Hercules Actor Silences Haters When He Reveals Who Jesus Would Vote For

When asked by a TMZ photographer about who Jesus Christ would likely vote for in this year’s presidential election, Kevin Sorbo – who starred in the television series “Hercules” during the 1990s and early 2000s – provided a fascinating answer.

Here’s the un-politically correct answer as reported by ConservativeTribune.com:

“‘Well, I would have to say Trump. The lessor of two evils.

“He added that Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton has been involved in more scandals than even notorious former President Richard Nixon could have ever imagined.

“‘Watergate is a joke compared to what’s going on in the White House today.’

“Moreover, Clinton had zero accomplishments on her belt.

“‘Every time I ask a Democrat what Hillary has done they never have a really good answer,’ Sorbo explained. ‘They have zero answers.’

When the TMZ photographer tried to argue that even Jesus wouldn’t be allowed into America if Trump were president, the “Hercules” actor fired back with another epic truth bomb:

“‘Why wouldn’t he? Look I am Norwegian. That’s my heritage. If there’s Norwegians going around strapping bombs and blowing people up, you can check me. I don’t mind if you racial profile against me. I have nothing to hide.'”

This is a rare and great thing from a Hollywood actor: Someone who publicly proclaims what they believe, even if it doesn’t conform with the liberal Hollywood norm.

And while Trump may not be the ideal conservative candidate, I don’t think any Republican or conservative (outside of the DC Beltway) wants to see Hillary Clinton as our 45th President.

Do you agree with Kevin Sorbo that Trump is the lesser of two evils and the better choice for president?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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  1. selahgreene

    The willful ignorance of the TMZ reporter would be laughable, if it wasn’t so pathetic. “If Trump were president, even Jesus wouldn’t be allowed into the US.”???? Trump wants to stop the immigration of those who hate us, those who hate our culture, our religion, our way of life; he wants to stop the immigration of Muslims, those who have sworn to destroy our nation. Jesus is a Jew from Israel. He is not a hate-driven false god worshiper from Arabia.

    1. Gloria D.

      Agreed. See how these articles are filled with lies and falsehoods. They spew hatred everyday..it’s called liberal media. All because TRUMP IS FAR UP ABOVE HILLARY IN THE POLLS..YES!!! TRUMP wants to stop ILLEGAL immigration. YOU ARE 100% correct!! Fire TMZ!!! People go see HILLARYS AMERICA!! If after anyone still wishes to vote for the WITCH OF BENGHAZI, move out of our Country because you do not deserve the freedoms you take for granted.

      1. Larry Velasco

        HANG THE MURDEROUS BITCH and LIAR. NOW. Do barry soetoro hussein at the same time. Get RID of two for one. They are both EVIL

        1. Gloria D.

          Totally in agreement with you!! Enough is enough!! Did you see the hypocrisy at that dem convention..I couldn’t even listen for 5 minutes because of all the lies!! Did you see the huge fencing they put around that place and all the security with their firearms??? WHAT HYPOCRITES!!! They want to take our guns away but they want to be protected 24/7!! Classic Dem/Lib logic!! They don’t give a crap about us, they only care about themselves. They’re bringing in the mothers of the thugs that killed our men in blue to talk to the audience at the dem convention..SICK, what a disgrace…also the mothers of thugs that got killed by our officers. What a bunch of twisted sisters!!! They’ve had 8 yrs. and things have gotten steadily worse. Hardly no law and order anymore. It seems they’re trying to kill off the good part of our society..us..by letting these people out of prison and walk the streets that shouldn’t be on the streets because of their rap sheets, with us along side with all these refugees and illegals coming in here by the crapload!!! It’s almost like they want us, the good law abiding citizen to get hurt or worse. We are all just sitting ducks. This is ridiculous!! We can’t even rely on our Congress to do the right thing. They should have gotten rid of Obama and Hillary a long time ago. There is no justice anymore. What kind of an example is that to our kids??? Do the crime , pay NO time!! Unbelievable!! NO..as far as I’m concerned, that party can rot in Hell!! It’s where they belong!! They’re EVIL and must be stopped before America is lost and destroyed forever. I will fight til my last breath before I see this Country turn into a third world one. Too many people brainwashed, but I still believe there are more of us right minded people and WE will end up winning and straightening out this Country to get Her back on Her feet again!! I’m voting TRUMP!! He will make us SAFE again!! If there is one thing I know about Donald J. Trump, he has a good heart and he truly loves this Country, it’s easy to see. Very opposite from the two DEMONS that are trying to win this election from the dem side. If the WITCH of Benghazi doesn’t cheat, Trump will win!! Their time is done!! It’s over!! Time for a new chapter! Time for AMERICA FIRST!!

          1. Larry Velasco

            Only thing is, these Sitting Ducks shoot back. barry soetoro hussein, AKA barrack Obama is a SCUM BALL PUNK and should be HUNG. PERIOD. The Murderous Bitch hillary should be in the tree next to him, then Billy Bob, then Chelsea, then Al Sharpton, then Hairball Reid, the Plastic Face Pelosi and so on.

          2. Gloria D.

            You’ll get no disagreement out of me!! You are totally and completely 100%correct. Yes, we sitting ducks WILL shoot back. They’re people who probably never touched a gun, but we have. They know this I’m sure, that’s why they’re trying to take them from us. I know no one that will give them up. They’ll be hidden before certain people give them up. Oh well, I guess we’ll all be outlaws then. 🙂

          3. Larry Velasco

            You’re AWESOME Gloria D. WE WILL “NEVER” give them up. I would love for that SLIMY, PUNK ASS NEGRO BASTARD AND LIAR to come in person to get mine. I pull his heart, if he has one, out of his chest and feed it to him. He should be HUNG.

          4. Gloria D.

            Back at ya Larry!! Us patriots have to stick together!! Yes he should be strung, for the destruction he’s done to our beautiful Country. He should have been imprisoned a long time ago for the treason he’s committed!! Then given lethal injection but that’s to good for him. Hang in there Larry, with any luck TRUMP WILL WIN!! We gotta keep those Dems from cheating the vote, that’s what I’m afraid of. No voter IDs ..no this, no that. You know they’re gonna let illegals vote. I’d contest this so hard if I was Trump! If he loses that is. But he won’t!!! He will win, and he will win huge..by a landslide!!! UNITED WE STAND!!! God bless Larry…

          5. frustraated

            I pray for an honest election, and for the UN-brainwashing of the part of America that accept the lies.

          6. Larry Velasco

            If the CHEATING clinton’s don’t find a way to get themselves votes legal or ILLEGALLY. They know the ILLEGAL game very well. WE have to STOP the influx of FOREIGNERS coming into this country until it is FIXED. If it never gets fixed, no one gets in. End of story. PRAY FOR AN HONEST ELECTION. Chance of that happening with the Demos. involved in it are slim. Especially with the MURDEROUS ONE running. HANG her.

