Muslim Truck Attacker’s Final Two Words, Media Stays Silent

We’ve learned more about the French mass killing committed by a 31-year-old French-Tunisian, who drove a truck into a crowd of people in Nice, France.

Breitbart and Allen West’s website have more details on the radical killer:

“The morning after a massive truck mowed down dozens of innocent souls, celebrating a French national holiday, 84 people are dead including 10 children and two Americans. 188 have been admitted to hospitals…

“We’re learning more about the attacker himself, a 31-year-old French-Tunisian named Mohamed Lahouaiej Boisvert.

And in case his name isn’t a tip-off that this wasn’t some right-wing Christian gun-loving nut job, witnesses claim he shouted – wait for it – Allahu Akbar – before opening fire on officers.

“Sadly, of course all of us know by now these Arabic words meaning God is greatest.

“French President Francois Hollande declared it an ‘undeniable’ terrorist attack. So far, however, we have yet to hear leaders come out and put that word ‘Islamist’ in front of the words ‘terrorist attack’ – no doubt for fear of being politically incorrect and risking accusations of rushing to judgement.”

The so-called “Religion of Peace” strikes again. How many times do innocent people have to be injured or killed before we realize that radical Islam is at war against the West?

The article’s author, Michelle Jesse, closes with a great point:

Tragically, the attacker was known to police as a career criminal, but not known to intelligence services. One has to wonder… were there red flags authorities might have picked up on in his criminal past to suggest a terror risk, had they not been willfully blinded by political correctness?”

Do you agree with the premise that French police were being too politically correct to possibly arrest the attacker and prevent this tragedy from happening?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


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      1. The Redman

        Hey, old dusty nuts. yall white-folks have a whole lot 2 do wit it. hahahahaahhaha

    1. Elly

      Didn’t get his 72 virgins, eh? This political correctness needs to stop. It’s affecting how the whole world is going mad.

          1. Rodney Steward

            Now redboy, which it be, pink skin or White skin, it ain’t both U dumb POS and tell yo mama I’ll plow her garden when I get time and to stop calling me 5 times a day!

        1. Elly

          Your comment isn’t even worthy of a response. Others think the same regarding your ignorance.

          1. got my licence

            Look at redmans profile. Its blocked, All would find if you could access it would be white folks and haha. No intelligent life at his house.

          2. got my licence

            Elly, don’t insult whales. I am sure that whale sperm is smarter than redman.

          3. Bernie

            Oh boy, look at Redman!! The caring, sympathetic lib making fun of gays.
            As I have told all of you in the past, “Libs (left-wingers) are not really liberal…..They’re phonies”!!

          4. The Redman

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          5. Bernie

            How many times must you be told.
            There was no America before White-folk.
            So how could they ruin it?
            Did White-folk ruin Europe? Did White-folk ruin Australia?

          6. The Redman

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          1. Bernie

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        1. The Redman

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    2. Alex Ferguson

      How about the last words of Jesus, the bastard son of a false ‘god’ who arranged his bastard son’s very public murder: “Fuck you, Dad!”

      1. Karin Isbell

        To Alex Ferguson: Repeat your words when you sizzle in Hell, begging for a drink of water

          1. Alex Ferguson

            Can’t you read? The ‘god’ of the Muslims/Jews/Christians is nothing but an angry and hateful fiction. Please tell me you don’t buy the Noah’s Ark crap……..

          2. Elly

            My God is a loving, forgiving God. I’m sure you are an atheist, but that’s okay. Maybe some day you will find the true God.

  1. Rock

    Going to be hearing Allahu Akbar a lot here in the U.S. soon thanks to Obama bringing them here. Hillary will follow suit. Funny how those heavily protected, don’t give a rats A$$ about those who aren’t. Anything for a vote…. Be prepaired !

    1. Nina

      She won’t follow suit if people,in this country wake the hell up in a hurry!! Don’t let Hollywood let them guide their vote like a lot of them did with Obummer! This is a do or die election on so many fronts for this nation, I pray every day for our nation, will continue.

    2. The Redman

      U ah gun worshiping coward, let yo beloved guns save U and yo hater family. white-folks R the reason Y ISIS wanna kill U pink heads. hahahahahahahahah. rock-hound

  2. Grim Reaper

    There is no difference between radical Islam or Islam. Muslims all subscribe to the ravings of the same demonic prophet Muhammad, and should all be treated equally by being banned and ostracized from whatever nation they are in or trying to get to. They represent the Religion of Terror and the Religion of Murder, and I would suggest that Religion it’s followers or its sympathizers has no place in a civilized country or nation.

