Jeff Sessions Tells GOP Elite to Back Trump or This Will Happen

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) was the first senator to endorse Donald Trump. Today he has a message for folks in the Republican establishment about what will happen if they don’t support the presumptive nominee.

Here are some of Sessions’ remarks during an interview with Politico’s “Off Message” podcast, as reported by Real Clear Politics:

“I think [Ryan] needs to recognize, on some of these issues, Trump is where the Republicans are and if you’re going to be a Republican leader you should be supportive of that. 

‘My advice is to listen and accept the will of the American people, the Republican voters – the Republican party is the Republican voters, he added – a pointed reference to Ryan’s suggestion that he, and not the presumptive party nominee, represents authentic conservative values. ‘Give me a break! A lot of our drift within our party has gotten away from [the will of the voters] … I think the leaders in all parties tend to adjust to reality. They just have to or they won’t remain in office … Already many are sensing it.'”

While Trump may not be the ideal constitutional conservative, many Republicans realize that our so-called “conservative” leaders in Washington DC haven’t done anything to fight the progressive values of the Obama administration. Instead of standing up for limited government, Congressional Republicans have rolled over for whatever Obama wants.

A lot of conservatives realize that the direction of our country needs to change (and quickly). Whether you like him or not, enough Republican and conservative voters believe he represents that change best out of the GOP field.

Do you agree with Senator Sessions that the Republican establishment needs to accept the will of the people?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. roy paul shields

    The will of the people? That is what our government what meant to be from the very beginning; A government for the people by the people! Self interest politicians and lawyers have made laws and bylaws in an ongoing attempt to destroy the voting rights of true American citizens. Wake up Patriots; Donot let traiterous politicians take our weapons away. We may have to stand shoulder to shoulder to save the America we love. Vote Trump and save America, Semper Fi. 51-56 GOD BLESS AMERICA

    1. madhatter46

      Problem is that we can survive a corrupt government if the citizenry is virtuous–but I’m not sure “We, the People”, are much better than the ‘elected’ politicians. We all seem to be greedy, and re-elect the corrupt to represent us. The country can’t survive if the “People” lack virtue.” Semper Fidelis 1964-68 To God, Country, the Corps

      1. Rodney Steward

        Now U see why Obama has worked so hard at dividing the country, it’s not greedy, it’s the great divide!!

      2. Gerald

        i hat how the government stripes our right to talk about GOD, but lets the Muslims talk and pray about theirs. Obummer tries to destroy our country every chance he gets.

        1. Buzz

          Divided we fall and that started with Roe vs. Wade….shame on Congress and the Supreme Courts…we should have yelled louder and longer…

      3. Buzz

        Thank you and Amen. if we go back to when this nation was “born,” and think about a couple of things like…it was born under the auspices of the Bible…a Christian nation; we became a super power, a very rich nation and we were highly respected for how we did these things; now we have turn away from the Lord, from Christianity so to speak, look what we have become and increasingly so since FDR…carnal, lack of morals, values and ethics. We have turned our back on a way of life that rewarded us greatly from those across the ponds…now, we are close to a third world country, few, if any others countries have any respect for us, our military is at an all time low for modern times and thus what power we had is gone..trashed thoroughly with each passing presidency and the lowest of low this ilk the lat 7 plus years and just look at the numbers that praise him; praise Hillary, Willy Nilly, GW and HW…etc., seems to me that if we Americans were smart, we would take a close look at what was and now what is…the choices should be clear of what needs to happen and how.

    2. gubllod

      It was quite interesting several days ago to read a remark that a Brett Stephens, supposedly an editor of the Wall Street Journal made, that The Donald must not be a presidential candidate, and that, therefore, the American people need to be taught a lesson. Taught a lesson?? Well, at least it showed all of us the egocentricity of the man who made the comment. And we can only hope that it was singular. However, I’m afraid not. Senator Sessions has it right and is one of the few who has been right from the beginning.

      Hillary idolizes Saul Alinsky and everything he stood for. In fact she wrote college papers about him and his views. Her valedictory speech offered remarks, e.g. American business must be destroyed. She has quoted Lenin and Marx among others as the way things ought to be run. Do we not have Russia and China right in front of our eyes, where at least 150,000,000 people have been taken out and shot for holding ideas contrary to the State?

      The Donald is financially beholden to no one. Nearly all of the politicians we have now are. As The Donald has pointed out, politicians are great talkers. But that is the end of it. They do nothing! Now even Obama is saying that the prospect of The Donald, as the potential President of the USA, has world leaders “rattled”! Fine, say I! Let them quake in their boots! It’s about time. That remark alone should confirm in anyone’s mind that The Donald should be our next President.

      1. valinmpls

        PLEASE read all of this – gubllod is telling all of us the truth – Hillary Clinton is a secret communist and always has been and wants even more than Obama to turn this country into a Socialist Democracy -(and that being mostly Socialist) – as she will do all she can to help the USA become a part of the NEW WORLD ORDER:

          1. skipsart

            Bullshit. Fascists and Nazis were all socialists.
            So you really think our Founding Fathers were Fascists?
            My, My, My………………LOL !!!

