This Government Set To Release Emails Obtained From Hillary’s Private Server

The Russian government is set to publicly release emails obtained from Hillary Clinton’s private server, according to a new report in Britain’s Daily Mail.

Here’s what the British daily has to say:

“Hillary has said repeatedly that the highly classified information that passed through her private e-mail server wasn’t intercepted by foreign governments.

“However, according to trade site citing US intelligence sources, the government is braced for a release that would suggest the opposite.

And it [the public release of these e-mails] could come at any time once the Kremlin gives the green light, the site reports.

“Clinton would be at risk of violating the Espionage Act if foreign governments or sources accessed classified  information through her personal server.

“It is not the first mention that Russia could have obtained some of the emails.

“Last year it emerged that Clinton’s private server was directly connected to the Internet in ways that made it more vulnerable to hackers.

“A recent State Department inspector general’s report indicated the server was temporarily unplugged by a Clinton aide at one point during attacks by hackers, but her campaign has said there’s no evidence the server was hacked.”

This could make for an interesting twist to the Clinton private e-mail story. If the Kremlin releases these e-mails and there’s undeniable proof that Hillary violated the Espionage Act, FBI Director James Comey would be put in a very uncomfortable position.

Would he be able to indict Hillary on this charge before the November election… or would he politically “wash his hands” and resign his office if President Obama or Attorney General Loretta Lynch wouldn’t let him indict?

Although Hillary is the apparent Democratic nominee, would these leaked e-mails further weaken her credibility with independent voters in November?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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    I am not surprised at this. Hil-liar-y was so cavalier with her emails and alibis and lies, that it would be impossible to not anticipate this! Please, please, Democrats and Republicans, use logic and DON’T, don’t vote for the liar! Forget loyalty and choose logic!

  2. Wanda Vanhoose

    I think she is a crooked politician and has been since they were in Arkansas. I think they have taken millions from foreign governments and she should go to jail instead of to the oval office. She stated herself when they left the White House that they were broke. Well, she is certainly not broke now.

    1. Cecilia Gast

      They were never broke. Didn’t stop her from stealing everything she could get her hands on and having to return much of and having an 80,000 bill to pay.

      1. Peter Osborne

        Exactly, even if they had done nothing, they would have received a $201,000 presidential retirement payment annually. Something they get each and every year.

    2. Larry Velasco

      She and Bill are not only CROOKS. They both are, MURDEROUS. Remember White Water? Was it thirty seven people who die over that mess?? hillary is a JERK, CLOWN and normally I call males this, but she is a PUNK too

      1. Franie

        It was in excess of 67+ friends and acquaintances of the Clinton’s who died mysteriously in the last 20 years, and that’s not counting the four in Benghazi who pleaded for military relief and were down right ignored and left to die.

        1. Larry Velasco

          Thank you Franie for setting the number straight. WE can’t let the MURDEROUS female DOG win this election. STOP HER. DEMAND that she be ARRESTED, TRIED, CONVICTED and EXECUTED.

        2. Stephen Korup

          You Know She is Still Claiming that She never got a Request for more Security in Benghazi , But there was a Seal team member that came out and Said that He was So Pissed off because,he knew that there was A Request for More Security that was Sent To the State Department .

