Journalist Said Trump’s Post-Orlando Speech Was This (You’ll Be Surprised)

Journalist Carl Bernstein called Donald Trump’s post-Orlando national security speech “terribly, terribly effective” in a television interview Monday after the shooting spree that killed at least 50 people in a gay night club.

Bernstein is best known for his work with Bob Woodward uncovering the Watergate scandal. During an appearance on CNN’s “Newsroom” show, he said that Trump is turning a corner in his presidential campaign.

Here’s what he said as reported by The Hill and Newsmax:

First, I thought Trump was predictably abhorrent and terribly, terribly effective in a way he hasn’t been until now.

His speech will appeal to independents, even some Democrats and certainly Republicans because Hillary Clinton, Obama and the Democrats are very late to acknowledge by name that there is a real threat of Islamic terrorism in this country and all over the world and they have been very reluctant to use the word Islamic terror and it’s coming back to haunt them.

Trump gave a terrorism-focused speech Monday in New Hampshire one day after a terror attack in Orlando that killed 49 people.

Bernstein said Hillary Clinton is not being effective enough when it comes to outlining the threat America faces from radical Islam.

“The impression Trump gave today with some effectiveness, despite his almost neo-fascist rhetoric is that the Democrats have not done that.” 

Last March, Bernstein called Trump a “neo-fascist,” saying the real estate mogul is tapping into “the real anger and grievances that many Americans feel.”

While we don’t agree that Trump’s connecting with Americans discontent with government makes him a “neo-fascist,” we agree this latest speech will be effective in painting Hillary Clinton and the Democrats as weak on terrorism. In fact, here’s a story from Zero Hedge about a gay activist who’s switching from Hillary to Trump because of the Orlando shooting.

Do you think that Obama and the Democrats’ weakness on terrorism could give Trump the edge he needs to win the White House?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    1. Howleyesque

      Liperals are well indoctrinated, hate filled, paranoids too blinded by their hate and fear for their twisted and perverted minds to be able to see their own hypocrisy,

    2. DOC

      How do you get from passing a law to taking your guns? I have heard they want to take your guns for over 20 years. Face it your politicians have been bought and sold. And were to dumb to see it

      1. Don Mann

        Yes, they have been attempting to take our guns for over 20 years but they always fail. They will always fail!

  1. A natural born American

    “Hillary Clinton is not being effective enough when it comes to outlining the threat America faces from radical Islam.” Of course not. She’s already said repeatedly that she plans to continue and step up with obama’s importing terrorists under the guise of ‘refugees’ program over the next 4 years. While relieving us of our 2A rights so we have no way to defend ourselves and our loved ones. Or even the strangers in a nightclub.

    1. Dianna9490

      Heck no she’s not! Because the Saudis have given her millions to let them all in! SHES ALREADY BOUGHT OFF!

  2. Diane Moudy

    I pray that he wins and ends the liberal madness in Washington. Also sees to it that Hillary Clinton pays for her crimes that Obama is now protecting her from.

        1. Pebbles

          This is exactly why the left and even the right do not want him as president. Trump will make this a transparent government, revealing all of the dirty little secrets the sitting politicians want hidden from all of the citizens, many of which will put a lot if not all of them in jail for treasonous or unlawful acts.

        2. tom boy

          where were you when Bush and his cronies invaded Iraq on assumption of weapons on mass destruction .? They never found them ! Killed a lot of people in Iraq and help create the ISIS problem there today .

          1. Howleyesque

            With approving votes from? Odummer AND Swillary! (Oh and BTW BOZO I was screaming long and loud about THAT AND the SO CALLED “Patriot Act” one more thing that BUSH SIGNED and they BOTH VOTED FOR!)

          2. Howleyesque

            Ohand one MORE thing about those WMD’s they WERE there, and Bush DID KNOW… he SHOULD HAVE his Daddy and Olly North SOLD THEM TOO Hussein! They were moved out too? SYRIA STUPID! Where do you THINK their government got ’em? (Those chemical weapons)

          3. Triple J Jackson

            Ahhh but you are wrong they did find them but they were found when Obama was in office and it was swept under the rug so people like you could say that stupid shit. And don’t forget the thousands killed in New York. I guess we should have just Sat on our hands and let that slide.

          4. LifeRyder

            Hey Tommy Boy……….in case you forgot, the Democrats also supported the ‘invasion’ of Iraq. As pointed out by Howleyesque, we sold them, we trained them, we PUT Saddam Hussein in power.

            When the ‘Coalition Force’ went in (1991), the US should have marched into Baghdad, but due to the ‘lack of agreement with the other Coalition Forces’ it didn’t happen. The WMD that were in Iraq had twelve years to ‘disappear’ and NOT to just the Middle East…….South America also received technology and some of the WMD. The ISIS situation was Obama’s doing; you DON’T tell them enemy the day you are leaving.

            Explaining things to an individual of YOUR caliber is pointless.

          5. Francisco Sperandeo

            Besides no one on her is supporting Bush Or BUSHES for that matter, if so we would be Lo energy Jeb! The problem lies with HILLARY AND THE WACKO LEFT as well as the RINOS and RIGHT!! They are both and have been in bed with each other flowing with LOBBYIST MONIES! This is why we need a Trump, to get our nation wrestled away from the CARTEL! If not, not long from now you and a lot others will be praying for a Trump, while you are eating Goat Cheese And never tasting BACON ever again!

          6. Franie

            That’s where you are wrong, buddy. Obama created ISIS when he withdrew our troops from Iraq. He also has been funding them too. Why he even protects them here in our own country. Nice try but you’re dead wrong!!

      1. tom boy

        Funny ! Trump want to get rid of freedom of speech for he wants to sue anyone who speaks bad of him when he is president. Yeah we should call him “Mr. I will sue you ” . LOL !