          2. Buzz

            skipsart…what a crude, stupid and ignorant posting from h m he a troll, you think maybe?

          3. Franie

            Hey Rowland, there is nothing intellectual about a ‘diseased liberal mind’. And, it’s the democrats that rig the elections, not republicans. Ever heard of the Chicago Democrat Machine?? Well, it has spread its reach throughout the country thanks to Soros and his manipulative voting machines. Religion and government are intertwined. Before that ‘diseased liberal mind’ started screwing around with our laws, i.e., SCOTUS making law, as well as liberal judges doing so too from the bench, our country worked just fine. Our Constitution was based on God’s Laws – Ten Commandments as a moral way to live. You think we live in a moral society today?? The liberals have screwed it up so bad with political correctness and perversion. You do the crime? you suffer the consequences. It’s called punishment. Geez. Labor power suppressed? Hardly. The unions in this country have thrown corruption to new heights. And da^m right military supremacy!!! A country is safe when it leads from strength, not from cowardly and spineless weakness and complacency.

            Hardly are we facists! And if we are, its far better than being a socialist/communist!!!

          4. h m rowland

            I can’t fix you. UNITED States, UNITED citizens standing for each other, the foundation for a great society .

          5. Ralph Sinamon

            Newsflash! So many of the people entering this country and calling themselves immigrant’s, yet they REFUSE to assimilate and adapt to their new home. All they do is cost the taxpayer money, jobs, resources…..and more. You’re demonstrated ignorance of the facts suggest that you are one of the youngster’s that has a socially-engineered education that left out facts in lieu of encouraging feelings. This country just may have successfully been destroyed and people like yourself are blind to what has happened and IS happening!

          6. h m rowland

            You just don’t like facts or truth do you ? I am 61and have been ‘socially engineered’ since age 6, I learned it at a southern Baptist church based on the words of the avatar Jesus before reverse Christianity became the norm for Christians and their churches. You are the blind, and they brakes upon natural forward motion of evolvement, fighting new ideas and direction with a single bound.

          7. Ralph Sinamon

            You have been engineered into stupid and ignorant. I thought that kind of education was happening to people younger than you. On the other hand, I graduated from HS in ’69 and in 1973 saw the first examples of poorly/wrongly educated high-school graduates. THAT is right in your time-frame. It must suck to be you.

          8. h m rowland

            So you are working in education, a professional educator? Tell me about these ‘examples’ of which you speak . Class of ’73 .

          9. Ralph Sinamon

            I ran in to a bunch of new graduate’s in 1973 and found it difficult to have a meaningful conversation with them. I hadn’t yet hit college and these people appeared to have graduated with knowledge and skills of 7th graders. I found it disconcerting and began to wonder just what the hell happened while I was off spending 4 years as a sailor. I had a fine high-school education and was flabbergasted when I started encountering these former students. I began to blame the failures on the state I was in having a different educational system than where I grew up. Today, many years later, I realize that it was partially the state. Washington state is infested with the demon’s, Liberal’s, Marxist’s, Progressive’s, and others that just don’t get it. They are hell-bent on destroying this state beyond redemption and this is merely a microcosm of the entire country.

          10. h m rowland

            In Norway the prisons are geared toward rehabilitation and healing the spirit. They have the lowest return rate in the world. Prisons are houses in pastoral settings, no bars or walls no inhumane treatment . They cook from the finest foods for mind, body, and spirit not slop. Prisoners hold the key to there own space and guards don’t carry weapons. Sorry Socialists! How dare them care for each other ! This is an idea from a U.S. think tank. They have no drug laws and no drug related crime. If one believes they are addicted or having trouble they simply go to the citizen paid spa/rehab. There they go again, caring for each other .

          11. Ralph Sinamon

            Look in the mirror and what you see will be the result of indoctrination without the real facts. We are in trouble, but it’s not those that you are denigrating, it is you who have been fed bad Kool-Aid. I guess you swallow.

          12. h m rowland

            In Italy workers have a 36 hour work week with a two hour lunch, 4 weeks of paid vacation are mandatory, 5 months of paid maternity leave for mom and dad. It has lowered health care costs by lowering stress, an emphasis on life! They have increased productivity. Do you know why? The people demand no less, guess they didn’t allow fascists to break up their unions. Silly socialists, there they go again loving their fellow man.

          13. Ralph Sinamon

            This is the country whose system also tried to convict Amanda Knox of murder, multiple times. This country of of a somewhat different culture……they oddly enough speak Italian. Smaller population. Different mores.

