Trey Cowdy Proves This To James Comey in Congressional Hearing

With the investigation of Hillary Clinton on her private e-mail server, FBI Director James Comey said that intent to commit a crime would be necessary to recommend prosecution.

Representative Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor, believes that intent can be proven because of recent events.

Here’s the legal eagle report from Western Journalism:

“‘What would she have had to do to warrant your recommendation for prosecution?’ Gowdy asked FBI Director James Comey during a House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday.

“On Wednesday, he replied to Gowdy that he would have had to be able to proven Clinton knew what she did was wrong when she did it.

“The congressman made it clear he believed intent had been demonstrated.

“‘… you have to prove it by circumstantial evidence such as whether or not the person intended to set up an e-mail system outside the State Department, such as whether or not the person knew or should have known that his or her job involved handling classified information, whether or not the person was truthful about the use of multiple devices, whether or not the person knew that a frequent e-mailer to her had been hacked, and whether she took any remedial steps after being put on notice that your e-mail or someone who’s been e-mailing with you prolifically had been hacked, and whether or not – and I think you would agree with this, Director – false exculpatory statements are gold in a courtroom. I would rather have a false exculpatory statement than a confession.

“‘I would rather have someone lie about something and it be provable that that is a lie, such as that I neither sent nor received classified information. Such as that I turned over all of my work related e-mails. All of that to me goes to the issue of intent,‘ Gowdy said.”

Trey Gowdy makes a very compelling case that intent to commit a crime had clearly been demonstrated. We realize that this probably won’t make James Comey change his mind. However, it’s refreshing to know that at someone in the Beltway still cares about truth and justice applying equally to all Americans.

Do you think that the James Comey and the FBI’s reputation have taken a hit during these investigations?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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