Ted Cruz Lost These Key Supporters After Convention Speech

Ted Cruz’s convention speech didn’t just turn off grass-roots voters, but also a couple of big-money donors.

Here’s the report from the New York Times and Breitbart:

“In an extraordinary public rebuke, two influential donors who were among the biggest supporters of Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign excoriated Mr. Cruz on Saturday for his decision not to endorse Donald J. Trump at the Republican National Convention.

“The remarks from Robert Mercer of Long Island and his daughter Rebekah Mercer suggest widening fallout over Mr. Cruz’s convention speech, in which he did not endorse his former rival and, instead, suggested that Republicans should ‘vote your conscience’ for candidates ‘up and down the ticket.’

Last summer and again this year, Senator Ted Cruz pledged to support the candidacy of the nominee of the Republican Party, whomever that nominee might be,’ the Mercers, who rarely comment in the news media, said in the statement to The New York Times. ‘We are profoundly disappointed that on Wednesday night he chose to disregard this pledge.’ 

The Democratic Party will soon choose as their nominee a candidate who would repeal both the First and Second Amendments of the Bill of Rights, a nominee who would remake the Supreme Court in her own image. We need ‘all hands on deck’ to ensure that Mr. Trump prevails.

Unfortunately, Senator Cruz has chosen to remain in his bunk below, a decision both regrettable and revealing.”

The Mercers invested at least $11 million in Keep the Promise I, one of a group of interlocked “super PACs” that supported Mr. Cruz in his presidential run. It looks like the Mercers are regretting this investment of money and goodwill.

Ted Cruz may have just committed political suicide on the RNC stage in Cleveland. He may not get re-elected to his Texas Senate seat in 2018, and probably has destroyed his chances for another presidential bid.

Do you think Ted Cruz was principled by telling convention-goers to “vote their conscience,” or did he commit political hari-kari?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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    1. Roxanne

      I agree however, he is still plotting for a run in 20/20. He recently went on a vacation to Mexico with his lovely wife Heidi and he brought along several advisers etc. As well as obsessing over charts, etc. for his course of action for the next election. There is no end to this man’s hubris?

    1. Timothy

      Democrats ruined America people of color are helping them … Hillary will keep running to ..democrats are scamming the people …

    1. Wayne Reimers

      Very True, Ted Is The Most Qualified Constitionalist Constitution Loving American, And Trump Was Totally Wrong For The Insults He Hurled At Him And His Wife And Father. .. …Why Dont People Tell The Truth?!?!?!?!?! Trump Shows Over And Over How Immature He Is! !! !!! HE’S LIKE A 5th GRADER ON THE PLAYGROUND AT RECESS, CALLING EVERYBODY NAMES, JUST LIKE A BIG BULLY, (AND WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO HANDLE A BULLY?!?!?!?!. .. …IF I WERE TED CRUZ AND WAS STAND ING IN FRONT OF TRUMP, WHY I’D PUNCH HIM SO HARD IN HIS BIG MOUTH AND NOSE, HE’D END UP REGRETTING EVER INSULTING MY FAMILY. .. …AND MOST LIKELY, HE’D GET THE APOLOGIE FROM TRUMP, THEN MAYBE HE’D BACK HIM. .. …
      ———————–NEVER HILLARY IN OUR WHITEHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!———————–

      1. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

        Reimers—I guess you don’t count that Cruz and his bunch found this nude
        picture of Trump’s wife, made while she worked as a model, before Trump
        met her and used it hoping to hurt him. And then Trump retaliated

        1. Wayne Reimers

          Ted Wasn’t Involved In That. .. …They Pulled That Crap Behind Ted Back. .. …You Know How That Crap Goes. .. … Trump’s Mouth Keeps Getting Him In Trouble. .. … So Immature. .. …His Problem Is He Uses Emotion Before Logic. .. …That’s The Problem With The World. .. …We’re Born WITH Pure Logic, And Men Are Refusing To Use It. .. … They Are Letting Emotion Rule Their Day. .. …

      2. Ed

        When you vote the lesser of two evils you still have EVIL! Go Johnson for President. Trump Hillary the same thing. I believe he run just to get her elected . He has supported her will $$$$ and words for years. Wake up progressive GOP

  1. Jim Winegardner

    Ted Cruz remained loyal to millions of Constitutional Conservatives and showed that he is the leader of the Conservative movement of the Republic. I and millions of others stand with Ted whether it be in 2016, or 2018 (his Senate run) in 2020!

    1. Michael Dennewitz

      HAHAHA.. Yer seeing these “millions” in yer dreams bubbah! Teddie boy just cut his own throat. He’s a damned turncoat, just like mccain, and mccain’s one we shoulda’ left in Nam when my ship pulled out!! Sorry teddie boy, you committed political suicide, asshole!! ??????

