You Won’t Believe Who Was Pictured With Obama Days Before the GOP Convention

A photograph was sent to the website DC Whispers via a pro-Donald Trump Facebook group. It reveals an interesting procession coming off Air Force One prior to the memorial service for the Dallas officers who were killed.

Here’s the report from DC Whispers:

“]The photo] is alleged to have been taken prior to the memorial service for the recently slain Dallas police officers at the hands of a Black Lives Matter-inspired domestic terrorist. Ted Cruz is shown walking behind Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and directly in front of a woman who appears to be Hillary Clinton via a flight on Air Force One from D.C. to Dallas.

“D.C. Whispers readers can decide for themselves what to make of this. An innocent acceptance of a free plane ride with the current and potential future globalist power players, or something else? Mr. Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump, but spent hours in a plane with those working to destroy America from the inside out? Potentially troubling implications to be sure… “


If this photo is accurate – and it appears that it is – we wonder what Senator Cruz was doing on Air Force One with Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett and Hillary Clinton? Nothing happens in politics by accident, especially just a few days before the Republican National Convention.

Do you think that this meeting had anything to do with Ted Cruz’ non-endorsement of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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    1. Jimbo

      I was sure before he got booed of the stage that he was going to say vote for hiliary. Just didn’t git a chance to git the words all out. My wife voted for him too even after I warned her about him and she went along with me on it. I can read between the political lines,especially what cruz said about immagrantion.

        1. HOVARD


          1. The Redman

            “you use only use one contaminated brain cell no wonder you are a superior idiot”. howard

    2. Tennman39

      Correct…remember he and Kasick both promised to support the elected person, then, as a true lying Rino, they have both spelled out their future….NONE!

        1. Susan Misa

          Do what I do and just ignore stupid people like The Redman. They are only looking for attention and must of lacked that when they were growing up or still trying to grow up.

  1. Marlin208

    They are all cut from the same cloth. Thank God Cruz did not win. He is a One World government suck up along with his wife.

    1. Rattlerjake

      This is one of those “I told you so” moments; people just don’t understand at what lengths these globalists will go to rule. Cruz created a persona of being a “Constitutionalist”, but it unraveled when he made the mistake of claiming to be a natural born citizen.

  2. jack

    This is all Lying Ted the sell out commie turncoats true colors coming through . He has cooked his chances for 2020 presidential run . No vote here and will campaign against him if he runs for dog catcher !

    1. Rosech Levy

      Trump knew what Ted’s speech was and let him speak it which means he allowed Ted to burn his career with his own words saving Trump from doing it, as Trump and we go forth to save America and not sell it cheap!

  3. Jimmie Chillik

    Ted maybe feels that it is better to give into the clinton crime family then to disappear like a lot of people have in the past.

  4. Tired of Ruinous Liberalism

    Folks – as much as I love a good conspiracy, after blowing up the photo as large as I could get it without it becoming overly pixelated, I have to be honest here, I do not think that is killary, and I am not convinced that is Ted either.

    Regarding the Ted lookalike, the hair in the front area appears lighter colored than his, and possibly thinner at the center crown. A look-alike? Yes, absolutely, but I just don’t think it actually is him.

    As for the hydra-witch, no, I don’t think that is her either- the hair color is wrong, as is the body style – she is much fatter and lumpier in real life. The woman in the photo appears younger. Besides, does anyone really believe that she would lower herself to walk behind a Republican, and a Conservative at that? If this meeting really did take place, these corrupt demoncraps would do more to cover this up like the clinton-lynch ‘accidental’ load of hokey nonsense about running into one another completely coincidentally on that tarmac recently.

    I just am not convinced based upon the people I see in this photo + the complete lack of any look like they would be hiding the meeting.

  5. calhar

    I always had a suspicion that this sneak was a cross between a skunk and a snake in the grass.

    1. got my licence

      What is the difference between a carrier politician and a catfish? One is a big mouth, bottom dwelling shit sucker and the other is a fish.

  6. Bruce Weatherly

    I love it when an article starts out with something like “]The photo] is alleged”. Not “This photo was taken!” So when was the photo really taken? Is there any truth to the story at all. Don’t get me wrong I can’t stand Ted Cruz, but I can’t stand the use of “alleged” even more.

