You Won’t Believe What Slick Willie Did At a Hotel Before a Speech

If your perception of Bill and Hillary Clinton was already bad, here’s something that could make it even worse. Recently revealed public records showed that Bill Clinton made some outrageous demands before a public speaking engagement.

The unbelievable details are from the Conservative Tribune:

“Clinton became a six-figure speaker after leaving the White House. If that weren’t already sickening enough, a recent report detailed some of what his handlers called ‘reasonable expenses.’

“Hmm … what would be considered reasonable? Well, according to the report, back in 2002 the president-turned-speaker demanded that he be flown by private jet from San Francisco to the speaking venue – a mere 70 miles away – at the University of California Davis Mondavi Center.

“After that he made a series of phone calls from his hotel that racked up a bill of $1400.00, not to mention his ‘reasonable’ $700 dinner for two, according to documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

“Oh, and if you wondered if Clinton paid for these items himself? Don’t be silly. They were charged to the event organizers ,.. on top of his speaking fee.”

The Clintons can charge whatever they want for their speeches, that’s how the free market works. As long as they’re just for speaking engagements, and not influence in the halls of federal power.

It doesn’t reflect well on the Clintons’ already poor public perception that they’ve used and abused their political power ever since their days in Arkansas.

If this is what we can expect from Bill and Hillary, what else will they get their money-grubbing hands into if Hillary is elected president?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


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    1. disqus_HmhlZlvKbp

      That kind of thing is what I initially thought.
      Specifically him arranging for a bj.

    2. jreg9304

      Sure and if you hadn’t noticed, old sicko slicko willy has gotten quite thin as of late.. I can almost guarantee that the sicko has a very common disease called HIV.. HE SURE LOOKS THE PART and it just might come out as mentioned…

        1. Meathead

          Naw, she prefers her “lady assistant” over him and doesn’t care what he pokes nor where.

      1. Timothy

        True …….I’ve been listening to dnc feel getting sick one time Albright said there a place in hell for women that don’t Vote for Hilliary did not know she new God …we really don’t need hellary that was lie she can’t be religious ….Trump16….. I could say that to but I don’t know him either ..dumbcrats like to lie…

    1. See Janus

      Got it, just like skimming, tithing and polygamy for Mormons, and polygamy with child brides for the followers of Mohammed.

        1. See Janus

          Yes, how did you know? Thousands of years of first cousins marrying first cousins and double first cousins, and you?

  1. Peter Morey

    The” SILVER ZIPPER”as willie is known as govenor of arkansaw ha snever changed. There is not a skirt around that is safe from SlickWillie. Hillaryprotects him so she can advance her own agenda. I vote for putting her in jail.

    1. Gloria D.

      Exactly!! I vote for TRUMP!! God bless the good people in America. It’s a fight between good and evil..I believe the good will win..but we all gotta fight back hard!! Vote for safety and AMERICA FIRST!!

  2. Kmat

    I wonder what his fee is to speak at the DNC Convention? Will his opening line be “Hillary is the most wonderful wife a guy could have, she doesn’t care how many women and children I sleep with and even defends me. How could a man have a better wife?”

  3. disqus_HmhlZlvKbp

    Why is that unbelievable? The title for this article is what is unbelievable.
    I have no problem believing that whatever they do is believable.
    You know from a criminal, immoral, sex acts, crooked, and lies point of view!

  4. generalJed

    More dead associates, “I don’t know anything about its”, missing e-mails and documents, lies, one new crime per day, and a whole new cast of fall guys (i.e. ” the security guys were responsible for what I was supposed to do”), and ” what difference, at this point, does it make’. Hillary and Bill will sell out the U.S. for fractions of a penny on the dollar, putting all of us in extreme danger.

  5. Judy

    really upsetting that they think they should have more privileges than anyone else. Good grief, you’d think they were Obama’s the way they act. Oh, maybe the Obama’s got their ideas from the Clintons? Ya think?



  7. Original Anna

    How old is Clinton now. He has heart trouble and really should not be roaming around building up his wife. My Father started losing weight at the end and Clinton’s lost of weight might be a sign of his body giving up. I am not a doctor so just saying but even my Brother noticed how Clinton looks and my Brother is not a person who notices much around him, I’m guessing my Brother wouldn’t make a good witness to any event so if my Brother says “Is he sick.” after seeing Clinton on the news, than Clinton doesn’t look as if he is well.

