Veteran Republican Strategist Says ‘2-Party System Is Ready to Fall’

A longtime Republican strategist says what some people are thinking about the Democratic and Republican parties: They’ve outlived their usefulness. Mary Matalin – who recently registered as a Libertarian – says that “the two-party system is ready to fall.”

Here are some of her comments in a National Review editorial:

“What I clearly remember is why I became a Republican after (proudly) growing up as a working-class heartland Democrat: With the ascent of Goldwater and Reagan, the GOP embraced merit-based equal opportunity for every individual, while the party of the immigrant ancestors evolved into a vehicle for promoting equal outcomes for unequal and.or arbitrary inputs as determined by some always-changing (and never quite sensible) group-think process.

“But after decades as a Republican, I’m supporting Austin Petersen for the Libertarian party nomination, and for president of the United States.

Frustration, fear and impatience with the GOP’s evolution away from the provably productive principles that attracted so many Baby Boomers is quantifiable across the conservative spectrum. Equally un-amused are mainstream Democrats whose party has fundamentally transformed into a failing, anachronistic, divisive throwback to a Wilsonian Utopian Technocracy.

“Those left behind by their respective political parties have, to date, only been able to manifest their protest to this betrayal in the hardly impactful act of re-registering as independents.

The opportunity is ripe for a grass-roots political revolt that can overturn the two-party system. The allegiance of mainstream conservatives to the GOP, particularly the Goldwater/Reagan Republicans outside the East Coast, was never to a party or person (including Goldwater and Reagan), but always to the constitutional principles of limited government, enumerated and separated powers, checks and balances, and – most importantly – the unassailability of individual rights owing to their origin in the Creator.”

We agree with Mary Matalin that the two-party system appears ready to collapse. But we aren’t sure if the Libertarian party (or another political party) will take its place. The United States is in uncharted economic, financial and political waters and has never been more deeply divided in more than a century – maybe since the Civil War.

Do you agree with Mary Matalin that the two-party political system is on borrowed time?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Sharon Bauerle

    I think it’s too late to worry about it. If Obama finds a way to stay in power or Hillary makes President, we will have another civil war.

    1. Daniel from TN

      I agree. I also believe Liberals want a civil war to occur. I believe they have been deliberately herding the country in that direction for years. Liberals believe only they will survive a war and it will leave them in charge of the country permanently.

  2. jgarbuz

    There can be no other system in the USA, because our Constitution says “Winner takes all.” As in a horse race. Only one winner no matter how many horses run. In a parliamentary system, all parties that get a certain minimum number of votes, win seats in the parliament. So you you have 30 parties in Italy or Israel, and dozens of them get some seats, some as few as one each. So you need to get coalitions to organize a government. It’s messy and crazy and corrupt, and having lived under it for ten years, I prefer the US system. What I don’t like is that out of a 4-year term, two years are wasted on electioneering. A whole year just wasted on these party primaries. It’s both good and bad, but I prefer the American system. It was designed by our “founding fathers” be the most stable and least despotic.



    1. jgarbuz

      If you think the US 2-party, “winner takes all” system is bad, it means you haven’t lived under a multiparty parliamentary system. I can assure you, as one who has, that if you did you’d see the superiority of our US system over the other parliamentary systems. And please, don’t use caps. No one read a post with all caps, except me sometimes.

  4. Shirley

    The Democrats are no longer the party it used to be. It is Socialist/Communist and the Republican party is the new Democrat Party. TERM LIMITS is needed and lobbyists banned from Washington. These guys are living high off the hog on our backs and they wonder why we are mad.