      2. frustraated

        Saw it and you are SO RIGHT! I hope those people do move out and never come back. I also hope that brainwashed Americans will learn the truth and help stop the fall to communism/dictatorship/world takeover of America! Women voting for Hillary have no clue of what Sharia Law would mean to their rights! Blacks have NO idea how the Democrat party has USED them, all the while trying to do away with their race! Please wake up, Americans! Vote for Trump!

    2. James Johnson

      Not all Muslims hate us. If you are for banning all Muslims than you must be fair and ban everyone. As Kevin pointed out even a Norwegian can commit atrocities against his own people. What’s to stop him from harming others? Easy, build a wall and KEEP EVERYONE out. It’s only fair and will eliminate our worries about rape and murder and terrorist attacks. Except for the inconvenient facts that accidents involving guns means that Americans have killed more Americans than terrorists have. Hell Automobile deaths of Americans have killed a thousand times more Americans than terrorists have. I don’t hear anything from Republicans about banning motor vehicles and guns. What culture are you talking about? The white culture of reciprocal hate? The black culture? What culture is that?
      The American culture of open arms and excepting all who seek a better life with freedom of speech and dreams of one day owning their own home where women as well as men can go to college and get educated and thereby becoming upward mobile economically? So what culture do you believe in unless that one? Pray do tell!
      Destruction of nations comes more quickly from within. Coporate rule has decimated the American dream for most of us. Tax breaks for the rich have always equaled trying times for America. The best of times is when we were able to accomplish the unthinkable and the unimaginable but that was when the rich were paying almost 70-90 % tax rates. Think about it. Income equality was there when an American laborer could reap rewards with hard work. All we have now days for our hard labor is a brand new factory opening in China by an American company whose profits were insane and yet they employed millions of Americans. MOTOROLA. We kissed all that goodbye. What would you do if Obama sought to fine and penalize corporations that do just what Motorola did? Oh and BTW ALLAH is not a false God. He is GOD. In your ignorance you refuse to believe that ALLAH means God in their language and IS the GOD of ABRAHAM, the very same GOD as the bible tells of. THe only difference is that of an extra prophet and addendum to the bible in the Quran which BTW is the Old Testament with said addendum.

      1. Praenestrian

        For Muslims, Jesus is a prophet. For Christians, Jesus is divine. I’d say that is a pretty big difference. Islam is heresy.

        1. James Johnson

          The Catholic church made Jesus divine. It got rid of all the books that dated signify that Jesus was just a prophet. 120 books were to be included in the bible but the church removed any that led the reader to believe that Jesus was anything else but divine. So my friend Jesus did start or as just another prophet but the Catholic church perverted the message for all of us. Good day!

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          1. Karen

            You just keep PROVING with each post what a complete IDIOT you are!! The catholic church didn’t make Jesus divine, God The Father did! He did for you and for me and everyone else, but some people are just to ignorant to find out the TRUTH! The beginning of the Roman Catholic church started around 100 AD. This is AFTER Christ’s death, therefore Catholicism DIDNOT make Jesus divine, in fact the papacy used Christianity and Politics to rule the people, insisting that resistance to the papal authority would was a sure way to hell. They forbid the people to read or even possess a bible, so that the people would remain ignorant and BELIEVE what they were told! This teaching was NOT the true teaching of Christ! So NO my friend, Jesus WASN”T just another prophet as YOU so easy believe! By the way, get yourself a CHRISTIAN BIBLE and TRY reading it! You just might come to see the light! GOD BLESS!!

      2. Gary

        All Muslims, if they hold true to their Koran, are told to lie to and kill Infidels, plain and simple. The only difference between a “radical” and a “peaceful” Muslim is the peaceful one has not yet had the opportunity to cut your throat!! Your stat on accidental gun killings is totally wrong! The latest statistics show less than 275 accidental gun deaths occur in the US, the Muslims have killed far more than that! Are you a Muslim?

        1. James Johnson

          Your stats are blind. Hundreds are killed in this country by accidental shootings and purposed shootings as well. Muslim terrorists are the last of your worries. You should be afraid of your red necked neighbor. He’s far more dangerous.

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          1. Joe Pewter

            the shooting of blacks does need to be addressed and recognized..it does happen without accountability..Trump will make accountability happen..my opinion Trump is political party neutral.correction is trumps message..trump doesnt believe in ‘false flaggs” in order to control ..its easy to see that

          2. 5live5

            Oh wow, you have a 4G LTE!!!! I’ve owned guns for over 50 years and haven’t harmed a single person, except in the service of my country! how dangerous does that make ME bubba? The only one that has to worry about me is anyone that tries to harm me or my family, do you fit that group? If not, you have nothing to worry about from me!

          3. James Johnson

            By the way the phone automatically sends that addendum.  I didn’t. No way to get rid of it either damn technology sometimes aarg. And so far every open carry nut that I have seen so far is just that a nutcase that shouldn’t carry to begin with. And Bubba is a retarded red neck. I’m kind of the opposite of that misplaced abortion.

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          4. James Johnson

            Then may I ask you something? Do you believe in stricter gun laws to keep guns out of the hands of known criminals?

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            ——– Original message ——–

          5. conservative since 1962

            Criminals don’t obey laws, only good citizens obey the law. Do you want criminals to have a major advantage over good citizens?

          6. James Johnson

            Is this about guns? Because if it is, criminals can go to any gun show and purchase a pretty gun to play with right now in Arizona. And your sorry assess who display on your fences that you do indeed have a gun are targets for criminals all they have to do is go up to your house while you’re away and steal your guns. That’s exactly how it happens like it or not.

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          7. conservative since 1962

            Did I mention “guns”? Restricting the rights of citizens because of the illegal acts of criminals just promotes crime.
            Enforce existing laws when they restrain crime and repeal those laws that give a criminal an advantage over the honest citizen!
            As for your statement about criminals going to “any gun show” and being able to buy one, prove it to me!

          8. 5live5

            If Obam enforced the ones on the books right now, it would keep most of them away. If that’s what you truly want then support a a prisoner release list, sent out to every FLL holder, updated daily. anybody on this list is banned from buying without local court intervention. This would keep all LEGAL guns out of the hands of known criminals. There is nothing short of death that will keep illegal guns out of their hands as long as we have Mexico on our border! As long as that is true, I will do everything in my power to keep and carry my weapons!