  8. WVF

    Slck and Slimy Billy-Boy is a man about town. Apparently, he was looking for love in any place, that’s probably what he spent most of the phone call money on. In addition, he had to stay in touch with America’s enemies around the world, especially the Middle East so that the big cash could keep rolling into the Clinton Crime Foundation Initiative (CCFI).

  9. iwojimafan

    Bill Clinton is still nothing but a RAPIST and SEXUAL PREDATOR and I can’t believe the Morons in the DemocRAT Party Idolize him and his Pathological LYING wife Hitlery Clinton

  10. Mike

    14 year old news isn’t news. We know what the Clinton mob family is all about. Maybe conservative news room could come up with something more relevant.
    I don’t care one twit about the Clintons. Wish everyone of them were in prison.

  11. Bob Pemble

    There should be a Law, that a spouse of the POUS, can not make any private speaking engagements. Who knows how many secrets will they let out accidently, or in the Clintons case, what difference dose it make.

  12. kassa1

    I figured he was out there groping women as usual as he’s too old Rape one and besides as one of the women that Clinton tried to rape says his picture wasn’t any bigger than a babies.

  13. Clarence Ewasiuk

    one Glock 9mm and 4 proj. 2 for Willie and 2 for Killary,,,,,,,,,,,,….PROBLEM SOLVED.

  14. charles rocco

    This man is an abomination on the People of this country from the moment he first hit the White House. The shame of it all is, their marriage is one of convenience, the convenience of the Party and for no other reason. Let us NOT restore them to the White House to continue their pretension of marriage while both of them have many other interests, interests that do not include the PEOPLE of this country.

  15. Tony

    Bill was trying to cheer up Hillary.

    He reminded her that Nelson Mandela spent 20 years in jail before he became President of South Africa!

  16. Michael Bribriesco

    To the editor
    People are poking fun at a man named Bernie Sanders who has positive ideals of turning America around. His opponent Hillary Clinton has had powerful political stature beginning with her Husband Bill Clinton (Slick Willie) appointment to the Arkansas Attorney General office commencing in 1976 one year after her marriage to Bill Clinton a known draft dodger. Bill Clinton in 1978 was then elected to Arkansas governorship and Bill along with Hillary was on their way to the Whitehouse.
    Bill Clinton prior to his election to the Whitehouse promised that he would not Sign NAFTA along with other unkempt promises to include the taking of funds from the Chinese during his election campaign.
    Hillary Clinton has waffled all over the place trying win the votes of we the people from denouncing same sex marriages, supporting Social Security, supporting a viable health care system, stopping outsourcing of government jobs (Blackwater) , stop big business from taking over our lives and the list goes on.
    It is this writer’s opinion that collectively within their 41 years of public services Mr. and Mrs. America could have started new factories, stopped the robbery of 401Ks, Stopped the bringing of foreigners into this country at the expense of we the people, stop all methods of illegal foreigners from entering USA (Not just one nationality), reform the tax laws, stop giving money to foreign countries, stop giving business tax breaks to foreigners, stop racial disparity etc. To this writer it is a proven fact they were not the solution but an addition to tour country’s long standing problems.
    I find it ironic there is no difference between Hilary and Trump they have the power to put America in the production mode instead of china and failed to do so; to say the least Bill and Donald chose not to serve our countries military.
    So do we elect another puppet whose puppeteer is big business for another four years with spouting the same rhetoric or somebody like Bernie Sanders who is willing take America forward and stop we the people from having to join organizations to stop the injustices performed against we the people who at the present pay taxes to be mistreated. In my opinion if you are aware of the injustices perpetrated by government officials you are as guilty as the perpetrators.
    In my opinion Ms. Clinton would serve a better purpose being a proponent to the manufacturing of Slick Willie ML cigars in their advertisement department instead of running the most powerful nation in the world that the Clintons assisted in the demise of the manufacturing of American made products product.
    Note Hillary is boasting that she will not lose the Democratic party selection for president I opine due to the upper echelon puppets of the Democratic Party whose puppeteers are big business could choose against the democratic voters and select Hillary.