    Our government needs to be overhauled. The basic principles on which it was designed would work if not corrupted by the people we elect to represent. first and foremost they no longer represent the citizens who elect them. Our citizens haven’t a clue of how government should work. Why? because it is no longer taught in school. our citizens now believe government gives us our rights and that all problems must be solved by government for they have the force and power to do so. I would make these changes. One person from each of the fifty states by a nonpartisan vote sent to Washington. these among themselves would elect a person for to stand in representation of our nation and serve as commander in chief. another would stand as vice president to serve in the present capacity mostly as tiebreaker vote. others would be assigned in order to replace the vice president should they be called upon to step into the presidents shoes. the sequence would continue to the last of the fifty. the countries and holdings that are part of the US would serve as cabinet members and hold a vote to remove a president should it be demanded by the people. All departments controlled by the presidency would be under the remaining as joint committee. All actions to all the departments and changes shall be approved by two thirds voting from both houses. This would prevent the concentration of power to one man. If it should become necessary to remove a president it would take a petition of the people that would set forth a vote of all citizens. In this way the citizen has the control and doesn’t need to depend on the justice department. No crime need be committed for removal. if the people feel he isn’t serving in our nations best interest a petition from two thirds of the states would start the process in where all registered voters would decide. We need to further separate the powers of government. The president would stand representing the citizen to provide the defense and protect our nation.

  6. Effenexes

    Adopting Term Limits would be very instrumental in giving back to the people their right to be involved in the electoral process that has been taken away from them by career politicians. If the president has term limits imposed on his stay in office, why should the House and Senate be any different? Two four year terms in office for House members and two four year terms in the Senate. There is enough talent in the U.S. for the people to determine who they want representing them. The individual elections in the house could be staggered in order to have continuity as they are in the Senate. Getting rich and comfortable as a career lifetime politician at the exorbitant cost to the American taxpayer while being ignored, would no longer be an issue when it comes to governing. It’s not a cure all, but it is a start.

    1. Daniel from TN

      I agree with term limits for members of Congress. But Congress is only part of the problem. Another part is the federal judiciary. Federal judges, including Supreme Court justices, should be elected to specific terms of office instead of appointed to lifetime positions.
      Some say the election of judges would make the process too political. I counter this by pointing out that the current process is already VERY political. Liberal presidents nominate Liberal judges; Conservative presidents nominate Conservative judges. Either way, the people have no say in who becomes a judge.
      With elections the people will have control; AND, will not have to wait 25+ years for a bad judge to leave the bench.
      The election of judges works very well at the local and state levels. It will work just as well at the federal level.
      One more point. There is currently a minimum age for elected officials. There should also be a maximum age; for the president, members of Congress, and federal judges.

      1. Effenexes

        Agree 100% with your assessment, Daniel. Judges need to be determined as to their worthiness also by, We the People. Incompetence is becoming too prevalent in our judicial system now-a-days. Judges need to be Judged!

      1. The Redman

        They should have wit their evil selves. and they should pay Mexicans as they would other white-folks. joey-2

    1. DaveyJ

      Troll you are crawling out from under your rock again? This Native American thinks it is time you vamoosed, your posts all support Hillary.

  7. CompletelyOutsane

    Time for a new secession. Split the country North and South; Constitutional and proglibtard.
    All the freeloaders and liberal progressives go to Proglibtardland. Liberty minded constitutionalists go to the New America that is built upon liberty and freedom. Problem solved.

  8. Elizabeth Fortin

    A third party will just make things worse. We need a clean sweep of all, and I mean ALL politicians in government positions. We need people who, like most American citizens, know how to actually work and maintain a budget without going into debt. All government positions must have limited terms. No lifetime retirement benefits. No permanent judicial appointments. They are only supposed to UPHOLD the law, not make the laws. Give the rights back to the States. Anyone who does not uphold the rights of the people who elected them can be recalled. It’s time to take back our country.

    1. k5r4

      Correct & after leaving office, our politicians can’t go work for campaign donors’ & lobbying companies on K St for 10 years.

  9. ADRoberts

    Both the Democrats and Republicans have REFUSED to represent the people. Democrats went COMMUNIST. And the Republicans have played the conservative grass roots for tools for so long, the pendulum swing IS Trump. And he is a DECEIVER who is actually a flaming liberal.

    1. Marie Saqueton

      How come you hate Trump so much? I think the label you gave him fits the one sitting in the oval office right now, or do you love him too?

