This Clinton Crony Caught Donating Big Money to Influence FBI Investigation

The corruption linked to Hillary Clinton and our federal government seems to get worse every passing week. This latest story reveals big money that affected the FBI investigation into use of her private email server.

Here’s the dirty money story from the Wall Street Journal and Conservative Tribune:

“Campaign finance documents uncovered by The Wall Street Journal indicate that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat with close ties to the Clinton family, gave or directed over $675,000 to the campaign of the wife of the FBI official who would oversee Hillary Clinton’s email case.

“The revelations have sparked controversy, with many pundits saying that the massive donations could constitute a conflict of interest – or even a bribe.

“According to the Wall Street Journal report, McAuliffe’s political action committe, Common Good VA, donated $467,500 to the state Senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, wife of Andrew McCabe. McCabe would later become deputy director of the FBI and have significant oversight in the Clinton email case.

“The Virginia Democratic Party then gave $207,788 to Jill McCabe. ¬†While that may seem unrelated, the Wall Street Journal pointed out – in what may be the understatement of the new century – that ‘Mr. McAuliffe exerts considerable control’ over the Virginia Democrat Party. In fact, the state party operates as a de facto arm of McAuliffe, Inc. – and therefore, by extension, an arm of the Clinton machine.”

You know the old saying: If it looks, walks and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. If it looks, smells and feels like a bribe, it’s probably a bribe. This is business as usual for Team Clinton, exchanging big bucks for political – and in this case – legal favors.

How many other campaigns and federal government offices do you think have been influence by Bill or Hillary Clinton?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


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