Hillary Jumps The Shark With This Latest Attack Against Trump

In the 70s TV series Happy Days, the character Arthur Fonzarelli (Fonzie) jumped over a pool of sharks on water skis. It was a goofy story in order to boost the show’s sagging ratings in its 3rd season. That’s where the phrase “jump the shark” comes from, and it’s used to describe a desperate act by someone in order to attract attention.

Things must be pretty grim in the Clinton camp, because Hillary just made an incredible statement about Donald Trump that definitely “jumps the shark.”

Here are the too-crazy-to-believe details from the Washington Times and Newsmax:

“Hillary Clinton on Monday assailed Republican Donald Trump as a tax cheat, lumping the billionaire in with embattled mega-bank Wells Fargo and casting both as part of a ‘rigged system’ that’s crushing the middle class and exploiting consumers.

“Mrs. Clinton’s speech came just a day after the New York Times revealed Mr. Trump may have avoided paying any federal income taxes for nearly two decades after declaring a $918 million loss in the mid-1990s. While there’s no direct connection between Mr. Trump’s taxes and the actions of Wells Fargo, Mrs. Clinton linked the two, saying they’re both clear examples of the rich and powerful taking advantage of everyone else.

‘It is outrageous that eight years after a cowboy culture on Wall Street wrecked our economy, we are still seeing powerful bankers playing fast and loose with the law,‘ she said of Wells Fargo, before turning her attention to Mr. Trump.

‘And then in a category by himself there’s Donald Trump,’ she continued. ‘It doesn’t look like he paid a dime of federal income tax in two decades … Trump represents the same rigged system he claims he’s going to change. The whole story tells us everything we need to know about how Trump does business.'”

While Hillary is correct saying that we have a ‘rigged system’ in politics and banking, how can anyone with functioning brain cells believe that she wasn’t part of it? The tax return that was leaked was for the 1995 tax year, when she was First Lady and Bill was president. Its hard to believe they didn’t have some input into the content of the tax code.

Hillary has been in the public sector for over 30 years, and Trump has always been a private sector businessman. It’s beyond just a stretch that Hillary Clinton is trying to paint herself as the outsider, and Trump as the insider who helped create the rigged system.

And since Trump was never indicted for this tax return, the losses he claimed were 100% legal according to the IRS Treasury Code. If Hillary is drudging up 20-year-old tax returns, then she must be pretty desperate to attack Trump this way. This tells us that the public polls showing her slightly ahead, behind or even with Donald Trump cannot be accurate. Hillary Clinton hasn’t just “jumped the shark” with this latest stunt – she’s jumped the lake.

If the public polls aren’t accurate, by how many percentage points do you think Hillary trails Trump? And was this attack scraping the bottom of the political barrel… even for Hillary?

You know the drill – give us your takes in the comments section below.

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