    2. denniscerasoli

      I wouldn’t trust you either,evidently a mans word means nothing to you,and a man who can not be taken for his word has nothing.

    3. rex ames

      Yes, but not enough millions my friend.!! Tedd has proven Trump right, Lien Tedd has shown consistantly he is in fact lien Tedd. If lying is part of conservative values , then I want know part of him or his lack of integrity, and by that I mean lying.

      There are only a few things in life that know one can take from us, one is our reputation and work ethics, the other is integrity. By lying and going back on his word, he shows he has zero integrity.

    4. Robert Early

      I am definitely a proven Conservative; but not the Cruz brand. I believe that lies and deception have consequences. Regardless of how justified he might feel, he broke his pledge. There is no getting around that reality.

    5. Jack

      JimWinegardner; Me thinks you been drinking too much Wine Jim, Ted Cruz is interested in only himself. In case you didn’t know it when a man especially a man running for public office lies he doesn’t get very far. Case in point Hillary Clinton the numerous lies she has told will come back to haunt her, even the Media is lying about her misdeeds, and putting out fake poll numbers to try and sway people to think she is winning, but all the Media lies will backfire in their faces
      come November.

      1. Jim Winegardner

        Sorry Jack, I am Temple-endowed Mormon which means I don’t drink ANY alcohol LET alone wine. 🙂 I am NOT a #HilLIARy supporter I know perfectly well she is a LIAR, a FELON, and deserves to spend the rest of her miserable life in JAIL with no LGBT conjugal. I just cannot bring myself to support another NY liberal who is a fake Republican and is not a real conservative. It is the Republican party who has abandoned the real Constitutional Conservative base especially when Reince Preibus, Donald Trump and their acolytes say things like we, the constitutional conservatives are not needed or wanted to win the election. If that is true, good luck with that.

        1. Ed

          AMEN , AMEN Trump gave her millions in the past and is going to be responsible for the rest of us stuck with her. Vote Johnson

        2. Jack

          Jim, Glad to hear you are a religious man, the remark about wine was just a joke no offense meant,and being a Mormon you must be in league with Romney, and if so you and he have lost your way. Doesn’t the book of Mormon preach forgiveness?
          Maybe being a Mormon you come shot of your teachings. You either back the Conservative candidate or you are not a real conservative. Ted Cruz and Kasich are acting like little spoiled children. Trump beat 16 other candidates and deserves to be backed by anyone claiming to be a true conservative. So if you or any other conservative does not back the nominee who won fair and square then you just paved the way for Clinton to be president, and you will rue the day you helped a very evil person take over this once great country. It doesn’t matter one bit who Trump donated years ago he seems to have changed, and I will go by his word, people can change for the good often, but if he resort back to his old form then shame on him and me also. I am willing to take a chance on him.
          I am and Independent conservative, and very much so and I have voted the party line for three losers, Dole, McCain and Romney who threw the election to Obama. I promised I would not vote for another establishment backed candidate, and let the same old, same old corruption continue. I would rather pull the lever for Johnston than Hillary, but that would be a mistake. Remember one important saying, “Pride goeth before a fall.” So all you that are puffed with pride because your man didn’t win, cold just let Clinton walk into office.

          1. Jim Winegardner

            I took the “Wine” comment in jest. Regarding Mitt Romney, I did support him over Obama, although he ran a very poor campaign towards the end of 2008, and the third debate he could have nailed Obama on the subject of #Benghazi but Mitt let him go. I have no explanation and because of his good nature, we got a second Obama term. So sad.

            I could not support a second Mitt Romney candidacy, and he isn’t conservative enough for me anyway. I vacillate every day between a Ted Cruz write in and a Libertarian choice.

            But we still have time before the general. What keeps me from coming out in support of Trump is the #SCOTUS issue. Hillary would appoint liberals that would destroy this nation for a generation, and I am not sure that Trump would do any better.

