The Strangest Part of Bernie Sanders’ Endorsement of Hillary

You may have watched on July 12 as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders swallowed his last few shreds of dignity and endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nominee for president.

But that’s not the strangest part of the story, as reported by the Conservative Tribune and The Hill:

‘She will be the Democratic nominee for president, and I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States.

“While Sanders was trying to convince his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton, she was standing right behind him trying to convince Sanders’ supporters that, nope, she was still the same dislikable, fake politico America had always thought her to be.

“How so, you may ask? Well, as Sanders was giving his paean to Clinton from the podium, Hillary was standing behind him nodding like a bobblehead android at her own greatness and the tenets of the liberal wing of the Democrat Party. 

“Don’t believe me? Check out this montage of the 406 freaking times she managed to nod during Sanders’ speech.”


This less-than-candid moment is another example of why Hillary hasn’t connected that well with the American public. The “real” Hillary only seems to come through when she’s angry. For example, when she blurted out during her Congressional grilling on Benghazi: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

She could have tried to act like a real human being for a half hour. Then she could go back to her campaign bus and put on the Darth Vader suit again. Instead, she acted so conspicuously awkward that everyone knew how fake she was being.  And it was another reminder why we don’t like her.

A big reason why she hasn’t been able to pull away from Donald Trump (even with a compliant mainstream media in the tank for her) is because most Americans know how plastic and insincere she is.

Do you think this insincerity will turn off enough Americans so that she doesn’t win the White House in November?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Kenj

    The way it’s been going, if Sanders wants to live and stay in politics he’d better brag her up.

  2. Elly

    Hopefully the American people, and especially Sanders supporters, will see her for what she is, a pathological liar, corrupt, and only cares about herself and not the American people. She will carry on Obama’s destructive agenda and this country will earn its third world status.

  3. Kenj

    Hitlery is nothing more than a murderous, racist liar. She is willing to keep playing the race card even if it does divide the nation. She doesn’t care. A friend of the Clinton’s wrote a book stating when blacks visited and were walking away, they would both say, “stupid n****r”. Now she says that “whites” are the problem, just to get more black votes! Typical southern democrap!

    1. proudtexan62

      There is not an American she and Bill like, white, Black, Latino, Asian or any other ethnic group. She is just pandering to them to get votes and then the real Hillary will emerge. They should know that from the last eight years but they believe to keep the checks coming not realizing she is using them.

    2. BobTrent

      Lowlife Yankee, Hillary Klinton isn’t a Southerner. She was born and raised in Chicago. Not even southern Illinois.

    3. h m rowland

      Liar? PENCE lied to you in 2004 and that lie cost us thousands of lives of sons and daughters, that’s more than 4, when he TESTIFIED BEFORE CONGRESS that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. PENCE LIES MATTER !

      1. Kenj

        Over 2,000 innocent lives (men, women and yes children) were lost as a result of countries allowing these low-life jihadists to practice combat to rid the world of non-believers, including atheists. All the WMD’s were disposed of before coalition forces could get them in fear of the enemy using it on them. Some of the proof was in the lakes inside Baghdad where one of the lakes was actually red. The rest was most likely spilled into the sand somewhere. Iraqi forces wouldn’t use the WMD because they didn’t want to commit suicide being the enemy was too close and the weapons would have taken too many of their own forces as well. That coupled with the fact that they were outnumbered didn’t make sense to use the WMD’s. When they invaded Kuwait, they were issued an ultimatum from Bush and given ample time to get out. The real reason Kuwait was invaded was Iraq would have captured one third (1/3 of the world’s oil) and Hussein was acting like Hitler. Hussein also was trying his hand at genocide as well in northern Iraq and the world saw it (110,000 Shiites gassed mostly women and children) as the media did their best to hide it. If you understand military, I shouldn’t have to continue here!
        Women are all 2nd class life forms in their religion and anyone seeing differently must realize they’re most likely seeing it in this country because sharia law doesn’t exist here….yet. Hitlery gets into office and that too will change. The dumbrats have found a weakness in voters who think about race instead of what’s best for the country. It was the dumbrats who brought back racism in the U.S. Things were getting better and then all hell broke loose. The media pounds on a black man getting shot but when a little girl gets raped and killed and she happens to be white and the killer is black, it gets covered up! I don’t know why, I just know it because I see it every single day. I’m white, do I get on my high horse and lose control and go looking for something to kill? NO! That is because I have common sense and use it. I once saw an assembly line shut down for 45 minutes because someone told a supervisor “we’re short on bolts”. A little man overheard it and wanted satisfaction. How much more stupidity must we put up with before we can start progressing? PC is nothing more than a wannabe bully’s way of trying to get attention and trying to make people do something different instead of the norm. These useless humans have to realize there are those of us who are also offended when they get on their own little PC band wagon. By the way, I shut the little runt up on the assembly line and got an applause as a result. I’ve seen giants of men only 5’3” tall, and very small men 6’9” tall! It isn’t the size, its what the person is all about and you liberals just don’t seem to get it, or don’t want to face the truth. Either way, I could care less. You offend me with your PC and lack of understanding.

