Billionaire Democrat Won’t Support Hillary

It looks like Hillary’s “green” agenda has backfired on her in a big way; at least with a major donor in a coal-producing state.

Here’s the report from Newsmax:

“A billionaire Democrat and coal mine owner who’s running for governor in West Virginia said Monday that he won’t support Hillary Clinton in her White House bid because of her environmental policies.

“In an interview Monday on MetroNews’s radio show ‘Talkline,’ Jim Justice declared the Democratic presidential nominee’s positions will hurt the coal industry.

‘I cannot be a supporter of Hillary Clinton,’ Justice said. ‘The reason I can’t be is her position on coal is diametrically, completely wrong in many, many different ways.’

“‘My reason that I ran for governor was not the presidential race, my reason I ran for governor is West Virginia and our people in West Virginia,’ Justice added.

“He did not say who he’d vote for president instead.

“Clinton triggered a firestorm of criticism across coal-dependent regions in May when she said that under her presidency, ‘we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,’ later explaining it was a ‘misstatement.’

But she has pledged to double down on President Barack Obama’s environmental policies, including regulations harmful to the coal industry like the Clean Power Plan, The Hill notes.”

This report is great news for conservatives and Republicans who want to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. It’s confirmed by recent polling that predicts Clinton will lose West Virginia by a significant margin to Donald Trump.

Besides West Virginia, how many states will Hillary’s anti-coal agenda cost her in November?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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