          2. Jack

            Jim; I am also a christian, I belong to the United Church of Christ and our church teaches the traditional way from the Bible.
            Now about this upcoming election, Our forefathers were not all Christian men but they had one thing in common and that was the thought that this new country should not be governed by part time legislatures nor by career politicians, because that’s the reason this great country is in such bad shape as far as the Liberties and Freedoms people like Obama and Clinton want taken away from we the people.
            This election cycle is the most important in our history, and we as conservatives, not ultra conservatives like some of our present leaders like Boehner, McCain, McConnell, Ryan and quite a few outsiders like Crystal and even Romney who are afraid that Trump is not good enough for them, and the reason being one of the seven deadly sins Pride, is guiding their thought process. I for one have had it with elected officials who have lost all connections to the people. Our sacred Constitution was written with the good of the people in mind, not at the pleasure of some corrupt political figures.
            When Trump joined the group of 16 other presidential wannabee’s I predicted that he would be the target of both party loyalists, and the Media and that’s exactly what happened.
            by those who wanted the status quo to continue forever.
            Trump at times can be brutal and harsh in his rhetoric, but how else can he get through to political figures that are all out for, I, Myself and Me.
            Trump being an outsider cannot do any worse to this country than those not so loyal political guru’s. Everybody is guessing at how Trump will govern but what can be worse than what we already have. Trump knows how to create jobs, and has been a very successful business man. That’s what is needed in America right now a non-political figure.
            I am not writing this to convince you or anybody else how to vote that is your private business, because no one can tell what lever you pulled when you entered that voting booth. I am just saying to think long and hard about our choices, whether we want the same destruction of our Freedoms as we have had under a very incompetent Obama, and believe me it will be just as bad or worse with Clinton.
            The Supreme court and the 1st and 2nd Amendments will also be attacked. Now the choice is up to we the people to make the right choice, it’s either Freedom or Tyranny, and if we choose wrongly we only have ourselves to blame. As for me I pray every night that my choice will be the right one, I have a great faith in the thought that our good Lord will straighten this all out, so my personal choice is Trump, and if I am wrong then I will be the first to condemn myself for a poor choice.

    6. jaybird

      I can’t remember who said this on TV the other day, “this is the most important election in the past 100 yrs”. I truly think so.

  2. moral antagonist

    Cruz is and always was a sleaze. The stupid sob just killed all of his political aspirations.

    1. JDubya

      Should make you real happy then – but the people of Texas will decide that. All of them, not just you. I don’t think he has political aspirations or he would have taken the easy way out to protect them, just like everyone of those who don’t know anything about him say. He supported Trump as he said he would – he did not endorse Trump as he said he couldn’t several months ago. Trump could have done something about that but he is too egotistical to do so.

      It is very clear that you know nothing of Mr Cruz. And that sort of talk is sleazy, not what Cruz did or said. If you had any kind of ability to judge someones character, I would definitely question it. Real tough guy.

      BTW the Texas delegation was overwhelmingly in favor of what Ted did. Not only a few as the media claimed. And his answers to those who made the claims that are being made against him here were good, reasoned answers.

      1. 1pappap

        Oh, you mean that Republican establishment controlled Texas delegation. Don’t forget, Cruz was the 5th, or 6th choice by the establishment. Cruz was the last candidate that they knew they could control.

        1. JDubya

          My guess would be that there were about 4 or 5 ‘establishment’ people in the Texas delegation. Do you have more information? Cruz is ‘hated’ by the establishment and he explained why during his talk to the delegation after his speech. The ‘politicians’ in the delegation were those who were angry with him for holding a principled position, not a political one.

          Mr Cruz did not conform like so many of our so-called representatives did. He is not a ‘hide-my-vote’ conservative in order to get elected like John Cornyn is (Cornyn is a fake). Cruz is the real thing. If all of the Congressmen (that includes women) were like him, we would not be having the problems that are occurring today.

          But the good guys always get taken down, if not by establishment insiders, then by some nefarious method such as a little-known, never-before-applied law that many Democrats have repeatedly violated, but a Republican is called on. In Cruz’s case, if this had not come up, they would try something else – he is not, like them, an elitist.

          Your last statement is so absurd – why do you think he is hated? It is not because of what the pundits and elitists say, it is because he refused to be controlled. The easiest thing for him to do would have been to not follow his conscience and go ahead with an endorsement of Trump. If he was controlled, that is what he would have done. No, the establishment was supporting him over Trump because they can tell how bad Trump is going to be. He is just another Obama wrapped in GOP colors and mouthing what he knows he has to say to get elected. I do not trust a man like that as far as I can throw him.

          You obviously do not recognize a man of integrity because you have no idea what integrity is.

  3. denniscerasoli

    Ted Cruz,showed his true colors and a person i liked but can no longer be trusted.Anyone who backs disloyalty is disloyal in my view.

  4. jreg9304

    Teddy boy, cry baby Cruz, threw any chance he had to become even a county dog catcher, if that is even an electable position! much doubted!! Even if he changed his mind right now and endorsed Trump, i doubt that Don Trump would accept any such endorsement from such a turncoat and crybaby as baby Cruz.!!!!

  5. Joanne

    Sure look at the candidate who mocked everyone while campaigning, don’t blame Cruz he stuck up for his family. Trump cannot be trusted to run for President. Should have listened to the candidates a little closer instead of jumping on the Trump train!