        1. Kenj

          I have seen land lords sued because they kicked out scum who didn’t clean their apartment. Human waste 3″ deep. If you believe everything people in Vegas tell you, I have a bridge to sell you for cheap.

          1. Kenj

            Don’t bother us anymore, you offend us and that according to your little pc bible is wrong! OUT!


      According to the only book author of The Don that hasn’t been sued, Wayne Barrett, in his 30 yr. study, “Trump”(now released as e-book, “The Greatest Show”)tells us that when Millertrump would take his friend John Gotti, the real Don(and Giuliani)to his casinos all black employees were “sequestered in the back of the house”. The same is true for times when Trump would take his many wives to the club. Information supported by employees and managers as well as Barrett’s eyes.
      Trump has been sued twice by the U.S. Justice Dept. for discrimination in housing, in case you have evidently not noticed the racism dripping from his mouth, his eyes, his…wherever. .

  4. moral antagonist

    Bernie Sanders was and is a total disgrace to the American people.His wife tried his rhetorical crap on the college she worked for,it just went bankrupt. The fact is someone has to eventually pay for all this not so free stuff.If you don’t believe me the next ad you see saying if you buy one they will give you one free. Ask them to send you the free one and keep the one they are trying to sell.

    1. BobTrent

      The grand object of politics is to live at someone else’s expense. Living at someone else’s expense without his free and voluntary, uncoerced consent is called “SLAVERY.”
      The secret to voter appeal is, “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me. Tax that fellow over by the tree.”

  5. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Remember Benghazi? and her comment “What does it matter now?” Those murders could have been prevented, BUT the “Hillercow” couldn’t be bothered!
    Then there was her lawyer who committed “suicide” by shooting himself in the BACK of the head! The “hillybillies” then CLEANED OUT the files in his office!

  6. kassa1

    The only people who would vote for this treAsnous, lying, murdering, witch would be 3 types of people! 1 people with large sums of money theNWO , communist ILLIGALS the people on the govt (taxpayer funded) Dole and then the people who are tooooo stupid to think for THEIRSELF , and know nothing about HER history or past!

  7. JoAnn Dolberg

    The only people who will vote for Hillary are the ones who really enjoy being enslaved. You Hillary-supporters are being used. This woman is incapable of love for anyone but herself. She does not even like you, otherwise, she would do the things that protect you…like tell the truth and act lawfully as she expects you to do. Don’t fall for it…there is no honor in being deceived.
    I’m with TRUMP!

  8. BobTrent

    Bernie doesn’t want his name to be added to the Klinton Body Count! Many friends’ and supporters’ names have already made it to this not-so-exclusive list!

  9. BARRY

    Isn’t it amazing how well she snowballs the minorities and the uninformed that she cares, lol, about them when all she’s doing is blowing smoke up their ass, stabbing them in the back and humiliating them at the same time and these poor souls have no clue that she’s using them to get their votes. That’s all she cares about, she doesn’t give a rats ass about anybody accept the Clintons and the establishment. May she rot in hell !

  10. h m rowland

    Bernie lost the primary but he won the future. The seed of hope for a civilized nation and selfless quality of life has been planted.

  11. Jack Magurn

    I expect that the upcoming elections will have to overcome two obstacles to electing the correct individual; either Obama will read the handwriting on the wall and declare Martial Law canceling the election, or we will see fraud on a scale that will dwarf all previous elections!