          14. Ralph Sinamon

            LEFT – Communism —- Socialism —– Social Democracy —– Liberalism —- Centrism —– Neoliberalism —- Conservatism —– Reactionism —– Fascism – RIGHT. Again, try a perspective that isn’t provided by the biased media. TRY to think for yourself. It is NEITHER the Republican’s nor the Democrat’s that is the problem. It IS the leadership of BOTH Party’s. THEY are two sides of the same coin and all they do is take turns wielding power and getting us to pay the freight. What you and others, of your ilk are doing is acting like the foot-soldier and spreading the words issued by YOUR puppet-master’s. The media only reports what it wants and it always does so from its perceived position as “KingMaker”! Really, do try and think for yourself. It does get old reading virtually the same scripted words over and over and over. Repetition does not make your crap true, any more than the crap that spews from the leadership of those on the right.

          15. Ralph Sinamon

            If you operate from the Left then you are like a shorting light-bulb. Sometimes you’re on(thinking) and sometime you aren’t, but you proceed anyway, without any critical analysis of the propaganda you feed upon.

          16. h m rowland

            You’re attempting to project your weakness onto me. I’ve been analyzing the FOX effect for years actuality . Lies turn into hate as they are carried in the ethers. I know the difference between truth and a false flag. The media still sticks with the old Oswald shot Kennedy cover when we knew 10 minutes after that was indeed incorrect . Your attempt to profile me was a fail.

          17. Ralph Sinamon

            Nope….no projecting of weakness. As for Oswald and Kennedy, you are correct. You didn’t take it far enough. Kennedy pissed the same people that Trump is pissing off. They do not want to lose their positions of power and influence. Kennedy couldn’t be bought off either.

          18. sgbaker

            Go crawl back under Hillary’s Pants Suits. You are definitely part of the problem in this country. Who established the greatest document and laws of the greatest country ever to exist on this planet. It damn sure was not your Communist Clintonista’s that have no God other than the Green Backs.

          19. h m rowland

            Sgt. thank you for your kindness. You assume that I’m for Secretary Clinton, not that I’m against her. She is too hawkish for me and supports fracking. Climate change and stopping carbon creation is our greatest issue. The Green party has my vote again . 150 years since the first woman mounted a campaign for the presidency, now finally, historic ! A presidential candidate who makes racist comments about a judge, one who frauds grandmas, historic . This will be a great society when we care about and stand up for each other…all of us.

          20. Ralph Sinamon

            Another newsflash for you. Climate change is and does happen and humans are NOT the cause. Climate change has been occurring, on this planet, since the first WEATHER happened. It IS a natural occurrence and NOTHING that humans do will alter that fact. The best we can do is maybe mitigate the changes, but not in the way that the Narcissus in Chief wants. NONE of this argument would be occurring if Gore had not polarized the whole subject with his asinine claims!

        1. h m rowland

          Socialism is a part of our lives, coexists with our capitalism. Anytime we pool our monies/resources for the good of the all is socialism. This form of socialism is based on the words of a Christ, Jesus in this case, in the thoughtfulness of the sermon on the mount. Examples -fire dept. public schools (and the supposed “food” with which our children are slighted there), street dept, the US military, pig dept., prisons(barbaric), highway dept., social security, mental health, caring for our disabled, food allotments, medicad/medicare, legal aid, Head Start, your mayor, governor, congressmen and senators and all the employees of the above departments are paid by us for our good…socialism…oooo…scary stuff!

          1. Franie

            “Socialism is a part of our lives, coexists with our capitalism.”

            Yeah, that’s why the 49% of socialist, the lazy good for nothing’s, are living off of the 51% who are hard working patriots trying desperately to support their own families!!

            Christ Himself said that if a man does not work, he does not eat! So that should take care of the majority of abled bodied, lazy good for nothing’s.

            “Pig dept.”? You’ve set yourself up as a very disrespectful moronic imbecile.

            Prisons barbaric? Yeah right! It’s a health club/ recreation facility where bad people, felons, who deserve nothing, get pumped up with muscle to get freed on probation to really commit further heinous crimes. They even have their TV’s with cable. Prison? It’s a vacation and home for most of them.

            And the bloated salaries/pensions/healthcare/perks of public officials? A shear joke for doing nothing to protect America.

            Socialism is a pox on descent human beings. It demoralizes the living crap out of them! Socialists ARE the real pigs.

          1. Franie

            No use putting that garbage up. Col. Wilkerson has been possessed by that diseased liberal mindset.

            The real reason we want Obama out of office has EVERYTHING to do with the content of his character, his incompetency to be commander in chief for the AMERICAN people, not the Muslim refugees and our enemies, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin. He is the “enemy within”.

            Col.wilkerson is a DISPICABLE piece of human debris that has sided with the darker side of humanity, evil.

            Truth be known: DEMOCRATS ARE THE REAL RACISTS!!!

          2. h m rowland

            Have you been and are you now living in Superman’s bazaaro world ? Everything you say is backwards of the reality here on our plain just like there . Here on this plain the people are sick of the mean, greedy selfishness and obstruction of forward thinking ideas and the unity of the people . We are sick of corporate rule, military rule and jack asses like the Anti American John Miller and the Bushes, Cheney, Reagan dark triad and the dismantling of the power of the people for personal gain.

