Could This State Department Announcement Hurt or Help Hillary’s Chances To Get Elected?

After FBI Director James Comey made his highly controversial speech that said he would ignore Clinton’s illegal activities with classified documents, Hillary probably thought she was done with her legal challenges.

However, the State Department has decided to re-open the investigation surrounding the former Secretary of State’s emails and her handling of classified information.

Here’s what State Department spokesman John Kirby told Fox News, as reported by the Conservative Tribune:

“Given the Department of Justice has now made its announcement, the State Department intends to conduct its internal review. Our goal will be to be as transparent as possible about our results, while complying with our various legal obligations.”

This means the Clinton campaign will have to face even more questions about emails during campaign stops around the country.

Although trust in government is already at what appears to be an all-time low, the State Department could be opening the investigation as a way to control the outcome so as not to interfere with Clinton’s election. This could “clear” her just before ballots are cast for the presidential race – or could withhold damning information until December.

If their findings were to be correctly timed in order to dismiss Clinton of any wrongdoing at just the right time politically – just as the FBI’s decision not to recommend charges seems to have backfired on her.



Is the State Department’s announcement a legitimate attempt to bring Hillary to justice… or a well-disguised tactic to increase the odds that she gets elected?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Rick

    Let’s hope that this will be the final nail in the coffin. I’m sure that Hilly is in communication with Kerry even as I type this.

  2. CompletelyOutsane

    The odds of winning the PowerBall jackpot are better than the odds of the witch doing (well earned) prison time. WDCCC covers their own.

    1. pappy450

      BINGO! “trusting” the “government” is like trusting a rattlesnake not to bite you if you get near it. LOL same result!

  3. Michael Anderson

    Just another dog and pony show.Look who is the head of the state dept.This is just for appearance sake and just allot of hot air….

  4. Peggie

    I feel sure she will come through as wholly perfect and she has for years. No one seems to care what the Clintons do, lies, murder, and mayhem. Call them “The Untouchables”

    1. don lavrich

      they wont come through when they stand before the Almighty. you cant hide your sins in from of Him!

    2. Bruce Kellar

      She already controls the most powerful government in the world. Wait til you see what she is going to do to you and me. Headless conservatism. Her sectarian constituency is taking notes right now and our names are on the list. Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy after all? She will rival Stalin, guaranteed.

  5. ralph

    I think that they are working it for Hillary. And I think that they are making the biggest mistake of their lives for we are after the big fish to take down and show the public and we are going to change things but we will not put up with attacks on us while we move forward we will come to uncover you and take you down one at a time if we have to even if for some un GODLY reason that trump should not be elected which i do not see but we will hire him to take you down with no happy ever after we will come to take everey thiing you have in like best thing you can do is go for a deal and protection and turn hillary upside down and inside out

    1. Bruce Kellar

      Clinton will seek and destroy every person who opposes her. There will be retraining in FEMA camps and if not successful straight to the oven with no regrets on hers or her liberals cronies. She has always been and will step up her standing in the Muslim hierarchy. Law enforcement and military will serve only her.

  6. Bruce Kellar

    She will rule the world and each of us that defy her will pay the ultimate Muslim sacrifice!

    1. Elly

      I agree Bruce. This country has been brought to its knees and being the cynic that I am, I’m sure the DemocRATS have already rigged this election for the lying, cheating, corrupt Hillary. God help us all. Another 4-8 years of Obama’s agenda.

  7. Vinnie S.

    Alas, methinks the “Dog & Pony Show ” analogy is correct since it will only be a smoke and mirror show produced and directed by some of the worst actors in the political circus of events that the “Wicked Witch of the Universe” has conjured to “Fake “her non-intent act to misdirect and send the public along the merry path of delusion that she has the answers from solving the mystery of “Area 51” secrets of “UFO intrusions” to how to give away the Nations freedom without anyone realizing it , just having us pay for it with her greedy schemes and distractions and “Slick Willy” in the background salivating at the prospect of getting next to those captivating smitten interns eager to get a closer look….

  8. Bob

    They will make sure the findings clear her of any wrongdoing just before the election. This is what the plan has been. She needs to receive the same ending as JFK did!

  9. ONLYJB1

    All hail the queen of crime, treason and death! Never thought we could possibly get any candidate worse than obama. Whoops! Up jumped the devil and I mean that literally!

  10. Francisco Machado

    That will be like saying the kid with icing all over her face didn’t eat the cake. An argument I’m sure they are quite capable of presenting – the problem they’ll face is their own significantly flawed credibility.

  11. Michael Parks

    Most Americans think she should be convicted for her crimes.
    If she still becomes president, it will only because of even more crimes.

  12. Ann Broadhead

    I will bet everything the State Dept. does holds off until the election and then what???
    Do they impeach or indict?
    Me thinks not. They will say they made adjustments within and bury the issue.
    The State Dept. does not have the guts to do anything.
    They were all blind to her errors for all the years she was there.
    If everyone competent and did their job, this whole issue would have been moot or front page news years ago.
    Where was the security follow up when she did not get a computer on her desk?
    Why was there no correspondence within to point to or to make record of not following regulations?
    Where were the administrative people in the State Dept., ensuring that all the administrative and security regulations within and outside the Dept. were carried out?
    If not why wasn’t there documentation of such incompetence?
    You know, we paid these people good salaries to oversee compliancy and ensure that the administrative and security processes were carried out……. money wasted.
    Fraud, waste, and abuse regulations obeyed??? What do you think?
    Does the C in Clinton mean corruption, and they are truly the American elitist group?
    How many shenanigans within the Clinton Foundation that are deeply rooted in ties outside the US, and has it’s tentacles wrapped around too many in office or prominent positions within our government?
    Possible ties to international banking systems and some say money laundering?
    Making information available to foreign governments for pay?
    So is this all true or rumors?
    Even if it were true, what would we do???
    America has a sickness called greed or avarice, if you will.
    Bilking the system any way the elite can.
    Why do you think they are so against Trump?
    Does Trump know all the dirty little secrets of those holding office within the halls of our government?
    Will Trump rout or call them out?
    Will Trump use their weaknesses against them?
    Is this why they are so against Trump?
    These answers we will never know, unless someone writes a book, but then again they will put it on the “Fiction” shelf in a dusty old library.
    Swear it was all an effort to make money.
    By the way folks, always follow the money.
    That is where all the true answers will be.

  13. ShooterTutor

    Why waste OUR money!? Everyone knows it’s just a show for appearance sake and nothing more. So if she’s found guilty she won’t be prosecuted yet again. But anyone else does the same thing and they’d be doing time.

    I am so effing tired of the double standard!!! Tired of the clinton crime cartel too!

    1. Bruce Kellar

      They did, and she promised them their future either way. Her power will be omnipresent.

  14. Pat Frees

    The Government is just plain criminal, mofia type control, she will skate just like her husband. The GOVERNMENT is not to be trusted, they need to be cleared completly out of the white house, every single employee, and not allow any person to serve more the 4 years at any position, unless they move up, if they don’t achieve that next job above there currant one then they are done in politics, no more lifers

  15. Pat Frees

    It shows government is above the law, if you or I did something like this, they would throw us in the slammer and throw the key away.

  16. Icemancold

    This will be just like the FBI Investigation if it looks like HIL-LIARY will hang BILL will have an unscheduled visit with the person in charge and either offer a large enough amount to get HIL-LIARY off or a serious threat of an unavoidable car wreck,plane crash,heart attack or some other incident causing the untimely death of the person.!!