER NOT to have had my RIGHT to DECIDE taken from me by that big eared Kenyan phony!

        3. TruePatriotInTX

          Yeah, I too am trained in Martial Arts. I do not understand why the current generation has no desire to learn. It saddens me to see no one actually standing up for themselves or others when these jihadists attack, with nothing more than a knife no-less. A gun is a different situation, but a knife can be taken away in a matter of seconds and used on the fool holding it.

    3. WVF

      Michael, I appreciate your ire, but we’ve been living under the rule of a depraved Islamic Muslim dictator for eight long years!

      1. Michael

        Yes, that is true, but hopefully a new DOJ and Attrorney General with internal fortitude will investigate his real birth place and when found that he was born in Kenya they will strip him of all his money, because it was gained under fraudulent pretenses. Along with his man wife! And she too would go to jail, or be deported to the country of her choice and stripped of his citizenship! Oh, and they would have to pay back all the money that would then be considered stolen by fraud!

        1. TruePatriotInTX

          Nice pipe-dream, but no one will take it that far. We will just all know the truth and it will go down in history that he was the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. I thank God that we have survived 8 yrs of his destruction.

    4. Chuck Lynch

      When they are able to grow food, establish technical industries and produce world class weapons we may have to pay attention to them, until then they are worse than Barry’s JV.

      1. Michael

        Agreed that they live off of other people’s technical knowledge and always wanting help in some form. I say send them all back and tell them to use their strength of numbers to take back their country so they can live under all the BS Islam teachings they want, but get the hell out of our countries because we are not going to tolerate their Shari law…

    1. mathis1689

      Actually, I understand that they’re very good at mounting camels-just not in the sense that you meant it!

        1. mathis1689

          I’d be willing to bet a very serious chunk of folding money that PETA has never even thought about charging them with animal cruelty either!

          1. Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

            It’s neither. It’s simply sexually educating their pets. “Allah say do it like dis my barnyard friend!”

          2. Bobbynshepard

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          3. mathis1689

            As far as I’m concerned, for any person or animal to have to be within 50′ of a Muslim constitutes extreme cruelty!

          4. mathis1689

            Nah. If you have to shoot one then 50 miles is kind of far! 50′ and just about anybody can hit them.

          5. mathis1689

            Never did like to waste ammo so I figure that the closer they are the more likely I am to hit them!

  2. Brady Harness

    There 3 steps to an ISIS/Muslim take over:
    1. Move in and be Happy and Friendly
    2. Start Introducing Islam
    3. If the natives don’t convert KILL them off!!!

    Think this is wrong just look up the three(3) steps of a Muslim take over?
    It’s easy enough to see for yourself.

    1. Howleyesque

      Yep a self contained “doctrine of manifest destiny” BUT, like those first Native American tribes, the gullible children of the left REFUSE to see it! The Native Americans at least had the excuse that THEY had NO WAY of knowing better!

  3. markenpet

    “Islamophobic” is one of those words kind of like “racist”, used so much that it is an irrelevant word. I’m islamophobic or a racist because I want to protect myself from an occult (and lets face it “it is what it is”) that wants to kill me, either because I’m white or a Christian. I just don’t care anymore! Yes, I am a racist against black racists!

  4. HDMania

    The reason why these chumps scream racism and other empty words which dont mean anything is because the muzzies dont live inside their gated guarded communities or in their neighborhoods..religions that hate and wanna kill people who dont convert isnt gonna be accepted by the rest of the world..if they dont comform to western ways or disreguard what the Koran says about infidels then they have to go..

  5. RollsRoyce

    Just like the Democrats, the minority should run the country! Come on people , when did it become rational to be governed by the few?

    1. TruePatriotInTX

      Unfortunately, they are part & parcel of God’s long term plan and will be used to bring about the end of the world as we know it. We don’t know exactly when, but the evil forces around the world have been building for decades and will all come up against tiny Israel in the final battle before God himself steps in and changes everything.

  6. WVF

    The Brits had better square these diaper-heads away and throw them out of England. That has been the plan of these uncivilized savages from the beginning. Get them out!