          3. Franie

            It started with people like you that have a blinded eye and hardened heart, that don’t utilize the mental gifts that the good Lord has bestowed upon them, who THINK they have seen the light. WRONG!! They have been gullible to the ‘light’ of the darkness, to the father of all lies, Satan, because it makes liberal’s like you ‘feel’ good.

            You look at what the democrats stand for. Everything that you mentioned has been shifted and turned around by them to fool the people into thinking that what they believe in is ‘good’. In reality, it is just the opposite of what the democrats do TO the people. Look at the Black community over the decades, for example. Are they any better off voting for democrats time and time again? Hell no!! LBJ invented the welfare system and the majority of Blacks have been on it ever since. The democrats have rewarded the women with cash assistance, food stamps, low income housing, free medical, etc., enticing them to have more and more babies for more and more freebies, but with one caveat…the fathers of those babies CANNOT live in the home and raise those babies up, to live a Godly life and have hope and dignity to achieve success on their own. As the result of all that, black women are thereby kept ‘down on the plantation’ so they will vote democrats back into office to maintain that ‘meager existence’ and not have to exert nor put forth the effort to better themselves. Because of this ‘meager existence’, blacks do not have any hope of bettering themselves through getting a good education, a good job, nor any hope of salvation. What they are inadvertently doing is raising a bunch of unruly hooligans that have received no instruction on how to better themselves in life or how to even live a Godly life. Result? All of your gangs and those who think they have been deceived in the Black Lives Matter gang of thugs movement, who violently protest and destroy other people’s property, and by destroying and trashing and burning down the towns and cities they have to live in. Does the blame ever fall on the democrats that have created these scenarios, these abhorable environments? Hell no!! Why you ask…because the democrat controlled media NEVER reports the truth in the DESTRUCTION that the democrat party foistered on not only the black community, but on America in general.

            Just remember and NEVER FORGET, the democrat party is the party of DEATH, DESTRUCTION, PERVERSION, and UNGODLINESS.

      2. Buzz

        Perhaps this is not a related remark..but don’t you find it odd that the Latinos and some of the Mexicans are not embarrassed by those with similar lineage? After all, these are those that are working and making it on their own, their hands are not open 24/7/365; they respect the American flag and repeat the Pledge s it should be….one would think that they would be helping our good officers go after these lunatics that are anything but upstanding citizens as many of the Latino/Mexican culture are….Same with the Negroes…they are in the same, basic boat so to speak..and Negroes and Latinos – how many of them have seen the awesome movies from years ago with their culture/ethnicity playing major parts if not the starring roles.. how about Lena Horne, Satchmo Armstrong, Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, on and on. In the 30s and 40s, there were movies made that starred only Negroes..I saw one years ago and it was awesome..wish I had written the title down.

    3. Shane

      Conservatives want our borders secured, illegal aliens deported, and stopping the insanity of bringing in 100,000 muslims into the USA every year. Muslim immigrants are hundreds of times more likely to commit terrorist acts than immigrants of any other religion are. Enforce our nation’s immigration laws and deport illegals!

        1. Buzz

          The 501c3 churches are nothing more than government churches and if you read the WCC and NCC you will see exactly how that is working…they preach what they are told, many record their sermons in case the government comes a snooping…those that fail to obey get burned down or closed.

      1. Buzz

        How about this Roy? We are at zero birthrate! Muslims, refugees, illegals are not even legal to be brought here under the 1952 Immigration and Naturalization law..there is another too but do not remember it..propagate as one child per female of reproductive age, (13), figure out just how long it will be before they are in DC….ooopss…

    4. Barry Watkins

      If Gods hand isn’t on Donald Trump why is the devil fighting him so hard? Trump will win because God is on his side and ours. Whatever satan does for evil, God turns it to good. America Bless God.

      1. h m rowland

        So your God supports racism, bigotry, fraud, oppression, the money changers, hate, pathological liars, healing for only wealthy, discrimination, raised swords…… I think I’ll stick with the Democrats and the Sermon on the Mount.

        1. Barry Watkins

          I don’t know whos lies you have been listening to, but I have never heard Donald Trump say any of those things. But my God can use anyone, even you.

          1. Buzz

            Yep, David was a murderer and an adulterer; Saul became Paul, Matthew was a tax collector…many more – just read you OT and will be amazed how God uses some of his children for his glory.

          1. DarlK

            Now you’re admitting that you cannot write anything intelligent and have steal from your superiors?

      2. Buzz

        Amen…and yes, it will take at least 20 years to undo all that the Bushs have done, Clinton and this ilk…but, we can sure help him make a good start and help him all we can…

    5. Oinkle Tom

      Considering the situation, Trump-16 will have to delete 100 bad laws and regulations EACH DAY for two terms to get a jump on things. Looking at the creepy judges, he needs to get rid of about 30-50 per day to make a good showing.