          1. Franie

            Actually, if I recall correctly, I believe there were in excess of at least 200 requests and pleadings for additional help. All of them ignored by not only Hillary, but Obama and his Adminstration, too. To think that these people swore an oath to protect all of us. I shudder to think that Hillary will be allowed to assume the office of POTUS should she win the election. This is a woman who wants to bring tens of thousands of refugees, mostly strapping young men, into our country unvetted. What Obama is doing, and what Hillary wants to do, is decimate the population in this country with creating another civil war. Right now, Obama and the democrats are itching to take our 2nd amendment rights away from us, leaving all of us defenseless against radical Islamic jihadists like those sick radical Muslims who killed numerous people in Orlando, San Jose, Ft. Hood and elsewhere. With Eric Holder and his FAST & FURIOUS gun running escapade, which he was never prosecuted for, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this (army) of young Muslims entering into our country illegally, (think TROJAN HORSE), aren’t the ones being armed secretly to forcibly usher in Sharia Law or be killed. If they have the guns and we don’t, we are all dead. Why are these Muslims who are killing us, being (protected) by Obama? Obama actually came out the other day, and stated that it is our fault that these Muslims were killing us. What a slam!!! I don’t understand why no one can see that Obama and his Adminstration, most of whom are Muslims, are actually working against our best interests. My own representative, Andre Carson who is a Muslim, actually was part of the democrat sit in, or whatever they call it, and actually went on TV claiming what the democrats were doing by demanding gun regulation was the right thing to do. What don’t the democrats not understand? It’s Muslims who are guilty of killing us, not our guns!
            Sorry for my venting, but this country is going to be absolutely destroyed if democrats have their way. I’m not kidding. Sorry.

    3. apzzyk

      After his civil trial on fraud, there may be a charge on criminal RICO, so where will we put a President who has to serve 20 years. There is probably someone out there who knows when she was toilet trained. Then there is the possible matter of the Donald using German money to finance his campaign. He only owes Deutch Bank over $50 Million – we do not know the exact number because that is the highest amount that the Federal Election Commission requires, so it could be all of his supposed wealth. He may owe more than Greece owes Germany. Where are his tax returns?

      1. iwojimafan

        You sound just like the Typical Anti American Left Wing Brain Washed Pea Brain Cement Head with No Common Sense supporter of the Pathological Lying Corrupt Hitlery Clinton who sold out America for a $145 Million dollar donation to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation which only gives out a Measly 6% of the money donated to it. The other 94% goes to the Clinton’s to support there Life Style of the Rich and Famous. The best thing that I can advise you is to start using your total brain. not just the Left Side which is making you look just like a Person who has Sh#t for Brains.

        1. apzzyk

          It is up to you to show that there was a quid pro quo where the donor got some official favor in return for his donation. Many people to make campaign contributions get to be ambassadors, while may who contributed the same amounts or more do not. You, and the authorities must show the connection, other wise, it does not exist. You are simply a sheeple who will believe anything that someone says about someone you already do not like. On the other hand, if the Donald has his way on immigration, he would violate the 14th Amendment and all of the laws which give illegals in this country due process before deportation, and would also use nukes to solve minor problems. On average, a non-profit must give 10% of its net worth annually to ‘good causes’, so some years it will be less than this and some years more. You cannot build half of a sewage disposal plant or only distribute food to a part of the hungry in one area. You should not start vast projects with half vast funding. The Left has brought you such unnecessary things as clean water, treated sewage, the FAA that tries to keep planes from mid-air or even ground collisions, fairness in communications, and a few other things, while the private sector has brought you listeria, samonella, and other diseases that will kill you – your gun will not kill germs and viruses in a large enough quantity to protect you.

          1. Don Mann

            Nope, it’s not up to us! The FBI will certainly do it, though! You’re using your half vast thinking again!

      2. Don Mann

        Typical leftist strategy, apzzyk, deflect, deflect, deflect. Didn’t you understand the headline was about hiLIARy’s emails? You’ll try anything to take the heat off her! Won’t work, el stupido!

  3. Jeff Waters

    When is the Government going to send her to Jail. She want not go to Jail because those in Government are about the law . They made law that keep them from being accountable for what they do. Today Government is Buy and Pay for not Voted for.

    1. justanagent

      If what you say is true then we have two choices. 1. article V convention of states or 2. wait for the government to collapse and be ready to resist imposition of some form of martial law as the beast lashes out in it’s death throes. I prefer option 1 since the government is already beginning to collapse due to incompetence and fiscal irresponsibility.

