Conservative Activist Promises Bombshell Video Exposing Hillary and Democrats – Dead or Alive

The conservative activist who exposed Democratic activists rigging elections has warned an even more damaging video will come out soon. And this one will specifically target Hillary Clinton and DNC Chair Donna Brazile.

Here’s the report from Western Journalism:

“Activist James O’Keefe has a warning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee Chairman Donna Brazile.

“The man whose undercover videos detailing dirty tricks – activities those on the videos insist were bought and paid for the Clinton campaign and the DNC – is going to be back next week, with a vengeance.

“O’Keefe implied Friday that his high-profile videos were endangering his life, but said the truth would emerge regardless.

“Brazile came in for special mention.

“Trump himself mentioned the video Saturday to buttress his claim that the election is ‘rigged.'”

“In one of the videos, staff members of the group who have since resigned their jobs claimed they planned and executed a scheme to cause disruptions at rallies held by Trump.

“Staff members claimed they were the lead organizers of a violent protest that forced the cancellation of a Donald Trump rally in Chicago. One leader, Scott Foval, claimed a woman who alleged she was punched by a Trump supporter last month was one of the group’s activists.

“A second video released by Project Veritas Action showed a group of staff members talking about how to get around laws regarding voter fraud without the authorities being any wiser.”

Just when you think the Clinton campaign and the Democrats can’t be any more corrupt, new evidence shows this could be the most corrupt politician in American history. We wonder how long they’ll be able to get away with this before they face the consequences of their actions.

Will these videos be enough proof to torpedo Hillary’s campaign in November?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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