Travel Records Show This Democrat Didn’t Spend Any Time at His “Home”

A Midwest Democratic Senator claimed that a condo in his home state’s capital was his home during his last term that ended in 2010. However, a copy of his schedule showed something totally different.

Here’s the report from the Conservative Tribune:

“Democrat Evan Bayh claimed that his condo in Indianapolis has long been his home, and that he spent ‘lots and lots’ of time there since he decided to run again for his old Senate seat.

“However, the Associated Press got a copy of his schedule and it proves one very important thing … he was lying.

“In 2010, during his last year in office, Bayh reportedly didn’t stay overnight at his condo in Indianapolis once throughout the whole year. In fact, he apparently took taxpayer money, campaign funds or ‘personal financial donations’ so that he could stay in Indianapolis hotels when he would come back into town from Washington, D.C.

“Bayh was supposed to be representing Indiana in Washington, but he had a hard time calling it home … probably because he never considered it his home in the first place. During an interview with WLFI-TV in August, he tried to put the question to bed, but wound up stating the wrong address of this condo that he supposedly spent to much time at, even though it was clearly printed on his driver’s license.

“This didn’t stop him from claiming last week that, he will ‘always be a Hoosier. We own our condominium. Period. From time to time I would stay someplace else, but our condo has always been our home.'”

Bayh’s schedule was sent to the AP by an anonymous source. This is relevant because Bayh is running for his old Indiana Senate seat, and is trying to sell voters on the idea that he’s ‘one of them’ (although it’s obvious he’s not). Bayh is just another Beltway politician who misses the influence and perks of being a Senator.

Why do you think the former Senator made this claim, even though he knew it wasn’t true?

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