  10. preston

    If there is a third party candidate in the next election the vote will be split and clinton will be the next president (queen). After she is sworn in you will never see another party other than the socialist/communist/muslim/left wing/patholgical altruistic left wing liberal democratic party in power. The southern borders will be open, middle eastern muslims will flood the country, sharia law will flourish and the welfare system will be rampaged by graft until the collapse, and guess who these low life’s will vote for? This libertarian movement is a scam being perpetrated by the democrats who know exactly what will happen. Go ahead be stupid.

    1. Dennis Chase

      However, I would split it east and west,then each would have productive land for food.

  11. nokabosh

    The Legislature has yielded most of its authority to the Executive. The Executive now issues regulations not based in Law. SCOTUS is packed with judges with political agendas picked by the president. What to do? Congress is way too big. Give each state the same number of reps (4) chosen by State Assemblies. Keep Senate at two Senators per State chosen by people. Require Executive to obtain House approval of final regulations. Expand SCOTUS with more Justices (17 or 19) — require president to nominate justices supporting the Constitution. Make president subject to impeachment for not enforcing laws passed by Congress.

  12. nokabosh

    Won’t matter how many parties there are if the Congress & Exec continue to work the way they are now. Congress (the House) is too big and too many characters there bought off or too powerful over time. The Exec branch is making laws via regs and not enforcing others. Term limits for Congress and the ability to impeach the president for lawless behavior would help.

    1. 3CatLady

      Also, eliminating large PACs that have unreal monetary limits. That was among the worst decisions also known as pronouncements that the Supreme Court ever made! Congress and the Supreme Court NEED term limits.

    2. Daniel from TN

      Civics Lesson.
      Congress consists of TWO bodies. One is the House of Representatives. The other is the U.S. Senate. Many people think that only the House is Congress. This mistake has occurred because Civics is no longer taught in public schools, thanks to Liberals.
      End of Lesson.

      1. nokabosh

        I was referring to the House in Congress which is too big. That’s the reason for the parenthesis. Maybe you ought to focus on English.

  13. Geno

    Two.system has been on a death bed since at least 2000. As far as republicans. they, politicians and voters, hyped in 2014, “Give us majority in both congressional houses and we will show you how to govern!!” I ask, how has that worked out for us? It hasn’t in any way. Mary Matalin is right, voting republican gets us spiraling downward and this Congress has made that impossible to miss!

    1. 3CatLady

      But voting Demorat will lead to complete and utter destruction of a country known as the United States of American. It’ll become the United Socialist States of American. It didn’t work for Russia or other socialist or communist countries and it won’t work here but we that remember how it was will be dead and buried when and IF our constitutional republic ever came back.

      1. DaveyJ

        The Democrats have sunk to an all time low…..running Hillary Clinton? I dropped my Semocratic Party affiliation with the last election……now we are headed towards utter chaos. I have never seen a more dislike able candidate than Hillary Clinton. Arkansas should,have stopped them and jailed them!

      2. Geno

        My entire lifetime republican administrations have made egregious errors having negative effects upon my life and family. The worst pf the worst, Ronald Reagan the acting President signing the 1986 amnesty. That act led to thousands of American lives lost due to people illegally coming to America with expectation of amnesty. My son was one of the victims wrongly killed, and soon many diseased illegal aliens walking in with TB, Zika and many other life threatening disease totally unvetted, known, or molested. All the republican party has not enough money to buy a thinking American’s Definitely, not my vote! I cannot support a party who supports mentally challenged candidates, can you? (I do not support democrats, either.)

  14. Jack

    Folks you can talk all day about ways to stop the abuse of Government by over zealous politicians but the cure is very simple and is fought against by those very same Politicians.
    I am going to in a few words tell you how they can be controlled, and how to stop the corruption they are all part of at the public’s expense.
    Two words are the answer, TERM LIMITS, no more than 3 terms for Congressmen which is 6 years, and no more than one term of six years for a Senator. Now also the Supreme Court Justices should not have a lifetime appointment, they also as Justices should have to be elected to one six year term also.
    This is the only way they can be stopped from abusing the system and become like part of the furniture in any chamber they sit in. As an example Strom Thurmond had to be carried to his seat because of age, likewise Robert Byrd who shook all over and became stagnant because of too many years, both these guys spent over thirty years in Congress. So now we have Carl Levin, Leahy and a host of others who have over 30 years in Congress, they think they own this country, and until Term Limits are made part of those positions noting will change. Nothing else will change their attitude, we need new faces constantly, that’s the way the framers of our Constitution determined it should be. One other thing we the people are in this corrupt system because of the freeloaders living off the backs of the working class, because they keep voting those representatives who promise them all the freebies.
    Lastly after serving out their Term Limits they must go back into society, and are not eligible to run for office for 6 years.