        1. Lilipatch

          Keep bashing Romney, the Bushes, the McCains and any other Rino establishment elite you want – “WE DON’T LIKE THEM EITHER” – that’s why Trump is the nominee! How much is the Hitlery paying you to spread bullsh*t. I wonder why they have predicted 50,000 protesters at the DNC next week – because they like her????

          1. UND2RESRCH

            50,000? All 3 of Trumps litters are going? I guess FOX didn’t show you the blocks of protesters last week or the wall they built around the entire Q. Democracy Now! did.

          2. Lilipatch

            Ya know – it’s really annoying when a troll goes around intentionally to annoy other people. When I reply to an uninformed person, I answer honestly. I have more life experience than the years you’ve been alive because I can tell by your answers.
            If that’s all you listen to is CNN, they’ll tell you they were peaceful, educated protesters, but truthfully, they were all outcasts, misfits, with every part of their bodies pierced, holding “Communist Revolution” signs, and they’ll be waiting to see Hillary too.

            This election is not a party election, it’s about getting rid of all establishment “career politicians” who have done nothing for either party, and that’s what we did. We don’t want Hillary because we all know too well who she is and what she’s going to do. We are all human and just want to keep what’s left of America ..And by the way, don’t always assume unless you know .. I don’t watch Fox .. they went liberal a few years back, AND Trump supporters won’t be there – they have jobs.

  12. Roknrobin Thirty-two

    While this was going on I thought to myself, “That’s a ‘bobble-head’ there!”

  13. Frankdidit

    I have said this before and I will say it again.

    Trump for the White House
    Hillary (aka Hilldabeast) for prison
    Sanders for the scull ranch.

  14. Mark Glamack Littluns

    It’s about the facts of her carelessness and incompetence. It’s all about the Clinton’s first at the expense of our country. It’s about the insiders having their chance and blowing it. This is about the American people seeing her for what she is – a con artist who has no leadership abilities. Queen Bill and King Hitlery never held real jobs in their lives, using the taxpayers to become millionaires which for them was the shortest distance to make that happen and most likely never would have happened any other way. As the old saying goes, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.” Hopefully King Hitlery will no longer muck up the works. Hopefully she will be sent out to pasture in exchange for true leadership.


    It’s time we stop being polite about what is going on. It’s time we stop sending out the funny memes and making cheap comparisons. It’s time we stop dancing around what is truly, frighteningly, happening in this country.

    We can no longer deny that Donald J. Trump is running a fascist, hate-filled campaign based on absolutely nothing but fear and hate. We didn’t take into account his playbook, which will be addressed later

    A lawsuit was filed against him for attempted rape. When The New York Times ran the story, the Trump campaign contacted the victim in question, Jill Harth, and tried to pressure her into recanting her account of the events and to say that she made it all up. Ms. Harth is standing by the account as described in her lawsuit. He sexually assaulted someone and wants them to shut up about it.

    Trump would have no qualms limiting our Freedom of Speech. He has repeatedly stated he would shut down parts of the internet (if that were possible), he sends cease and desist letters to anyone who criticizes him with the truth, just ask Tony Schwartz, the ghost writer of “The Art of the Deal”. This is a man who undoubtedly would crush anyone who would dare to talk about him in the same manner that he has talked about President Obama and countless others.

    Freedom of the Press would be history. You just need to look at how he handles publications that run articles viewing him in a less than favorable light. The country would be left with propaganda rags who run only pro-Trump messages.

    Muslims who are U.S. citizens could face being deported for no other reason than the sheer fact that people they have no contact with and share no common traits with other than religion are extremists. Trump would kill the families of terrorists even if they were against radicalization. This, by the way, is a war crime.

    Trump is a man who admires inhumane dictators. He has openly praised fascist leaders who oppress their people. He admires their power and their strength. In other words, he has no interest in and does not care about people. He cares about power and strength keeping people in line.

    He thinks it’s acceptable to put guns in schools. There’s no justifying that.

    In an interview with Lesley Stahl, he talked about how he knew his Vice Presidential pick, Mike Pence, voted for the Iraq war. He has used Hillary’s vote for the war against her and repeatedly called it an indication of bad judgement. Ms. Stahl cornered him on that. Trump said Mike Pence was “allowed to make a mistake once in awhile.” Lesley asked, “But Hillary’s not?” Trump answered, “No, she’s not.” Hypocrisy at its finest.