          9. Ernest_T

            If they could make a law that could keep guns out of criminals hand only and not infringe on anyone else RIGHTS maybe, but that can not be done. If a person misuses arms to commit violent crimes punish them and they lose the right to personally keep and bear arms. If they are found with a gun illegally again execute them. Now that is a law that might work. In general the government needs to get out of the gun control business.

          10. James Johnson

            Let’s just say for shits and giggles for a moment that you are a rightful gun owner who has broken no laws. You want to buy a gun responsibly. You are submitted to background checks. Does this worry you?  Perhaps you have something to hide? No?  Then what are you worried about. Your rights are nor being infringed.

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          11. Ernest_T

            Any Government interfering is an infringement not just denying arms. Infringement is to impair, encroach or trespass on rights of others. The Constitution denies the government power to infringe on the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. I went to buy a gun the shop owner told me I could only chose one race on the background form. why should my race have any influence in my gun ownership. What part of my race did they want me to disregard? He told me if I did not chose only one he would be forced by the government to chose only one for me I walked out. That was a infringement on my 2nd amendment rights. Race should NOT be on any Government form. If I can pick my gender why not my race.

          12. James Johnson

            They are nor infringing upon YOUR rights. They are infringing upon the former rights that you once had as a citizen but lost those rights after you committed a violent or aggravated crime. If you have not committed a crime you have nothing to worry about. For instance drivers are penalized by the bad drivers in way of mandatory insurance. I have never had an accident for over 35 years of driving, yet I have to purchase insurance because some dumb asses out there don’t know how to drive. It costs me in money. The same way it will delay or cost you in the time frames involved getting your gun. It is necessary to help reduce the chances of an ammosexual getting their hands on guns legally. I’m sorry I meant criminal. Does car insurance keep idiots off the road? It helps but doesn’t stop them  completely. They are still out there. But sitting back and doing nothing will create a situation where our highways will become demolition derbies. Same thing with guns, doing nothing will insure that these shootings and violence on our streets continue unabated. And don’t tell me that arming everyone makes us safer. Just yesterday a sheriff in Texas was killed in his own home from a burglary. Want to guess what the burgers were after?  They knew he was a sheriff and had guns in the home so they not only got the guns but a highly trained officer of the law armed to the teeth was still somehow killed despite his having several guns.

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          13. Ernest_T

            Any Government interference is infringement period. The Constitution does not protect you from infringement on the privilege to keep and drive an auto.

            Gun control should be done by family and friends that know the people that are unsafe and should not have a gun. Government is forbidden from infringing on our Rights. Of course most people are not willing to accept their responsibility and would rather whine to the Government to do something.

          14. James Johnson

            You may want to reconsider that families would have the sole right to refuse gun ownership. Many families are under peer pressure from the bullies or head of households that are the gun owners. I mean really whose going to try to take away poppas guns? Failed logic. It takes someone who can professionally determine the maturity level and intelligence levels to own a tool that is designed deliberately to take a human life. Try my own father for instance. We are afraid of HIM. Not a supposed intruder. We live in a peaceful no crime community but he is armed as if we live in Tel Aviv. His response for everything is shoot first. Car accident? “I’ll show that cock sucker and shoot him so he’ll never run into someone again” Text message bump in the store? He turns around and says to the man…”You’re lucky I don’t have my gun!” A crashing noise in the cul de sac? He runs out of the house with a loaded gun. The neighbor dropped his trailer and it sounded like a car crash. His response was to get his gun? What if it was a car crash? What was he going to do? Shoot the survivors? Mental. And your saying we should all tie him up and bound him and take away his guns? Or do you suggest this man continue in his own little world of “SCARY things out there” and be allowed to keep his guns? And he is the most sane of gun owners I know. I lived in Georgia for years and it was extreme stupidity combined with gun ownership that it makes my father look like Einstein in comparison.

          15. Ernest_T

            You are the problem you know a man that is armed and unstable and you refuse to act. You expect a Tyrannical Government to go against the Constitution to do your bidding because you do not have the balls to do anything about it yourself. If your mental father does misuse his gun you are possibly as much at fault as he. If he has for years only talked trash he most likely will never act on these rants but shame on you for not having the guts to confront him. It is people like you that refuse to self govern and turn to much power and liberty over to the government. Shame , Shame , Shame!! The police and nanny state are caused by wimps that will not take personal responsibility. Out Here!!!!

          16. Ernest_T

            I did not say right it is a family and/or friends responsibility to act! Deal with the pressure it is the same as taking the car keys away from a dangerous family member or friend. If you really care for them and others act! Only some guns are designed to take human life. I agree any projectile launching tool can take a life not just guns. If you are prepared there is no need to fear in Tel Aviv or on a peaceful cul de sac. I find you anti gun view to be the extremely stupid one. Where do you live and what are the gun laws like there. I am willing to bet that the stricter the laws the more guns are misused in crime. In gun free zones the criminals kooks and terrorists believe they are the only ones armed. except in the Progressive city of Atlanta The gun misuse rate is low in Georgia.

          17. James Johnson

            As far as Georgia is concerned it is to their advantage to keep such things private. In 5 years in a small town there were at least 24 incidences involving guns being fired inadvertently and on purpose,  mostly domestic issues among retarded married cousins more than likely. As for the rest of your rant you have lost your mind my friend. You’ve moved on into your own little  universe.

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          18. James Johnson

            A friend of mine a gun enthusiast says to me that there is point of sale buying and selling going on at any gun show. I was like no way there should be a background check done. But how is any seller going to check anyone’s background during a gun show? They are not. It is point of sale. His cousin who has spent several years in prison for second degree manslaughter (self defense) went with him to purchase a gun. He looked at and picked up several and choose 2 hand guns. HE paid for them and he walked out of the hangar with 2 hand guns. The nest stop was ammo. He paid for those as well. All the while no one asked him for registration or gun ownership or anything other than an ID. Cash exchanged hands and the gun was packaged and bought. The end. He couldn’t believe how easy it was for him a man with a criminal record to go in plain as day and purchase a gun with nothing more than $300 and an old drivers license.

          19. Ernest_T

            This is the way it should be. It is none of the governments business if two citizens sell guns to each other.
            If the seller is a dealer the law says there must be a background check. Where can I find this place? I would love to buy two guns and ammo for three hundred dollars. This must have been many many several years ago before the government started infringing so much on our RIGHTS!

          20. James Johnson

            Just a couple of months ago.

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            ——– Original message ——–

          21. James Johnson

            In Arizona it is not against the law.

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            ——– Original message ——–

          22. James Johnson

            You clearly are of the north American variety of Christian. You are the one taking the words out and trying to make them mean what you want them to mean. Don’t you think he would have said love less? Instead he used the words willing to hate. Your move.