        1. Howleyesque

          Wrong again oh dimwitted one, butHY let truth into that propaganda filled little mess you have for a mind NOW? What he wants is for news agencies to be held accountable for the TRUTH of what they tell us… unlike the Odummer administration who have bragged about lying to them and them in turn lying to us about the Iran deal… IDIOT!
          History never was a “big deal” to you was it? I can tell, because you haven’t learned one single thing FROM IT!

    1. Nina

      Oh he’ll win alright if the leaders in his own party stop playing games and strait looking like grown ups to independents and other voters that Trump could possibly draw in without their stupid nonsense which is only harming and making the so called Republican Party look milked a bunch of assholes who can’t get behind their potential leader. BUT………..had no problems kissing Obummers ass!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Howleyesque

        What they ARE making MORE than clear is their arrogance and REFUSAL to abide by the will of the people. And, THAT is what WILL cost them … NOT Trump. I do agree with you that what WILL in all probability COST US our nation IS their antics!

        1. Nina

          You are totally right about their arrogance!! They still don’t get it!! Their arrogance is what brought Trump into the election to begin wit!! “We the People” we’re and are so sick of politically correctly bullcrap and enter Donald Trump!! But…….. The arrogant ones still can’t see the forest thought the trees and they will be the ruination of GOD’s most glorious gifted country on earth. Sad so very sad. It doesn’t have to be.

          1. Dianna9490

            It’s not that they don’t get it! They just don’t want it! They r corrupt and looking at loosing their dirty money and going to jail! So yea they get it and that’s WHY TGEY R SCARED! But hey if they r not corrupt- then they have nothing to worry about! Right?

          2. Howleyesque

            Except for the SMALL fact that they sold out… and have left themselves NO CHOICE but to do the bidding of the puppeteers who pull their strings, like that hypocritical pile RYAN! Seven years of “rule by royal decree” and that sorry HEAPING, STEAMING PILE said NOT ONE WORD about the “separation of Powers doctrine” WHILE I SCREAMED ABOUT IT with each NEW “royal decree”! NOW, even though Swillary said EXACTLY THE VERY SAME THING… that MAGGOT has a problem that he announces to the world BECAUSE? TRUMP SAID HE WOULD DO TOO IF ELECTED! in order TOO? RID US of the idiocy Obama could only bring about BY that means!

      2. Pebbles

        I agree. And they kissed that BO butt because they were threatened with the release of their dirty little self serving secrets if they didn’t go along with him, or worse.

        1. Nina

          They are useless pieces of crap who are so threatened by Trump that their little DC party may be coming to an end! That’s why no one wants him there! We all know it, they know it and they hate him He doesn’t play by the bullshit meaningless rules. My hope is that once he gets there he doesn’t fall into the trap.

    2. biilyjoe

      Obama needs to pay for the sedition he is encouraging and the TREASON he has committed in doing so.

    3. tom boy

      Funny ! Trump is a bigger liberal than anyone who ran ! Cut taxes on wealthy and spend spend spend ! I hope you are not collecting social security under Trump you can kiss it good bye when he wrecks the treasury bill market !

      1. Howleyesque

        Nice try goofy, we are ALL merely hoping that Trump wins AND that our economy: #1 OUT LASTS THE CHINESE ECONOMY AND #2 lasts at least long enough for Trump TOO take office!

  3. VirgoVince

    If you have a problem with Trump, YOU ARE the problem; he’s been a WINNER all his life, WE NEED him as President, RIGHT NOW!!

    1. tom boy

      Funny ! Mr 4 time bankruptcy, I don’t pay my bill to hard working small business I call people names like a 5 year old and I got caught not giving vets money I promised ! Tell your beloved Donald show his taxes he probably pays less than you do ! Trump is not you savior ! He will destroy this country to suit his needs .

      1. Triple J Jackson

        And you think Hillary is a better choice? And Trumps needs are all of Americans needs. And if you think he will destroy America you haven’t been awake the last 7-1/2 years. We can’t take 4 more years of Obama and that’s what Killary is. And how a Woman could ever vote for her is beyond me. A woman that takes millions from countrys with Shari law that would beat a woman down for her hair showing or kill a person for being gay. Yep she’s a real saint.

      2. LifeRyder

        Still suckling the Socialist, Liberal, Democratic teat? Where shall the Fed.Govt. send your check or will you be ‘leaving America if Trump becomes POTUS’? PC, let me use the long term…. Political Correctness… has weaken US to a breaking point. Are you so naive or just stupid to see it? As for ‘destroy this country’ have you not seen what has been going on for the last seven plus years?
        Trump is not the answer, that maybe, but he is a heck of a sight better then what we’ve had for the last two cycles AND the same is to be said of the ‘other party’s’ offering.

      3. The Redman

        Yep. hahahahahaahahahah. most white-folks believe in trump-a-hump-em more then God.

        1. Francisco Sperandeo

          Guess we will find out instead of BILL AND HILLARY, You HOLD EM AND I’LL HUMP EM!! Do I need to explain this to you?

      4. lmw

        Unlike the establishment politicians who have ran our country into 19 TRILLION dollars in debt and still spending, hard earned tax dollars that I and the rest of the country keep having to work longer, harder to keep this government in its money stealing from the working class to keep bribing votes from the career government leaches.

      5. rwp24382

        Just exactly what has Bernie the Bum or Hillary done that convinces you that they are either one competent to lead the country? Hillary has only had titles and no accomplishments, other than destabilize the Middle East. Bernie couldn’t even hold a job, until he was over forty years old. That was when he became a politician. Really have a lot depth in the roster for the Dems.

      6. Franie

        That’s where you are wrong. Trump has gone out of his way with numerous philanthropic and unsolicited gifting to those in need.

