You Won’t Believe What the DOJ Is Censoring From the Orlando 911 Call Transcripts

In the ongoing war of words between President Obama, who has repeatedly said that Orlando shooters Omar Mateen was “self-radicalized” and was not influenced by Islamic elements, and Donald Trump, who has said that Mateen’s actions were provoked by “radicalized Islam,” Obama got some help from his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.

Here’s the (almost) unbelievable assist as reported by Zero Hedge and Real Clear Politics:

“… Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that the FBI will release edited transcripts of the 911 calls made by the Orlando night club shooters to the police during his rampage. One minor matter: the transcripts will be heavily edited. 


“‘What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,’ Lynch said.

“‘We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State].’ Why: so Obama’s statement that he was ‘self-radicalized’ will preserve credibility.”

Yeah, pull the other leg – it plays Jingle Bells. We can’t even buy this statement for a dollar.

Obama has tried to spin this tragedy by saying “we see no clear evidence that was was directed extrenally”… Well, aside from all the facts perhaps which explains the DOJ’s drastic intervention and obvious attempt to cover up the truth.

The 9-Handicap-in-Chief went on:

It does appear that at the last minute, he announced allegiance to ISIL. But there is no evidence so far that he was in fact directed by ISIL, and at that this stage there’s no direct evidence that he was part of a larger plot.”

And what better way to make Obama’s point that Mateen was “self-radicalized” than to purposefully delete any and all Islamist references.

Update: The Obama administration flip-flopped (again) and decided to release the full, unedited transcripts of Mateen’s 911 calls.

Based on this recent incident and the Obama administration’s attempt to cover it up, do you believe that Obama is a Muslim who’s trying to defend the Islamic terrorist movement instead of fighting it?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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    1. autrypma

      Hey Mr. Redman, a ton of black folks voted for Obama, and he stabbled them in the back or basically put them in the ghettos, or on food stamps…took their initiative, if they had any, to work. Why work? govemtnt/aka Obama will take care of us…All Obama wants is control and a lot of Democrat voters…also, i have seen more than one time on different media that: Obama hates Blacks, Whites, Hispanic and loves Muslim, hates Isreal (Jews), so who does he love…He is the one who has ruined America…

      1. KingDon

        Ignore the guy. He’s not red and he’s not black. It’s just some joker that likes to get on here and post nonsense to pull your chain a little. When you answer him, you only encourage him.

  1. Robert Kahlcke

    It is my impression the entire Obama administration is made up of muslim swine. Anyone with barn yard animals hide your goats or be certain they are provided birth control.

  2. autrypma

    I have believed from years back (after seeing him leaning towards Muslim, claim to be a Christian – not possible – Can’t believe both, also, the Muslims would kill him if he really
    truly proclaimed Christian beliefs, follows the Koran (as much as he can) even cutting back on military, supplies, favors gays? for votes only, does not favor Americans, has almost a total Muslim cabinet, DOJ (more than once) and so much more. He is sneaky, will not do anything that could get his arrested (as if the wimpy legislature would dare !!).
    I am EXTREMELY tired of him, his failed policies, every statement he makes is wrong, his lies. We want a true American patriot (never Hillary) as president. Please vote for Trump,
    tell anyone & everyone they should vote, don’t stay at home, vote for Trump…thus getting
    rid of Obama and Hillary (and Bill).

    1. Christopher Tabin

      well, based on Obama’s moronic ideology, he has made perfectly clear that he’s a muslim, and he doesn’t care about American values. he’d rather give money to Mohammed Morsi and his team of murderous hordes who have called Isrealites descendants of apes and pigs. I would be happy to have trump as president because he understands American values and the lives of the American people. because all lives matter. except for ISIS, because their lives don’t mean jack.

  3. Oingo Boingo

    Lo-Redda Da Hutt Lynch is merely another Obamabot made member of The Mulatto Mafia, that needs personal accommodations at Leavenworth…
    or, for economy’s sake—a noose—on the same scaffold as her skinny pervert boss.

      1. Kmat

        Not one bit except if he was a Republican he would be portrayed as a Right Wing Racist Radical by the New Media.

  4. Michael Dennewitz

    Of course they edited it. The PMIC will now say they were fighting over a damned candy bar!!?

  5. Elly

    Obama and liberal Lynch are the worst examples of what this country needs. And all of his Muslim administration. Let’s face it, he is the worst president (?) this country has ever experienced. He loves his Muslim faith and is rapidly filling up our country with Syrian Muslim refugees. This has to stop. If you notice the composition of these refugees, they are mostly men between the ages of 16 – 28. Where are the women and children? Obama wants to protect the Muslim women and children. Pray that God can help all sensible Americans return this country to the once great nation we were. Vote TRUMP!

    1. RobbieSDA

      The Bible teaches the difference between clean and unclean animals as food. Orthodox Jews, some Christians, and Muslims adhere to this. While I know, based on his actions, that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer, the claim that pork is never on the White House menu, in and of itself, proves little.

  6. FF

    Yeah, he’s a Muslim, that’s why he authorized and approved the raid to kill Osama bin laden. That’s why members of ISIL scream/chant “death to Obama,” because he is one of them. That’s why he has continued to direct and approve drone strikes that have killed over 8,000 ISIL members. You people want Obama so bad you’ll spin anything to make it look like he’s a Muslim. Even if he were a Muslim, there is no law keeping him from being POTUS. I appreciate the fact that we have a thinking man as president, as opposed to some reactionary, hot-tempered curmudgeon like Trump, who makes a statement and then changes his mind days or weeks later, as he has done with his suggested Muslim ban. When a president makes a decision, he normally can’t go back and change it. Peoples lives are forever changed by these decisions. I would have voted for any one of the GOP candidates who were in the race over Trump. I’d also vote for any of the Democrats who were or are in the race over Trump. He is grossly unqualified to be POTUS.