  6. Cadfael

    Ted Cruz stuck up for his wife, his family, and his father. I would not want to be represented by someone that unprincipled and without values who is going to make nice with someone else who personally attacked his family and made it clear in April of this year that he would not endorse him if the tables were turned. If you want an unprincipled hot air [email protected] there are always the Clintons and other progressive-aggressive politico-thieves like Pelosi, Ryan, McConnell, Priebus, and assorted cardboard noses. Principles and values don’t just count when they are convenient, or when the cameras run. Sometimes it’s harder to tell a bully to take a hike than to roll over endorse and make nice because some nimrods expect it!

    1. 1pappap

      Whether with his knowledge or not, Cruz’s PAC went after Trump’s wife first. Cruz got what was coming to him.

      1. Cadfael

        Your “logic” is baffling like “whether you voted for him, or not you watched Obama destroy our country. You got what was coming to you?!” Want to stop and pause and engage the brain somewhere, maybe?

        1. 1pappap

          From what “logic” did you come up with this reply to my reply to you. The bully in this case was Cruz and the “Trumpster” took him down. Get over it and move on.

          1. Cadfael

            Keep tryin’ maybe you’ll have an epiphany once you figure out that Paul Maniford, Ford’s lapdog who worked against Reagan and is now stacking Trump’s campaign with good ole Dole cronies from the Republican RINO RNC recycling stockpile is just about as Washinton Hill Country establishment as they are available. Once again a hold your nose election and vote for the hopefully lesser of two evils with “Trump for Chumps against the Frump!” Trump himself, not a PAC of any sort went after Cruz’s family. Anyone who can “count on socialist Bernie followers” has to convince me of their conservative, or any other values for that matter. We have enough politicians already who describe anything as “great” and “yuge” and follow it up with “believe me.” I already have a Messiah, and I’m not shopping for a new belief I want a politician who shows the cold hard facts and evidence for a better plan, in the last 30 years we have had enough flim flam, organizer, penny-annie operator yahoo presidential placeholders to land our country in 19$ trillion debt. It is time for a convention of states to neuter their ability to lie, rob, and steal from those who work!

      2. Diane Smith

        Where is your proof? Trump has never apologized but he couldn’t prove Cruz had anything to do with it. Cruz is a man of integrity and

        1. Diane Smith

          a gentleman. I believe he has been wrongly accused. The pix he has been accused of leaking, the nude Mrs. Trump, was already leaked and making the rounds.

  7. Mike

    It was a calculated risk not endorsement of Trump. I’m not sure the risk is worth the reward. He did stand on his principals in defending his family. But, he did pledge to support the republican nominee. I tend to believe he made a grave error and his political future is dead. He was my candidate and would vote for him if given the opportunity. Still, this is a correctable error. He needs to swallow his pride and honor his pledge. Sad to see a good man go down like this. He was our best hope.

    1. JDubya

      You are right in that he might have hurt himself, but if you listened to the CSPAN video of his discussion with the Texas delegation, I think you would see he is right.

      And he did honor his pledge to support – just not in the words Trump and his brownshirts wanted. He spoke about how to decide who to vote for and that was support. He did not say he would endorse Trump ever – none of them did – they said support. If Trump had lost, what do you think he would have done? Actively work for Hillary would be my bet.

      We have become used to politicians as we have always seen them,- a politician with integrity is almost an oxymoron – Cruz is that exception. He could have defeated Hillary – I doubt that Trump can. Mr Big Man Trump showed how very small he is by not even attempting to get Cruz to join him and that BS after the speech was a dead giveaway to what a little big man he is. But… – he is almost God next to her heinousness.

      1. Mike

        I didn’t see the CSPAN explanation from Cruz. I’ll see if i can find it. As for his endorsement. My question is that the kind of endorsements he would have expected from the other GOP candidates? He had to give the kind he would have expected from the others. I didn’t see that. That’s why I don’t believe Cruz truly endorsed Trump. Trump wasn’t my 1st choice either, but he is the nomination the people wanted. We’ve all got to support him or Hillary wins. That’s why I think Cruz needs to come out and fully endorse him.

        1. JDubya

          The statement that so many are referring to as an endorsement promise is the statement that the candidate would ‘support’ the candidate who won. That is not an endorsement. An endorsement is like “He’s our man!”, while support is (among other things) “I will vote for him over the other candidate.”

          Mr Cruz did indicate support for Trump when he described how one should go about determining which candidate to vote for – there is no other candidate except Trump who meets the criteria he stated. A vote for any other candidate than Trump is a vote for her heinousness.