    1. theicecube

      It is (allegedly) a legal ploy used by all media and many others to avoid lawsuits. Innocent until proven guilty.

  7. Icemancold

    WELL: LYIN TED proved beyond doubt the kind of politician and man he is. LYIN TED’S WORD is worthless just like LYIN TED is worthless a TYPICAL CAREER POLITICIAN OUT TO FURTHER HIMSELF NO MATTER WHO HE HAS TO STEP ON TO ACHIEVE HIS GOALS.!!

  8. Sandy Forkner

    Wow! He & wife certainly fit right in! I’m sorry I voted for Cruz the first time around but regretted it shortly after. Trump is the man!!

  9. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

    Don Trump is a pathological LYING neo FASCIST with “BIG plans” for RED States of the AMuurequans” right?

    Angry, white male, racist, gun toting, neo FASCISTS really don’t make for a “Happy Face” political movement , do YA STUPID ASS REBSzzzz ? ? ?

    God you Troglodytes are SO Goddamn DUMB ! ! ! !

        1. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

          Neo Fascists feel “the power” of being “SUPERIOR”… ”

          The sensation is so elusive that, while they admit it is injurious, they cannot after a time differentiate the true from the false.

          To them, their neo Fascist life seems the only normal one. They are restless, irritable and discontented, unless they can again experience ~ ~ ~ ~

          THE DOCTOR’S OPINION xxvii

          ~ ~ ~ the sense of ease and comfort which comes at once by taking a few drinks–drinks of the blood of Trump’s neo FASCISM ideas which they see others taking with impunity.
          • Edit• Reply•

        2. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

          How’s the SWAMPS of Mississippi treating YA REB FAV- ray BOY?

          You Goddamn IDIOT REB, uneducated BOOB ! ! !

          FUCK U Asshole . . . .

          1. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

            Riiiight, Bret FAV-ray TEA REB GOON boy…

            But how’s the weather in the swamps of Mississippi , eh GUN LUNATIC boy?

          2. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

            NO, I don’t. I just went to 18 years formal schooling and you PAL?

            My son is a PhD & here’s his PhD thesis work that was covered in Florida , where he earned that honor and then around the World PAL…




            Thanks for asking about education and the benefits that one gets in Minnesota where WE value education, not Neo FASCISM and carrying guns around like a bunch of Neanderthal REB seditionists, eh FOOL?

            GET A GOddamn JOB, you FUCKING SLACKER LOSER MORON . . . . .

          3. Tennman39

            I’m sorry it took you 18 years to get such a grip of the English Language. Shows how, with a effort, one can become illiterate in such a short time!

          4. Pheo Smith

            Your banana picture says it all,you going bananas, Lol,,out in open were talking to bananas,show your face oh wait you don’t want your family and friends to see how sick you are,out in the open wow

      1. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

        AA meting notes/ neo Fascism branch…. • a minute ago

        Neo Fascists feel “the power” of being “SUPERIOR”… ”

        The sensation is so elusive that, while they admit it is injurious, they cannot after a time differentiate the true from the false.

        To them, their neo Fascist life seems the only normal one. They are restless, irritable and discontented, unless they can again experience ~ ~ ~ ~

        THE DOCTOR’S OPINION xxvii

        ~ ~ ~ the sense of ease and comfort which comes at once by taking a few drinks–drinks of the blood of Trump’s neo FASCISM ideas which they see others taking with impunity.
        • Edit• Reply•

          1. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

            Really, the great Dr. Silkworth’s description of ADDICTION honey?

            Are you denying that “superiority and WHITE SUPREMACISM” isn’t a form of addiction BABE?

            You’re a NUT gun totin’ wench and BITCH, no doubt, eh FOOL?

            Get a Goddamn JOB HONEY..

            Help out your country, why don’t you ?

            IDIOT . . . .

          2. Brenda Harrell

            You have no manners and all you have is nothing. Do you think that is the way to talk to a woman? You have no class, no brains, and aren’t worth spit. I am going to help my country out by getting rid of traitors and voting for a man that will help this country and not betray it. Trump 2016! I will not respond to a traitor like you again. You aren’t worth the time or effort. Stop breathing, you are creating flatulence that results in your lie of climate change. Bye loser!

