Huckabee: Hillary Will Do This To Bill Over Lynch Meeting

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee had an interesting take on what Hillary Clinton would do to husband Bill. That’s because of his meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her private plane on the tarmac at a Phoenix airport.

Here’s the report from

“… Huckabee said Friday that ‘Hillary is going to light Bill up over this meeting’ with Attorney General Loretta Lynch aboard her private plane this week on the tarmac at a Phoenix airport.

“‘The biggest fireworks show in America this weekend is going to be wherever Bill and Hillary get together and sit down and have a conversation about this,’ Huckabee, the former two-term Arkansas governor, told Eric Bolling on Fox News. ‘I have a feeling that Hillary is going to light Bill up over this meeting.

“‘My guess is she didn’t know he was going to do this – and when she found out, she was livid. this makes her look bad, makes Bill look bad, makes Loretta Lynch look bad. Nobody looks good in this thing.‘”

Lynch and former president Bill Clinton met for about a half-hour at Sky Harbor International Airport.

The private session came the night before the special House Benghazi Committee released its report on the 2012 attacks that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens and two former Navy SEALs.

Lynch said July 1 she would accept the findings of her agency and FBI Director James Comey from their probe.

Bill Clinton appointed Lynch U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York in 1999.

Huckabee called the guffaw a “political gift” for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

But it also might prove to be an opening for Vice President Joe Biden.

“‘What she’s done by saying, ‘oh, look, I’ll take whatever the FBI deals out,’ she essentially is saying don’t blame me if Hillary gets indicted,’ Huckabee told Bolling. And I’m not sure that deep down in the bowels of the White House, there would be some celebration if Hillary did get indicted – because guess what that means: Let’s bring in good old Uncle Joe to save the Democratic Party.'”

This looks like Bill’s private meeting with Loretta Lynch could blow up in Hillary’s face, and end her chances forever of becoming President. However, this could open the door for a more likable candidate who could get more support from Democratic voters.

Do you agree with Mike Huckabee that Hillary will “light Bill up” the next time they meet in person… and could it signal the beginning of the end of her political career?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Rick

    I’d like to see Bill and Hill lighted up in an electric chair. A lot of deaths have occurred between these two.

    1. sox83cubs84

      I like your idea, although I’m sure some of the liberal trolls who post on this site will whine and take offense. Too bad…for them.

    2. Phillip Lake

      The last count I read about in a email last week was 38. I was totally aware of the 12 men and women who were murdered as a result of investigating their business practices in Arkansas while he was governor, but these others really floored me. I wish I had kept the email to share. The more people that are murdered by Hillary the more loved and worshipped she is by the sick people on the left side.

      1. Concerned great grandmother

        The count is over 49 and counting. We can add all those vaccinated in Africa with contaminated vaccines through their Clinton Health Initiative that died from the vaccines. That is a scandal in itself. In Europe airline ticket purchasers are charged a “fee” to support this program and it goes directly into and quickly out of the Clinton Health Initiative account. It is supposed to be a voluntary donation, but purchasers are not made aware of this extra fee. Human life means nothing to this family. Killary is both power greedy and money greedy and domineering. Killary runs the show followed by Chelsea and then the puppet Billie Boy.

        1. Detriotcity

          How about those people killed in the aspirin factory to cover his trick
          with Monica? I had heard there were over 300 people killed or injured.

          1. Concerned great grandmother

            She is a greedy money hungry, power happy person.
            The body count keeps growing. I have read on various sites how she treated the White House staff and her Secret Service agents assigned to her. One may add to the body count the two motorcycle officers escorting her entourage that were killed. She is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get her way. I wonder how her intimate partner Hama will last before she dies mysteriously.

      2. Daniel from TN

        Speaking of the Arkansas murders. Bill is STILL the number one suspect in one of those murders. It is a case of knowing what happened vs. being able to prove it in a courtroom.