          23. James Johnson

            Oh and you brought up race. Go and apply for a job. I agree race shouldn’t have anything to do with being hired. And I don’t see what it has to do with gun ownership either. But these questions are there. The sad fact though is that in almost all gun related shootings it is a white male involved. I think that maybe someday there will be a good reason to ask your race. Perhaps next time in the “other” category put Muslim. That will really fuck with them.

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          24. Ernest_T

            There was no other to check or I would have put human or mixed! Hey Bigot in most shootings what YOU CALL A WHITE GUY IS NOT INVOLVED! Your prejudice is way out there man. This is something because so called whites make up 70 something % of the population. They should be over half of all shootings.

          25. 5live5

            Known VIOLENT criminals, YES. That would be very easy to do. Put out a list , updated daily of released prisoners. released from prisons, jails and county lock ups. This list is sent to all FLL holders and they can’t sell any guns to that person on th list without proper paper from a court. That will do away wit most LEGAL guns getting into criminals hands. as far as illegal guns? thats another color. Even if they banned all guns and confiscated them all, the crooks would STILL GET GUNS FROM MEXICO ACROSS THE BORDER!! CAN THEY STOP THE DRUGS???

          26. Ernest_T

            No most gun deaths are suicides then intentional shootings either in defense or assaults. accidental shootings are very rare. Even though some try to say it was an accident!

          27. James Johnson

            Wait,  I have a tool that is designed to kill. But oops my bad!  I did not intend to kill you with this tool that was designed to kill you. Hmmmmmm.

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            ——– Original message ——–

          28. Ernest_T

            Exactly, I do not believe in most story’s of accidental shootings. If a person does not know enough about the arm to use it safely they should not handle it. it is not an accident if a child gets hold of a gun and it fires. it is bad training and practices on someones part!

          29. Karen

            I bet if a “red neck” would come across your sorry a$$, the shooting WOULD NOT be an accident!! You better start watching your sorry A$$ real close! Them “RED NECKS” are going to be watching you!!

          30. James Johnson

            Bring their sorry assess on!

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            ——– Original message ——–

          31. Rattlerjake

            Show us your proof. You scumbag libturd atheists always spew lies and NEVER provide any documentation to back it up!

      3. 5live5

        That is typical liberal misinformation. Trump said he wanted a TEMPORARY ban on Muslim immigration till we could come up with a better way of vetting them! remember how well obam was vetted? THAT work just wonderful, didn’t it?? Besides, if your wife, sister, mother was raped, would it be their fault? According to the koran, it is! Sharia law calls for stoning of the raped woman!

      4. Karen

        What an idiot you are! You can’t even read and understand a post as it is written! Kevin Sorbo didn’t say “that Norwegians can commit atrocities against his own people!!” And you said “what’s to stop him from harming others?” Did you not get what he was saying? What he meant was….. IF, IF, Norwegians WERE practicing a religion that promoted killing or conversion (like the muslime religion), he would UNDERSTAND, being that he was Norwegian, that he would be racially profiled! He didn’t say that Norwegians were committing atrocities against each other! That’s the problem with you dumb down democrats, you cannot read nor interpret WHAT you read and then you repeat it, giving it a totally different meaning!
        You spin it to actually show your own HATE!!

        1. Rattlerjake

          Actually they do “interpret” what they read, they interpret it to mean whatever they want it to mean. What they are unable to do is “COMPREHEND” what they read. Just sayin’.

        2. James Johnson

          I got that. Christians need to be very careful with their beliefs because not too long ago they were the scourge of the world. The crusades were evil in the name of Jesus. Wiping out millions with the name of your GOD on their lips. What we are seeing today is backlash from hundreds of years of white priveledge committing heinous crimes against humanity. Do I condone these evil acts of terrorism?  Heck no! But if our ancestors treated others fairly as good neighbors we wouldn’t have this crap coming down on us.

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          ——– Original message ——–

        3. James Johnson

          But a Christian man did commit heinous crime against his own people recently in peaceful Norway.

        1. James Johnson

          Yes he is. The very same. DO you know your own bible has incest in it? How about rape and pillage? Yes it has all that. And in your book God commits the most heinous act of all, genocide. Ad he delights in the smashing of babies on the rocks ripped out of their mothers wombs. Nice huh?

      5. Rich Brown

        And if you just let anyone in the country especially people from countries that want you and your family dead, do you think you’d still be able to say more cars killed Americans than terrorism? Use your head. Remember the Muslim camp in New Mexico training kids to shoot, to be terrorist well they just found another one in Alabama and don’t you think there’s probably more. You need to understand where your bread is buttered. Most people don’t realize how much terrorism is prevented they just believe it’s low just because. Lol c’mon man.

    3. Karen

      Give the guy a break, he’s only a reporter for TMZ for heaven’s sake, why should he know that Jesus is a Jew from Israel and not a muslime! You are setting the bar way to high for these demo reporters! (SARC)

    4. JOE

      demoRAT party=abortion=kkk=slavery=muslim terrorists=high taxes=poverty=fixed elections,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  2. Sharon Bauerle

    This attitude by the media in general illustrates a 2-generation lapse of Christian training both in the home and in the church.

  3. Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Actually, Jesus is ALREADY in America, so the question is MOOT! Trump can’t keep him out, Obama can’t keep him out, PERIOD! When I hear people that speak of Jesus as merely a historical character, you can bank on the fact that they are UNBELIEVERS! That goes for so called “Christians” too! Obama was asked what he believed about Jesus and he said ” Jesus is A son of God”!! That’s all the proof you need about Obama’s LACK of salvation! Any REAL Christian would say “Jesus is THE son of God”!! And furthermore, they would speak of Jesus in their life, saving them, healing them, TALKING TO THEM, in real time, not in some murky, historical, context or hypothesis!

      1. James Johnson

        My testimony is while a Christian minister ordained I saw more evil in congregations and more violent rhetoric IN CHURCH than I have ever seen before as an atheist. Also most of the time I redressed racist issues and comments ten fold. Curious that while an atheist none of my friends were racist at all. Just a heads up BTW. Just nuts and fruits I guess after all.

        1. Rattlerjake

          You’re an ordained minister and you really believe in the whole racist montra? You’re a liar! It is true that the Christian religion, no different than other religions, has been infiltrated by the deceitful, even YHWH (God) says so. And many of those deceitful infiltrators are the very clergy that are preaching against YHWH’s word! Racism is a LIE! The Bible tells us exactly who negroes are, but man has gone against YHWH’s word and allowed “The Beast of the Fields” to attain the stature of “Adamic Man” and crossbred with them. It is ALL in the scripture! http://fathersmanifesto.net/behemah.htm

          1. James Johnson

            Watch your mouth I have a wife whose morals put all of you Christian women to shame! Racist animal. Was your wife a virgin at your wedding? Than why have you not slain her? Do you wear shirts of mixed fabric during Sunday’s service? Then commit suicide. You see the bible is so full of BS you couldn’t possibly live up to any expectation. Thus Jesus right? But do you hate your family? Your wife? Your children? Than your not allowed to follow Jesus.