      Gentlemen, we are entering a scary few years in our immediate futures.

      1. Buzz

        Now take and run the states for stabbings, baseball bats, poisons…guns do not kill…it is those behind the gun…definitely you should not have one.

        1. Buzz

          The bankruptcies are not him…they are companies or corporations…as for divorces…there are many of us divorced for whatever reasons..have you noticed, none of his ex wives hate him nor have anything negative to say about him…ever stop to think they may have been the ones wanting out for whatever reasons?

        2. h m rowland

          …the beginning of the end of America, of the end of life as we know it . The beginning of third world U.S….guess the right wing forgot about the word United .

  2. used_to_be_a_liberal

    No one is the perfect candidate. Not Jesus Christ or God Himself would satisfy everyone’s wishes or desires.
    If you don’t want an eternity of Obama, then we need to back Trump. If the left-wits get in, then stack the Supreme Court in their favour then we are done.

    1. valinmpls

      YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! (By your name I see you started thinking for yourself and are no longer a knee jerk liberal. I am very proud of you because that’s not always so easy to come out of.)

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal

        Thanks, but I should let you know that I switched during the Carter years, and have tried not to look back.

        1. Buzz

          Good for you…it easy to fall back into our old ways and did it…kudos.

      2. h m rowland

        Drumpf, Trump, John Miller or whoever this insane whiny man is today is the knee jerk decider, the only thing between Trumptards ears is his blow hole.

          1. Buzz

            What have our people done or are doing to help our planet? I agree, you need to be honest with yourself…look at what our people have become and part of that is due to history, but, if one wants to achieve better things and if one wants to help the planet…then it is their responsibility to do so and find a way to get others to be inclusive in your goals ….the only thing I really wish could be changed is the word “squaw,” would be forced out of the description of cities and other locations in the USA…

      1. Buzz

        Yes, in part…the Jesuits lied to our people, Jackson lied to us and it went on from there. There are pale faces out there that are truly good and decent citizens…give them credit…what many of us have not done, and that means the redman (which we are not red), too, is not be good stewards of Mtoher Earth and now the government brags about controlling the weather and is bringing horrific property damage upon us, killing us slowly and NASA comes out stating they are spraying us with Lithium and other chemicals..I have known this since 1999 and some knew it when the USAF was asked to develop such a of those was a weatherman that could not say much – an ex-Marine. You can look all of this up if you feel it is not truth..also look up HAARP which is now digitized.

  3. CompletelyOutsane

    The political parties have been in it for themselves for longer than I have been alive. The federal government has been expanding extra-constitutionally since… well, the ratification of The Constitution for the United States of America.
    It would be nice to see a return to lawful governance!

  4. Timothy

    Agree with Jeff he is right republicans have rolled over .. They need to do there jobs for the will of the people. Or get out.. You have helped mess this country up try doing your jobs .. I wil vote to put some body else in if you don’t start ..



    1. Gen11American

      Easiest way to determine who needs to be voted out of office is to look up the voting record on immigration issues on NumbersUSA. So many RINOs and Democrats have D and F grades, it’s like they were in a race for the bottom! Those with D’s and F’s support foreigners and illegal aliens more than they do American citizens and American Workers! It is they who are driving down our wages, ruining our standard of living, and flooding our country with undesirables!

  6. Flyby

    I totally concur with Mr. Sessions and have made comments myself on the same issue on News Max. Although one wouldn’t know from the actions of Ryan and the RNC, Mr.Trump has had the lead in the Republican party since the race began. People are flocking to Trump rallies even at the risk of bodily harm from the thugs hired with clinton superpac money. The GOP politicians that don’t back trump will realize their mistake of not backing the Republican who’s been chosen by the people to be our next president when it comes to their re-election time.


    I agree with Senator Sessions. Trump will be a good President. The party should back him! The alternative (Crooked, lyin’ , Hil-liar-y), would be just too much to stomach. In my mind, she is not qualified to be President. She is trying to act that way, but can’t. A President doesn’t lie and mislead the citizens, as she has done and is doing. Just yesterday, she stated that all the previous Secretaries of State did the same as she did. Of course, that is not true, but even if they did, it wouldn’t mean that she should CONTINUE to break the rules and the laws. That is not my kind of President – Crooked, heartless, lyin’ Hillary.


        White, blue, black, yellow, red or rainbow colored. I don’t give a damn. Just don’t vote for the HIL-LIAR-Y. – Crooked, heartless, lyin’ Hil-liar-y!

  8. Michelle Kobzeff

    I absolutely agree with Sen. Sessions, the American voter has a voice with Donald Trump and the Republican party needs to understand that the American voter will tolerate nothing less than to be heard. We, the voters, put our Congressman and Senators in their offices and we can remove them from their offices if they put their own interests before the interests of the voters.