    2. used_to_be_a_liberal

      Trumps already won the White House, left-wits just don’t realize that yet. The Hilda-Beast has yet to accomplish anything, so if she even has chance she is going to have to do something that everyone will admire, but it will have to be with-in her pay grade. Now then, what could she do? Oh I know;
      So, if the Hilda-Beast really and truly is a lesbo, then she can be like Obama, who gave the lbgt&q community the rainbow house, the Hilda-Beast can give them their very own flower, and no, not the pansy, because it only applies to really effeminate gay males.
      The Hilda-Beast should make the “Dandy Loin” renamed from the dandelion, the lbgt&q’s identity flower. As they are all just “Dandy” or “Dandies” an old British saying, and they love to chew, and lick on loins. So this would fit, and the Hilda-Beast would actually have one real accomplishment.

    3. Greg137

      There is a problem with me because he is a two faced liberal liar who back tracks on issues on a routine basis ? There is a problem with me, because Trump wants to ban Second Amendment protections? There is a problem with me because Trump, like Obama, believes that full grown men should use the same bathrooms as little girls even if they are in reality rapists and child molesters? There is a problem with me that he deserted his service in Vietnam? there is a problem with me because he wants to raise taxes AFTER the Obama years recession? There is a problem with me, because trump wants to pass the LGBT bill of special right which if enacted will give queers rights that a normal American Citizen doesn’t have? You are full of shit, dude.. I AM WRITING IN TED CRUZ!!!


    It is sad that so many people know that Hillary Clinton is a proven liar and unfit to be president and still intend to vote for her! What is wrong with these people?


        I am neither Republican nor Democrat, however, I can spot a phoney, when I see one. No Hillary for me (and you?), right?

        1. Howleyesque

          LOL Look either up or down from this “series” of posts… the answer will be OBVIOUS!

  5. Howleyesque

    “Reluctant”? Abject REFUSAL is not reluctance! And this applies across the board, to Odummer, Swillary, Fineswine and all the rest of the treasonous Liperal HYPOCRITES who live behind a screen of guns and want to DISARM US!

      1. Howleyesque

        “Lame”? NO what IS lame is labeling a man who has made it clear that he wants to do what a US President is SUPPOED TO DO and put the rights and LIVESW of US citizens AHEAD of the SUPPOSED “rights” of foreign nationals (INCLUDING those born a half a world away that ONLY someone PAID TO DO SO would urge taking in as even the Saudi’s REFUSE TO DO SO) as a RACIST… THAT IS PURELY LAME! And the list goes on…

  6. binman

    Your votes don’t count. This is all political theatrics. They already know what’s going to happen and who was selected to continue the globalists agenda towards a one world communist government. We are in pre-Nazi Germany and Christians will be the next Jews.

  7. Gandg Kell

    Hillary and Bill Clinton are so dishonest,they would’nt know the truth,if it hit them in the face.” natural born american ” you are so right about Hillary,she’s another term for Obama.they accept terrorists,have given them weapons,and will not call them Radical
    Islam.we need Donald Trump as POTUS 2016.

  8. Bob Taylor

    Taking away auto-loading guns (full auto guns are already well controlled except to crooked persons). Just remember the Sniper belief. One shot one kill. Now add without detection.

    1. Howleyesque

      Then the morons can figure out how to ban everything with a blade, every club, and everything that can be used to make bombs and or booby traps… GFL with THAT!

  9. grampy1

    All republicans, independent’s need to get behind Trump. A government that has taken over a sixth of the economy is powerful enough to take over all of it. Our constitution needs to be followed to prevent this take over.

  10. John P

    The one thing I very much like to have Trump do if elected is to abolish the United Nation from the United States completely. Let that useless creation of FDR fine another country to supply its support.

    1. John Flynn

      indeed, john, this is where the “refugee” crisis is emanating from. this has been a useless organization since the downfall of communist countries in the early ’90s. I believe trump has said he wishes to do away with our participation in it when he’s prez……

    2. Howleyesque

      WRONG! Defund it, and tell it to MOVE as we will be turning it’s CURRENT HQ into housing for veterans … but DO NOT withdraw! RIGHT NOW we have veto power,!

  11. MD

    He needs to tone down the caustic attacks. He may be right, but now he’s dealing with independents who aren’t amused. He has to avoid the racist brush being painted on him. He should point out that the democrat party is a party of hate and intolerance if you don’t agree with them. He shouldn’t respond to them. He should continually point out their corruption like congressman Fattah who was just convicted of corruption charges. He should point out that it was Bill Clinton who made it possible for banks to engage in all sorts of businesses. And don’t forget the Dodd-Frank bill (both democrats) who protected banks in return for favors. Enough with name calling.

    1. Howleyesque

      Excuse me BUT there is NO WAY to “avoid the racist brush” we ARE talking about… LIPERALS! Mexican is a nationality, NOT A RACE, just as ISLAM is a RELIGION and NOT A RACE … to any logical, intelligent REASONABLE individual. The sold out, incompetent pig in a pants suit and her rapist/pedophile husband have been using every dirty trick in the politician’s arsenal. I think it’s time for Trump to hit back HARD and without let up! Enough alright you old sow! Enough of the rest of the world having to walk on eggs and yet TOLERATE the nonstop chimp chunk chucking of the hypocritical GARAGE on the left!

  12. W. Coyote

    President Obama has articulated a well thought out and logical reason for not using the term “radical Islam”.. Donald Trump ( and other “conservatives”) are evidently unable to understand Obama’s position. In any case, one might agree or disagree with President on this, but so far, Trump has not offered a sound counter argument. He simply continues with the ad hominem attacks, which his supporters seem to love.

    1. Howleyesque

      The MAGGOT in the Oval Orifice (I’m being as KIND as I can given this POS’s REFUSAL to do the job he was elected TO DO and represent the interests TO INCLUDE THE LIVES OF ACTUAL US CITIZENS rather than FOREIGN NATIONALS OR ISLAM and as to your further LIE about “ad hominem attacks” NO SALE THERE EITHER. WE HAVE been paying attention. Now climb back onto your prayer rug… (Oh and change the screen name to JACKAL)

      1. Kevin

        Good photo of “The Emperor!” – I remember from Star Wars III, as Palpatine was giving his speech to the Senate of the Old Republic, whipping up the emotions for greater power to deal with the “emergency,” one of the main characters exclaimed, “Is this how Freedom is lost, to thundering applause?” I think one reason the Star Wars saga has been so popular, is not just because of good visual effects. Many of the story themes parallel real history (e.g., the Roman Republic descending into the Roman Empire, how Hitler justified consolidation of power within himself so that he could deal with the “emergency” (burning the Reichstag and then blaming the communists), and how free societies can be made to accept dictatorship in general).