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal

      That’s right. The only radicle Muslim, is a Muslim who rejects Sharia Law, and much of the Koran. Go find one, if you can.

      1. The Redman

        Doesn’t dat remind U hater white-folks of hater white-folks. hahahahahahahahahah

          1. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

            You wouldn’t know a fact if it hit you in the head!
            I bet your redman handle is about your politics and not your skin color

          2. The Redman

            I bet yo inbreeding is a fact, and yo hate and stupidity is yo politics, huh. dick. hahhahahaahahahahah

      1. Grim Reaper

        A savage is a savage is a savage. Makes no difference what race or religion one hides behind. Muslims follow the dictates of Muhammad so that puts all of them squarely at odds with those that believe in Democracy, Freedom, and the Constitutution. That is why Islam has no place in America today, and those that advocate for it only advocate for murder and terror, so they also need to go and live with their Muslim brethern.

        1. The Redman

          Hey, creeper. it is written; ALL have SINED. and U R 1 of dem ALL’s. U R A hater of yo fellowman. U R no better then them. U hate people U don’t even know, and have never had a word with em but, U hate em.

          1. Grim Reaper

            I unfortunately have suffered from the loss of someone who was dear to me by the hands of a follower of Muhammad. It is his words and dictates that have ignited his followers to commit the atrocities they have all around the world. Those that subscribe or honor Islam honor evil, and the wickedness that comes from it. Islam is purely satanic and that is why it has no place in this nation. So get thee behind thee Satan!

          2. The Redman

            U old idiot. U even have a satanic post name, and white-folks R known all over the world, dat, yall R the worse terrorist on the earth. yall live in denial jes like yo father satan. who ever it was dat U “lost” is in hell. creeper

  3. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    There is nothing in the Quran that says those virgins are going to be women! LOL

  4. Alex Ferguson

    We have MUCH MORE to fear from Christian terrorists than Muslims—Wade Michael Page, Frazier Glenn Cross, James Huberty, Anders Behring Breivik, etc……..

    1. Elly

      You surely are kidding. Islamist terrorists have no conscience and they may come after you too. They are a real threat, however if you listen to their mentor Obama, they think like you and Obama can’t ever let the words “Islamic terrorists” pass his lips. He’s a Muslim too and clearly had said in the past that if things get tough he would stand by the Muslims rather than the Americans who voted him in office. He has been the worst president this country has ever experienced.

      1. Alex Ferguson

        WRONG–the worst president in this wretched country’s sad history would be Nazi-sympathizer Reagan, who traded arms-for-hostages and arms-for-drugs so that he could continue to oversee the rapes and murders of THOUSANDS of Central American peasants. Reagan burns in Hell betwixt Josef Stalin and John Wayne Gacy…….

        1. Elly

          There’s no sense in responding to your liberal brainwashed brain. You must be a Hillary loyalist, shame on you. I urge you to watch the movie “Hillary’s America”. If elected she may be the worst president this country has had.

          1. Alex Ferguson

            So….no refutation about NAZI-sympathizer Reagan? Nice to know you at least understand a few things. Cheers!

          2. See Janus

            Knew the guy. I was at UC Berkeley when he came to campus with his fist rage, screaming “I will you destroy you punks”. He loved Jelly Belly candies, too.

        2. T6Harvard

          Time for your meds, sonny. Or something. Change of diaper, could be. Something is irritating this child. Maybe saw a mirror.

    2. See Janus

      Yes, and let’s not forget the 70 Million tortured and murdered during the 700+ years of the Roman Catholic Inquisition. I appreciate your concern, however, in recent times, there appears to be a more organized group of Islamic Terrorists, no matter how well funded, armed, trained, transported and fed by the United States, who are busy harming and injuring nonMuslims. Hillary wants America to think, falsely of course, that the Republicans are to blame. She does smirk often, especially when she pulls the wool over the eyes of American zombie groupies.

    3. Joey Smith


  5. Alex Ferguson

    Are all of you gun fetishist cowards going to leave the country when Madame President-to-be Clinton takes office? NO one will miss you…….

      1. T6Harvard

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          1. Alex Ferguson

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      2. Alex Ferguson

        It’s rapist/wife-beater tRump that keeps the book of Hitler’s speeches close at hand, Teabagger…….

