Media Silent On What Happened At Hillary’s Latest Rally

Here’s another example of the massive enthusiasm gap between the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigns – and why the media won’t report attendance figures (accurately) for either side.

The Conservative Tribune and the Gateway Pundit reveal the figures that the liberal media won’t in this latest report:

“When it comes to excitement, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been chugging along like an ’86 Ford Tempo.

“Meanwhile, Republican rival Donald Trump has been seeing epic turnouts at his rallies, especially in swing states.

“Take Melbourne, Florida, where Donald Trump managed to draw 15,000 people this week in what was arguably the most important of the swing states in the 2016 election cycle.

“Hilary Clinton, meanwhile, had a bit of a different reception in Iowa, where the Gateway Pundit reported that she had 600 people show up for a rally in the state’s largest city, Des Moines.

“And in Iowa, there were almost as many Trump supporters as there were Hillary acolytes.

“America is getting tired of this boring hypocrite, and it shows. Attendance is way down at Hillary Clinton events – when she even holds them – and nobody is terribly interested in what she has to say. And what does the media say about it? Crickets.”

This is another example of how the lame-stream media isn’t just biased – but totally in the tank – for the old Battle Ax. Liberal reporters know that if they accurately reported attendance figures at these rallies, Hillary would have virtually no chance to win the White House.

Given this massive difference in attendance, do you think the national polling numbers are accurate – or are they heavily skewed towards Team Hillary?

You know the drill – give us your take in the comments section below.

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