Hillary says she won’t add “one penny” to the debt—who’s she kidding?

Hillary Clinton said Wednesday night, “I don’t add a penny to the national debt.”

Of the many outrageous things said in the final presidential debate, this might have lacked sensationalism, but it was still probably the most astounding line of the night.

Did Hillary even believe these words as they came out of her mouth? A quick AP fact check showed her statement to be false.

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But even without running the numbers—simply recalling most politicians’ records on what they say vs. what they actually do concerning budgets or anything else—let’s remember similar recent presidential boasts.

In 2001, President Bush promised to pay off the entire debt in a decade. “We owe it to our children and our grandchildren to act now, and I hope you will join me to pay down $2 trillion in debt during the next 10 years,” Bushdeclared in his first inaugural address.

When President Bush left office, our national debt was more than $10 trillion.

Barack Obama used to promise he would cut the deficit in half. He did.

But he has also added $8 trillion to our national debt. When Obama was elected, George W. Bush’s $10 trillion was the largest national debt in American history. Now that honor belongs to Obama, who currently maintains an $18 trillion, dwarfing Bush’s record by almost half.

 So how was President Obama able to promise to reduce the deficit—and for a time, keep it—but still astronomically jack up the debt?

Shell games. PolitiFact explains Obama’s deceiving deficit-halving claims:


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source: http://rare.us/story/hillary-says-she-wont-add-one-penny-to-the-debt-who-does-she-think-shes-kidding/

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