    1. 3CatLady

      I agree but it would take a constitutional amendment which I wouldn’t suggest until a conservative entered the WH and more conservatives, not RINOs or Demorats, were elected to Congress. Maybe that should be in their platform at a party’s convention or for individual candidates – term limits or bust!

  15. Howleyesque

    “Veteran Republican” is that another way of saying one more Bush/Kristol like hypocritical, over grown spoiled rotten, crybaby who although they wanted to hold Trump to HIS VOW to support the candidate… back when they THOUGHT THEY COULD WIN, now that they can’t want to stomp off with their marbles and get the likes of Swillary elected because “THEY’RE GONNA SHOW US!” THAT kind of “veteran Republican?”

  16. paulrod

    Bull. That’s a crock of —-. Initiating a third-party, particularly by someone allegedly on the right, (or posing that way–remember who her hubby is) would carve away a certain percentage of conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and some political wanderers who are curious as to what might happen. They would NOT constitute a majority, and would merely throw the election to the one party that is smart enough to circle their wagons when challenged. And that, in turn, would hand the whole thing over to the Democrats, which includes the loons of the Left, the “entitled”, the recently “citizenized”, (read, newly minted Democrats) and those who are here for the prime purpose of destroying the United States, and creating something else. That, in turn, would also allow for at least FOUR Supreme Court Justices to be elevated from the ranks of the liberal benches, making the court a liberal activist’s wet dream for the next fifty to sixty years. Remember, this election is like no other in our history, You are not voting for some warm and fuzzy favorite son, who charmed you, kissed your baby, and threw a dazzling smile all over the room. This time around, you are voting AGAINST DISASTER. I can manage my whole life without having a beer with Trump. But he is the only one we have who understands to fight back, and understands that you have to play according to the other guy’s rules. This is a bar fight, and they are holding the (figurative) broken bottle. Just like Elvis, the Marquis of Queensbury has left the building.

  17. R M

    It never has been a 2 party system! It is just the media that ignores everyone else so that the only ones you hear about are the Democrats and Republicans. It is just like most state don’t want / let independents vote in primaries it screws up who the elites get on the ballet.

  18. Don Dunn

    Mary is changing parties???looks like s/he has changed into a transgender of some form..nothing but a political stunt to get her forgotten name in print..the 2 parties have been revealed for their dishonest conduct..first Trump started it off with sanders sees that it copying Trump type efforts revealing truths that media refuses too..correct language should read…not”the two party system is ready to fall” is that “Trump has broughten both parties to their knees..!!”

  19. shavager

    FOLKS, you MUST understand–attempting a THIRD party during an election cycle is quickest way to hand TOTAL control to the DemocRATS!! Unless that third party is made of angry DemocRATS and Bernie Sanders supporters, a third party will only ensure the sitting party will continue to control. I’d PREFER the National Tea Party organizations all COMBINE under ONE party umbrella and FORCE the Republican party BACK to the principles the party stood FOR under Ronald Reagan–the SINGLE most successful president of OUR LIFETIMES. You WANT CHANGE?? TERM LIMITS is the simplest, quickest way to effect change in our political system–THAT will purge hundreds of professional career politicians to GET OUT–it will also END the bribes, corruption and payoffs those politicians are addicted to. A vote for the Libertarian candidate is a VOTE FOR Hillary Clinton–YOU are voting to finish the coffin and usher in the United States of Nazi-lam! Vote FOR Trump, get this economy and country turned around–THEN fight that fight in off years without elections.

  20. DaveyJ

    Career politicians are the reason Hillary Clinton and fools like that have risen…..when she should have sunk to the bottom.