Assange: “Clinton And ISIS Funded By Same Source”

Julian Assange sat down with John Pilger of Dartmouth Films, and that entire interview will be on Saturday night. They have been releasing a few clips of the interview to drum up interests, and we wanted to share that with you.

In one part of the interview, Pilger asked Assange if he were trying to help Trump win the presidency. I am not sure whether or not his answer was edited but what’s in the video seemed as if he didn’t address it directly responding with “Trump won’t be permitted to win.” Assange also said how Clinton and ISIS were funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and that long pause behind that was a sick one.

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  1. Harold Horwich

    nazi germany from 1933 to1945 elected a dictator adolf hitler. Eight years ago the democrat/communist/nazi party elected a dictator obama/hillary to rule over the once free American people. Now the once free American people are asked to install a democrat/communist/nazi to continue the destruction of obama’s empire. That’s you once free American?. Go ahead shoot your self in the foot. NO CAPITALS tough they don’t deserve to be capitalized