Woman President, Yes. Just Not Hillary

Women by all accounts will decide the national election on Nov. 8, 2016. Their vote will affect America for at least a lifetime.

Will they vote with their minds or will they vote with their emotions.

What do women want?

Do they want the first woman president, an advocate of unlimited abortion, an endorser of Obamacare, a promoter of free college/university tuition, a booster of open borders, a restrictor of gun ownership, and an admirer and supporter of Saul Alinsky’s socialism for America?

Hillary Clinton should be the first woman president which many women think, and therefore this thought overrides her national security mistakes, her personal and professional dishonesty, and her un-trustworthiness.

These women vote purely with emotion.

Some women believe only in unbridled social issues such as abortion anytime, at any cost, and without question and they believe in a completely permissive society with no moral and social limits — an emotional call.

Some women opt for Obamacare regardless of the costs that result in reduced medical service and higher taxes. To these women such costs are to be accepted—an emotional call.

Some women feel all education must be free so all people. Citizen or not, everyone has a right to a free college/university education qualified or not. The costs for this entitlement must be accepted — an emotional call.

Some women believe the siren song that George Soros, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton sing that “open borders” reduces America’s cultural, heritage, sovereignty, and exceptionalism and will make America humble, non-threatening, and subservient to a new world order — an emotional call.

Some women believe guns have no place in everyday America. They believe that citizens with guns are a danger but guns are part of a criminal’s mystic.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution needs to be changed — an emotional call.

Some women advance a socialist government with government control of every person’s life, except the lives of those in power like the Clintons, George Soros, and the money oligarchy, an American version of “Animal Farm.”

Americans do not know what is good for them — an emotional call.

However many American women believe voting emotionally is a poor decision.

Voting for president the citizen should weigh the candidate’s position of national security, national sovereignty, and national well-being, not the candidate’s desire for power or personal financial gain.

Voting for president the citizen should weigh the candidate’s concern with life from womb to natural death and common moral values.

Voting for president the citizen should weight the candidate’s opinion on the validity and costs of Obamacare. Obamacare was a fraud as it does not let every citizen keep his or her own doctor and there will be yearly rate increases and increases of deductibles with these costs on actual taxpayers.

Voting for president the citizen should weigh the costs to each taxpayer of free college/university tuition and the actual benefits.

Voting for president the citizen should weigh the national security against the health, educational, entitlement, environmental costs of open borders for millions of people freely entering the country with no background checks, no employment prospects, and no health examinations.

America has seen recently the aftermath of quick vetting of people applying for citizenship or entering the country legally — Islamic jihadists bombing and killing American citizens — Boston and San Bernardino to name two sites.

Voting for president the citizen should weigh the loss of the Constitutional right of citizens to own guns. Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the nation if not the world. The criminal shootings in Chicago from Jan. 1, 2016 to Oct. 25, 2016 — 623 murders and 3584 woundings and the shooters go unpunished.

Many shooters are illegal aliens.

Voting for president the citizen should weigh the candidate’s position on socialism and communism. Clinton was one of 30 co-sponsors of the Global Poverty Act of 2007 introduced in the Senate by then Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., to make America pay to end world poverty.

The Act never became law as it died in the Democrat-controlled Senate because the Republicans stopped it. Americans thought the bill too socialistic, even though the Democrat-controlled House voted for it.

Women have a unique nature, individuality, and destiny.

Women know they are not mere atoms in a mechanical structure existing in a nihilist nation-state. Women know that lack of a moral code, the dissing of the Constitution, the failure to control our borders, and a lack of common sense leads to national ruin.


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source: http://www.newsmax.com/JamesWalsh/obama-obamacare-vote-women/2016/10/28/id/755785/

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