Hillary’s VP Shows Up At Rally, Sees Bad News For Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s campaign got some bad news from a recent rally in a key battleground state.

Here’s the low-turnout report from Western Journalism:

“On Monday, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine held a rally in West Palm Beach, Fla. before an audience of less than 100 people, including journalists and operatives.

“Looking weary, Kaine still summoned enthusiasm and took shots at the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. He also pointed out Florida’s importance in this year’s election.

“‘You really are a checkmate state,’ he told the sparse crowd. ‘That’s more than a battleground state. … If we win for Hillary here, it’s over. She’s going to be president.’

“Kaine denounced Trump’s comments on immigrants and women, also criticizing Trump’s claims of a ‘rigged’ election system. He confidently told the crowd he has won all of his eight elections and plans to win his ninth.

“‘You can beat me at Scrabble… You can beat me in Trivial Pursuit. You are not going to beat me in an election.'”

For our nation’s sake, we pray that Mr. Kaine is wrong in a big way come November 8th. Given the dismal turnout for this Team Hillary event – compared to Trump rallies in the Sunshine State – it appears that Trump’s chances look good.

Do you think this massive enthusiasm gap between the Clinton and Trump campaigns signals a win for The Donald?

Give us your take in the comments section below.



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