          Mr Trump does not deserve endorsement from any Conservative – he made sure that all conservatives understand where they will be in his administration. The result is, he will not get a chance to show us. His choice.

          If he does manage to win, you are all going to be just as unhappy as you would be under Hillary – just a tad bit more free for a little bit longer.

          The response to Cruz’s speech by the NY delegation and by Trump and his cronies was predictably narcissistic. He did nothing to solve the problem and the next day made it worse. This is what he will do as President. Hopefully, he will not do or say something so stupid before he gets elected or we will have the rest of our days under ‘progressive’ rule. He, at least, is an unknown quantity; and if he does half of what he says, will be a big plus. I am willing to accept that risk over someone like Hillary.

  8. A_patriot

    I’ll certainly never vote for him. While I believe you should stay true to your own convictions, he’s also a proclaimed Christian. Yet, where was the love and forgiveness? And what about the pledge he made to support the eventual Nominee? I think he just committed political suicide.

    1. JDubya

      How do you know he hasn’t forgiven? He is choosing not to be associated with Trump – his right. Was his pledge to support a pledge to endorse? No, and he did support in how he phrased his response to Trump. He told every one how to go about deciding who to vote for – I believe him; and Trump showed what he really is.

      If principles mean nothing, as Mr Trump continues to show us, I doubt there will be much opportunity for voting anymore – at least voting for something not already decided by the elites. Trump has taken away our last chance with the help of a bunch of people like you. You stood up and told everyone that you would rather have someone mean, spiteful and vindictive as your President – Hillary or Trump, both bad news, but I’ll take my chances with Trump now. The only real chance we had was with Cruz. Too bad. Cruz is one of the few people actually representing those who elected him. If his days as an elected official are done, a great loss will have occurred for all of us. No wonder people of integrity refuse to go into politics, when so few recognize integrity.

      Oh and it is highly unlikely that Trump will get any support out of me either. I will argue against anyone who says Hillary is a better candidate, that is the support Trump’s shenanigans deserve, not endorsement.

      1. A_patriot

        He basically said he hadn’t in his little speech, or weren’t you listening? Besides, he’s not a natural born citizen. He would never have gotten my vote. And, what’s truly sad is, if he had survived the primary, he would lose in the General, just because he is so far right. This country used to be center-right. Now, thanks to Obummer, we’re closer to center-left than ever before. So, if you want to pout and hide in a corner, you’re essentially giving the presidency to a woman who no more deserves it than Satan himself. Or, perhaps you’re a closet progressive.

        1. JDubya

          No, he did not say anything ‘in his little speech’ that would give you any clue about his level of forgiveness towards Trump. You assigned that based on your standards is my guess.

          Mr Cruz never dissed Trump, ever. That was always the media putting words in his mouth. It is evident that you don’t have a clue what forgiveness is. He could easily forgive the man, but still not endorse him. Endorsing says more than supporting. It’s “He’s my man!” vs ‘Yes, I’ll vote for him over the other candidate for the office.’ The first is endorsing and the second is supporting.

          Cruz did the latter. He gave a list of things that a voter should use to decide how to vote their conscience. Only Trump fits his description. Not enough for the politicians in the crowd, but good enough for those who understand what integrity is.

          Yes, I was listening, but I was the one who heard what he said. You don’t understand English very well – the proof is in your ‘pout’ statement. I stated some facts and gave my opinion – like them or not – that is not pouting or sitting in a corner. Read this quote from above “I will argue against anyone who says Hillary is a better candidate, that is the support Trump’s shenanigans deserve, not endorsement.” Does that sound like someone who is going to sit in a corner.

          I spit the words you put into my mouth out on the ground where the belong! Try learning to read. Mr. Trump set up the ground rules when he dissed our candidate, repeatedly. Cruz never dissed him back, always explaining why Trump was saying these things and calling him names. The media embellished that and you heard what they said, not what Cruz said. The real truth supports Cruz’s claims whether the Trumpies want to believe it or not. So, since we are now we operate under Trump’s guidelines, we will find out if he can get along without Cruz supporters, or not, as he said, won’t we. He said he didn’t need us. Those are his words, not mine.

          Trump is a narcissist and cannot stand to have someone show him up in any way. The Cruz campaign’s abilities gave him fits so he lashed out like a child – a three-year-old. But all that said, he is better than her heinousness who makes him look like God Almighty by comparison. I just hope he doesn’t do something so stupid that more people turn to Hillary than we can outvote.

          Do you understand anything that I have said yet? I will not endorse Trump, he is not going to be a good President if he wins, might even turn into a dictator. I will support him and not vote for anyone else because that would be a vote for Hillary.