        1. Detriotcity

          What about the two dead kids on the railroad track who witnessed the load of cocaine coming from south America sponsored by Bill. Why was the Congressman who called a news conference to send a loud clear message of what Bill was doing — he was waiting on the Capital steps and wouldn’t you know NO REPORTERS SHOWED UP. This is how crooked the politics have become by the democrats.

      3. WVF

        You are way behind. John Ashe, who was supposed to testify in a case regarding the Clintons died mysteriously. At first it was reported as a homicide, then it was because he dropped a barbell on his esophagus and crushed it. Ashe was 61. He now makes 48!

  2. Elly

    It doesn’t matter if she lights up Bill. We all know that Democrats rig elections. But hopefully something else will happen that will smarten up Americans to see that we don’t need another 4-8 years of Obama’s agenda.

    1. vladilyich

      George Soros owns the French company that’s counting the votes. Republicans don’t stand a chance.

      1. Phillip Lake

        George Soros is going to cause so much trouble for both the Democratic and Republican conventions that obummer may very well be able to dial up his deepest love of martial law.

  3. JoAnn Dolberg

    Nothing of the kind will happen; Bill saved Hillary’s butt. (Not that I think much of either one of them, because I do not.)

  4. Rodger K. Shull

    light that ol dirty bastard up, an then have the democrappers nominate ol unckee joe as the runner, then they both would be light the HELL UP , for GOOD, for the GOOD OF THE USA.

  5. Bellport Bob

    I’d bet she “lights him up” all the time – just for sport and shits & giggles!

  6. R Petty

    I heard that Hillary was at the airport and insisted that the press not video tape any of this. If the clandestine meeting was taped, where is it? And why did the AG weigh in after the FBI made its assessment? Was she that naive about being upstaged by the FBI? All in all, the whole thing seems staged and stinks to high heaven. I think were witnessing a preview of the next four years should she win in November.

    1. Phillip Lake

      Next 8 Years – make no mistake their are enough uneducated people and the ones who have no concept of morality that if she is elected she will reign for 8 big BAD ones.

      1. Bob Taylor

        There-in lies your mistake…this country will no longer exist as a free country if she is elected. The UN will become the de-facto government and the UN charter will replace the Constitution. Here is why it can and will happen…Clinton is still too smug and knows she has nothing to worry about. The fix is in that she will win to continue what Obama started that being a complete destruction of a strong free America. We the people are being attacked in a way that is so insidious most American citizens do not know it is happening as we speak.

        I think this scenario is more likely to happen if Trump does win. If Clinton wins she will be the one to look out for. Why did Congress vote to allow illegal aliens to join the US Military? I wonder if this also includes the refugees especially the young military age ones the news tells us about.

        Now that it is legal for the military to accept illegal persons into it we are soon destined to have an Army (which includes all other branches) of non-Americans armed with the latest weapons as our protectors. Has anyone thought about them being used as the enforcers of martial law? If push comes to shove against the citizens of America whose side do you think the illegal in uniform would help?

        Just a thought to go along with this order: This act was signed and is the law for now if he wants to do it. . Legally did not Bush and Obama both declare war on terrorists? Now Obama has his order in place and is only awaiting the election results.

        “Executive Order 13603 (National Defense Resources Preparedness) states that, in case of a war or national emergency, the federal government has the authority to take over almost every aspect of American society. Food, livestock, farming equipment, manufacturing, industry, energy, transportation, hospitals, health care facilities, water resources, defense and construction – all of it could fall under the full control of Mr. Obama. The order empowers the president to dispense these vast resources as he sees fit during a national crisis.”

        That sure sounds like martial law. Everyone should read the order. He has set up a total dictatorship that can be implemented upon declaration of a national emergency. He has delegated authority to cabinet positions over every aspect of this country.

