Another Celebrity Pays the Price For Supporting Trump

Yet another celebrity has been punished on social media for daring to criticize Queen Hillary. Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams got “shadow-banned” on Twitter for daring to compare how “dangerous” Donald Trump was compared to Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the politically incorrect report from Zero Hedge:

“… last week saw the ‘shadowbanning’ of thoughtful – non-violent – twitter-er Scott Adams – the creator of the Dilbert cartoon character.

“Following a blog post daring to discuss how ‘dangerous’ Donald Trump was compared to Hillary Clinton… (excerpt below)

“… the alleged risks of each candidate so you can see how they compare on the ‘scariness’ dimension.

“Alleged Clinton Risks
1. Dementia risk (because of age)
2. Low energy (maybe can’t perform the job)
3. Temperament (alleged to yell and throw things)
4. Might allow more terrorists into country via immigration
5. Influenced by lobbyists to start wars (Eisenhower warned of this)
6. Drinks alcohol (we don’t know how much or how often)
7. General brain health is questionable latelyl
8. Adversaries won’t know who she serves or how she will react.
“Alleged Trump Risks
1. Dementia risk (because of age)
2. Trump is ‘literally Hitler’ (This risk is cognitive dissonance, not real)
3. Con man (Sure, but we’ll be watching him closely)
4. Temperament (responds proportionately every time)
5. Race riots (Clinton’s side created this risk by framing Trump as a racist)
6. Inexperience (But Trump routinely succeeds where he has no experience)
“If you think Trump is risky because of his ‘temperament’ or because he is ‘literally Hitler’ you are experiencing cognitive dissonance caused by Clinton’s persuasion game. I mean that literally. And remember that I’m a trained hypnotist. That doesn’t mean I’m always right, but it does mean I’m trained to spot cognitive dissonance and you probably aren’t. 

“I don’t think any of us is smart enough to evaluate the relative risk of either candidate. And that’s my point. If you think Trump is the dangerous one, that isn’t supported by his history, his patterns, or the facts. It is literally an illusion created by his opponents.” 

This story is both scary yet encouraging. The United States is going the same route the Soviet Union did by controlling the media and suppressing unpopular viewpoints. However, it’s also encouraging, because if Hillary Clinton has to resort to getting a popular blogger “shadow-banned” on Twitter, this means she doesn’t feel very confident about her chances to win the November election.

Do you think this “shadowbanning” of Scott Adams is a good sign for Trump’s chances to become next president? And do you think Hillary had something to do with this social media punishment?

You know the drill – give us your take in the comments section below.

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