GOP Trump-Hater Melts Down After 3rd Debate – Furious Then “Practically Crying”

Poor Bill Kristol. He just can’t stand that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president, no matter how hard he’s tried. This Never-Trumper melted down on TV right after the 3rd debate in Las Vegas (which Trump easily won).

Here’s the report from MSNBC and the Conservative Tribune:

“Following Wednesday night’s final presidential debate, Kristol joined the gang at MSNBC’s Morning Joe to analyze what had been said, and it didn’t take long for fireworks to erupt in the studio.

“Kristol harped on Trump’s refusal to blindly declare ahead of time that he would accept the results of the election without reservation and seemingly declared his entire candidacy to be ‘a fluke’ that should be ignored and forgotten as quickly as possible.

“Both Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough pushed back on the assertion that Trump was a fluke, n oting that he had beaten all of the other 16 candidates and received the nomination the same way every other GOP presidential nominee had, but Kristol would not be deterred.

“Becoming increasingly more agitated, Kristol proceeded to accuse the hosts of finding it funny that there was so much angst on the Republican side, going even further to accuse them of essentially being soft on Trump throughout the primaries in order to help what he viewed as an obviously weak candidate who would lose to the Democrats.

Scarborough wasn’t having it though, running through a litany of examples where he had been tough on Trump, eventually saying Kristol was simply ‘bitter’ about Trump’s success and ‘practically crying’ at the mere thought of Trump being the actual GOP nominee.”

Scarborough was spot on in his assessment of Kristol’s criticism of Trump. He’s upset that Trump won the nomination and didn’t need Bill Kristol – or any other GOP insider’s – assistance to win. It’s another example of insider ‘sour grapes’ about Trump’s unorthodox and successful campaign.

What do you think about Bill Kristol’s remarks trying to cut down The Donald?

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