        1. Name

          You better read your history books on Hitler’s speeches and then look at Hillary’s speeches

          1. See Janus

            Yes, Hitler read Homer Lea’s works before writing Mein Kampf, and he was an American. Full circle, my dear.

        2. See Janus

          Trump sues those who slander him. Bet you don’t have any evidence of any of your despicable lies.

    1. See Janus

      Oh, folks, we got ourselves a real Troll. How much is the Clinton Crime Family paying you to insult anyone who isn’t a zombie groupie for Hillary?

      1. Alex Ferguson

        It is both cute and flattering when low-info folks assume anyone with erudition, sense, and wit MUST be getting paid!! That’s all you sad people CARE about—money. I do what I do out of the goodness of my soul, with no thought of remuneration…….

        1. See Janus

          Oh, I feel so much better now. Many people are motivated by money including your icons. However, when the DNC buses in Central Casting extras to the tune of 700 folks to fill up those empty seats at the DNC convention the other night, then you know that at least 700 people got their $50 for sitting, clapping, yelling and acting like they care. Phonies are everywhere. Emptiness is a constant. So, good to know you are just entertaining yourself.

  6. See Janus

    There are many issues here. One is that the “leaders” are deliberately censoring the truth, and some how the mainstream media has agreed to go along with this censorship of the true words spoken by these Islamic terrorists who are murdering us. So, why? It goes beyond Political Correctness folks. To deliberately eliminate the truth is Mind Control and ThinkSpeak, right out of the Orwellian 1984 playbook. It’s change reality. Change history. Keep the common folks in the Dark so they know nothing and remain confused. There are many more issues about the Nice, France Islamic Terrorist Attack to be considered including why the police chose to be so few in number in a crowd of over 30,000. Why the cops failed to check this “driver’s” identification which should have pulled up his record, and why they ignored the truck registration which would have shown it was rented, and failed to look in the back of the truck? It is beyond the pale that the Nice, France police failed to protect the pedestrians at all, which could have been done by simply putting up those temporary concrete barriers. There are many aspects of the Nice, France Islamic terrorist attack that just don’t add up to a city or country with the slightest interest in protecting the citizens, residents and tourists. President Hollande’s reaction was mind numbingly slow and apathetic. Hollande showed no interest in Islamic terrorism until they slit the throat of the elderly priest in the Normandy church. Suddenly, he woke up a bit. Now, one of the reasons the word “Islamic” is being heavily censored is that these Islamic terrorists were trained, armed, fed, funded and transported thanks to the courtesy of France, the United States and Saudi Arabia. The US created ISIS to attack Syria. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has repeatedly and publicly stated that she wants the president of Syria destroyed. While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton participated in the creation and funding of ISIS, all the while knowing that ISIS was torturing, raping and killing tens of thousands of innocents, and was moving into Europe to continue the torture, raping, burning, bombing and killing of innocent Europeans. The Clinton Crime Family has made tens of millions from their terrorist clients. So, Americans, ask yourself who created this mess before you start insulting other presidential candidates with the bizarre comment that they “don’t have the insider experience” to be president.

  7. Grim Reaper

    Our nation has no obligation or duty to help people that subscribe to a religion of terror and murder.

  8. Susan

    What virgin, let alone 72, would ever want anything to do with these sleezey
    freakers? They are so stupid!!! When they all arrive in hell, the virgins turn
    into she devils who will tear them limb from limb starting with their genitals!
    LMAO!!!! Then they can shout Animalahu Quackbar!!!!

  9. jd williams

    Imagine what 7 billion people could accomplish if we would just love and respect each other.

  10. LouGots

    No, no! he was a HAWIIAN terrorist, hollering , “ALOHA!”

    Cowardice does disgusting things to people.

  11. kassa1

    Any faction the tries to bring bring down any country, uses all factions to help them bring that country down, then in the end the one that comes out on top eradicates the leaders of all those factions that help and bring that country down.

  12. Rodney Steward

    The biggest problem France has is their socialist President, that thinks like Pelosi, just down right stupid on most things! Get out of the USELESS EU and then step down and let someone with some sense and love of country take over and rid the gutter rats that have infested your country! The killing WILL NOT stop until you do this!!

  13. Eileen Jones

    The silence of moderate muslim about Radical Islamic Terrorism ……IS ACCEPTANCE ! They read the same book , therefore we can assume they believe the same things !

  14. rebeccadewhirst

    political correctness is polluting our country and is another form of unfree speech