      2. W. Coyote

        Howleyesque- Good morning and thank you for your reply. President Obama’s words from last week:

        “Groups like ISIL and al-Qaida want to make this war a war between Islam and America, or between Islam and the West. They want to claim that they are the true leaders of over a billion Muslims around the world who reject their crazy notions. They want us to validate them, by implying that they speak for those billion-plus people, that they speak for Islam. That’s their propaganda. That’s how they recruit. And if we fall into the trap of painting all Muslims with a broad brush, and imply that we are at war with an entire religion, then we are doing the terrorists’ work for them.”

        In other words, calling ISIS “radical Islam” is giving them the legitimacy they want. It would be similar to calling the KKK’s bombings assassinations, and lynchings a problem of “radical Christianity”. I, for one, don’t regard the KKK as Christian.
        Now, I’m not 100% convinced by Obama’s argument. But it makes sense and should be taken seriously. I am quite sure, that ISIS is not cowering in a hole somewhere, in fear because of Donald Trump’s language.
        Do you have a counter-argument to Obama’s position on this? If so, I would sure like to hear it. Maybe you can convince me to see things your way.
        Trump, by the way, has insulted everyone along the way, Evidently he thinks insults are enough to win an argument.

        1. Howleyesque

          LOL Yeah because after all what would MUSLIMS like say the Orlando shooter’s own Imam or Salman Rushdi or the Saudi’s own head cleric know as opposed to the great, all knowing and utterly ineffective racist perpetual LIAR in the White House? According to all three of them… he’s at it again. So pardon me if I prefer tasking the word of those who SHOULD KNOW over that of an “expert” who has gotten his personal records SEALED.
          Further, oddly enough there ARE Muslims (who DON’T belong to the rationalizing, justifying groups like CAIR ( those groups that tell us that APPEASEMENT and letting them DICTATE OUR LIBERTY TOO US ) who SUPPORT TRUMP and his desire to halt the importation of people who are VERY HIGHLY LIKELY TOO HAVE terrorists among them UNTIL a BETTER screening process is in place (PEOPLE THAT EVEN THE SAUDI’S… THEIR FELLOW MUSLIMS … REFUSE TO TAKE IN!) Why? Not out of “HATE” as the left INSISTS AT ALL TIMES, but out of simple CAUTION AND SELF PRESERVATION! Out of RECOGNITION THAT … OBAMA HAS AN AGENDA… that is NOT in the best interests of ACTUAL US CITIZENS! LEARN from HISTORY!

          1. W. Coyote

            Judging by the capitalizations and exclamation points, it appears that you are quite worked up over this. You don’t like President Obama- I get that. Beyond that, you make some points which are at best tangential to the issue of whether the term “radical Islam” is effective.
            Did you get a chance to read Obama’s actual words and reasoning? If so, do you have a counter-argument to his logic?

          2. Howleyesque

            The maggot is a liar, and I am NOT your secretary. There was video of the Saudi head cleric saying that ISIS is EXACTLY what Islam IS “about” Odummer had that Orlando 911 call scrubbed to remove mention of EITHER! What Salman Rushdi has said is ALSO easy to find look foe his latest. IF you can take the time to listen to Odummer…
            Tying Constitutional RIGHTS to a bogus UN Constitutional SECRET list compiled by SECRET people using SECRET Criteria is NOT “tangential” AT ALL. IT IS UN CONSTITUTIONAL, TREASONOUS AND DANGEROUS!

    2. biilyjoe

      Obama has been a Traitor from his first year in office– attacking Christianity at every turn, siding with our enemies–arming Iran, attacking white people by saying that whites are inherently racist and demonstrate racism “when they lock their car doors” , seditiousl;y attacking police as “acting stupidly” when they were only doing their jobs. Then, along with Holder and Sharpton and communist de blasio , encouraging the rioting and burning of Ferguson, Florida(Trayvon DOJ supported riots) and New York City –resulting in the shooting deaths of our police officers — and the hero-izing of black criminals. Obama , sharpton, holder, lynch and jarrett are terrorist supporting racist blacks like we have never seen in our 240 year history. Common street-organizing thug-insurrectionists trying to overthrow our Constitutional law every chance they get.

      1. W. Coyote

        billyjoe- Thank you for your reply and for sharing your perspective. I looked hard for something that I might agree with. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. “a Traitor”? Could you please identify specific words or actions that would justify such a strong charge? Could you please provide me with an exact quote in which Obama said “whites are inherently racist”?
        I find it particularly interesting that you identify “arming Iran” in your charges. You are probably too young to remember Ronald Reagan who, unlike Obama, actually did that. From 1985-86, Reagan sent over 2000 missiles to the Ayatollah’s regime. This was done entirely in secret, without Congressional approval or oversight, or even an Executive Order. For that reason alone, I assume you hold Reagan in similar contempt.

        1. biilyjoe

          Too young to remember Reagan ??? You really are off on a tangent !!! I remember well very Dwight Eisenhower coming out onto the stage at The Republican Convention of 1956 and possibly 1952 when they first started televising conventions.
          I’ll answer your other clueless, unmugged self-deprecating and /or radical questions when I get a chance. You sure are full of ques——.

          1. W. Coyote

            Radical questions? Really? You stated out making a claim that President Obama is “a Traitor”. All I’m asking is that you back up your claim with proof.