    1. Buzz

      Any of you think he would make a good VP? I sure do, Carson, Surgeon General, Gowdy, AG, although he says he does not want it…

  9. rocky63

    Sessions sessions is right. We gave the Republicans a Senate majority for the first time in years. In way too any instances Republicans joined the Dems on issues. RINO, republican in name only, is WAY too true. Vote for trump!

    1. Buzz

      I saw where a Tea Party traitor, GOP got defeated in her run for a legislative position – second term..think it was Elmers, she sided with Obama on some terrible legislation….we need more of this to happen.

  10. roy paul shields

    Vote Trump and save America. What could be a total blast-Put the Clintons in the same cell and the terrorist muslim and his moochie in the next door cell. The lieing SOB’s deserve each other!! deserve each

  11. Melanie Hancock

    Why didn’t they just get behind Ted Cruz? Would not be having this problem, and he could have more easily beat Hillary. Oh well…….

    1. conservative since 1962

      We need Ted Cruz as Senate Majority Leader more than we need him in the Oval Office. He can and will do more to restore Constitutional governance to the country in the Senate than he would have been able to do as POTUS!

    2. bernie

      He is a Baptist Domionist, and followed his father in it. Look it up and read about it. No Cruz , No way.

        1. bernie

          If you are talking about the Cruz comment, I meant that Dominionest Religion seem to want to takeover the World with their Religion and they are for big Money from what i have found out, when reading their Doctrine. If you are not talking about that ???? what.?

  12. Dan Menard

    The reality is, not only the Republican party machine has drifted from the intended will/desires of the citizen voter but so have the Democrats! Once elect, both sides of the isle see themselves as part of a “good old boys club”. They are now no longer in earnest seeking to be representative of the constituents who placed them in office. Yes, they will smile and shake hands but it is all just for show with little to no moral commitment to the promises they made prior to their elections.
    Most of us have come to just expect this of the Democratic candidates. Hillary is a classic example of the false and self willed, devious candidate. Don’t believe her smile nor her chatter. Know that when you hold her hand in friendship you are actually hold the” claw” of a traitor, lire and self absorbed politician.
    Trump can be crass and extremely blunt in his public outings. But he calls it as he sees it. He stands behind his words even in his name calling. He will not back down when the challenge is on. I would also suggest that he thrives the most when he is under attack! He is the breath of fresh air that most Americans on both sides of the isle have been hoping and praying for.

    1. Buzz

      The Communist Party, a few weeks ago came out gloating how they had taken over the Democrat party and now are after the Republicans…

  13. jcadla

    There is one thing, more than any other, which indicates Donald Trump is the right man to lead America. That is, the media disects EVERY WORD TRUMP SAYS! If Trump said he needed to take a crap, the media would wait with bated breath to see what color it is,-and how loose or solid and if he had ever gone a day without relieving himself,-and if so, why.
    This situation with his college law suits and his comments about the judge are absolutely correct. The judge is connected with La Raza, a Mexican supremacy organization and, knowing of Trumps plans to block the southern border and being against it, he should recuse himself. The origina, plaintiff, I understand, said good things about Trump University so the judge disqualified her and won’t allow her testimony.
    All the bad people, including many Republicans (Ryan, included) are terrified of what President Trump will do,-especially about the economy and national security. Like the Clintons, they (RINOs) depend on dirty money from Americas enemies in trade and cheap labor. So, as Trump works to make the trading field at least level and bring jobs and prosperity once again to America, they will overuse the words, ‘trade war,’ to try to stop him.

    Folks, any of you who are looking to write Trump off need to look at the records of all the candidates and at the experience of creating an atmosphere for increased jobs and trade. Trump is the only person out of the original 19 who has ever balanced a budget or created a job of any kind. With Bernie asking for 85 to 90% of your wages for his Communistic ticket and Hillary sitting on her ass and allowing our military to die at the hands of Islam, I see only one choice that makes any sense…President Donald J Trump…

    1. Buzz

      You got that right! Thanks. Also, these students had a choice, whether to or whether not to take part…even churches play on one’s emotions to try to get more money, more to join, etc.,…I daresay there is not a business that does not use some scheme to market and advertise their product.

  14. valinmpls

    Yes they do!! The will of the people is to elect Donald Trump as our next president! That’s it – if so-called “conservative Republicans” do NOT get behind Donald Trump as our nominee – we will have H. Clinton as our next president – and that’s NO joke. It will be the end of the good ‘ole USA, period! Is that REALLY what the so-called “old-line conservative Republicans want???? And, I might ask – just how “conservative” is that idea?? By-the-way – I AM a conservative Republican and I’m voting for Donald Trump – AND I will NOT vote for just any ‘ole Republican that you try and throw in there instead of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee either. SO – it’s either Donald Trump or H.C.
    GOT IT????? WE conservative Republicans are PO’d.

  15. Ralph Sinamon

    We have allowed the divergence from OUR will. Session’s is correct. Personally, I would prefer that the Establishment kust go away.