          2. RobbieSDA

            Time to pull your head out…. pick from which hole. You twist and misuse verses to support your anti-Christian rhetoric. When the Bible speaks of ‘hating’ your family, it simply means to “love less”. So, Jesus was saying you need to love Him more than your family, which is a perfectly correct assertion. You clearly know very little of the Bible’s intended message to the world.

          3. James Johnson

            And you Sir suffer from trying to change the bibles meaning. You can’t take it die is weird so you try to change what it meant when what it said is quite clear. You cannot follow me, if you are not willing to hate your family. I think that’s pretty darn clear.

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            ——– Original message ——–

          4. James Johnson

            Clearly it is you who are of the north American variety of Christian. You see what you have done here right? You took the words “willing to hate” and you CHANGED them to “love less”. Who knows more than JESUS what he meant when he said “willing to hate”. Not you surely. You are the one who cannot accept the facts dear, not I. So don’t go around changing bible scripture to fit your views sugar.

          5. Joe Pewter

            ur view promotes anger/hate..u think all religious views should support ur weak false anti-good thought?ur view is contradictive..believe what u want..do it in a constructive manner..time has shown the old statement..good wil conquer evil..this is a neutral thought..not a weak thought

          6. James Johnson

            This is your problem, You cannot possibly leave the bible alone, you Christians must always try to deviate the meaning to fit your views. I read for you exactly what Jesus said. Why cant you accept that? Are you telling me that you cannot accept what Jesus said so therefore you are part of the problem they call evil? Accepting what he said and learning about Christianity and religion in general leads one to leave religion behind for what it is, a placebo for the soul. It makes people fly planes into buildings and calls it good. It causes people to be ignorant and calls it good. It denigrates the intelligent among us and calls ignorance good and preferable. DO you really think any holiday of Christianity is its own? DO you think that the Jesus story is original in any way? LEARN for yourself and you cannot possibly remain ignorant and believing. Good day to you and seek peace.

          7. Joe Pewter

            I never mentioned the bibles ‘man’made revision of a religious history..i really dont care if one neighbor traded 2 goats for 29 chickens..point being the message of a GOD is to promote Good without sacrificing strength of wholesome truth..US Army Vet here an have always prefered peace..Good Luck to u an family also

          8. James Johnson

            Your right Jesus never said those things because he never existed. Paul invented the false religion of Christianity.

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            ——– Original message ——–

          9. 5live5

            now I KNOW you were not ordained!! You are full of $hit!! As far as my wife, bubba, I’ve been married to the same woman for 40 years and we’re looking forward to another 40!

          10. James Johnson

            Now now anger is of the devil son.

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            ——– Original message ——–

          11. James Johnson

            In response to 5live5, You didn’t go to church in the south. It’s full of hate. And as you having been or currently a church going person, I can tell from your viewpoints you are just as NASTY. You are afraid and scared and paranoid. I feel for you though. We go forward into the unknown future unafraid and bravely face whatever may come with our heads held high. This country was founded upon the shoulders of positive and forward thinking individuals not cry babies who complain about the world we live in and how bad America is, it isn’t as bad as some make it out to be. So as someone who cares let me give you some advice get out of the negative attitude and think of the glass as half full.

          12. 5live5

            Actually, I’ve gone to church in Adrian Michigan, mentor Ohio, Columbus Ga, Cedartown Ga., Louisville Ky., Tampa Fla., Dothan Ala., all over the place and the churches I’ve attended preached the love of God and Jesus. You must have interpreted the sermon way different than I did! sorry your heart couldn’t find peace, it’s a shame.

          13. Rattlerjake

            Hey liar! You obviously have very little understanding of God’s law and his word, nor do you understand that Jesus came on this earth to allow our forgiveness for sin. He also established a “new” covenant which does not include many of the things you stated, those were before Christ’s coming!

            The Bible is very clear that New Covenant Christians are not under the law, but under grace (Romans 6:14). We are no longer required to perfectly keep all of Yahweh’s moral laws and additional Old Covenant ordinances for righteousness as were the Israelites under the Mosaic Covenant:

            And YHWH commanded us [Old Covenant Israelites] to do all these statutes, to fear YHWH our God, for our good always, that he might preserve us alive, as it is at this day. And it shall be our righteousness, if we observe to do all these commandments before YHWH our God, as he hath commanded us. (Deuteronomy 6:24-25)

            For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them. (Galatians 3:10)

            It was specifically this aspect of the Mosaic Covenant that Jesus fulfilled on our behalf:

            For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth. (Romans 10:4)

            Read the entire expanation at this site: http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt1.html

          14. James Johnson

            What an evil snake has guided your belief. Far right loony sounds like it to me. Learn about religion and the bible moron.

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            ——– Original message ——–

          15. RobbieSDA

            From a white man here, what you just spewed is antithetical to anything the Bible teaches. Take your deceitful lies elsewhere, your kind are not welcome here!

          16. Joe Pewter

            the bible doesnt promote controlled belief..God/Jesus promoted advisory good conduct..’man’ teaches promotes control..veiws are veiws reguardless of merit..urself decides/guides ur actions to be good

          17. Rattlerjake

            In other words you are calling God”s word “deceitful lies”! The bible is quite specific in what it says, all of the information is taken directly from scripture, what you are saying is that this is NOT what your clergy have told you! You are following the teachings of MAN, not of GOD! People like you sincerely believe that women should be voting, holding government offices, allowed to be in military command positions, etc., yet God’s word IS QUITE CLEAR that women are not to hold authority over man. People like you go along with the false narrative that gays should be treated “equally” or their behavior condoned, when God’s word IS QUITE CLEAR that they are an abomination and those who condone them are just as bad in God’s eyes! Scripture states that in the end times there will be many false prophets and deceivers and many Christians will be lead away from God. YOU”RE ONE OF THEM! Going along with the lies of man will lead you away from the book of life!
            So here’s a question for you: Is the earth a sphere or flat? What does God say vs what man says?

          18. James Johnson

            My friend when the hate has washed through you and you find yourself still standing or laying flat on your back…whatever….you will have gotten it off your chest. For love tells you that every human being is a child of God according to your religion. EVERY man. I step out into the sun for a whole summer and turn brown as any aborigine, yet I am white. Do you judge me then? I stay indoors for an entire winter and come out of hiding at the first rays of the sun all pasty white as a sheet. Then do you listen to me as my words all of a sudden take on holiness as god’s chosen? What if I was born in a hut in Africa? Does that make me less of a man? If I was born of the wealthy and privileged does that make me any more of a man? We are all one world, one maker according to your religion and no amount of your misinterpretation is going to justify your hatred or bigotry.

