Ohio Congressman Gets James Comey To Admit This About Hillary Email Cover-Up

We all know that Hillary Clinton lied about her emails for a year. Even James Comey knows that.

But check out what happened when Congressman Jim Jordan got Director Comey to admit about the cover-up of the scandal.

Here’s the report from Political Insiders and the Young Conservatives:

“During testimony before the House Oversight Committee, FBI Director James Comey shockingly admitted to the cover up the rest of America knew was there all along –  Hillary had people deleting her emails despite Congress demanding they be turned over.

“Combetta not only deleted the emails, but upon being busted for seeking advice online, began deleting those posts on Reddit. You can watch video of him deleting the Reddit posts here.

“Jordan asserted that Combetta was clearly ‘trying to cover up the cover up.’

“In discussing that cover up, Jordan first gets Director Comey to admit that the ‘Very VIP’ in question is in fact Hillary Clinton. 

Director Comey, is it likely… that person is Secretary Clinton?‘ Jordan asked.

“‘Yes, sure,‘ Comey responded. 

“Comey then made this startling admission – ‘There is no doubt that Combetta was involved in deleting emails.’

We’re not lawyers – and don’t play one on the Internet – but if there is ‘no doubt’ that Combetta was involved in deleting emails, how in the heck did the FBI not bring an indictment in this case?

This exchange shows just how deep the corruption runs inside the Beltway. And it’ll take more than one election cycle to restore a fraction of integrity in the system – if that’s still possible in this late stage of the American empire.

Why do you think that James Comey decided not to indict anyone in the case of Hillary’s private e-mail server? Was it because of an incentive (or a threat) from the Clintons, or would it have exposed and brought down too many important people in Washington D.C.?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


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