Here’s Another Organization That Russian Hackers Breached

It looks like Russian hackers have had a lot of success getting information from American computer networks, most recently the one at the Democratic National Committee. But that’s not the only one they successfully hacked.

Bloomberg has the report of which other politically-connected network the Russians accessed:

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation was among the organizations breached by suspected Russian hackers in a dragnet of the U.S. political apparatus ahead of the November election, according to three people familiar with the  matter.

The attacks on the foundation’s network, as well as those of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, compound concerns about her digital security even as the FBI continues to investigate her use of a personal e-mail server while she was secretary of state.

“Clinton Foundation officials said the organization hadn’t been notified of the breach and declined to comment further. The compromise of the foundation’s computers was first identified by government investigators as recently as last week, the people familiar with the matter said. Agents monitor servers used by hackers to communicate with their targets, giving them a back channel view of attacks, often even before the victims detect them.”

Hackers who hit the DNC and Clinton’s campaign burrowed much further into the U.S. political system than initially thought, going through law firms, lobbyists, consultants, foundations and policy groups in a campaign that targeted thousands of Google e-mail accounts and lasted from October through mid-May.

Data from the attacks have led some security researchers to conclude that the hackers were linked to Russian intelligence services and were widely successful in stealing reports, policy papers, correspondence and other information. A spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, denied that the Russian government was involved.

Why would the Russians do this and release information on both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? To weaken the US in the eyes of its allies and adversaries.

If this is the case, do you think the Russians were successful in their mission?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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      1. TOM

        It looks like she already has. Look at the donations to the Clinton world funded bank account, I mean foundation. They make the crime syndicate look weak.

    1. Maxine Smith

      Tom I agree with you. That is one dangerous woman. She must be getting senile. Her “I don’t remember”, “I don’t recall” I didn’t …blah blah blah” makes it appear that way. If she is that forgetful or that stupid she has no business holding any public office. That husband, Slick Willy is the most repulsive man I’ve ever seen. What he did with AG Lynch was so stupid. He knew better but Lynch and Billy Boy think they are above the law. Same with Killary. Lynch is suppose to be one of the top legal people and she knew, as we know, that she had no business wait for Billy Boy and nearing privately with him much less even talking with him. If I had been a republican expresident and AG doing what they did they would be in deep crap but apparently there are two sets of rules and laws that liberals live by and the ones the rest of us are suppose to live by. Lynch should recuse herself from any dealing with the investigation of Killarys email server and Billy Boys Clinton Foundation and Billy Boy should be prosecuted for his actions. All their lies, ‘oops’ and criminal activities should have both of them serving time. Killary has taken donations from our enemies and there is no telling what all she has promised these countries in return. She is totally disgusting and does not represent most women. Can’t wait for Karma to come back and bite her where the sun doesn’t shine.

      1. TOM

        Slick willie is not going to have a good weekend. She is so Dangerous as a person because she is like a drug addict when it comes to her scandals. Question when has there been a week gone by where there hasn’t been a scandal old or new come out on this family? In 2 years I can’t remember one week. We want this to be our President? Is this how dumb down the people of this country have become? Karma I believe will bite her in the a$$ in November, when the people of this country say enough of their crap and send her home.

          1. TOM

            Maxine you need to pray that the dum a$$e$ that are trying to derail Trump at the convention doesn’t gain traction!!! It will one destroy the party and gift the election to the crook. Someone in the party needs to wake up and tell them to back off Reince, but I don’t think he has got the a$$ bone to do it.

        1. old codger

          Unfortunately there are many women that will vote for her just because she is, oh perish the thought, a woman just like all the mentally deficient Blacks that voted for OweBlowMe just because he was Black. Anymore “people” are so far beyond stupid that a word has yet to be coined for it!!! I never knew one could be anything beyond stupid but I guess I was wrong!!

    1. Howleyesque

      Something’s I’d REALLY NEVER KNOW… and that’s DEFINITELY one of them… YEEACH! I’ve stumbled over better.

  1. Howleyesque

    GOOD! C’mon RUSSIA! Start posting them online… then let the lying old bat DROWN in her own corruption come back to swamp her! KARMA AT IT’S FINEST!

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal

      they might just do that, and I hope that they do, it is too early right now, mid October would be great for releasing them.

  2. NYC

    Between she and obummer, this country is spiraling down at an alarming rate! it’s frightening to see that the libtard democrats are trying to take away our guns to protect ourselves and is in effect , allowing the killers to proceed killing innocent people but they are taking our freedoms and economical stability away from us. I am 70 yrs. old and I have never seen anything like this illegal corruption that is going on that the “looking the other way ” by politicians that don’t have a spine and afraid of being “ratted on” by these two.

    1. baserunner

      Our rights and freedoms are long gone, we have more laws now in the USA than the countries that our forefathers fled from several hundreds of years ago.

      1. NYC

        Sadly…you are right however, I understand the need for more laws considering the age and era we are in. We have a much larger populace also . These are interesting and historical times but I’m afraid for our children and grandchildrens’ future if this steamrolling disaster doesn’t stop but it will take a great American president who is a patriot and not a socialist.or a libtard democrat .

        1. John P

          We do not need more laws all that is needed is the enforcement of the laws already on the books and make the laws apply to everyone politician included.

          1. NYC

            I agree John..what I am saying is that I understand why we now have so many laws in comparison to when we first came to America and established the constitution…there has been many changes in business, technology and also the populance and influx of immigrants…right now, I see no reason to change or make new laws….we do indeed need to enforce and support the laws that we have now.

  3. CompletelyOutsane

    is anyone surprised by any of this? Our government and politicians are far more concerned with taking over complete control of We the People of the USA than they are securing the USA.

  4. NYC

    Between Hil-liar-y and obummer, this country is spiraling down at an alarming rate. The fact that the libtards are behind these two to not only take our freedoms away, but they are trying to take our guns from us and in effect, allowing killers to proceed killing innocent people . I am 70 yrs. old and I have never seen this type of illegal corruption or the spineless politicians in office that are afraid to stand up against this socialistic regime. I strongly suspect that the democrats and the republicans don’t want either of them indicted, because their are those that are involved with all of this “behind the scenes” and they know if they don’t protect them, those two will “rat” on all of them and their cozy setup of getting away with illegal or corruptive acts. I just pray Trump will get into the WH and clean this rats ‘ nest out and “Make America Great!”

    1. kathrynks

      I will vote for Trump, but please remember he FUNDED many of those rats’ nests. I think we’ll get a lot less than he promises, but I personally think the devil himself is better than Shillary, so I’ll vote for him. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised.

      1. NYC

        I agree Kathynks….Trump is the only port in the storm and I will vote for him with reservation….I am praying for the the best….I think that is what most Americans are doing also…

  5. jon

    we have seen how dumb and dumber and lie and lair have cost the country dollar and dollars . into the pockets of the hate and haters in places of terror and terrorist !