    He has made up things as he goes along that have no basis in truth whatsoever. He claimed someone had a moment of silence for the shooter responsible for the deaths of the five Dallas police officers. That never happened. In fact, he makes a lot of claims that have never happened, including that he was against the Iraq war from the start. He makes up stats, i.e., “in fact, the unemployment rate is up near 42%”. And people believe him!

    As far as women are concerned, you can sum that up by his comment that it doesn’t matter if he gets bad press as long as he has a beautiful piece of ass next to him.

    Trump has never talked about caring for the working people, the poor or the disenfranchised. He takes every issue, every topic, every opportunity to talk about himself. He is beyond the text book example of an egocentric. Nothing is about the American people, it is all about Donald Trump.

    Then there are the things we’ve already seen over and over, the “Mexico sends rapists” comment, the mocking of a disabled person, the clip of “I can shoot someone in the street”, the self-congratulations after domestic terrorism, and on and on.

    He made immigration a front-and-center issue and preyed on fear that these immigrants are criminals who are stealing our jobs and worse.

    He preyed on the fear of terrorism. He has made it sound as if terrorists are washing up on our shores in the thousands and hiding under our beds when this is not the case.

    He takes every opportunity, including domestic terrorism carried out by U.S. Nationals, to say that he was right, only he was correct about radicalization. This isn’t true but that doesn’t matter.

    Trump portrays our current leadership as weak and ineffective. He insinuates they have exposed us to international threats. How many times have we heard him say President Obama is weak? How Hillary has exposed us? How unsafe we are?

    He talks about being strong, how the world must fear us. He says we must be smart but also says we must be forceful and feared.

    He encourages violence. He does not denounce the vile and dangerous comments of his supporters. He is happy when he hears the crowd yell “lock her up”. He did not denounce the comment that Hillary should be shot. He encouraged violence at his rallies.

    Now, let’s look at some history:

    In every case of a dark mark in history, you will find a common thread: the mix of fear and deeply held beliefs, which lead to a herd mentality. This has been a very successful tool from the Salem Witch Trials to Nazi Germany to the McCarthy hearings. Every dark event in history bears this trait.

    You will find in every rise of a dictator a common thread: making people think they are under attack and unsafe while convincing them the current leaders are weak and they, and only they, can keep the people safe.

    Common traits among fascist regimes, including Hitler, Mussolini and Franco: the use of patriotic symbols and mottos, identification of the enemy, supremacy of the military, controlling of the media, sexism, intertwining of religion and government, corporate power is protected, an obsession with national security.

    From Hermann Goering, a leader of the Nazi Party: “. . . . . it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

    THIS. This is Trump’s playbook. He has literally taken pages from the rise of dictators to the rise of Hitler. This is not a cheap comparison. This is actually what he is doing.

    He preys on fear and mixes it with religion, which is why he insists on calling it “radical islam” because it ties it to the religion and not the individual terrorists.

    He has successfully convinced people they are under attack from all sides, that President Obama is weak and only he can keep them safe using power and force.

    Trump is a man who wants power. He does not care about the citizens in this country. He wants power. He wants control. He wants to be America’s first Dictator. If marshal law is your desire, punch that dot beside the name Trump.

    This cannot not be denied. It cannot be shoved aside any longer and it’s time we stop being polite about it.

    22,000,000 emails destroyed from a private server by POTUS George Bush/Rove in 2007, where was your bitch then ?

  16. Clarence Ewasiuk

    Dear Mother of God, If she becomes pres. , someone will surely assassinate her. I hope all Sanders supporters grab a fucking brain and vote for TRUMP. He is the answer to ALL of the problems with big government. He is truly an honest man. Wake up Democrats. Time for a CHANGE.


      Sanders and Miller are opposites I wouldn’t count much crossover. The ‘Gotham City Speech’ yelled at us like the bogey man after a German sausage dinner sent many running the other way. Colbert said it best…”a Bernie voter switching to Trump would be like ordering a Coke and the waiter tells you ‘no Coke’ and then you say, just fill my mouth with bees.”