        2. paulette barrow

          Definetly agree with you there,thats why many will stand efor God and he will say get away from me i never knew you,you workers of iniquity

        3. 5live5

          What church were YOU ordained in?? I just wanted to know so I can avoid it! I’ve attended a few churches, some I liked some I didn’t, but I never saw the violence you speak of in ANY Christian Church. It wouldn’t be that you were DISMISSED, would it??

          1. James Johnson

            I was dismissed because I dare said that love was stronger than faith. Having faith and no love was a waste of pew space. You can have love without faith and still be a good person. The lack of faith shows that you are able to question. And being able to question is a sign of intelligence. Your move.

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            ——– Original message ——–

          2. Karen

            I’m sure YOU had WAY MORE that this that got you dismissed! But, I question your philosophy about “having faith and no love is a waste of pew space. You can have love without faith and still be a good person”. Well, being “A good person” can send you to hell! Doesn’t the bible say that good works without faith is void! We must have FAITH that Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, accept Him as our Lord and Savior (be born again as a new creature in Christ) repent of our sins and live to share his word so others may hear of His sacrifice for all, accept Him and repent of their sins, to further share his word! This is what true love is, sharing the word of Christ. Being an ordained minister, YOU should know this!! I can understand why the church dismissed you! You are not firmly planted in the word!!

          3. James Johnson

            Your repeating what Paul said. Not what Jesus said. That is again your inability or uncomfortableness in revealing what the bible is actually trying to teach us. I am planted firmly in love as it is written in 1st Corinthians chapter 13. Its a wonderful read, if I may encourage you to indulge in its poetry for a moment of your life. Please tell me what is the last comment in that chapter about which is the strongest of the three, faith hope and love? Don’t blush when you read it though. Even pastors cringe when I tell them thus. And please if I may be so bold and ask of you to repeat it for everyone reading these comments to peruse.

          4. Rattlerjake

            He’s nothing but an atheist troll, he been on many of these sites spewing the same BS. He’s here to do nothing but antagonize. You notice he NEVER actually quotes scripture, he gets all of his material from the atheist playbook!

          5. James Johnson

            Atheist troll eh? I don’t antagonize anyone just spreading a little of that LOVE you speak so highly about. Oh wait Christians don’t speak of love anymore they speak of hatred and bigotry. Not at all like the church of my youth which fought for human rights and equality and fought for the poor by supporting charity and ministries of food and housing etc….You know taking care of the least among us. Kind of like Jesus of the old days. Not like this conservative corporate loving rich Jesus of today.
            Remember in the bible when the rich man gave his tithing and made such a big deal of it? And the little old lady gave 2 pence which is all she had? And the Pharisees gave the rich guy front row seats and the little old lady had to sit in the last pew with the rest of the rag o muffins? Sounds like church these days eh? If that is your church your doing it wrong. If you are spewing hatred of Obama in your church your doing it wrong. If you hate while sitting in your church this Sunday your doing it wrong.

          6. James Johnson

            Please look up a church in Mesa Arizona which has since been placed on a list of cultish assemblies. And if you step foot in any church in the south you will immediately be immersed in a culture of hatred and bigotry. Pentecostal and Assemblies of God are two of the most cultish.

          7. 5live5

            I attended the Assembly of God in Adrian Michigan for awhile between jobs and found them all to be very friendly, INCLUDING THE MINISTER! They all made me feel very welcome. Perhaps your trouble there was YOUR ATTITUDE???!

          8. 5live5

            I’ve attended both in the south and as a stranger was welcomed warmly in both!that doesn’t sound like hatred and bigotry to me!

    1. James Johnson

      Jesus exists in the heads of his followers. There is no way to keep him out nor let him in across borders. Jesus never existed as a human being. SO bad analogy there. So I am in agreement with the above comment. And BTW Obama was RIGHT! The bible names you and me and anyone who believes as sons of god. Know who else is considered by GOD to be his sons? Those leaders who pursue peace! Yes check out Revelations. For you Christians that’s the book at the end of YOUR bible! Don’t thank me for pointing that out! You should know this stuff.

  4. JC

    He’s the much much better choice and the only evil one is Clinton—this woman personifies Satan himself

    1. James Johnson

      Evil, Satan, Bad vs. Good, White vs Black, When does this all stop? Remember God killed how many in the bible? How many dis Satan kill? I think the score is 2.2 million – 6. I’m almost positive that killing 2.2 million would be considered evil. And that was just in the bible. But I digress if you want to use a work of fiction, be my guest!

      1. RobbieSDA

        If you create something, do you not have perfect moral right and authority to do whatever you deem best with your creation. God (and saved Christians) see the big picture, eternity, while others only see the here and now. I do not claim to have full understanding of every question related to this subject, but I do know that your view is not acknowledging all the facts.

        1. Joe Pewter

          eternity has not been written..just advised of..humans on Earth have described the written record here..thats where record can become flawed..advisement of Good is GODS message..main purpose i believe is not to fear Gods rath..just to listen to the message

        2. James Johnson

          Acknowledge this: God is responsible for every life ever ended.

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          ——– Original message ——–

          1. 5live5

            Only in that he gave us freedom of choice. To choose good or evil! you are your OWN problem, false prophet!!!

          2. James Johnson

            Love son. Love. It doesn’t call names.

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            ——– Original message ——–

          3. Joe Pewter

            if u believe in that type of a GOD..this GOD also created life to happen… on this Earth for the most part “man” has directly even thru some health issues destoys other “man”..a GOD is is not creating or inviting that happening

  5. senior65gal .

    I do agree with the author’s statement that Trump is the lesser of the two evils. How many times have, ‘we the people’ been put in this position since Ronald Reagan? Where are all the good candidates? Of the fifteen or so that we started with, the good candidates were taken out by the corrupt ones while they were running their campaign. Most of the ‘goods’ didn’t have the money to get off the ground. Ironically, “money is the root of all evil,” held true in this instance. As a voter, I know more ‘evil’ legislators by their names and faces than I do good ones. Guess name recognition pays off. MSM doesn’t give the names of those legislators doing a good job near as much coverage as the corrupt ones. How sad.