    2. NYC

      what are youuuu huffing?! The whole thing, including the Lynch/B.Clinton meeting on the plane was purposely set up so Lynch would be removed from passing down her own verdict but letting the FBI do it. That left Lynch off the hook and hil-liar-y has already promised Lynch that she will be her AG when elected. The whole reason that obummer and his henchmen democrats are protecting her is so she won’t squeal on them like the pig she is. Open your eyes boy and smell the stench and by the way….bone up on your English useage and your spelling …lol

  7. jon

    so that was what all that nuke debris where in the area of their house ,or was that some of the weapons given to the isil rebels in Benghazi .Bill is saying it does make a difference .as he runs ducks and hides from vile tempered shillery

    1. The Redman

      Yep. white-folks love 2 kill, steal, and LIE, huh. rusty-fart. hahahhahahaahhahahha

  8. Bob Pemble

    These people lie, all of the time. They will stick together. They would not say shit against one another, even if they had a mouth full of it.

  9. Milton W. Lowe

    Anything is possible, personally I say she should get less & less support & Trump will still win in a landslide…how could any sane, logical person want to vote for this BITCH…TRUMP 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT ABAIN

    1. Debbe Inman


      1. The Redman

        98% of U hater pinkies hate 2 B called out. 98% of U pinkies R jes 2 stupid 2 know dat U’re blind from denial. TRAMP-with-inman. hahahahahahahaha

  10. KingDon

    Jim Comey becomes nothing more than collateral damage in this “The buck doesn’t stop here.” move by Lynch. She knew that she didn’t dare do anything damaging to Hilliary or risk the consequences. So he was given his orders as to what his final assessment of the so-call investigation would be. The attorney general, who should have been making any decision on what prosecution would taken, avoided doing her job by dumping any blame on Comey. The final decision was cast in stone before the investigation even commenced. Just imagine the media storm if a conservative had ever attempted to rig the system like the socialist/progressives just did!

    1. gubllod

      Loretta Lynch could very easily have recused herself from the whole affair. She did not. Instead, she said she would accept the reports of her professional [career] attorneys in the Department of Justice. Accepting the reports means that she 1] will not recuse herself, since 2] she will be accepting the reports from her subordinates and 3] that she will abide by their judgments. If she were to recuse herself, she would be doing none of this. The woman is a fraud just as much as the Clintons are.

      Does anyone seriously think that Billie boy would delay his departure from Phoenix for nearly two hours just to discuss golf and grandchildren with the Attorney General of the USA?

    2. Junius Graham

      Comey, shouldn’t have been kissing up to the Clintons in Arkansas, it may cost him his life yet!

  11. NYC

    I don’t agree….I think the B. Clinton/ L. Lynch meeting had been planned to 1. get Lynch off the hook and two either demand that she not indict hil-liar-y or threaten her job. No attorney, let alone an AG would have done this because they; would know that it was a “conflict of interest” issue since you don’t “fraternize” with the family or friends of a person that is under investigation that is her case. This whole thing stinks to high heaven and I believe that they knew she would never be indicted because she would squeal like a pig on the many accomplices including obama.and democrats in the WH and top officials..

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal

      yup, fully agree. Of course the Hilda-Beast knew. It was a well planned laid out ploy, and they knew full well that word of this meeting would get out, that was the intent.

    2. Garx72

      I understand there are going to be some openings for Loretta Lynch and Comey at the Clinton foundation after billery wins .

      1. NYC

        I heard on the news that hil-liar-y has promised Lynch that she will be her AG. As for Comey…I am sure he has assurance of his position as director of FBI and perhaps….a perk to his pension benefits….hil-liar-y….(I literally pray that she won’t get in the WH), will need them both for her future illegal activities . … There are many political officials and higher ups in the govt. besides obummer that are involved in this fiasco . That is why the democrats are protecting her and some of the republicans have had herniated spines orrr they have or their families have been threatened. Trey Gowdy is a real disappointment….he already alluded to the fact he’s been threatened with his life.

    3. Flyby

      You are wayyy off. If Hil new about this ” incidental meeting” she would have had oblidiot twist the marionette strings on lynch so this could never would have occurred. Bubba threatened lynch (which is his forte with women) or this fraternization would never have happened. There was nothing lynch needed help getting off the hook from. This whole dog and pony show about hilda actually being prosecuted was choreographed from the get go. You must be doing the Thorazine shuffle to believe that hussein would allow her to get a word out about his administration. But enjoy the surrealism cause that’s all you’re espousing.