          2. biilyjoe


          3. W. Coyote

            billyjoe- Good morning and I hope you are feeling better today. “I gave you MULTIPLE EXAMPLES of his TREASON-” I reread everything you have written and you have not proved “TREASON” yet. All you have done is make accusations and insult me. Now, if you would like to have a discussion about this or anything else, we can do that. Just remember, if you make a claim, be prepared to back it up with evidence. If all you want to do is hurl gratuitous and very wrong insults, I’m not interested.

        2. biilyjoe

          You know not everyone is a “useful idiot” like those with Below 80 IQ’s who voted for Obombus twice (at least 60% of Demon-crat voters– urbanized-sharpton-style). Those of us who could read about what Reagan was doing 30- plus years ago , and who had even a rudimentary course in International Politics/Relations heard of something called “Maintaining a Balance of Power” internationally. This is what was going on in obama’s muslim nations’ “religion of peace” in 1985-1986 time frame you mention– and it was a move to prevent either Iraq or Iran from winning and becoming THE power in the Middle East– while protecting our sane allies in that insane region. Reagan did not arm Iran to empower them; Obama IS. His chief adviser hidden in the white house is Iranian-born, communist-connected, white-hating, Muslim-dating (ahmad rashad) , America-disarming, Chicago street-organizing/gangster, obama worshiping, clueless international meddler, and Treason enabler.

          In October 1986, Iraqi aircraft began to attack civilian passenger trains and aircraft on Iranian soil, including an Iran Air Boeing 737 unloading passengers at Shiraz International Airport.[194] In retaliation for the Iranian Operation Karbala 5, Iraq attacked 65 cities in 226 sorties over 42 days, bombing civilian neighbourhoods. Eight Iranian cities came under attack from Iraqi missiles. The bombings killed 65 children in an elementary school in Borujerd. The Iranians responded with Scud missile attacks on Baghdad and struck a primary school there. These events became known as the “war of the cities”.[55]

          Despite the war, Iran and Iraq maintained diplomatic relations and embassies in each other’s countries until mid-1987.[95]

          Iran’s government used human waves to attack enemy troops and even in some cases to clear minefields. Children volunteered as well. Some reports mistakenly have the Basijis marching into battle while marking their expected entry to heaven by wearing “plastic keys to paradise” around their necks, although other analysts regard this story as a hoax involving a misinterpretation of the carrying of a prayer book called “The Keys to Paradise”(Mafatih al-Janan) by Sheikh Abbas Qumi given to all volunteers.[96]

          According to journalist Robin Wright:

          During the Fateh offensive in February 1987, I toured the southwest front on the Iranian side and saw scores of boys, aged anywhere from nine to sixteen, who said with staggering and seemingly genuine enthusiasm that they had volunteered to become martyrs. Regular army troops, the paramilitary Revolutionary Guards and mullahs all lauded these youths, known as baseeji [Basij], for having played the most dangerous role in breaking through Iraqi lines. They had led the way, running over fields of mines to clear the ground for the Iranian ground assault. Wearing white headbands to signify the embracing of death, and shouting “Shaheed, shaheed” (Martyr, martyr) they literally blew their way into heaven. Their numbers were never disclosed. But a walk through the residential suburbs of Iranian cities provided a clue. Window after window, block after block, displayed black-bordered photographs of teenage or preteen youths.[210]

          See also[edit]

          1. W. Coyote

            You have cited some of horrible history in the Middle East, and there were atrocities on all sides. I have nothing good to say about either Iran or Iraq.
            “Reagan did not arm Iran to empower them;” Well, OK, but as I’m sure you are aware, after the Iranian revolution, the US imposed sanctions, including an arms embargo and freezing of assets. Reagan simply ignored the arms embargo. Caspar Weinberger famously said, “If they find out about this, we’ll all go to jail” (or words to that effect). They stole over two thousand missiles from our nation’s arsenal, laundered them through the Israelis, and sent them to the Ayatollah. For Reagan’s efforts in 1985-86, the Ayatollah declared a national holiday known as “Death to America Day” in 1987.

          2. biilyjoe

            Reagan was not in charge of brainwashing the diabolical ayatollahs; your BS is so thick, it takes ISIS beheading machetes to cut through it. YOU HAVE MISSED THE WHOLE POINT– you divert— and are CLUELESS as to basic International Relations– balance of power for our enemies to keep one another in check.
            Shouldn’t u be in Baltimore rioting about now ??

        3. biilyjoe

          Iran has already violated the phony deal — it has been testing ICBM’s and target shooting American-ship decoys in the Persian Gulf; while Americans will NOT be permitted to examine the current nuclear power production plants — nor any future ones ; so we will not be able to see any nuclear weapons these enemies of America– who call out “Death To America–The Great Satan” and death to Israel -termed the small Satan , routinely in their Parliament. Obama has enabled this while denying Islamic Terrorism exists and has banned the actual term from being used– and even ordered demon AG lynch to have the FBI redact the Pulse Jihadis words proving his Jihadi act. You don’t get any more Treasonous than using “profiling” and total “political correctness” to hide trhe truth from the American People as they get mowed down monthly now by islamic terrorists living in our nation and attending mosques where they’re being radicalized but being protected by this complicit obama muslimized administration.

          1. W. Coyote

            Well, I don’t trust the Iranians either. And I don’t think the current deal of lifting sanctions vs. inspections will solve all our problems with them. But at the end of the day, I think it is better that there are inspectors and inspections. Prior to the deal, the Iranians were free to build a bomb. I won’t be surprised if they play cat and mouse, but at least there will be inspectors on the scene.
            I also think the whole mess is a problem with conservatives. In other words, our conservatives have a problem with their conservatives and vice versa. Demographically, Iran is a very young country. And millions of the young people took to the streets about 4 years ago to protest the elections before they were brutally suppressed by the conservative regime. It is said the demography is destiny. I am hopeful that the sooner or later, the old conservative regime will be swept out of power- and lifting of sanctions will be a part of making that happen.

