How Donald Trump Reached Millions Unlike Anyone Else

One of the major successes of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign was his ability to cut around a dying corporate media industry to speak directly to voters.

There may be no better way to tell the story of Trump’s success than to pull up the hood on his social media operation and look at the raw analytics.

Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino, who is now running social media operations for the presidential transition team, provided Breitbart News with the core statistics on the Trump team’s massive social media reach.

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  1. janniefay

    Trump won because he had his hand on the pulse of the American people. The people who have been lied to, told how things will change. Eight years of lies and change. Vets living in the streets and money going to other country’s, while we are broke, no jobs, no food, Syrian refugees demanding homes while we have many homeless people. And they just keep coming. We the people are demanding change now.

  2. Kinch

    Like to ship Pinocchiobama and his fellow unwanted aliens and muslims back where they came from off the welfare rolls.