    1. h m rowland

      Sessions is the establishment, Reich wing establishment …mean, selfish, greedy, and anti-common man. (a little more slimy than most)

      1. Ralph Sinamon

        As I’ve indicated…..I would prefer that the “Establishment” just go away. The attitude of these jerks is virtually identical to the attitude that got much of the French Aristocracy introduced to the guillotine. Personally…..I like the idea of a guillotine being a possibility for a politician’s unacceptable behavior. Maybe they would start behaving.

        1. h m rowland

          If you heard Trump’s victory speech tonight you heard establishment coming from his mouth, and very rehearsed. The establishment sees a real opportunity at a real puppet presidendency, another front man while the establishment calls the shots, certainly we cannot expect this multi personality, pathological liar and lunatic make any decision . President John Miller ? I think not.

          1. Ralph Sinamon

            Ya’ know sumpin’? You folks that love to denigrate are consistent. Trump has said a number of things and if, when repeating these statements, you omit a word or two, you come up with something different than what was said. This is done as a matter of routine because low info people run with the nonsense and sound like you do here. Something nobody is paying attention to is the fact that when Trump is speaking, until yesterday or the day before, he was shooting from the hip. His words were NOT scripted. Listen to Hillary……her talking IS scripted. The way the Communist, Progressive, Marxist, Leftist insane side of the political spectrum operates, truth very seldom comes up and if it does, it gets twisted so you morons can function in self-righteous indignation. Have you paid attention when studying history? I have and it wasn’t until recently that I finally understood why people like Stalin, et al. exterminated their enemies after seizing power or winning the battle. They probably got tired of the”facts” as presented by the other side. I know that I AM tired of all of the “OUT OF CONTEXT” whining you do!

          2. Dennis B Anderson

            Hope & change – Oh yes we can – You didnt build that somebody else did.
            Theres 3 generations of the cheese eaters that dont inspire to do anything.
            They cant even remember if they took their birth control or not? We dont need more people like this we need less. They are called democrats. Put some secret sauce on them and feed them to the muslims. Youre worthless.

          3. Ralph Sinamon

            Can you read? Telling me I’m worthless when we are apparently in agreement seems a tad off.

  16. disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    The RINOS better get behind Trump or they will be left in the dust come November…Ryan is a huge mistake…he is a little tyrant who should mind his own business…he waited till the last minute to endorse Trump, the nominee that the VOTERS want…Get out of the way little Paul….you are not that good…Both Parties have sold us out for some Judas’ Pieces of Silver….

    1. bernie

      All roads lead to Money…. and Power. Many follow it to their destruction.
      Trump !!!!!!!

  17. Gerry

    We have to options…Elect Trump or be prepare to be damned. Right now we are at the gates of HELL tanks to Obama.

  18. dcwc16

    How many Constitutional conservatives are there in the Republican Party? Based on the last 8 years not many. The fact Trump may not be the ideal Constitutional conservative he is heck of a lot more Conservative than most Republicans today who are only Republicans in name only. Just because it is called the Republican Party does not make them conservative. That is the problem the Party has been infiltrated by Liberals like Ryan.

  19. raymond

    If Hillary (or a dumbrat is elected President) we (America) will become a Police state and all the freedom and liberties we have enjoyed for 200+ years will be wiped away in a few short years (or months)… There will be no Republican party, only a socialist party headed by the elite liberals.

  20. rick

    Obama told the United Nations that (“WE WERE A SMALL MINDED PEOPLE AND NEED TO BE GOVERNED BY THEM”). He did not tell them in the video I saw, (“we are still armed”).

    1. bernie

      I don’t think some people understand what will happen if Hillary is elected. She will go with the One World Government. Most who are trying to destroy Trump are for it, and will do anything to have it happen. There will be no Bibles, no freedom of Religion, no free speech, No US Sovereignty. THEY will be telling us what we can do. We are seeing a little of that now, but it would get a lot worse. We have to stand together and vote for Trump. He is our only hope now.

  21. Mary L. Terry

    Unless these Republican So-Called Leaders and others back Mr. Trump, we will have Hilary as the next President of the Greatest Nation on Earth. Those who vote independently, are in essence voting for Hilary! THINK HARD ON THIS.

  22. Rodney Steward

    I agree with Sessions 100%, and for a long time he’s been one of the very few GOOD GUYS!!

  23. Bellport Bob

    I’m not in love with his every comment or position, but I will support him as I believe he will be a voice for the majority of us who feel disenfranchised by the establishment in BOTH parties – #NeverHillary!

  24. ken simon


  25. Original Anna

    Foreven sakes, why should a political party accept the will of the people that brought them to Washington. Never heard of that philosophy.

  26. Ronald Rowley

    Yes, I support Trump, I support Jeff Sessions, I support everyone and anyone that opposes the Globalist ideology fostered on us by both democrats and so-called republicans. I support Nationalists! AMERICA FIRST!

  27. JC

    If Ryan can’t support Trump then Ryan needs to resign and get out of the Republican Party—Ryan is NOT A CONSERVATIVE !!!