          Hillary is going to be worse than Obama by a long shot. Cruz supporters will sit on the sidelines and help only to the extent that Trump asks us to and he has said he wants nothing from us – ok, his problem.

          1. A_patriot

            I am NOT an illiterate fool. I will NEVER cast a vote for Hillary, but I will vote for Mr. Donald J. Trump. Obama is a worse Narcissist, and yet millions flocked to him. And, yes, we’re in a HUGE mess. This country cannot withstand four more years of this kind of garbage. But, that’s the entire point of it — () — his so-called hope and change. Well, we’ve been changed and NOT at all for the good. The Progressives are the ones we need to fight, not each other.

            I’m sorry you’re inclined to sit on the sidelines like this, awaiting an engraved invitation. You probably also stayed home during the 2012 elections that granted Obummer yet another four years of destruction because you couldn’t bring yourself to vote for a Mormon — how petty and short-sighted is that? Whether or not Trump will be a good president, no one can say, unless you’re gifted with Divine Insight. I’m betting he’ll be far better than what we’ve got now, or will have under Hillary. If he turns into a Dictator, which I sincerely doubt (reeks too much of Leftist Progressive talking point, scare tactics), then we need to do what we should have done (note I used the proper verb have, and not the preposition of) with Obama in his first term. It’s called Impeachment.

            I do understand that it will take more than one election to get this country back on track. We also need to clean up Congress.

            “And I suppose you really liked what they did to Cruz’s wife, right. It is because we condone this crap that it happens. Cruz did not condone it and he showed what a real man looks like.”

            You should be aware that the Cruz camp shot the first salvo when it comes to wives. Neither of them handled it well. And I don’t blame ANY man who stands up for his wife. That is as it should be. Don’t put words into MY mouth.

            Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? I was initially for Cruz. But he lost his luster when his CAMP went after Dr. Ben Carson, telling the members of the caucus he’d dropped out, PRIOR to the vote! Or did you forget that little tidbit? That spoke volumes as to what kind of man Cruz really is. I don’t give a fig if he didn’t actually come up with such a tactic, fact is, he had people around him who did. If he is in charge, the buck stops with him, after all. He neither stood with his people, nor did he fire anyone after said incident.

            “Hillary is going to be worse than Obama by a long shot. Cruz supporters will sit on the sidelines and help only to the extent that Trump asks us to and he has said he wants nothing from us – ok, his problem.”

            No, it’s going to be YOUR problem, too. Because if you do not get out and vote for the Republican you can bet your life Hillary WILL win. Be very careful what you wish for … (<That's a proper ellipses dot.)

            Have a nice life.

          2. JDubya

            Are you totally incapable of understanding? I intend to vote for Trump, I will not send him money or support him by call center or etc., he expressed his opinion that he didn’t need Cruz (which means his supporters). It is clear that he has shot himself in the foot. Not my problem. If the mighty one wants help, won’t he ask for it?

            As far as Heidi Cruz – what I was referring to was what they did to her after his speech that night so that she required protection to get her out of the hall – real nice. As far as Cruz starting it, what a five-year-old? He could not have had anything to do with getting those pictures of Trump’s wife on the PAC’s site because if he had, the Trumpies would have gone after him with the FEC. That is illegal. He is note even supposed to know about what they are doing (ie, no coordination). I haven’t heard of any action, have you? Everyone just keeps ignoring the fact that someone brought up that Mrs Cruz worked at Goldman Sachs, but that doesn’t count? Cruz was livid at what Trump said about his father and his wife and I don’t blame him, but he should probably have been better prepared.

            That business with Ben Carson was a setup from day one. Somebody in the Cruz campaign got the word from CNN and Rubio’s campaign and passed it along. He (that guy) should have verified it, he didn’t. Cruz apologized for that, but more was going on. Ben Carson continued to manufacture what he called evidence which was nothing. Personally, I think it was another Trump scheme, but I don’t know.

            Anyway, now to your brass tacks – oh, that was your brass tacks? Good grief, you waste my time. You quit supporting Cruz over some garbage like that? Even a blind puppy could see that all the goings-on were for someone’s benefit. Right afterwards, Carson did get out of the race and supported Trump. Hmmm, the words used sounded like he was quitting, but then he said he was going home to get clothes. Guess he couldn’t afford the necessities – still, kind of strange, don’t you think? Well, the Cruz guy who fell for it should have been fired.

            And Friend, I don’t need the likes of you to tell me what is at stake in this election, especially when you do not seem to be able to comprehend what I tell you. Besides, I think it is way too late – we are not going to win this election even if he gets 80% of the vote.