  12. Flyby

    Billy boy has already gotten earfuls of Hilda’s ranting and raving for what? Because bill happened to make an unscheduled stop to see an old friend while borrowing mom’s vehicle? All this because here loving husband wanted to say hello to an old friend America’s AG. So there’s a very good chance that bill shot Hilda’s chance to be the American President. They have a loving marriage. I’m sure they’ll work it out.

  13. l2a3

    I always like the Gibbet with a metal cage. The guilty is placed into the metal cage, the door locked and they are left there until they rot and their bones fall through the cage. I think on the White House lawn would be a great place to make the statement to the people of what happens when politicians put the National Security at stake. (as well as corruption). Locate the corruption gibbets at the city dump so they can see what is thought of them.

  14. gingergirl

    I think she asked him to do it, thinking that they would never be caught! Did Bill issue a bribe, a promise, a threat? We will never know, but none of those would surprise me!

  15. NYC

    to “used to be a liberal”….I completely agree …this was planned from the very beginning and you can bet your bippy it was orchestrated by obummer. She’s got the goods on him!”Birds of a feather”, they literally fly together..on the Air Force One” to be exact….lol

  16. Ellis Traub

    No way! The Clintons don’t do anything by accident or without the other’s knowledge. They must have decided that they had more to gain than to lose by getting together and getting their stories straight. And things were getting too difficult to get by with unless there was some collusion in the White House and the AG’s office.

    Comey is a principled patriot and an honest and ethical man who probably was led to believe that he was saving the country from Trump by compromising his principles and fudging the result of the investigation. As he said, no reasonable prosecutor would indict her (because he considers any prosecutor who would pass up the chance to spoil Trump’s chances to be unreasonable)..

  17. justanagent

    I think it definitely hurts her chances. IF I was her and IF I was innocent I would have actually preferred to be indicted. I would then have invoked my right to a speedy trial and got this all behind me before the election. Then I could loudly proclaim my purity and innocence I would probably also garner a large sympathy vote, but remember we are talking about the Clinton crime family here. Now let us not forget that Comey only addressed one aspect of her suspected criminal conduct. What about the allegations of bribery, fraud, racketeering, blackmail, extortion, and espionage surrounding the Clinton Foundation. I would like to know what state the foundation is chartered in because much of this alleged criminal activity falls under state purview and could be investigated and if warranted prosecuted at that level. If the feds attempted to block it or claim original jurisdiction then we would have a very interesting 10th amendment issue to resolve. If I were a state level prosecutor with jurisdiction here this whole thing would be far from over and I would use all the evidence the FBI acquired to build my case. Perhaps this is already a work in progress.

  18. Bald Eagle

    Just two days after the Bill/Loretta meeting on a Phoenix airport tarmac, DOJ Officials filed motion late Wednesday seeking for a 27-month delay in producing correspondence between Hillary’s four State Department aides and officials with the Clinton Family Foundation and “Teneo Holdings,” a closely allied public relations firm that Bill Clinton helped launch.

    If the Federal Judge permits the delay, the public won’t be able to read the communications until October 2018, about 22 months into Hillary’s supposed first term as President. The four senior Clinton Aides and officials were Deputy Ass. Secretary of State Michael Fuchs, Ambassador-at-Large Melanne Verveer, Chief of Staff Chryl Mills, and Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin.

    Make no mistake…

    The former President, Bill Clinton is right in the thick of all of this.

    While Hillary and her former State Department Staff may have orchestrated (D)onations to the Clinton Family Foundation, it was Bill on point.

    Bill Clinton is the one who has met with foreign leaders because he already had the influence, relationships, and free reign to internationally travel without the public eyes (the media) on his 2016 Presidential CFF donation schedule.