        4. biilyjoe

          Here’s an article detailing Obama’s speech accusing whites of being racists when “they lock their car doors” :

          (we already know moochelle said a short elderly white woman in Target was a racist for asking her, moochelle, to reach an object on a high shelf for her !!!)
          Also, it was obama friend and associate– racist black “professor” Dyson who wrote the book describing how whites were inherently racist– but blacks could never be racist (although Rasmussen Poll of Autumn 2014 found that Americans of every color believed that blacks were the most racist people in America)– no surprise for anyone who lives within a major urban area.

          It is indeed TREASON when obama, who is president of all Americans, spreads race lies and encourages insurrection against our police officers to further his diabolical agenda.

          You need to learn how to read– you do have NPD issues like your mullah– that can be medicated; but I feel it may be impossible with a POS like yourself. Your questions bely both your insincerity and your ignorance.

          1. W. Coyote

            Thank you for sending the link. I did read it carefully. At no point is Obama “accusing whites of being racists when ‘they lock their car doors'”. Evidently the headline writer is doing some over interpreting of his remarks to please a certain audience. When I read his exact words, I thought he was asking everyone to take a minute to look at situations through someone else’s perspective.

            Since you were generous enough with your time to send a link, please allow me to return the favor. Here is what Obama said regarding the looters in Ferguson. I would very interested to see where you disagree with him..


          2. biilyjoe

            Washington Times– a left loon slant sheet ?? talk about “open to interpretation”– they’re probably one of the leftloon cretins that’d back the redacting by the MASTER LIARS liker jarrett-lynch-obama to hide the Islamic terrorist words of the PULSE JIHADI– spare me your/their BS.

          3. W. Coyote

            More insults- not deserving of a reply. But I have to comment on “Washington Times- a left loon slant sheet” That got my day off to a laugh. The Washington Times was founded by Rev Moon of Korea and has been a critical part of the “Republican Noise Machine” as David Brock puts it. I included their story just to show you I’m not relying on what you might call “liberal media bias”. Did you read the article? Do you disagree with what Obama had to say about the Ferguson looters? If so, what is your disagreement?

      1. W. Coyote

        Ah nutz- Good morning and thank you for your response. I really have no idea what you are getting at here. As far as breathing is concerned, the only trouble I have is the fact that we are in the mid 90’s with extremely high humidity. Makes mowing the grass into an ordeal.
        As far as my comment is concerned, President Obama restated his view on the term “radical Islam” just last week. Did you hear what he had to say? I could provide an exact quote if you didn’t. Do you have a counter-argument to his position? If so, I would sure like to hear it. I’m looking at the pros and cons of using that term and would like to hear another perspective without the personal insults.

        1. biilyjoe

          It took your muslimized savior 8 years before he pretended to acknowledge his phony “religion of peace”‘s involvement/encouragement of one of its many violent dogmas in its “holy book”– both Jihad as well as “Jihad by Immigration” which the pedophile barbaric warrior leader muhammad dictated ???? CUT HUMANITY A BREAK FROM OBOMBUS’s AND YOUR TAQIYYAH LYING; it’s enough to deal with his/your BlackLIES and AlinskyLIES of projection and transfer. You must also share the same NPD that most psychoanalysts who observe him have diagnosed. Any mature, trained eye can pick up the same simply by listening to his tone and watching his body language as he reads from his teleprompter — written for him likely by jarrett or one of the other America-hating demons that surround him in both the white house and his administration. No secret that Demon Sharpton and his diabolical “God-Damn America” minister Jeremiah the embezzler Wright have left the mark of the Demon on him– Sharpton the Criminal visiting the white house weekly to give his “ad VICE”.

          1. W. Coyote

            Whew! I’m impressed. You certainly know how to string together charges and innuendo. But I’ll just focus on the beginning.
            “…your…savior” – In case you are actually interested in anything I have to say, I am not an Obama “disciple”. I haven’t agreed with everything he has said or done.
            “…muslimized..” President Obama is a Christian.
            I could go on, point by point, but if you make two incorrect charges in the first sentence, why should I take seriously anything else you have to say?

          2. biilyjoe

            Hussein obama was raised a Muslim in Indonesia and supposedly connected with Kenyan Muslim family. YOU CAN’T READ CRITICALLY ( I said he was “muslimized”– that ‘s not saying that he is a muslim– but he IS A LIAR–taqiyyah lies permitted in islam — ie — you are pretty FOS and innuendo — he is hiding his islam — that’s why he took the presidential oath in a back room– on a Koran.
            Anyone who went to jeremiah wright’s “God Damn America ” church for 18 years is a FAUX-christian at best– and a Taqiyyah Lying muslim in all probability. PANTS UP !! DON’T LOOT !!

          3. W. Coyote

            Since you refrained from the personal insults, I’ll respond to this one. Thank you for bringing this story to my attention. It looks like there was indeed some foul play here with the young girl- very tragic. But first of all “the Obama admin” does not have omniscient control of the news from every locality in the country. Second, if you are relying on WND for news, you have introduced bias into your understanding from the beginning. Third, anything reported by that funny little gay Matt Drudge is highly suspect. (The author, David Brock, who Drudge had the hots for, relates the story that he once told Drudge he should do some fact checking about an article. Drudge responded “Why would I want to do that”).

            Fourth, thank God, no American boy ever engaged in sex play- just kidding. From the weeks news- Stanford swimmer sentenced for raping girl, four Vanderbilt football players guilty of gang rape of unconscious woman, thousands of Japanese protest American troops on Okinawa after rape of Japanese woman there.

            For a more balance view of what actually happened:

          4. W. Coyote

            Thank you for the link to discover the networks. That was one I was not familiar with. I was impressed with the amount of detail. Of course, to respond to everything on that site would take hours if not days. I did look at the portion related to immigration, specifically the deportation figures. I think there may be some validity to “inflated deportation figures”, but I’m still looking into that issue.