  7. great_grandma

    The Muslims demand that their host nation conforms to their beliefs. They do this in every nation that accepts them. This shows their arrogance.
    Remember it was arrogance that got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven.

    The Pharisees were arrogant. Jesus said to them, “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires….”

  8. Dianne

    This is exactly why political correctness is so dangerous people hide from truths. When a nation allows any group power to change their beliefs is very dangerous. This is what political correctness does it’s like being an enabler. Britain was gracious enough to welcome these people in to their country they need to learn and live by the land of their laws or return to their country. It is their responsibility to assimilate to Britains way of life. Britain is in danger of losing their identity as a country by allowing this group of people to dictate their agenda time to stand up for yourselves as a country and say this is our country our laws our way of life and we draw our lines in the sand stay or go the choice is yours enough is enough. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Political correctness is a killer …

    1. Chuck Lynch

      I’m sorry the only way they will vacate is by doing to them what Chuck M. did to them at Tours/Poitiers. He kicked their butts with his northern European army of bearskin clad infantry that was like a block of ice that couldn’t be broken. By the way those are the words of the Arab chronicler who survived the battle and was able to safely flee!!

      1. Dianne

        They have a choice they don’t have to leave but they have to live by the country’s laws. We live with rules our whole life we start al a young age . As a child we have rules so we can get along and play Nice with others . We go to school and teachers have rules to keep us safe and teach us respect for others. When we go to other people or other family members homes they have their own rules every house does . When we go to other countries when traveling we obey their rules and laws. It comes down to respect for others and countries but too have this we need to express honestly without all the political correctness so everyone is clear what the rules and laws are.

  9. REK

    Brittain is already doomed they lost their balls years ago, muslims will dominate and their liberal government will oppress the conservative nationals game over

  10. Howleyesque

    And THIS is the VERY REASON WHY Moslem immigration HERE MUST be brought to halt! Their NEXT DEMAND will be for? Sharia law to supercede all EXISTING laws!

      1. Howleyesque

        First.. I’m NOT your son. NEXT, this too is curable now that the Kenyan phony is being outed. We need only pass a law at the state OR BETTER YET FEDERAL level making it ILLEGAL to utilize sharia law FOR ANYTHING in the US!

  11. yennikcm

    Hijrah….now Brits are living Dhimmitude….along with France, Germany, Italy, Sweden……who, still, doesnt believe what the Koranderthals intentions are????

  12. Niko

    First you kill that filthy bitch muslimina, then you go in with force and clear every muslime ghetto and turn it into ashes. Until Christians do this everywhere and anywhere muslimes are, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. To protect Christianity from these savages, yes they are all savages it is time to turn to the Armor of God.

  13. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Hey Britain, Are you telling me you didn’t see this coming? Time for a massive exodus back to the sand dunes. Mount your camels diaper heads.

  14. Robert Nielsen

    Small wonder since England mistakenly allowed too many subversive jihadists from the nefarious troubling areas into their country by immigration. Communities there have now been overrun by these people and brazenly contend that England’s citizens should now kowtow to them? I say “bah” and send them back to their native lands!

  15. Bob Stewart

    They will attempt to do the same thing here. There are already enclaves set up observing sharia law. We had better stop it now.

  16. Lisa Millar

    This being nice to the muslims is going to backfire in their face. It has already deteriated the country and has created violence and chaos. When are the Brits going to realize that. You tried to help people out and all they do is take advantage of it. The muslims multiply like insects, with a family rate of 8.1 each. In 2 generations, they will be the majority and they will have no respect or concern about the Brits that helped them. They are already making demands to change things to their way of life which is backward. They are so dumb these muslims for doing so. They left a country that was in turmoil and now they want to make the European countries into the type they left. STUPID muslims and Stupid Europeans who can’t see what is happening and not doing anything about it before its too late. That would have happened here if hillary was elected as she wanted to let thousands of more ragheads and bats into this country.

  17. TruePatriotInTX

    It’s pretty amazing that they always want to try to recreate the hell-hole they came from in their host country, rather than assimilate into a new society. My advice is, if you like Suckistan, then go back to it. If the people of the UK accept this, they are diluting the true Anglo-Saxon race that once dominated the world.