WHOA: Just-released transcripts CONFIRM Orlando shooter’s TRUE motive…

Following the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando back in June, the left and its media quickly circled through its cycle of denial. The attack was the worst mass public shooting on American soil — so guns became a target. Not only that, the shooting was carried out at a gay nightclub on the club’s Latin night, so another narrative quickly emerged that the attack was a hate crime.

The fact that shooter Omar Mateen had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State numerous times before the attack, and had a father with sympathies to the Taliban, made no difference. Such an attempt by the Obama administration and the media to switch the motive from jihad to anything else comically (if it weren’t so tragic) led to al-Qaida releasing a statement urging jihadists to “avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found,” because if sympathetic minorities get killed then, “the federal government will be the one taking full responsibility.”

Part of the “confusion” — willful or not — could have been alleviated months ago, had the FBI released the transcripts earlier. Well, though the FBI has been withholding it, we’ve now finally learned the true motive — and, here’s a shocker, it wasn’t as Obama and the media had suggested. As Omar Mateen himself stated, the massacre he carried out in Orlando was motivated by opposition to America’s war on ISIS.


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source: http://www.allenbwest.com/matt-palumbo/whoa-just-released-transcripts-confirm-orlando-shooters-true-motive

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