You Won’t Believe What Bill Kristol’s Candidate Said About White Working Class Families

There may be a problem with Bill Kristol’s independent presidential candidate David French. He’s gotten support from other Republicans who oppose the selection of Donald Trump by the voters. However, French’s prior controversial writings could alienate a core constituency of the American electorate – namely, white working-class voters.

While Trump has called on the GOP to become a “worker’s party” – a development Senator Jeff Sessions called for two years ago, ironically, in the pages of the National Review – French has defended the idea that white working-class communities “deserve to die.”

Here’s the controversial writing of Kevin D. Williamson that French supported, as reported on


The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible. Forget all your cheap theatrical Bruce Springsteen crap. Forget your sanctimony about struggling Rust Belt factory towns and your conspiracy theories about the wily Orientals stealing our jobs.

“Forget your goddamned gypsum, and, if he has a problem with that, forget Ed Burke, too. The white American underclass is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles. Donald Trump’s speeches make them feel good. So does OxyContin. What they need isn’t analgesics, literal or political. They need real opportunity, which means they need real change, which means that they need U-Haul.”

French described Williamson’s piece as “excellent” and said that Williamson’s words were “fundamentally true and important to say.”

French went on to dismiss the struggles that white working class Americans endure.

“Citizens of the world’s most prosperous nation, they face challenges – of course – but no true calamities,” French arrogantly wrote.

If this isn’t proof of how out-of-touch the Republican establishment is with average Americans, we don’t know what is. This is the 21st century American equivalent of Marie Antoinette’s famous quote (and disregard for French peasants who didn’t have bread to eat): “Let them eat cake.”

Do you agree that this condescending view of struggling middle-class Americans will hurt French’s already slim chances in November?

Give us your take in the comments section below.

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  1. Bos95

    Most people have never heard of French. And after this piece the only one voting for him will be Bill Kristol. He sounds like a Liberal.

    1. Gloria D.

      Exactly!! Besides I read he already turned KRISTOL down. These articles are designed to keep us enraged. This is stupid. No one in their right mind would vote for that loser anyways. Who the heck is he..that’s what we need, another no name like Obama!! Look where that got us!! God help us!

          1. The Redman

            I’m like dat rash U have from laying on ya back 2 much. I’m here my dear. hahahahahahaha. low-down-glo

          2. Gloria D.

            You oughta know. Besides that’s not me..I had another name you called me..forget it already??? You’re slippin Redman…

          1. The Redman

            Hey she/he-ron. white-folks love 2 lie, kill, and steal. –theves. hahahahahahahaah

    2. EDRFTGyhujik

      I agree with you. In fact I have such a low respect for Bill K. that I spelled his name wrong in my other comment.

  2. survivor33

    Well French if the white working class deserves to die, then who would pay the bills for all of the illegals/immigrants & other people on welfare, as well as your over-paid wages.?

        1. The Redman

          There R more Po stink skin white-folks who receive welfare then any race in the world. may B if some of U pinkies were 2 like, not B, the world could heal. how’s dat martha

          1. mark k.

            Dat’s very informative,sir. I would recommend you see a doctor; for you have a bad heart.

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal

      If this is the best that they can toss against Trump, then they don’t have a hope in hell of stopping him. These fools have been exposed for what they are, and it would appear that the country is sick of all of them.
      Trump 2016, and for the left-wits, get used to it. It will be President Trump

  3. Franie

    Bill Crystal and his buddy David French along with Kevin Williamson, they all should be hung up by their toes to dry out!!

    This is exactly what is wrong with our nation, having morons the likes these three even being taken seriously. Bill Crystal is a buffoon and should retire, never heard of David French, and Kevin Williamson publishers need their heads examined for printing such rubbish.

      1. The Redman

        Yep. lots of white-folk snake-mouth jokers who hate the truth being told. hahahahhahahahahh

          1. The Redman

            Get yo no good mama 2 kiss it, she’s a fart-knocker. hahahahahahahha. billy-bo-legs. hahahahahah

          1. RUFUS

            guess you are still getting paid to post shit out here. How many name u posting under u perv?

    1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  4. Freedom Rules

    This Is Pure BS, These No Good Scum Bags, Say’s What Obummer Is Thinking.. Kristol, Williamson, French & Obama Can All Go Straight To Hell Where They All Belong.. And Take The Illegals With You !!

        1. DOC

          But some stuff you conservatives only when it bad stuff. You never talked about anything he did good. Everybody is mad because he won’t say certain words. Understand he has had more bad guys killed but you never talk about that.

          1. EDRFTGyhujik

            Obama has never done anything good ever since he has been in office and has in fact torn this country apart with his racism and apologies for America. We are in debt up to our eyeballs, the economy is sunk.

