Four things Trump allies want him to do differently in next debate

Donald Trump’s performance in the first presidential debate has been met with mixed reviews by Republicans. Some have criticized the GOP nominee for not sufficiently preparing for the 90-minute event, causing him to deliver incoherent answers and unflattering soundbites. Others have said he satisfied their expectations, but could have prosecuted the case against Hillary Clinton more effectively.

Nonetheless, in conversations with Republican strategists who support Trump, some of whom played a role in his campaign, there seemed to be a broad consensus that the Manhattan real estate mogul can and should do better the next time he and Clinton meet on the debate stage.

Here’s the advice they offered their preferred candidate as he looks ahead to the second debate, which will follow a town-hall style format, in St. Louis, Mo. on Oct. 9:

1. Enter with a plan: In the second half of the debate, after Clinton took a hammer to Trump’s business record and accused him of concealing vital information by refusing to release his tax returns, the GOP nominee had a noticeably tougher time responding to questions in a clear and concise manner.


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