            But another topic jumped out at me, namely the “Obama Apology Tour”. In recent months I’ve come to realize that Republicans sure like their myths. They latch onto a catch phrase and repeat it so many times, it takes on a life of it’s own. The trouble with the “Apology Tour” is that it never happened. Please don’t take my word for it. Go online and research Obama’s speeches. Then show me where he says “I’m sorry for America” or anything similar. If you can do that, then I will retract everything I have said so far and apologize to you.

            Here is just one excerpt of his exact words, among several I could show you-
            “We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.”
            Now please, point out to me if you disagree with anything he actually said. Also, have you looked at his comments about the Ferguson looters yet?

          1. W. Coyote

            On the one hand, this comment doesn’t deserve reply. But on the other hand, it brings up an interesting question. If, as you seem to want to believe, that President Obama is a Muslim, then why in over 8 years of intense scrutiny, has no one ever observed him doing anything that practicing Muslim would do?
            On the other hand, Obama attended a Christian church in Chicago, had his daughters baptized, was sworn into office on the Bible, and attends church in D.C. Unlike Jimmy Carter, he doesn’t attend every Sunday, nor does he teach a Sunday School class (like Carter did) , but neither did Reagan.

          2. biilyjoe

            What he did for his daughters has nothing to do with himself being muslimized/islamized; muslims are permitted to taqiyyah lie– even about their faith —as long as it fits in with the greater scheme of Jihad– read muhammad’s koran. Stop your diversions to rich fool peanut man, carter– he likely has phony white guilt/privilege complex– like you — if you’re white.
            Intense Scrutiny ??? This is the most OPAQUE “administration” this nation has ever seen– they even redacted and then were forced to unredact that jihadi who murdered. He has Iranian -raised and likely Muslim herself Jarrett leading him by the nose inside that secret enclave that used to be the white house; he is even having a higher wall erected all around that insurrectionist center of his –the white house– the way de blasio the Sandinista Communist has done to the Mayor’s house in NYC.
            It is on youtube– and has been for at least 7 years — what Bettina Viviano (Spielberg assistant film producer) found out at the DNC in Aug 2008( when the clinton delegates were attacked, threatened, had ballots pulled from them by obama’s Criminal Delegates, and 1 or 2 clinton associates murdered) AND THAT IS : obama was seen in a hall praying in Arabic on a prayer mat– at that convention– or the one in 2004 where he was the Demon-crat “keynote speaker.

            Keep your frickin’ CONDESCENSION to yourself– I don’t need a Jihadi -Complicit insurrectionist moron like you to tell me what’s going on.

        2. Ah nutz

          the problem w/ you lefties is -you think you know ‘what’s up’ but your ‘thinker’ is so screwed up , that it’s always wrong.

          1. W. Coyote

            “…you lefties…” ? Really? I have no idea how you jumped to that assumption.
            I have never claimed to have all the answers. I’m just an ordinary citizen who loves this country very. I just think it’s a shame when politicians and their supporters confuse personal insult for substantive debate. In that vein, if you have any evidence in the form of facts and figures that would shed light on the discussion about whether using the term “radical Islam” is effective in fighting terrorism, then I would sure like to hear what you have to say.

        3. Bob Taylor

          Post it and I would be glad to respond. I do not listen to all his remarks because it grates me to hear him talk about the Constitution when he has been breaking those law for years.

          1. W. Coyote

            Bob- Thank you for your reply and your interest. Here are his exact words:

            “The president then explored the reasons he is careful with his language, calling it part of a strategy to defeat extremism:

            “Groups like ISIL and al-Qaida want to make this war a war between Islam and America, or between Islam and the West. They want to claim that they are the true leaders of over a billion Muslims around the world who reject their crazy notions. They want us to validate them, by implying that they speak for those billion-plus people, that they speak for Islam. That’s their propaganda. That’s how they recruit. And if we fall into the trap of painting all Muslims with a broad brush, and imply that we are at war with an entire religion, then we are doing the terrorists’ work for them.” (this was excerpted from a story on NPR- June 14, 2016. I would encourage you to go to the whole story to get a complete picture)
            In my interpretation of Obama’s view, he is saying that use of the term “radical Islam” is giving groups like ISIS legitimacy that they don’t deserve. At this point, I’m not 100% convinced he is right about this- still thinking. But at least it is serious argument and so far no one, including Donald Trump, has offered a serious counter-argument to demonstrate why simply using the term “radical Islam” would be effective in fighting terrorism.

          2. Bob Taylor

            OK my take is most people and I include myself do not know the difference between Muslim and Islam. For example; Trump said he wanted a stop to all Muslims coming into the country until we can sort out the problems. The news and some Congressmen also said that his statement was an attack on a religion. I had thought Islam was the religion of the Muslim people but after a lot of bickering among elected officials, the press, and the Candidates I am at a loss to what is correct and I imagine if they are honest so are a lot of other people. My opinion is close the country to everyone for a few months and figure out a system to vet or investigate everyone who wants to migrate to here. Right now all the countries wanting refugees to be let in has no background on the people being displaced and even if they do have some it is suspect knowing who leads their country.

          3. W. Coyote

            Hey Bob- You raise a good point about Muslim vs. Islam. I think I tend to refer to them in the same way as you.
            I also think there is an understandable argument for us to “close the country for a few months”. I certainly don’t want us to allow ISIS or Al Qaeda to come in through the refugee process.
            However, I think it’s also important to recognize a few other facts:
            First, despite what you might read on sites like this, there is a vetting process, that is lengthy and can take many months or even years to get through. Obviously, no bureaucratic system is perfect, but for someone to say “Obama is flooding the country with Muslims” is factually wrong.
            Second, many of the people who are seeking asylum are fleeing ISIS, and the Assad regime in Syria. Our policies including invasion, but especially the occupation of Iraq created Al Qaeda in Iraq, then ISIS in 2006. Many people here consider this a Christian country. It’s hard for me to imagine how a Christian country could turn it’s back on innocent people who are escaping the terrorism we helped create.