    However, those pesky Hillary emails that were supposedly lost, then erased and the use of the CFF private server cannot seem to be connected with the head of the CFF, Bill Clinton, being that it was “administrative others,” who set that up.

    With a 27-month delay on releasing those CFF/Teneo Holdings correspondences, it again, buys time for the usual Clinton cover-up tactics to bury this whole thing with a barrage of defensive legal mumbo-jumbo speak and more groundless (D)ouble-talk as the acceptable current PC deception and guise..

    The Clintons and the whole Administration need to be impeached and Federally indicted.

    It’s what the head of CFF, Bill Clinton does best.

  19. Don

    well as we all saw she is happy as hell and slick is out looking for some more young women to molest!!!!

  20. Jerry Oakley

    I don’t think so because they are both so low in being honest and telling the truth about anything. So I believe Hillary will bite her tounge and won’t say anything until she gets into the White House that is if she should win. But believe me she shouldn’t win we don’t need more of the same shameful dealings with America on the line that we have had in the past specially from those two. If she gets elected you are basically re=electing Bill again.

  21. whoisshe?

    My thought on the Clinton Lynch meeting-Hillary set it up- Clinton/Lynch used their grandchildren for personal gain.
    If Hillary didn’t set up the Clinton/Lynch meeting if would have to be Harry Reid -he used his granddaughter for personal gain.


    I knew that soo0ner o0r later he would mess up some where. she stayed with him for the white house , and he’ll be the one to lose it for 4 her.. they deserve each other

  23. Phil Esposito

    Fry the both of them. Those are the 2 most corrupt people in gov’t. I’d like to see them hang, hell, I’ll supply the rope.

  24. Mike

    Well we know she wasn’t going to cut his balls off!! She did that long ago and has them in a lockbox!!! Was she going to cut HIM off?? He did that to her long ago!! I really think Billyboy is sabotaging her election. End of the day, I REALLY DON’T CARE WHAT SHE DOES TO HIM!!

  25. ONLYJB1

    I’ll take anything that ENDS the she devil’s political career. I would rather it be a life long stay in Sing Sing prison!

    1. conservative since 1962

      In a Federal prison or in a prison in a “Red State” not a prison in a Democrap State like New York!

  26. CompletelyOutsane

    BS she didn’t know. The Clinton Crime Family is on the same page. Where is the investigation into the crooked foundation? The Clintons and all the elites are above the laws, which are only codified to enslave We the peons.

  27. Phillip Lake

    Here is the address for the people who have been murdered, in one fashion or another. It was compiled by “The Constitution” on this date on it’s site. This is the best name-by-name listing I have read yet. Everyone needs to see this and keep it going on Facebook and where ever you talk to others. The and the article is named:
    Being Close to the Clinton Family Can Be VERY Dangerous
    By Joe Messina July 7, 2016 http//
    Everyone please go to this site. It is far too lengthy to paste here.

  28. Stephen Korup

    Hillary Should be made to Drop out of the Race over this ,James Comey needs to Step down as director of the FBI ,and Loretta Lynch should step down as Attorney General Plain and simple . A few months Ago Comey Said he would Step down if no Charges were Brought Against Clinton ,and now he back stepping .The Rule of Law in the country as Gone out the window with this Administration ,and I see more of this Shit Before He Leaves Office

  29. frankspeak

    TALK ABOUT A LOOSE CANNON!….then again,..maybe not…the clinton’s are a truly devious duo!….

  30. WVF

    Is Mike Huckabee that naive? Of course Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton knew about this!
    This is their way of intimidation, and it worked like a charm.

  31. Marilyn Krocheski

    Yeah, she might blow up at him, because she had everything under control with Comey who was a plant.. He’s apparently decided on her side a lot of times back in the past and he even worked with Loretta Lynch back then also. Go read the WND ARTICLE posted by Jerome CORSI….

  32. Mike Tanco

    Just more corruption from the Democrats and as Trump stated, the fix is in people. The Dems will do and say anything to keep control of the White House. And we will hit $24 trillion in debt thus making us another Greece.