McMullin: ‘We’re building a new conservative movement’

SALT LAKE CITY — Evan McMullin, hoping to keep Donald Trump from the White House by winning staunchly conservative Utah, framed his campaign more as a revolt against the Republican Party than its nominee.

McMullin discussed his long-shot independent presidential bid on Wednesday during an interview with “Examining Politics,” the weekly Washington Examiner podcast.

In the interview, the Republican former Capitol Hill aide and CIA operative said the GOP and the conservative movement has gone astray. McMullin said the party has abandoned core principles and become hostile to non-white voters.

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  1. US Patriot

    The Never Trumpers are loser washed up Globalists! Never Trumpers may leave this country at any time. We do not need traitors in our Government! Never Trumpers have now been exposed! The curtain has been pulled away! No more hiding behind your lies!

    Trump will successfully end the eras of the Clinton and Bush crime machine!

  2. leslie_paul76


  3. Linda

    Go Trump. A big reason Mitt Romney did not win the presidency was because he
    Is a Mormon. This man is the same. People are afraid of Mormons because they really believe some weird things and their practices are very different. I’m not saying they are not good people but just beware. I would feel much better if this movement was headed up be a Christian.

  4. MARYANN33

    You are playing right into the hand of Crooked Romney who is terrified on what will come out about him in a Trump Presidency.

  5. MARYANN33

    Your are building a platform for Crooked Romney to save face about all his crimes. Stop it now.