  4. JC

    She’s already a criminal and when Russia releases her emails it will make Clinton and Obama guilty under the espionage act and both should go to jail

    1. iwojimafan

      Russia may not release her e-mails since as SOS she okayed the deal where a Russian company now controls 90% of America’s Uranium which it bough after they donated 145 Million to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. This deal was also okayed by Obama, which means they both need to be charged with Treason for giving Russia almost complete access to our strategic Mineral which is used for making A-Bombs

      1. Franie

        That mineral was uranium that Hillary sold out from under us. TREASON!!! I tell you, she should be held up on treason charges, NOT contending for the position of POTUS. OMG!! What is wrong with the democrats?? I knew they were/are an extremely CORRUPT AND EVIL PARTY, but to put this criminal up to further destroy our country is inexcusable.

      2. organic granny

        That deal will end as soon as Obama is out of office. IF the republicans grow a pair..
        The US seldom honors deals like that past an encumbent’s administration, at least not if the corruption is discovered and reported to the voting public.

        The severity of the treasonous acts you describe is on death penalty level, not a simple prison sentence. THAT’s the penalty for the kinds of crimes against American citizens that have been committed the past 7+ years. One example: The death penalty for leaking personal identifiable information about one US operative, and Hillary leaked the identities of several high-ranking US foreign agents. If she could be hung separately for each of the infractions it would be too good for her.

  5. Ddenney1

    And that’s not counting the “Foundation” the Clinton Crime Family uses to launder their fortune!!!!

  6. D Hall

    hope Russia releases them the young people that don’t know about the CORRUPTION of BOTH CLINTONS,should be informed of all their deals with countries that hate us,
    she keeps telling woman that she is their champion….PLEASE the witch destroyed woman that came forward about Slick Willies SEX assaults but now she says woman should be believed ,she takes money from the Saudis ,who treat woman like dirt. and have financed her run for the white house 25% .why would they do that??? if not for access to our Government.

  7. Howleyesque

    GOOD! The corrupt propaganda machine that our “media” has become has engaged in EVERY POSSIBLE means of rationalizing and justifying her ineptitude, criminal negligence and utter corruption. BUT, IF the Russians DO unload them, there is NO WAY for the old bat OR her supporters to mount ANY meaningful defense!

      1. Howleyesque

        Oh sure they will, TRY but… It will take a VERY SPECIAL kind of stupid to believe her then.

  8. Cecilia Gast

    As far as releasing our secrets is bad, but since Russia already knows most of it, I hope they do release the emails. That screaming banshee needs to be stopped, one way or another.

  9. Don Dunn

    it sure seems like the dems/+ public dems could care less if classified emails got comprimized

  10. BIG STAN


  11. justanagent

    Comey is playing this smart. Obama cannot pressure or fire him because he has a 10 year appointment and will be there after Obama is gone. Nothing is going to happen until after January 20, 2017 because up until then Obama will be in a position head off an indictment, engineer a no bill or pardon her. Once he leaves office he has no power to pardon anyone and even if she is elected she cannot pardon herself. That is when Comey will unload on her. If Trump is elected she’s toast along with her sex offender husband since the FBI investigation has been broadened to include fraud, racketeering and money laundering by the Clinton Foundation. If she is elected Comey will present all of the evidence to congress so she can be impeached, removed from office, indicted and tried. If congress refuses to do it’s duty, I would expect him to go public with everything and force the issue. No matter what happens (barring a hit on Comey) she’s in trouble.

  12. jim scofield

    If She had a brain cell left She would be getting
    the hell out of Dodge and moving to a country with
    no extradition.

    1. organic granny

      Like Obama and his mansion in Dubai.
      No extradition treaty with the US there.

      That lie about staying in DC for the brat to finish high school is garbage. La-la land. Like anyone in DC will stick around to worship Obama once Trump moves in.

  13. sadnana

    Perhaps someone could explain to me why Russia would do this. What do they stand to gain?