          4. Bob Taylor

            Granted we have a controversial set of problems. Let us hope the people will not let Congress allow these problems to continue. A lot of the younger generation will need to step up and learn what politics can or cannot do for this country; then they need to do their research and get involved. Thanks for the information leads.

          5. W. Coyote

            I agree we have a controversial set of problems. You are most certainly right about the younger generation stepping up. As a former teacher of young people, I hope they can unplug from their I-phones long enough to do that.
            Otherwise, I hope you and your family are doing well. As for me, I need to mow the grass today and it’s going to be in the upper 90’s with high humidity. After which, I’m sure I will need some cold watermelon.

  13. MegaMouseGW

    Trump will lead the USA back to greatness, unlike killary who will continue down the toilet to third world status. The dumbocorrupts are steadily destroying the USA and they all need replacing.

  14. Dianna9490

    The verbage of a TRUE LEADER! If a POTUS that his number one priority is AMERICANS SAFETY FIRST! I just can’t wait to say: YEA PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  15. biilyjoe

    Bernstein is SICKENING in terming Donald Trump a neo-fascist– ; the Demon-crats under Sharpton, obama, muslim brotherhood, and blackLIES who’ve been rioting, looting and burning our cities down since the 1964 riots are the real neoFascists/Trotskyites/anti-Americans.

  16. tom boy

    Fact true refuses to show his taxes . Why because it will show he does not pay his fair share ! Fools who follow him wake up ! He is not in this to help you ! He is in it to help himself ! You really trust someone who is so thinned skin on being criticized to hold the nuclear football ? Come one people rich elitists are mostly out for themselves if he was not he would be willing to donate most of his wealth like Gates and Buffett pledged to charity ! His only charity is himself . The most narcotic person on the planet !

    1. Howleyesque

      FIRST of all he is being audited and even a Liperal lawyer/commentator was FORCED to admit that ANY LAWYER advises AGAINST releasing your tax forms when you ARE being audited and your power abusive pig in a pants suit KNOWS THAT! So WHERE ARE those speech transcripts? Even your tny mind can’t REALLY THINK that IF they supported her CLAIM that big bankers WERE stupid enough TOO pay her nearly 1/4 mil at a pop TOO “confront them” that she wouldn’t have made them public! The fact that SHE REFUSES should tell you all you need to know, in addition to KNOWING THAT : the Saudi’s have ALREADY paid for 20% of her campaign and the Iranians kicked in millions too (or are you REALLY such a child that you think they LOVE worn out old bats?)

      Oh and btw trying to use big words and using the WRONG ONES, doesn’t make you appear to be intelligent… then again neither does being brain dead enough to vote for the pig in a pants suit.

    2. Bob Taylor

      Has either of these billionaires actually donated any money yet? No I think they have promised they will leave it upon their death. Now the inheritance tax is large so a donation will reduce that tax burden on his probate gifts to whoever. The thing you fail to realize is when you are rich enough to give a few million it still allows you to have a few billion left. But the most important part is they get the praise for donating and a direct write-off from their taxes. If the taxes took half of their income they would still be able to live a lavish life. The fair share is if they took half of your income how would your life style be affected.

      By the way who is the person with the drugs? You know the narcotic one you mentioned. in the post.

  17. Dissolute

    Carl Bernstein wouldn’t recognize a “neo-fascist” if one were to have shat in his hat.

    Hey Carl, go dig up Woodward and regain some gravistas. Amateurish boor.

  18. rwp24382

    The reason Hillary is not going to comment on Islam, she gets a lot of money from the Middle East. CAIR is a racist terrorist supporting group that is trying to buy their way into the political arena and promote a false narrative of Islam being a peaceful religion, while they support people trying to kill us.

  19. Milton W. Lowe

    I just have to keep saying the same thing: TRUMP 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…OORAH!

  20. Franie

    Of course Obama, Hillary and the democrat party are absolutely weak on terrorism and especially on radical Islamic terrorism. This will be their demise in the next election if Obama doesn’t hijack the elective process as he is wanting to, and is chomping at the bit to do so with his da^m pen and phone.

  21. Shelba Herring

    Trump is just bringing the facts to the people of America, facts about the incompetence of hillary and what she refuses to acknowledge about the real threat for people from these people that obama is bringing into our country and she is going to continue to bring them here if she is elected president

  22. donl

    Before this is all over with, Trump will expose a lot of the Corruption in DC. That is what the left fears most.

  23. Christine Gockman

    The speech Trump gave after Orlando was the most Presidential speech I have head in 8 years!

  24. TOM

    Obama and Hilly have a long track record of failures when it comes to taking on the terrorist anywhere in the world. They have left the middle east in shambles, have let one of the largest terror states have the ok to build a bomb and gave them the money to do it, and we have now had how many attacks on American soil, in the last 8 years? One attack on foreign soil. Neither one has a plan to deal with it in the future and than she has said she will get cozy with them. I do believe she will when you look at her list of money doanors, she receives quite a few dollars from Arab countries, and Arab controlled banks. She can and has been bought.

  25. Jan

    You better hope Trump is effective, because if the Clinton Crime family gets the power of the Presidency, we will have her appointing 4, maybe even 5 lifetime appointments to the supreme court, and they will be RADICALS.

  26. Maggie Cadden

    Noone talks about how Obama’s administration is riddled with members of the muslim brotherhood. They are in Homeland Security. Doesn’t that make you feel safe? Don’t forget, he had a muslim father, a muslim stepfather, he lived in a muslim country and went to a muslim school. He is a muslim

  27. Ronelle Kumjian

    If you have not read the speech that Trump gave today go to his website. Wow, it really was his best. It will help others to see where he is going.

  28. Original Anna

    Trump hasn’t won until we get out of the house and vote in November. Please don’t let what happened last election when those who didn’t like Romney stayed home and they gave Obama four more years to torture us while he moved his true agenda forward. Get out and vote. Don’t assume Trump will win.