            We had our chance against Obama 1st and 2nd tries, both candidates should have been able to beat him with a song, but threw the elections – now why was that? Because someone stayed home? No, the candidates were being run by the establishment; and we are being taken in by the power brokers now, too. It is too late, the country is already going socialist, then communist (or benevolent dictator) and then caliphate. The US of A as we knew it is gone.

  9. Seedman

    It is ironic that slanderer extraordinaire Trump who stated that neither Senator Ted Cruz nor Senator Marco Rubio were eligible to be president, is now being called out by many, Obama, Hillary, etc. as being unfit himself – grass roots supporter.

  10. deerflyguy

    I was a Cruz supporter from the beginning, based on what I believed was his integrity. By his failure not to honor his pledge, he has destroyed his integrity, my faith in him, and IMHO his own political future! In a few years, no one will be able to remember his name, let alone that he was an “also ran”! GOOD!

  11. Rudy

    Ted made an oath or commitment. He reneged. He cannot be trusted. He said that he couldn’t because he talked about his father and his wife. Are a kid or something? I used to get in fights because people talked about my momma when I was a kid. My mom sat me down one day asked why I fought. Because they talk about you. She asked if they knew her and if what they said was true. I said no. Then why fight. That was 37 years ago. I was a kid. Didn’t know any better. Cruz, your a man. Knuckle down and take your licks as they come. Don’t act 15. It ain’ t true what he said. Move on.

    1. angelbaby

      Trump would of never said anything about Cruz’s wife if the Cruz super pac had not run that add about Trumps wife in Utah. Cruz didn’t denounce the add till after he won. His dad is pretty sketchy

      1. Roxanne

        Yes, all Trump did was point out the article and picture of his Dad with Oswald in the National Enquirer. His father is seen handing out pro Castro flyers with Lee Harvey Oswald and was also known for battling the Batistas’s (?) like Castro had. Something is definitely off. If Cruz is taking advice from his Father it sure would explain a great deal.

    2. bill blum

      Are you referring to Cruz or Trump? Why doesn’t Trump take his licks and move on? The Khan flap would have been over last week at the DNC Convention if Trump had just ignored it and not even mentioned it. One week later we’re still talking about, ONLY because Trump chose not to take it like a man and ignore it.

  12. Forrest Jane Cline

    The GOP wanted Trump to sign a pledge so he wouldn’t go 3rd party….they never thought in a million years he would be the nominee. They had given their word via a pledge they would support the nominee…..then we find out their word means nothing. We find out Cruz is a welcher after being fooled by his grandiose speeches.

    1. Roxanne

      Exactly right! “All Hat and no Carry”. He is a self serving, egotistical little man. I too fell for his rhetoric in the beginning but it wasn’t long before I realized how ambitious and self serving he truly is. He never had a prayer of winning the general election. He was not well known and what was known was not good. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot. How smart can he really be?

  13. Prue88

    He lost many of his supporters. I think he committed political suicide and I doubt that he will be elected again. He proved to be exactly what Trump has been Calling him LYING TED. I will never ever vote for him if he ever decided to run for anything at national stage ever again, which i doubt that he will. Good for him, that I do not live in Texas.

  14. Bob Robertson

    Tuesday, March 29, 2016, Trump reversed his vow and said that he would not support the Republican nominee if he was not it. So, how about you people getting off that old horse about your not supporting Cruz because he did not endorse Trump!

  15. Robert Early

    Cruz is like a terminal TB patient. He keeps walking around poisoning the environment; but he is politically dead.

  16. jobird

    Disappointed is mild to say the least for Ted’s childless pouting speech at the RNC.
    We all see his word is not his bond.

  17. Ann Broadhead

    I hope to never hear the whine if his voice in the public arena. He is a slick selfish person, so he lies and will play dirty tricks, and think nothing of it!
    Then, claim to be a Christian!!! Oh, Really?
    Ted Cruz is a person who will do anything and everything to make ” Ted ” at the top of the heap of others whom he has maligned.

    You can take your sorry self and be gone!!
    You do not fool the voters. Your numbers showed that!

  18. Flyby

    Rafael ‘RINO’ cruz got on stage and told Republicans to vote for hillary clinton. Oh well, he can always go back to handing out welcome baskets at the Mexican border.

    1. Roxanne

      Remember how he basked in the cheers for several minutes when he took the stage at the Convention. He was reveling in the welcome from the crowd, as they were expecting him to keep his word and endorse Trump. I found it off putting and embarrassing. I am surprised his head fit through the door to the entrance.

