Leaked Emails Reveal Hillary Hates This Phrase (That Probably Describes You)

Recently leaked emails from Wikileaks, hacked from the account of campaign chairman John Podesta, reveal that Hillary Clinton thinks she’s much better than the average American.

Here’s the arrogant and ‘let them eat cake’ report from the Daily Caller:

“Newly leaded emails reveal that Hillary Clinton really hates the phrase ‘everyday Americans.’

“The emails, hacked from the campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account and published by Wikileaks Tuesday, reveal an exchange between him and Jen Palmieri – the Clinton campaign’s director of communications – where the two struggled to decide how the phrase should be used in a speech Clinton gave in New Hampshire in April 2015.

‘I think this looks good, but thought we were going to take one of the small biz policy ideas – like access to credit – highlight that in her remarks?’ Palmieri wrote after another staffer emailed out the speech they had written for Clinton.

“”I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion,’ Podesta replied.

“‘Truth,’ Palmieri replied.

“But Clinton has used the phrase regularly on the campaign trail since the exchange between Podesta and Palmieri. It was in her presidential campaign launch video, she has tweeted the phrase and written it in emails to voters.”

This confirms our suspicions that Hillary may not have a spontaneous, non-scripted bone in her body. She has no problem saying one thing publicly, although she may not believe it privately or sincerely. Hillary is truly the prototypical politician who will say anything to get elected. And because of her decades in elected or appointed office, she can’t relate with average Americans like you and me. In fact, she’s probably more like Marie Antoinette – a symbol of the excesses of the French government back in the 1700s.


Do you believe that Hillary Clinton truly hates average, everyday Americans like you and me who aren’t at her income or status level?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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