          3. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

            Trump & TEA Party have promoted the “NO Manners type”of political discussions, haven’t YOU DOLL?

            Watch this Trump supporter SCUM Dunce bag on a NYC subway train and then instruct me about manners again., TEA Goddess of low educational aspirations… IDIOT . . .


          4. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

            Soooo Brenda BABY?

            That was a six minute video from NY Daily News. What’s your response HONEY?

    1. Tennman39

      Sometimes people amaze me..this refugee from the facts that lie in front of him are too complicated for Killaryites to absorb. Take your meds and go back to your glass of KoolAid!

      1. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

        Just go ahead and state YOUR FACTS as you know them REB boy. I’ve got ALL day for you to write something sane, original, intelligent and most importantly about Trump ideas for America.

        GO ahead BOY, what are you waiting for?

        Schnell , & Achtung neo FASCIST REB DIM TWIT ! ! !

        Get cracking the whip now SLAVE master REB IDIOT ! !

        GOd, you fuckers are just so Goddamn uneducated and STU_PID ! ! ! !

        1. Tennman39

          Ok Boy, Trump will support higher education… could use that. History seems to elude you!

          1. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

            Which part of history would you be referring to, TEA REB boy?

            Has Trump made any statement on higher education in the past year?

            How is he going to support that goal?

            Doesn’t that take money to assist people in attending colleges & Universities?

            TEA tiem wants to spend NO money in government, but YOU want magical results to happen from thin air , evidently.
            RIGHT…riightie NUT case boy?

            My God you people are the dimmest bulbs on the face of this Earth.

          2. Pheo Smith

            You a trip if u so bad and up front show your face,why hide behind bananas,wait cause you trying to show the real you,your banana,sick need help,there is no proof Trump is with puttin ,none,but there is proof that Clinton is a lying crimnal, her husband lying crimnal cheater,they take money from countries that rape and beat women, kill gays,Trump has never been under investigation, never, he signs front of checks not the back like Clintons,trump provided jobs for thousands of all colors ,family’s are able to feed there kids clothe them, Clinton s are fake,tell you what u want to hear,I carry hot sauce in my bag ,serious you think black folks are going to vote cause that,and personally I don’t think no one knows what’s going on in east,I know one thing Obama and Clinton just gave a country over there 150 million dollars ,a country that hates America ,burns are flags,hate gays,beat women,but they stand for gays and women, and they still building a bomb to kill us,duh your sick. Get help

          3. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

            YOU be a total delusional psychotic REB Boy…Seek competent professional psychiatric assistance ASAP, OK?

            You’re positively delusional NUTS , REB boy . . .

      1. OrdinaryNeutronAlley

        Seriously Dude?

        Trump has stated that “Muslims are BAD people”and he wants nothing to do with them, right?

        How about those “Mexican rapists, drug dealers & criminals” that he doesn’t want in this country?

        Hitler REALLY didn’t like one ethnicity called JEws PAL.

        What happened in the extermination Kamps of Treblinka, Auschwitz, Sorbibor etc, etc, etc?

        You just ain’t even REB bright, are you DIM BULB boy?

        Get yer gun and “stay ALERT PAL” ACHTUNG . . . ! ! ! ! MORON . . . . .

  10. Bruce Kellar

    Why must a Cruz supporter be less than a reasonable person should be. He was always considered by me to have an agenda and part of the machine. In fact very few of his GOP constituents are tolerant of his politics.

  11. paulette barrow

    When it 1st all began i was for Cruz but this man is not who he says he is,hes bought by the bs elite

  12. BIG STAN


  13. John 3:16

    Marlin208 – Don’t forget Obama and the pathological liars, Bill and Hillary. They are Socialists and one world government proponents. The Clintons support that stance by taking money from every country in the world for their foundation, which they are using to buy the presidency and buy the undying allegiance of the Democratic National Committee.

    1. Rosech Levy

      The Clintons are communists, not socialists – a wee bit of difference there. Like they say Venezuela is socialist when it is out and out communist. My family has experienced both socialism and communism, and Hillary has been a communist since her 20’s and loves Alinsky rules, so I guess Bill is also or just a tag along as she obviously wears the pants!!!