  19. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    I think Cruz cut his own throat. A man that will not keep his word has no real value.
    He proved to be what Trump called him “lying Ted “

  20. vagabonddenyg

    political suicide! the traitor lyin unethical cuban/canadian should never haveen allowed to un for President! He, himself, knows he is not constitutionally qualufied to be President. He is a shady nut job globalust new world order type! He dor pissess cutizenship if the USA! depirt him bdack to canada or let him govto cuba!

  21. stick

    He cut his own throat. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Way to go Ted I always knew you had it in you, parasite.

  22. armydadtexas

    A suggestion for Ted Cruz. Either find away to apologize to Donald Trump and the Republican Voter or Get your resume’ ready, because you are about to commit political suicide.

  23. Bob Robertson

    If saying “vote your conscience” is saying vote for Hillary, you folks have some bad consciences!

  24. planogramma

    As a Texan who did not vote Ted the first time to get him to Washington, I can tell you he has a long way to go if he ever wants to get elected again. Texans pride themselves in keeping their word regardless of the circumstances. He thought he had the nomination sowed up after his team lied about Ben Carson in Iowa and then when he made his famous comment about New York Values thinking that would screw Trump. He may be the only constitutional candidate, but then so was Obama so he touted and look where we are now, fighting for our very lives. I have no doubt Ted is a very good lawyer and those skills are what he put to use to oust Carson, but he was outsmarted by Trump and quite frankly, he’s pissed off, a sore loser and a liar too. The US is much better off without TC in the Whitehouse. I understand there currently is a Texas committee putting together a petition to keep TC from running and/or winning again in 2018. I have not received a copy but surely will sign it if I do. Cruz’s claim he didn’t know about the picture of Melania was a lie, his team started the skirmish, Trump just finished it. The mess about his Dad is something that was put out by the National Inquirer with a picture and Trump just spinned it out there. Cruz doesn’t have an honest leg to stand on. GO TRUMP 2016!!

    1. Roxanne

      Remember how he called the Basketball Hoop a “Ring” in Indiana of all places. I believe that was the moment he lost Indiana! What a knucklehead!

  25. Michael

    I think Cruz showed how much he is just like the other politicians who don’t consider their word as their bond.

  26. PatrickHenry

    To think I used to hope Ted Cruz would be either President or VP. Trump pegged him correctly, Lyin’Ted, phony principles. Same for Kasich.

  27. senior65gal .

    Mr. Cruz lost a lot of supporters when he allowed his team to go after Dr. Carson. His respect plummeted then and went down quickly. Dr. Carson is a committed Christian and Christian voters just could not tolerate Cruz’s political abuse pertaining to Dr. Carson.

  28. nococidences

    Everybody in the Republican Party, (if it isn’t decertifed,) will be kissing Ted Cruz’s ass. White women don’t have babies, they are tired of being burned. Hispanic women are the only ones having babies, in 27 years they will be the majority and my administration will create a leadership program to make sure they are ready to lead this country when that day comes. Hispanics already outnumber whites in California. So who should be kissing whose ass her in this scenario? Just Politics. Fox for President 2016 Write my name in.

  29. rapunzel972

    As s Texan, I was so disappointed by cruz’s failure to endorse Trump. And the same with all thee other candidates who failed to live up to their pledge. For me, it just proves how rotten the GOP has become. Can’t trust them RINO GOP any more.

  30. believe

    Has the word TRUTH and it’s it’s meaning die???our Government but for a FEW are as corrupt as hell. The Games they play are so OBVIOUS .Cruz is as BIG of a liar as the People he hangs with. Obama being one. These fools for the sake of a dollar will sell them selves like any whore does. you Have the Bush’s , Cheney’s, Kerry, and 14 of the Congress man All of the Democrats. They have the MORALS OF A FILTHY ALLY CAT.
    Want to know the Back grounds of the politicians we trusted and Betrayed us BIG TIME?????This could hep you find the TRUTH. STOP BEING PLAYED BY THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS.

    Who has made a career out of being a WHORE for money.

  31. Steven Kimball

    Trump attacks like a rabid dog and gets away with it. Cruz did not say one negative thing about Trump during his speech. The only reason people are attacking Cruz is because theyre mindlessly following Rabid Trump.

  32. Mike O'Mara

    I did not know much about Cruz until he entered int this campaign. When he did I began watching him very closely and in my opinion we are very fortunate that he chose to self destruct because we already have many politicians with twice his ability that are of no use. He would not have been an asset. He demonstrated that for us much better than we could have ourselves. Bye Teddy. Thanks for stopping. Now if you would take the rest of the GOP elite with you we would be beholding to you. Start with Ryan. I think he still at least claims to be a rino. The rino who gave Obama T.P.P..

  33. Paul Thomas

    Cruz ,blew it big time, his future went from promising, to pushing a broom. He won’t be re-elected.