  7. AllenBarclayAllen

    Question ! Are musilem alowed, by oila , to disclaim a martyr’s accomplishment before their god to the world ! Obama the security monitor in chief an islam just insulted this man’s religion and life martyrdom !
    Oh they are allowed to do this in the face of the infidel ? Excuse me miscariterising a religious marter as a testimony before the world is the very definition of an infidel !
    Obama the infidel ! That’s what your lies get you mister president a gold pass to hell ! Truly this is the imposter in chief !
    We deny Christ before the world ,God denies us before his Angels ! Simple factually simple from a real religion the Church !
    What find of stupid dishonorable cult religion is this musilem islam ! Your allowed to dishonor your marters???????????????? Sounds like a derict road map to hell to me ! Infidel in chief Obama !

  8. antimarxist

    I don’t know if he is a muzie for sure, it wouldn’t surprise me. What I do know for sure is that it he is a racist “black” man(I use the word man but am not sure what he really is), who absolutely hates “white america” with the with same passion as Vladimir Lenin. Only he is able to disguise himself by not raging on the way Lenin and Stalin did. Unfortunately that means he is able to dupe stupid people into thinking he is a good person, he is not.

  9. Troy

    It’s about time we all just got over the “Obama is a Muslim” thing and began to realize that he is just dis-honest, lying, and not quite intelligent. What difference does it make if he is a Muslim or not? What he really is in his character and personality is a lot more important. And Hillary scares me because she is so much like him.

    1. KingDon

      The difference is that he is doing everything in his power to infiltrate our country with these people while at the same time he shows total indifference to the fact that Christians are being slaughtered and attacked at all levels.

  10. Kenneth Fichtl

    What will they censor if they find out his weapons came from the Fast and Furious Operation? It has ties to Paris and at least 200 other deaths. Like The Queen Mother Most of the documentation is classifed destroyed or deleted We will never know the truth

    1. Joe Pewter

      alot of it happens its never know till after the fact/if then?..Good luck to the Honorable US Public

      1. Kenneth Fichtl

        they have been playing both sides for too long . It is catching up with them. When you employ that tactic you always lose.

  11. Joe Pewter

    whether mateen had direct contact with radical islamic elements.. doesnt matter ..mateen supported its message ..should not be omitted/witheld from US public..releasing complete record will only help investigation

    1. Brian Brown

      While I agree that he should be removed from office, I would caution you on what you post. Anything that can be construed as a direct threat is illegal, and since this administration has proven their willingness to pervert the truth, discretion is advised.

  12. Jackie

    One claim had to do with Obama’s Christianity. During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Klein said that Wright wouldn’t go so far as to say he converted Obama from Islam but he came awfully close:

    …the Reverend Wright told me on tape, that Obama came to him and said, ‘I need some spiritual advice; I don’t know exactly who I am’ and the Reverend Wright said… ‘Well we know your Islam background… but what you need now, is some coaching on Christianity.’ And I asked the Reverend Wright ‘did you convert him from being a Muslim to being a Christian and he said, ‘well, I don’t know if I could go that far but… I made it comfortable for him to accept Christianity without having to renounce his Islamic background.’

    Obama isn’t a Christian any more than an Imam is a Baptist.

    1. Brian Brown

      There’s no such thing as radical Islam. The unholy quran and the hadith make it clear that you either engage in, and/or support jihad, or you’re an apostate deserving of a worse death than we infidels. I won’t leave the house anymore unarmed. There have been too many attempted or successful terrorist acts committed in the United States, and that’s to say nothing about how much our government subverts the Constitution. We’re headed towards a war, that will be fought in this country, if we don’t wake up and take a stand now.

  13. KingDon

    Give the guy a break. All he is doing is trying to protect his fellow church members.

  14. Ann Broadhead

    Please everyone, Vote Trump! So sick of all the pro Muslim cover ups and antics with excuses , but all to protect Muslims. The current administration is filled with Muslims and Muslim sympathizers! What about us Christians and Jews? We are being over run and trampled on with political correctness thrown in our faces!
    Why are we letting any of the Muslims into this country by the hoards??? They would be more comfortable in a safe zone in the Middle East. They are bring let in with diseases we have not had in this country for years. They are not respectful of our hospitality, laws, customs, nor sacrifices we have made to fund them with clothes, food, shelter, medical care and schooling with our Hard earned money. Things our own poor do not readily receive!

    Now, we are increasingly being lied to and treated like children, while our Muslim /Christian whatever President.
    Remember, according to Islam, it is ok to lie, steal, cheat, and commit crimes in order to further Islam. It is in the list of things acceptable, in Sharia law…. Look it up! Every US Citizen should look up Sharia Law and see just what it is!
    Tired of seeing all the horrible things happening in this country due to immigration, both southern border, as well as the ones from the Middle East that Obama is illegally bringing in.
    People….. Vote Trump! He is a leader. True he has ragged edges, but he will change a lot of things for the good.

  15. Floyd Hurd

    There is a matter of truth,be honest with ourselves and with others.That doesn’t mean that we have to be an open window to everyone,but we will NOT fool the God of heaven. If this crook in the white house thinks he can ,he is in for a BIG surprise some day. But,what should be done now to save this country from further damage ,the bums in DC should be put on public trial for high treason ,and if found guilty of it be properly dealt with,if you get my drift. I am a bible believing christian ,and I believe everything we do and say ,and think is all recorded in the books in heaven ,and some day we will have to face it all if we do not confess and be forgiven for our wrong doing. There are a lot of people now that seem to think we can all do our own thing and get by with it. That ,I think is the problem in DC.