Clinton Author Reveals Hillary’s Health Worse Than Previously Thought

An investigative author who’s written several books exposing the Clintons’ sins revealed that Hillary’s health problems are worse than her campaign has publicly let on.

Here’s the story from the Conservative Tribune:

“Investigative author Ed Klein, who has already written several books exposing Bill and Hillary Clinton, recently appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ to promote his latest expose, entitled ‘Guilty as Sin.’

“While on the program, Klein revealed a few choice tidbits regarding Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health issues… [he] made it clear that they were far worse than Clinton’s campaign has let on publicly, including that she suffered from heart problems and was prone to potentially fatal blood clots.

“‘If she faints because of her low blood pressure and hits her head, she could get a blood clot that could be fatal,’ Klein stated. He also floated the idea that President Barack Obama never wanted Clinton to be the nominee of the Democrat party, owing to his apparently deep-running feud with former President Bill Clinton.

“To be sure, the allegations put forward by Klein have yet to be confirmed, but they do tend to line up with at least some of the leaks and rumors that have been floating around for some time.”

Hillary’s “Bobblehead” incident with her bizarre head movements triggered because of crowds of reporters and/or bright lights is one confirmation. Hillary’s worse-than-advertised health is another reason she should not be our next president.

How bad do you think Hillary’s health really is, and what kind of medications is she being prescribed to keep her going on the campaign trail?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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