    1. paulette barrow

      @senior,money is the root of all evil isnt scripture,its the love of money is the root of all evil,nothing wrong with having money as long as its not your god

    2. James Johnson

      I know it’s not polite but Reagan was pulled by strings. The economic situation was dismal and on it’s way out. We all had this belief that we enjoyed the 80″s but those days had their scandals too. Panama being one of the situations whereby we delved into others politics a little too far. Not to mention the countless corporations and companies that moved overseas for more profit leaving American workers high and dry. Also what was the deficit after Reagan years? After Clinton? After Bush Jr.? These are indicators of the wealth and economic health of a nation.

      1. 5live5

        Reagan was pulled by strings? And your hero Obam wasn’t?!?!?!? none are so blind as those that refuse to see!!!

        1. James Johnson

          The job is beholden to strings what can I say. And who is it you think we’re guiding those strings eh?

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          ——– Original message ——–

    1. Jane Duke

      Yea and love watching the smugness fall off their faces when they try to back conservatives into a corner

  6. generalJed

    As a hard core communist (she said that she was left of Bernie, while on the debate stage!), Hillary does not believe in God. The only time she goes into a church is to make a speech with a Southern drawl against everything Jesus stands for. Her college thesis hero was and is Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his most famous book to Lucifer. I used to see Saul Alinsky on the campus of the U. of Ill., Chicago. He looked every bit like the Devil he worshipped!

    1. grinnie

      Just saw “Hillary’s America”. Should be mandatory for ALL schools along with “America” by Dinesh D’Souza. Documented History as it SHOULD be taught.

      Recommend to everyone to take your kids and see it.

  7. dtk1952

    It’s hard to believe that there are a few sensible people in Hollywood. Thank you, Kevin.

  8. The Redman

    Yep. either 1 of dem evil white-folks deserve 2 lead anything. white-folks ruined america.

    1. Joe Pewter

      ur comments show a dis-respect for America..beyond jus da white-folk foolishness u state..why da ya think i stated dat evalution of ya?should be an easy question for ya ta ansa redless

      1. The Redman

        U read what “kevin” wrote. and white-folks R the 1’s dat believe dat thet came from monkey, not people of color. white-folks ruin stuff. tin-mond

          1. Joe Pewter

            why are bernie supporters denying buckwheat/h’s thoughts u fail again..better sharpen up

          2. The Redman

            U R A loser in denial. tin-boy. hahahahahahaah. white-folks R at the end of their road.

  9. Luz Pew

    Absolutely and positively agree w him there is no question that Donald Trump, is best choice for the next President of this country U.S.A.

  10. Tiger

    I would not say that TRUMP is the lesser of two evils. I would say that Donald Trump is the better candidate hands down. In fact he is the common sense candidate. He is not only a successful businessman but a patriot. He does not have to do this. While Hillary is driven by an obsession and hunger for power.

    1. James Johnson

      Bankruptcy does not compute to success. 4X though? Sounds like manipulating the system and still living like a king. I don’t know about you but if it were you and I claiming bankruptcy we would not be able to purchase a home or car or get a loan for anything for 10 long years. It doesn’t seem to work that way with the top one percenters does it? Its OK be honest.

      1. Karen

        Actually, you are misinformed about bankruptcy, but being a democrap, I’m not surprised! You can borrow money the next day after filing bankruptcy, however, you will pay an extremely high interest rate as you will be considered a loan risk! Since you no longer have to pay for the things you bought and couldn’t afford in the first place, the idea is you will now have money to spend/pay on a new loan!! In big business, filing bankruptcy is a way to unload things that are no longer needed or wanted (costing you more money than it is making you). But guess what, bankruptcy was a ploy established by BIG GOVERNMENT to allow them to get rid of things they didn’t want to pay for anymore! Trump didn’t set up the ability to file bankruptcy! SO, you are going to blame Trump because he used the system put in place by “big government” or are you going to blame “big government” for giving itself a way out? I’m sure you will still blame Trump, just as you blame the middle man for complaining about supporting the poor, cause you sure won’t blame the poor for not getting an education to better themselves or for just being down right lazy, will you? You even blame God because YOU are so ignorant in his word!!

  11. JOHN T. FOX


        1. Alex Ferguson

          Your fake ‘god’ has his bastard son, Jesus, publicly tortured to death—and then this angry false ‘god’ says he killed his bastard son FOR US!! HINT, teabgger: Next time someone comes up to you and says he’s gonna kill his child FOR YOU, call the flippin’ cops!!

          1. JOHN T. FOX


        2. Rattlerjake

          My point is that the question is absolutely idiotic to even ask, and it is just as idiotic to answer it as though Jesus would do it! Jesus doesn’t vote, he rules!

      1. JOHN T. FOX


  12. Susan

    I am glad that an actor from Hollywood mentioned Jesus at all.
    Your argument selahgreene doesn’t hold water because Trump wants
    to stop the immigration of people from nations where terrorism
    flourishes. We cannot properly vet these folks and they may indeed be
    terrorists. It is sad that Obummer and Hitlery love jihadists and have
    installed them in the highest levels of our government. A vote for her
    is the death of America…. I pray Trump gets in and cleanses house! Go TRUMP/PENCE!!!2016

  13. Dana Cole

    I don’t think he’s the lessor of two evils. I don’t view him as evil at all. I don’t view Hillary as evil either. But I do view her as a corrupt and deceitful politician and greedy human being that if elected will not abide nor fulfill the Constitutional duties she must swear to God on the bible to uphold.

    1. Joe Pewter

      Jesus advised..never intended to rule..do understand the real meaning of ur point though..Good Luck

  14. Joe Pewter

    like others have stated Trump is not an evil ..Trump will not turn his back on USA.. Im voting Trump/Pence that will result in a straight forward healthy agenda for All USA Citizens..now an to become

  15. Alex Ferguson

    Jesus, the bastard son of a false ‘god’—cannot vote—his dad had him publicly tortured to death at 33……..

      1. Alex Ferguson

        I do not pray to any ‘”god” of climate change. The God or Gods I pray to are certainly concerned with what we have done to Her/Their beautiful Creation.
        If you are old like me, I suppose you can rationalize not giving a damn about the planet to yourself. Why should you care, right? And you most likely never had children or grandchildren. To deny the devastating effect Capitalism, and in particular that Welfare King—Big Oil, has had and IS having on the Earth is terribly sad……….