  14. Francisco Machado

    This is hardly a startling epiphany – it’s just more proof of what has been suspected and increasingly confirmed for at least the better part of a year. It may cost Hillary some votes, but it motivates other followers to get out to the polls for her. The ability to involve herself so deeply in illegal activities without consequences elevates her status in their estimation.

  15. jimtermini1

    Don’t count on Russia releasing the e-mails since that would hurt Hillary, who already handed Russia 20% of our nuclear output. With the possibility of Hillary becoming President the Russians do not want to jeopardize future chances of gaining more favors.

  16. wattsupstupid

    I wish they would just do it and quit saying they are going to. She sold her soul a long time ago and all she cares about is money and power. She is one evil vitch

  17. Robert Kahlcke

    I’am certain myself and others would be willing to send donations to Russia for copies of the emails.

  18. Paul Thomas

    There is no doubt she should go to jail,better people have done less and lost everything, the democrats still have time to name another canidate.

  19. Triple J Jackson

    If Obama makes lynch drop charges the military should physically remove him and lock him and Hillary up for treason. Why do they not follow the law and OBEY the oath they took? I know Hillary can’t have that much dirt on everyone. If Obama wants to salvage any of his respect he will make them prosecute Hillary. Because I know he knows we don’t believe the fake polls of approval they put out for him. Obama do the honorable thing and let the FBI do their job And let Lynch do hers STOP protecting Hillary And get what dignity you have back. Don’t be remembered as the most corrupt president of all time. She is not worth it. If Obama does the right thing I will gain some respect for him. If not I would be ashamed that The first black President was a dishonest crook.
    What is your legacy going to be Mr President? A honest man or another Crook?

  20. leisureal-

    This could make for an interesting twist to the Clinton private e-mail story. If the Kremlin releases these e-mails and there’s undeniable proof that Hillary violated the Espionage Act, FBI Director James Comey would be put in a very uncomfortable position.

    Would he be able to indict Hillary on this charge before the November election… or would he politically “wash his hands” and resign his office if President Obama or Attorney General Loretta Lynch wouldn’t let him indict?

    Although Hillary is the apparent Democratic nominee, would these leaked e-mails further weaken her credibility with independent voters in November?

    Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  21. Franie

    Put Hillary in jail, and put her in jail NOW!!! She is a criminal many times over. How many more criminal acts is she going to be allowed to commit before she gets us all killed???

  22. organic granny

    The seriousness of hillary’s crimes has reached the boiling point.
    She needs to be in prison until a trial can be organized in 2017. Her involvement in corrupt activities and her guilt in absolutely heinous, treasonous acts has been proven time and time again, Her dishonest and unethical conduct has earned her the death penalty by any means test a jury could employ.

    The cowards in Congress are too scared that they will fall with her, and so they have allowed the abuses of power to escalate.

    There is no question about any of this. Hillary is stinking, rotten meat and she needs to go now.

  23. Shelba Herring

    hillary lies, she knows her e-mails were hacked and if Russia releases the hacked e-mails are the FBI going to recommend indictment and is lynch going to prosecute????

  24. fixitcr63

    Only in America!!! We’re seeing just what type of runaround that will occur if the Gitmo detainees that should be tried as war criminals are turned loose and moved to the U.S;A.. Once they are on our soil they will be provided all the legal protections available to any genuine citizens when there is suspicion of wrongdoing.

  25. 4everBfree

    I think Hillary will skate just like Obama has. I think those in Washington have so much dirt on each other nobody can point a finger at the other, those that are clean are either threatened or dealt with to shut them up. That is why Trump is such a threat to both sides of the isle, they are afraid he may spill the beans and most of those in Washington would end up with criminal charges against them.

  26. A_patriot

    I think Mr. Trump called it correctly, yesterday in his speech when he said Hillary a “World class Liar”. She should be toast, but she’ll, unfortunately, likely will get a reprieve of some sort. This just shows the level of corruption to which our government has fallen prey. It saddens my heart, but I’m more worried that if she manages to get into the WH, the Russians will use Blackmail against her. Sounds as if they’ve got the fodder.