          2. The Redman

            white-folks R the “race” runners. and the “debt” is what white-folks did B 4 Obama came on the wise. yak-mouth

  5. Dissolute

    I invoke deific condemnation of French and all his like minded ilk. Bill Kristol is variously and by turns, stupid, selfish, empty, mean, shallow, vapid, bent, ugly, unfit, ruined, unrepentant, foolish, quarter witted, hare brained, slow, vaccuous, smelly, unpleasant, befuddled, jealous, covetous, feckless, remorselessly vain, slackardly, pointless, skewed, venal, vile, repugnent, cowardly, envious, hateful, imbecilic, idiotic, redundent, unhappy, irredeemable, short, misguided and obtuse.

    Who gives a rat’s behind what a low rent turd of his caliber has to say? We’re busy with grown up matters, ignore him and he’ll go away. ?

          1. Dissolute

            I got your pinkie right here. You know it’s what you want, given how often you use the term. It must be terribly sad to be you. My sympathies are with your family as those unfortunate souls are biologically attached and must suffer you gladly.

            Don’t let those homoerotic cravings prey on your heart. Be proud and just come out. You’ll be much happier and better adjusted. ?

          2. Dissolute

            Twerp, low rent turd, unlettered reprobate, parasite, leech, useless thug and your gravy train will come to an end.

            That’s why all you bozos are fit to be tied. You see the end of political correctness, hand outs to the lazy and unmotivated scrubs like you will be stopped.

            HILARIOUS!! Nothing lasts forever twerp, get over it.

          3. Dissolute

            Privilege?? You really are deranged. Privileged to bear the load and responsibility to assure we feed the world, cure the diseases and prevent ugly genocide in China, Europe, Africa, Bosnia.

            Saved the world from barbaric descent into medieval madness twice last century. That’s “privilege” you and others like you can never sustain under the load. Sissy boi.

          4. Dissolute

            Really? How inconvenient and disppointing the failure of the genocide must be for you.

            Actually, the genocide we prevented were the muslims in Bosnia we saved from the Serbians. Darfur is another matter as African blacks butchered more than a million of their own people.

            That’s a level of twisted going beyond the pale. You and your kind would cry, pee down your legs and end up with a snot bubble in your noses if you were ever actually confronted with the onerous responsibilities of this “privelege”.

            Just say “thank you” boneheaded sissy boi.

          5. Dissolute

            You are hilariouly obtuse and your reference is meaningless. Stupid and shallow is no way to go through life sissy boi.

    1. miz forever

      Unfortunately, they won’t go away. They will struggle with their dying breaths to hold on to their outdated, bigoted beliefs. I must commend you, Dissolute, your Thesaurus is much broader than mine. LOL

      1. Dissolute

        Yep. Strange isn’t it that politicians and pundits most often resemble a nasty pest with which we are unfortunately all too familiar. The cock roach, German variety being the most ubiquitous and aggravating.

        Poison eliminates only those we can see and they scatter and hide when we turn on the lights.

          1. Dissolute

            Is it’s sissy boi frilly panties too tight? Knock off the donuts.

            A serious change is coming which will portend big alterations to the lives of yutzs of your ilk. Ebonic pretensions are just conspicuous frightened child nonsense and is pointless.

  6. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    Bill Kristol–David French Mitt Romney– Paul Ryan these people and others that think as they do are destroying the KNC. If they take away Trumps ability to carry out what we the
    people want , I and many others will not vote. And I would never vote for anyone that
    replaced him.

  7. Gail

    It won’t hurt him. Won’t help either. Never heard of him. There are enough ignorant people that will vote for him. The see the words white middle class struggling and they’ll hop on board. Bet he gets lots of black votes.
    Big mistake. The American people are slaves to an out of control and corrupt government!

  8. Stan Joy

    Oh Lord forgive me!! To think that I had respected Bill Kristol that much. All I can say about Mr. French is that I would not vote for him if he ran for our-house cleaner. He may not very well be an elitist, but he certainly sounds like it. Folks, our country is so messed up and truthfully, we, to a certain degree are to blame. We just put TOO MUCH TRUST in the people we voted for. At least we found out perhaps, some of Kristol’s true feelings. Come on TRUMP, bring us back !! God Bless

  9. DustyFae

    What color is he ? l mean l see white people calling white people names as if one is a different color then the other.. Are they looking through sunglasses seeing them selves in a different color then others ? It is like whites marching with Black Lives Matter.. Kind of look stupid to me..

  10. Patrick Thomas

    Yeah who the hell is this French guy. If he endorsed Williamson rhetoric then he doesn’t belong in American polictics. Most middle class people are hard workers who believe in God and go to church. I couldn’t say the same thing about bastards like George Soros. Kristol is such a dumb motherfucker. He’s trying to tear the Republican party apart by throwing this French asshole in as a third party candidate. He should be backing Trump the only person who has a real chance of defeating Hillary.

  11. dominke

    This just proves what many have stated about Kristol,he is anti America just like Obama and Clinton. They want USA dead folks. If we don’t stand up and fight with everything we have then we will die for certain. People elected the enemy to run country and now we are responsible to rid country of enemy.