    1. bernie

      That President of Mexico must be very immoral not to take care of his own people. How shameful he is!!

  28. Detriotcity

    It is time for the Washington crowd to know that the American citizens who vote MUST be heard and corrective action taken. The Godless bunch running the democrat party will not fix things — they will continue to cater to the far lying left fringe and the galactic stupid groups. The silent majority is rising up and demanding that you – Congress Representatives, Senators, DOJ,, IRS, Supreme Court, and any other Washington-know-it all that we are tired of all of your bull shit and we are coming for you! We are tired of you killing babies, selling their parts; sending idiot men into little kids bathrooms; spending tax dollars like drunken sailors; treating our vets like 3rd class immigrants; taking our rights away as Christians in favor of Muslims and non-believers; defiling our Constitution on personal whims, trying to take our protection (guns) away with impunity; and supporting enemies of America while taking the side of extremists. If you disagree or fit the mold as described, and with what I have said — you are a traitor of the first order and are no longer welcome in the US. We are coming for you.

  29. Gerald

    if the republicans had run a candidate last election that the people wanted, i dont think obummer would be in office now.

  30. texexpatriate

    Sessions is totally right. That’s why I supported Cruz and now will support Trump. The Democrats consist of Marxists and Fascists, and Hillary has been a Marxist since she turned on her father and stopped being a Goldwater Girl. (Did you know she had been one? She was!) Worse than being a Marxist, Hillary is evil personified. She would use even greater illegal actions than Obama. In my view at least 95 percent of Republicans in the Senate and 97 percent of Republicans in the House may as well be Marxist Democrats. They are certainly American traitors.

  31. Michael Robinson

    To all the Republicans and conservative’s who claim they will not vote for Hillary under any circumstances, but also claim that they would rather vote for a third party instead of Trump. If Hillary is elected, there is a good chance she will be in office for another eight years. If Trump is elected, we could probably replace him after only four years with a better candidate.

    If all those that claim they will vote for a third party or not at all, instead of rallying behind the Republican candidate whether it be Trump or not, do that, they will split the Republican down the middle. And Hillary will be elected. A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Hillary. No vote, is a vote for Hillary.

    I’m not that fond of Trump myself, but I do realize that he is infinitely better than Hillary, or Sanders. We all need to rally together to keep her and Sanders out of the White House.

  32. Darryl Miller

    The RNC and the Republican Congressman have all forgotten what the people want because they are so busy doing what they want and the hell with all the Republican’s out there because they do not matter any more. You guys think that everyone should fall in line with what you want and not what the people want. We the people of the Republican Party have always expected the congress to do what we the people want and if it doesn’t fit in your agenda oh f****** well. It is time you backed the people that have been paying your very healthy paychecks all these years and it is about time for you to start doing what we want and when we want and right now we expect you to back Trump 100% or the constitution of the United States will be destroyed and it will be all because of you not doing your job. To date you have laid down and allow Obama to lead you around like his pet dog because you have lost your bark. Well then since we have no dogs with teeth anymore it is about time you step aside we are going to get us America w dogs that can sit on the porch instead of sitting in the shitty yard all day being wiped by a president that wants to destroy America and if you can’t see it then you don’t need to be there anymore. Toothless dogs retire we the people are going to get us some new one’s. God Bless America … Making America Great Again… Trump 2016

  33. Buzz

    Whoever said that any candidate had to be perfection and cannot have a thought of their own? Roy is exactly right…this is our country, it does not belong to any one candidate, it does not belong to the UN, which Trump wants out of and that is the best thing that could happen for us, it does not belong to the Muslims, the refugees and the illegals, hence, they don’t like it, get the heck out of here and Trump will be glad to help you all. Roy, a veteran it appears, if so…”thanks for your service.” Barb

  34. Franie

    Senator Sessions is completely right. The republican politicians had better best follow the will of the people and start serving us and not their self interests.

  35. See Janus

    We the People. I find it terrifying that Paul Ryans thinks his views are more representative of the Republican Party than a majority of so-called Republicans. Paul Ryans also thinks that diluting America with a 100,000,000 illegals is best for the US. Paul Ryans is bought and paid for by Wall Street and the Central Bankers. I may not agree with Sen. Sessions on every point, but the guy is not in denial like most Republican politicians. I also appreciate Ron Paul and most of what Rand Paul admit. I’m tired of the Republicans who sold out and, after doing so, believe themselves to be “Above the Law”. American primaries indicate strongly that the American people feel Trump is their best chance to save what is left of the United States.

  36. Tennman39

    Ryan and the Rino’s need to come to the realization that we the people have spoken. We’ve been patient and waited for these insider’s to use the power of their office’s to stop the pillage of the Democrats from bankrupting America, the only thing we’ve gotten is the ramblings of the Majority (Republicans) about how they are about to bring a halt to this, the result is apparent. Now let Donald take a shot at doing this without trying to throw up roadblocks, you’ve had your chance.