Parliament Members Call Hillary the “Butcher” of This Country

Three members of a north African nation’s parliament dropped another information bombshell on the former first lady. It appears that Hillary and Obama turned another Middle Eastern nation into another level of hell on earth (Warning: Some of the descriptions of these terrorist acts are graphic).

Here’s the damning report from World Net Daily:

“Three members of the Libyan parliament representing tribes that were brutally attacked by Islamic militia both during and after the coup that ousted Moammar Gadhafi charge Hillary Clinton is the ‘Butcher of Libya.’

“‘Libyans accuse that Hillary and her group are behind the terrorist groups in Libya,’ said Jaballah Al-Shibani of the now-homeless Tawergha tribe.

“He was joined on the call by Saleh Fhema of Moammar Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte and Hassan Zarga, a member of the Hassuni tribe in central Libya.

“’Hillary is behind all the terrorist groups controlling Libya,’ Shibani said. ‘Hillary is behind Ansar al-Sharia, behind the militia in Misurata who destroyed a great part of Libya and displaced 2 million people from their lands because they were accused of being loyal to Gadhafi.’

The lawmakers accused Clinton of international crimes, beginning with the failure of the State Department to intervene when Islamic militia allowed the tribes supporting Gadhafi to be dislodged from their traditional tribal homes. 

“They expressed horror that Clinton’s State Department allowed the Islamic militia after ousting Gadhafi to engage in genocidal violence that was particularly brutal against the various black African tribes that supported the Libyan dictator. 

The jihadists buried their victims in mass graves, raping thousands of women and imprisoning thousands more along with their children, the parliament members said. The imprisoned women were tortured and thousands of young girls were turned into sex slaves, they said.”

Just when we thought Hillary Clinton couldn’t be any more corrupt or depraved, another story like this turns up. It’s no wonder her presidential campaign is imploding, and a growing number of Americans don’t like, trust or respect the former Secretary of State.

Hillary and/or President Obama had to have benefited somehow by letting this kind of rampant violence and lawlessness go unchecked.

Do you think these jihadist acts were allowed to spread radical Islam throughout north Africa? Or did Hillary and Obama profit financially from this guerrilla Islamic warfare?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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