Democrats Created Trump

Well before Donald Trump declared he was running—to the amusement of the liberal media and Washington establishment, who didn’t stop laughing until Nov. 8—and long before Hillary Clinton dismissed half of Trump’s supporters as “deplorables,” the right had gotten used to being looked down upon by liberals. The general attitude of the left was: Disagree with us? You’re probably racist, xenophobic, sexist, bigoted or all of the above. Indeed, for many liberal Americans, these prejudices have come to be seen as inseparable from identity of the Republican Party itself. And when the GOP went all-out Trump, it only confirmed to many liberals that their ideological opponents were no longer worthy of respect.

The attitude extended way beyond election politics. Over the last few years at universities across America, for example, liberal students effectively banned Republicans from delivering commencement speeches by protesting speakers like Karl Rove, Rand Paul and Condoleezza Rice, forcing them to withdraw.


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  1. Roy Fredrichsen

    With Hillary threatening to destroy the Constitution, particularly the Second Amendment ,she created fertile ground for Donald Trump to emerge as her worthy opponent and as the American people were “fed up” with O’Bummer and company, and saw Clinton as a continuation of the same, Trump emerged the winner in spite of all the free press Hillary was getting.