Dilbert Creator Calls James Comey a Hero For Not Indicting Hillary – Here’s Why

After reading the headline, you probably think Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon series, should be tried for treason. However, after you read his reasons why James Comey is a hero for his decision not to prosecute Hillary… you may be surprised.

Here are some of Adams’ comments as reported by Zero Hedge:

“The primary goal of government is its own credibility… Governments without credibility devolve into chaos. Credibility has to be job one.

“The specific laws and forms of government don’t matter too much, so long as the public views its own local system as credible.

“This gets me to FBI Director James Comey’s decision to drop the case against Hillary Clinton for her e-mail security lapses. To the great puzzlement of everyone in America, and around the world, Comey announced two things:

“1. Hillary Clinton is 100% guilty of crimes of negligence.

“2. The FBI recommends dropping the case.

“From a legal standpoint, that’s absurd. And that’s how the media seems to be reacting. The folks who support Clinton are sheepishly relieved and keeping their heads down. But the anti-Clinton people think the government is totally broken and the system is rigged. That’s an enormous credibility problem.

“But what was the alternative?

“… the head of the FBI deciding who would be their next president. A criminal indictment against Clinton probably would have cost her the election.

“How credible would a future President Trump be if he won the election by the FBI’s actions instead of the vote of the public? That would be the worst case scenario even if you are a Trump supporter. The public would never accept the result as credible.

“That was the choice for FBI Director Comey. He could either do his job by the letter of the law – and personally determine who would be the next president – or he could take a bullet in the chest for the good of the American public.

“He took the bullet. Thanks to Comey, the American voting public will get to decide how much they care about Clinton’s e-mail situation. And that means whoever gets elected president will have enough credibility to govern effectively.

“Comey might have saved the country. He sacrificed his reputation and his career to keep the nation’s government credible.

“It was the right decision.

“Comey is a hero.”

Adams does make a lot of sense with his rationale. However, this is dependent on a fair and honest election, and many liberal cities and states have been rife with voter fraud. And the odds are slim to none that will chance in this year’s election.

If Trump would get elected – even after a ridiculous non-indictment of Hillary Clinton – it would give his victory more credibility.

Do you agree with Scott Adams that a Trump presidency would be more credible than if Hillary was indicted?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


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One Comment

  1. selahgreene

    This is one of the more vacuous excuses I’ve heard yet for not indicting a criminal. It would not be FBI Director Comey deciding the election; it would be the voters, who would presumably (if Hillary had been indicted) be offered an alternate Democratic draftee candidate (likely Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden), either of which would garner serious support. Impact on an election should have absolutely no bearing on pursuing justice, and exposing fraud in high places.