    1. Howleyesque

      So are the GOP establishment GARBAGE who LIED about “backing the candidate” and NOW support THIS BS!

  12. Howleyesque

    LOL YO you there SCHIDT RUMMY, and you BUSH CHILDREN (the KINDERGARTENERS who grabbed their marbles, pulled down their panties to show their ASSES and stomped off chucking chimp chunks because POOR LIL JEBBIE didn’t get “HIS TURN ON THE FAMILY HOBBY HORSE”!) blustered about Trump honoring HIS PLEDGE to “SUPPORT THE CANDIDATE” and THESE are the vaunted “conservative values” you TRASH were talking about?

  13. original ancestry

    You, FRENCH, sound like the P.O.S. you are. Come over here to my house and prove to me just how much better you are than I am or any other person on the planet… You best loose your, God Like Thinking, I’m better than anyone on this planet type attitude. You bleed just like all other men. So in the famous words of All American’s , F–k You. Don;t like it we I’ll kick your pussy ass all over this Middle Class US, just like we did the Red Coats… Punk Ass Bitch… You’re the one of the reason ‘s for this country being screwed up and with your corrupt illegal acts of buying senators for monetary gains off the backs of the working class America. I say we start taking our money away from your bank accounts wherever they may be. The problem is and always has been you capital cronies. You sir deserve what Mussolini got. See you soon filthy Marxist thinking punk…

  14. Nam1

    It’s probably one of the reasons he bowed out for running for office of POTUS.. He knew he’d be hammered on those points.

  15. R M

    Sound just like the jackass that the republicans ran in 2012 and lost. Must be a Romney clone. Maybe Bill Kristol and David French can work out a couple of jobs with HilBilly. This is another good reason to vote for Donald Trump.

  16. 5live5

    Hey French, if we die, how are you going to support your poor on welfare and continue your Washington type lifestyle??? DUMBA$$!!!

  17. Joyce White

    I have never heard of David French> Who the hell is he?, and who gave him the authority to decide that the “White working class communities” should die. For all the people who think Trump is a Nazi, you had better take a good look at David(‘das Fuhrer”) French

  18. The Redman

    Hhahahahahaahahahahhahahaha. a white-folk who know the truth about U pinkies and don’t mind speaking it. hahahahahahahahaha

  19. 4Pip

    I’m sick of attacks on the white Americans,this is our country too,it was long before O came along. That man needs to take classes in diplomacy and quit telling us who should live here.God put us here,we aren’t privileged,it’s blessings from God for living by His standards. I wish this one who keeps advocating for sins as well as others taking over would go to an island.He can buy it and run it anyway he wants,but don’t keep pushing other countries here.

  20. epauls

    Looks like we need to re-initiate the Insane Asylums; place it in Maryland and near DC. Why do the Ivy League Inbreds hate the people who pay their wages?

  21. stick

    Redmoron still spewing garage out of your worthless blowhole. Stick your head in a vat of bleach it will clear out the cess pool you have for a brain. May the PINKIES give you nightmares. A Pinky by the way is a bleached out redman. Enjoy it Redman know
    what used toilet paper and you have in common both full of shit.

  22. robin

    French go back to France or maybe they don’t want you. My Grandad was there once he said it stunk. Who is this French is he some kinda war hero or somthin. He sho do have a Big mouth. I’ll bet when he dies hell have something big stuck down his throut.

  23. Original Anna

    Well, the middle-class is being wiped out slowly but surely and what is that getting French, rioting in the black neighborhoods, Chicago, the crime center of it’s state, the middle-class just not buying because it has less and less to spend due to the no full-time living wage jobs and part-time jobs and pretty soon, the middle-class won’t be there to pay taxes, what pays for all the gov’t programs for the lower-class because the middle-class will be in the lower-class and since the rich are already paying taxes on their income of 50% or more depending on the state they will get smaller in numbers because the middle-class won’t be buying what it is the 1% are making their income off of. You know, that sounds like the communist Russian economic system. Didn’t that fail? I could be wrong, but sounds like what French is praying for.

  24. EDRFTGyhujik

    Bill Crystal you are an idiot and it figures that you would have as your candidate some weirdo who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. I wish you would just go home and retire. If we don’t get Donald Trump, we get Hillary and that is the way it is. You had better start supporting the only man who can win against Obamas and Hillarys cheating machine and that is Donald Trump.

  25. cutterguy

    the libs want a 2 caste system, low class and no class. check out what margeret sanger wanted and how she wanted to accomplish her goal.

  26. donl

    The white working class Americans is what made this country Great, THAT is what Trump wants to bring back. Everyone regardless of color should have that chance.

  27. Sue Lenhart

    Don’t need his arrogance in the White House — just another version of the arrogance that we already, unfortunately, have there. Mr. French is not a good choice.