        1. cutterguy

          you are in trouble with your own people with this crap. you are giving off way too much methane

  16. Original Anna

    You would be surprised how many people don’t know Jesus was and is a Jew and followed the laws of the Hebrew religion. This TMZ reporter just told everyone how ignorant he is of the Jewish and Christian religions. This why people like this reporter think Islam is a more peaceful religion than Christianity. The quist of the two religions is that Jesus did not kill any one, he didn’t even create Christianity. He didn’t write the Bible or the New Testament. Those who followed him taught his teachings and wrote down what he said and thought. The Romans called his followers Christians. He died to save our sins so we could be with and have life with our creator God, Jesus’ Father. Islam was created by their prophet whom they worship although Muslims won’t use the word worship. Mohammed wanted to be a prophet of the Jews and memorized the Jewish stories but got all the stories of the Hebrews wrong and was laughed off what he stood on. He got so mad he because he couldn’t write or read dictated his stories to his secretary and put himself into the stories which became the Koran, making up Islam’s bible. He hated the Jews for laughing at him and created an army to conquer or kill the Jews and added non-Jews to his killing groups. Now maybe this TMZ reporter will understand the difference between the leaders of the two religions. One taught love of God and mankind and died without killing anyone so we could go to heaven, the other made up a religion because of his hate for the Jews laughing at him and killed millions to spread his made up religion and is still spreading his made up religion through killing and control over women’s birthing organs. I wonder if this TMZ reporter will understand the difference between the two men. Somehow I doubt it.

  17. Tammy Hightower

    I am SOOOO glad someone finally pointed out that Trump’s not racist have we all forgotten how our thing with radical terrorists started? 911 and how everyone was on the same page now it’s racist well call me racist

  18. Jack L. Feasel

    I believe what Kevin Sorbo is saying is correct God has always used imperfect men and women through the ages. Trump is not perfect but when you set his character against Hillary I definitely would chose Trump over Hillary and since all of us are in one of the camps of, good, better or best, which one would a thinking person chose?
    I think Donald Trump is our best bet and there are things that he would like to see done he will have to modify but what ever he would do he is going to need help from others.

  19. Joe Pewter

    Sanders just admitted 99% of Trumps direction is accurate..for USA future..nobody believes lunatic ‘h’..not even hiv Bill

  20. Nikita63

    For those who think a ban on All Muslims is not constitutional: Neither is willfully allowing them to come here unvetted and preach against every founding principle upon which THIS country was created. It is both Prudent and NECESSARY in the face of Muslim madness WORLDWIDE; to do whatever we can to protect ourselves from their excesses and banning any further immigration FROM Islamic NATIONs AND SURVEILLING ALL HERE IS BOTH PRUDENT AND necessary. However, it will never be done or committed to by this regime or one run by any democrat. AND , IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME UNTIL THERE IS A PARIS STYLE KILLING SPREE IN ONE OF THE NEAREST CITIES TO THE BORDER WHERE ISIS HAS A TRAINING CENTER IN MEXICO ONLY 8 MILES FROM THE BORDER! IF L.A. OR SAN DIEGO GETS HIT TEN TIMES WORSE THAN SAN BERNARDINO, WHAT WILL OBAMA OR ANY LEFTIST REGIME CALL ISLAMIC TERRORISM AS ISIS BRAGS ABOUT THE DEATH TOLL: CALL IT FORT HOOD STYLE WORKPLACE VIOLENCE? The left is so incredibly out of touch with the OBVIOUS reality of the threat posed by Islam universally, that it is pathetic and, SO ARE ALL, OF THEM! But, we NEED responsibility, accountability , fiscal restraint but imposed by cutting the entitlements to those here who NEVER paid for them and deporting them ALL! Rebuilding the military, treating our veterans as Honorable men and women for their service in our behalf and giving them what they EARNED by that service, rather than catering to illegals and impoverishing our elders who worked their ENTIRE LIFETIMES for a secure retirement. Every Congress cretin should have their benefits CUT in half ended permanently when they leave active office. and, they should only be permitted raises by a civilian evaluation BOARD AND BASED ON PERFORMANCE BENEFITTING AMERICAN CITIZENS TAKEN FROM THEIR CONGRESSIONAL VOTING RECORDS; NOT PERSONAL PRIVILEGE!. No other AMERICAN CITIZENS ever get the benefits stolen by BOTH Corporate CEO’s and the like and career professional parasitical politicians and, we MUST end that practice NOW! tomorrow will be too late!

  21. barney


    1. Joe Pewter

      Jesus is to listen follow good..no where has Jesus words/message ever been writtened to bow..being a savoir of injustice ;;Jesus/GOD…? would never advise such a punitive action..

  22. DaveyJ

    Trump is a real possibility to get America back to what it should be…..Hillary is a truly dangerous person and it is so clear all she wants is to be elected President and the HELL with everything else!
    How could the Democratic Party ever backed such a despicable person. She makes obvious every speech how high her regard for herself is…..and how much she regards Blacks, Mexicans, Native Americans as part of her empire……
    Our loss of freedom and loss of jobs were she to be elected would be devastating……and yet she still. Shows up everyday with the media trying to get her elected……to finish dismantling the USA!
    Meanwhile she attends meetings planning FEMA camps and military law when civil unrest breaks out when our debt pulls us under. and her leading plan is to add illegal immigrants cities and towns…….is that a plan or is it sabotage???

  23. JOE

    demoRAT party=abortion=kkk=slavery=muslim terrorists=high taxes=poverty=fixed elections,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?.

  24. frustraated

    He’s right–except about Trump being the lesser evil. I thought that too until I researched him and stopped accepting news “sound bites.” He’s really a caring person who tries to do anything he can for people. And NOT at all a racist! Good grief! Who starts this stuff?! And he has a lot of women in high-up positions in his businesses. HILLARY pays women less than men in her organizations, AND admired one of her mentors who started planned parenthood why? TO END THE BLACK RACE IN AMERICA THROUGH EUGENICS! Look it up if you don’t know what it means. And go see the Movie “Hillary’s America!” If you don’t know what the Democrat party really is, you’ll be HORRIFIED! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE BLACK! It’s the DEMOCRAT PARTY THAT WAS BUILT ON HATE AND RACISM! THEY DENY AND DENY BECAUSE THAT’s how they get ignorant people to believe them! Their dishonesty is almost a disease–they can’t stop lying! Hillary is their greatest student of this lying disease.

  25. RMorrow

    The Lord says the Liberals and the Muslims die everyday trying to prove the Word of God wrong. All you have to do is watch the news to see that truth everyday.

    God never ever liberates himself from his Word or his ways. The opposite ways of God is Satanism. Liberalism is the new name for Satanism. God is the author of conservatism. God is about discipline and order and most of all God does not love everyone like the Liberals think.

    For Jesus says in Matthew 25:41 ‘Then he will also say to the those on his LEFT, Depart from me, accursed ones, into the eternal which has been prepared for the devil and his angels.’

    There are no Liberals in Heaven because there is no evil in Heaven. There are no people who worship false God’s or religions in Heaven.

    Truth is very hard hitting, especially if you are a Liberal.

  26. Robert Early

    Obama and Hillary are enemies of this nation; and will eventually be treated as such.