  14. ken

    hey teddy boy. did you enjoy smellin the prez’s arse when you were kissin it on that flight? and killery suckin spit from jarrett as the tranny sat with the unknown woman.swappin spit between themselves. there i said what i said.if it offends anyone………get a life.rhis IS AMERICA last time i checked. and i have my right to say what is on my mind. cruz is such a two faced pile of squid poo.i know now much better what Trumps been saying about smooze cruz means about teddy boy cruz

  15. Joanne

    Cruz was only standing up for himself against the mess Trump made all through this election. Doesn’t mean a thing, he’s from TX so he probably thought he could see his family.

  16. rickouellette

    I am willing to give Ted Cruz the benefit of the doubt on this one. He could have been invited by the president due to him being a Senator from Texas where the murders occurred. As a staunch conservative, I do not believe he would be ready to endorse someone who is not only ultra liberal but an indictable criminal as well. If he were to do such a thing, it would be a complete transformation on his part and his credibility would plummet to the zero range. Good Luck America !!!

  17. Anthony Alexander

    Anyone with an ounce of discernment KNOWS that Cruz from the beginning has the spirit of perversion around him. I don’t mean sexual..PERVERSION:the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.

  18. SherryMac1956

    Absolutely! They know they have to keep Trump out because they will ALL go down!

  19. The Redman

    white-folks keep a divide in the world. these people can B wit whom ever they choose 2 B wit. white-folks R way 2 controlling and evil.

  20. Tennman39

    Ted Cruz has proven to be a turncoat at best and probably much more likely. He and Kasick (YES KA-SICK) have shown that they neither deserved nor got respect from President-Elect Donald Trump. They have spelled the end of their future support, and rightfully so!

  21. HOVARD


  22. Joe Pewter

    the cruz family are traitors absolutely no doubt..right along with clintons..buckwheats

  23. WSmith

    If that’s the best picture you have then you’ve got to be kidding. This anti-Cruz hysteria is absolutely crazy. Why don’t you moron’s focus on beating Hillary Clinton rather than pissing off actual conservatives like me? Hillary Clinton has to be stopped. Unless Trump wins a decisive victory the Democrats will literally ‘dig up’ enough votes to win come November. Remember Allen West? He was beaten for a congressional seat a few years back by a miraculous 150% or so voter turnout in Florida. The bought and paid for media won’t question a rigged election as long as Hillary wins. Anti-Constitutional judges will sweep any challenges under the rug. Obama’s quack Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, will carry Hillary to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come hel* or high water……….Mend fences……..stop the asinine scorched earth tactics……..REACH OUT AND MAKE NICE to those who share many of your objectives. Stop acting like a bunch of ‘Safe Space’ idiots on some college campus………I will vote for Trump because he shares many of my concerns and at least says he will follow through. I still wish Cruz had won.

  24. bwyatt33

    I would say he was making some kind of deal with the Devils to insure he did not endorse Trump.

  25. Original Anna

    Couldn’t they made the picture bigger and clearer and get the writing over the picture off so you can see the picture clearly. The plane was stopped obviously so why does the picture have writing over it to make it harder to make out. Put the article writing below the picture like it is usually done and lighten up, please. Also from the side, it could be someone who has the same side profiles as Cruz and the others. I am for Trump but I want to be able to make out the people for sure before I accuse anyone. Why didn’t the photographer take a front view picture.

  26. vaquero711

    I Am not Cruz fan . But this foto …I don’t know . The picture is not clear enough . It could be anyone .

  27. 1josephg1

    Why do you think they want to stop Trump. Because “they” know he will not be bought. killary talks about “white privilege”. Then her daughter gets a job after graduating college for 900k. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. Such bs. The sad part is so many don’t care. They will vote for this moral reprobate anyway.

  28. Camille Gilliam

    i had listened to him but Carson had been my first pick, Carson is backing Trump so I have gone with him.

  29. julie

    I would have originally given him the benefit of the doubt, but after the RNC, not so much…

  30. Joyce Diggs

    Perhaps it was just Americans putting aside politics to honor officers who had given their lives protecting us all.

  31. Jim Winegardner

    Are you really that dense? Obama gave Senator Cruz a lift on Air Force One to Texas to right after the slain Police officers in Dallas for their memorial service. Sheesh!